Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls

Excess weight not only makes a person unattractive, but also harms health. Homework will help you lose weight.

How to choose an effective set of exercises for practicing at home

The choice of training program is influenced by many factors:

  • weight;
  • age;
  • physical form;
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • final goal;
  • self organization.

When choosing exercises, it is worth selecting those that work out the muscles of the problem area. But it should be remembered that the body burns excess reserves in the entire body and it is impossible to lose weight in one place. Training should last 30 – 90 minutes. After 30 minutes Intense load, the body begins to burn body fat. Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls

You need to conduct training 3-4 times a week.

In the complex, exercises for different muscle groups should be alternated so that they have time to recover from the load. Rest between sets should be 1 min. Choose should be activities designed for several days. You can work out no more than 2 problem areas in one training session.

Daily Workout Breakdown Example:

Monday Wednesday Friday
Shoulder girdle, press Back, legs Pectoral muscles

Young people with little overweight will have enough exercise to strengthen the whole body.

Effective weight loss workouts without exercise equipment

The main point of weight loss exercises is to keep the heart rate in the range of 70-90 beats / min. Maintaining this level of heart rate is easier when doing a cardio workout.

When compiling a complex, you should alternate exercises for a specific zone and cardio load.

Training for weight loss at home is best done in the morning. At this time, the body begins to burn reserves, not calories, received during the day. However, one should take into account well-being during the training. Perhaps for someone, an evening workout will do more good.

Useful tips and rules for doing weight loss exercises

Do not believe the promises of rapid weight loss. It will take more than a month to get the first results. Gaining weight is easier than removing it later.
At least 2 hours should elapse between eating and training. During the elapsed time, part of the energy will be absorbed, and the body will be fed from reserves.

Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls
Training for weight loss should begin with a warm-up, for example, with jumping for a jump rope.

Any workout should begin with a warm-up. It is better to start it with a small cardio load, for example, jumping rope, easy running. After you need to knead all the joints in a circular motion – from the neck to the ankle. Swing, circular movements, inclinations are suitable for this. Each movement is repeated 10-15 times.

During the warm-up, the main thing is not to strain the muscles. Its task is to warm up muscles, joints and prepare them for further work.

Fat Burning Exercises

Hula hoop will help to burn fat at the waist. At the first lessons, it’s enough to twist 5-10 minutes. Gradually, the time is increased to 30-40 minutes. The effect can be achieved faster using a heavy metal hoop with filler or with special massage nozzles. Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls

You need to twist the hula-hoop, stretched out in a string and straining the press. You can twist it, arms spread out to the sides and holding them parallel to the floor. Such complicated exercises have a good effect on both the waist and the whole body.

The exercises described below need to be repeated 15-25 times, 3 approaches need to be done. The press is worked out from a prone position. Depending on the fixation of the arms and legs, the load goes to a certain section of the rectus muscle. At the end of the approach, a slight burning sensation in the abdominal muscles should be felt.

A set of exercises:

  1. To strengthen the upper part of the rectus abdominis muscle, it is necessary to raise the body from a prone position.
  2. It is necessary to raise the upper body 7’9 inch from the floor. The middle part of the abdomen is strengthened.
  3. Raise your legs at an angle of 39,2 – 41°F and cross them for 2-5 minutes. The loin should be supported by hands. After a minute rest, make 2 more sets.
  4. Bike. The legs are bent at the knees and raised above the floor. Hands behind your head. Alternately, the elbow extends to the opposite knee. At the beginning of the exercise, a breath is taken, while a pause is exhaled. After a second pause, do on the other leg. An exercise of 25 repetitions in 3 sets is done. Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls
  5. Butterfly. Bring the heels together. Pull them close to the body. Hands are under the head, elbows are apart. Lift the housing a few inch, lower it. 10 repetitions.
  6. Raise your legs up, exhale. The abdominal muscles are tense. The back is tight to the floor. Hold your legs upright for 2-3 minutes.

