Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering

Modern manufacturers of cosmetics today offer a lot of high-quality body lotions with different properties and effects. Tanning products have become very popular, they can quickly give the skin the desired, as close as possible to the natural shade of tanned skin, including copper matte and brilliant golden.

What are body lotions, why are they needed

After taking water procedures, the skin becomes dry, because hard water damages the natural protective layer. For regular body skin care, dermatologists recommend the use of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. All lotions can stop hair growth after depilation, make the skin smooth and fragrant.

Such funds are divided into different skin types:

  1. Nourishing (needed for oily skin, they have bactericidal properties, gently cleanse the skin, moisturize and nourish them);
  2. Moisturizing (designed for dry skin, prevent the appearance of peeling of certain parts of the epidermis, soften and moisturize);
  3. For normal and combination skin (necessary for lubrication of dry and damaged areas of the epidermis, perfect for normal skin integuments);
  4. For pregnant women (lotions against the appearance of stretch marks throughout the body);
  5. For hypersensitive people (such cosmetics do not contain harmful synthesized substances, are made only of hypoallergenic substances);
  6. For children (the skin of babies needs special care, therefore neutral means are used for this).

Lotions are divided into zones of their use on the body:

  • for the decollete zone (they have tightening effects);
  • for the abdomen (strengthen the skin of this zone);
  • for buttocks (help burn fat);
  • for hands and feet (have a moisturizing and tonic effect). Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering

Perfumed, anti-cellulite body lotions and those that give a tanning effect are popular.

The advantages of these tools are as follows:

  • they contain only natural products and extracts;
  • a large number of nutrients and various vitamin complexes;
  • make the skin soft and give it a healthy look;
  • have a pleasant aroma;
  • moisturize and tone the skin;
  • do not leave a greasy shine after application;
  • quickly absorbed;
  • solve problems with redness, peeling and irritation.

Top 5 Tanning Lotions

Tools for instant tanning are in demand.

According to statistics, such means are popular with buyers: Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering

  1. AVIVA Labs – has no contraindications in use. It does not dry skin, does not cause allergies, is absorbed and washed off evenly. It lasts a long time, like a natural tan. It has a pleasant smell. Before applying it, it is recommended to take a bath, wipe off and smear all over the body for 60-120 minutes, then rinse. A dark shade appears