Butt and thigh exercises

Workouts for losing weight at home to work out the buttocks and hips should contain squats. They are performed in two ways: legs shoulder width or wider than shoulders. When performing the exercise in the first version, the back of the thighs is worked out, and in the second case, the inside. Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls

During the squats, the knees should not extend beyond the toes, the hips should be lowered to parallel with the floor. The back should be straight during squats.

At the beginning, they perform squats of 20-30 repetitions in one run, the set is repeated 3 times. After the exercise becomes easy, the number of repetitions increases.

A set of exercises:

  1. Slowly raise your leg while lying on your side. Lower. You can’t throw your foot down! Perform 15-30 repetitions.
  2. Lying on your back you need to raise the pelvis up, forming a line with the whole body. Emphasis on the shoulder blades and feet. Hold for a few seconds, go down. Repeat 15-30 times.
  3. You need to kneel down, rest your hands on the floor. Lift the right leg up, while pulling the heel away from the body. Lower your foot to the knee. Repeat 10-30 times.
  4. Starting position as in exercise 3. It is necessary to take the leg bent at the knee to the side. Do 20 max 3 sets on each leg. Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls
  5. Stand with your back to the wall at a distance of 19’7 – 23’6 inch. Lower the pelvis down until the hips are parallel to the floor. I use the wall as a support to hold the pose for a minute.
  6. Using a chair, bench or staircase, you can work out your hips and buttocks well. You need to perform a step on the selected hill, go down. Do 10-15 times per set.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides

At home, it is important to remember that the use of weighting during training to reduce the waist will lead to the opposite result.

Effective exercises:

  1. Legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, press strain. Slight right, stay at the extreme point for 2-3 seconds. Make a left, linger. Perform 10 repetitions, 3 sets.
  2. Sitting on the floor you need to lean your hands on the floor behind your back. Raise your legs. Keep on weight for a few seconds. Gradually increase exercise time.
  3. Lying on your side to bend your knees. Twist the housing slightly to the right. Try to touch your heels with your hands. Hold pose for a minute. On each side do 20 times.
  4. Lying on your back, spread your arms to the sides, palms pressed to the floor. Pull the knees to the chest. Move your legs to the right without bending your knees. Hold in this position for 1-2 seconds, return to its original position. Make 20 times in each direction.
  5. Lying on your back, feet at the buttocks. The legs are bent at the knees. Move your hands to the right, legs to the left. The housing should spin in opposite directions. Move arms and legs in the opposite direction. Make 20 repetitions.
  6. On the back, hands under the lower back. Raise straight legs above the floor to 45 C. Lower to a height of 2 inch from the floor. Repeat 10-20 times.
  7. Scissors. Lying on your back, raise your legs at 45 C from the floor, bring them together and raise them without lowering them to the floor. Make 10-20 mixing – breeding movements. Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls
Press area Type of exercise Number of repetitions Number of approaches
Top press Lifting the case from a prone position to a height of no higher than 7’9 inch from the floor. At least 10 times 3
Medium press Lifting the case without lifting the foot from the floor to a vertical position At least 15 times 3
Lower press Raising legs to different heights from the floor. At least 10 times 3
Oblique muscles Twisting the case diagonally. At least 15 times 3

Leg exercises

Workout for losing weight at home to work out the muscles of the legs include swings, lunges and squats:

  1. The main exercise in working out the muscles of the legs is considered to be leg swings. Standing near the support do 20 swing forward, backward and sideways. Make swings with the other foot.
  2. Cross lunges. Feet shoulder width apart. With your right foot you need to lunge back diagonally. Return to standing position. Make each leg 20 lunges.
  3. Need to take a chair. Leaning on his back with his hands 20 times slowly take his left leg to the side, raise it as high as possible. Slowly lower. Repeat with the right foot.
  4. Walking in single file. Squat and without getting up move in a circle. Gradually increase the distance.
  5. Lunges. Hands on the waist, feet shoulder width apart. It is necessary to take a wide step forward. The body is straight. Return to starting position. Lunge with the other foot. For 1 approach, 30 repetitions are made. Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls
  6. Squat “plie” . Stand close to the wall, feet shoulder width apart. Stupas deploy outward, so that they are located almost along the wall. Sit down slowly, rise. 10-20 repetitions.
  7. Rises on toes. Legs together, back straight. Climb on toes, pulling the body up. Descend. Make at least 15 times. You can complicate the exercise by standing on the edge of the stairs or threshold. The heel is at the bottom. We rise to the toe and fall below the top of the degree.

Hand exercises

Two main muscles are responsible for
the beautiful relief of the hands – biceps and triceps. The study of these muscles and emphasize the selection of exercises. Their main essence is flexion and extension of the arms. To give your hands a beautiful shape, it is enough to use body weight or increase the load by taking a bottle of water or a heavy book.

IMPORTANT! The shoulder joint can be easily damaged, so before starting the workout, you need to warm up.

The following exercises will help to work out and strengthen the muscles in the hands:

  1. Strap. Strengthens not only the arms, but the whole body. On the floor, take the position as when doing push-ups. Hands are located under the shoulders, the body is stretched in one line. Hold the body for 20 seconds. Gradually bring the time spent in the bar to a minute. Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls
  2. Push ups. Push-ups are done from the wall, bench, floor. Depending on the person’s training, the training intensity varies with the height of the support. The shoulder girdle is well developed.
  3. The next exercise is done with dumbbells. They can be replaced with a bottle of water. We put our knee on a bench or sofa, bend over and rest with one hand in support. In the opposite hand we take a dumbbell or a bottle. It is necessary to pull the weight to the body, lower. Do 3 sets of 10-15 times for each hand. This exercise removes the “wings” on the arms well.
  4. Weighting Bench Up. Standing straight from the shoulders push the dumbbells up until they are fully straightened. Lower to the shoulders. Need to do 20 times.
  5. Bend over and raise your slightly bent arms with dumbbells to the sides. The highest point should be slightly below the shoulders. Do 15-20 times. Helps reduce deposition of fat on armpits.
  6. Hands with dumbbells should be lowered along the body. The elbows are pressed to the body. It is necessary to raise the weights to the shoulders, while unfolding at 90C. To lower down. For the approach you need to do 15 – 20 times.
  7. Triceps exercise. You need to raise your hands with a weighting agent above your head and slowly lower it behind your head, raise it. Elbows should be pressed to the head. Make 20 repetitions per set.

Waist exercises

The oblique muscles of the abdomen are responsible for the aspen waist. To increase their tone, it is useful to do twisting.


  1. Legs shoulder width apart, belly retract. Lean to the left, while pulling the right hand along the side to the shoulder. Straighten and repeat the other way. Repeat 15-20 times.
  2. Standing, stomach tense. Lean forward, trying to reach the opposite foot with your hand. Keep your knees straight. 15-20 repetitions.
  3. Touching the heels. Lying on your back, bend your knees, put your feet shoulder width apart. The stomach is tense. Put your hands under your head. Hand need to touch the heel of the same name. The head should be on weight. 10 repetitions are made on each side, 3 sets.
  4. Fold. Sitting on the floor, hands rest on the floor behind your back. The left buttock should be torn off the ground. The press is tense. It is necessary to bring the bent legs and torso to each other, as if folding in half. Need to do 10 times on each side. Complete 3 approaches.
  5. Side plank. Lying on your side you need to lean on your forearm. The press is tense. In this position, raise and lower the pelvis 5 times. Turn on the other side and repeat the exercise. Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls
  6. Twisting. From a sitting position, you need to lower the body back and hold it at an angle of 45 C. The muscles of the abdomen are tense, the legs are bent. Take the weighting agent and slowly move your hands with it, first to the left, then to the right. 1 set of 20 repetitions is made.
  7. On the side, one arm behind the head. The press is tense. Without moving your legs, the body must be raised as high as possible. Exhale when lifting. 10 repetitions. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Face exercises

Although physical activity reduces the amount of excess reserves in the whole body, charging for the face will quickly lead him to excellent condition.

Slimming workouts at home should include the following face exercises:

  • straining the muscles of the mouth to pull vowels;
  • reach for the nose with your lower lip;
  • open your mouth wide and lick your tongue;
  • stick out your lower lip and try to roll it up;
  • inflate cheeks, draw them in as much as possible;
  • move the lower jaw to the right – to the left;
  • Pull your lips out as far as possible.

Chest exercises

A set of exercises:

  1. Bringing hands. Hands in front of the chest, palms rest against each other. Straining the pectoral muscles, bring your arms together and put your palms on each other as much as possible. The fingers are pointing straight up. Repeat 7 times.
  2. Burpy. This exercise is performed both for the chest and for strengthening the entire body. You need to sit deep, rest your hands on the floor in front of you. Throw your legs back and do one push-up. Tighten your legs, jump up. This is one replay. During the first run, the initial number of retries is determined. Gradually increase both the speed of the exercise and the number of repetitions. Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls
  3. Push-ups from the wall. To stand at a distance of a step from the wall, rest against it with your hands. It is necessary to bend your arms to bring the body closer to the wall, to straighten your arms. Make 10-15 repetitions.
  4. Need to stand in front of the doorway. Lean your hands on the jamb and press on it. Lean forward while continuing to push.
  5. Inverse bar. Sitting on the floor with your hands resting on the floor, your knees are bent. Toes look towards heels. It is necessary to raise the buttocks above the floor, the body will be extended in one line. The head is on a par with the back. In this position, linger for a few seconds. Sit on the floor and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
  6. Dumbbell bench press lying on the floor. Take weighting in your hands and place in the chest area. Raise the dumbbells up. Hands should be fully extended. 5-15 repetitions are done.
  7. Hands with dumbbells should be placed above the hips. Without bending the arms to get weighting materials behind the head, return to the hips. 10-15 repetitions.
  8. Take a dumbbell and lift it above your head. You need to hold the shell with two hands. Keep hands behind your head without touching the floor. Lift up. Repeat 10 times. This exercise is best done on a bench.

The most effective breathing exercises for weight loss

In training, breathing is not the last role. Proper breathing during training enriches the blood with
oxygen, which in turn accelerates the burning of fat.

When doing exercises, you should remember the rules:

  1. Breathing exercises are done in the morning or 2 hours after a meal.
  2. Before starting classes, provide fresh air in the room.
  3. During classes, nothing should be distracting.
  4. Clothing should choose a free, not restricting movement.
  5. When performing breathing practice, focus on your actions and feelings.
  6. The first time you need to perform exercises in front of a mirror.

Here is a small set of exercises that can reduce the volume of the waist and hips:

  1. Starting position is standing. You need to take a deep breath through your nose. Exhale through the mouth and nose at the same time. It must be noisy, air is forced out of the lungs with force. Abdominal muscles need to be pulled in, breath is held. At the same time, the press strains and relaxes 5 times. Repeat the whole cycle 5 times.
  2. It is necessary to exhale through the mouth, freeing the lungs from the air. Take a deep breath with your nose. Repeat this cycle 5 times. After 5 exhalations, you need to hold your breath for 10 seconds, tighten the stomach strongly. Repeat 5 times. Workouts for losing weight of the abdomen, sides and flaps at home. Power, dance, interval for girls
  3. Diaphragmatic breathing. Standing, sit a little, connect the shoulder blades together. The back should be even. It is necessary to inhale through the nose, while at the same time inflating the stomach. As you exhale, strain the press. You need to breathe due to the movement of the abdomen, not the chest. Perform no more than 10 times.

Everyone can choose the exercises for weight loss, suitable for his physical form and ultimate goal. At home, you can achieve good results. At the first stage, it can be an energetic walk, breathing exercises. Gradually adding new combinations, an individual workout is compiled, suitable for a particular person.

Author: Svetlana Mokeeva

Weight Loss Workout Video

A set of effective exercises:

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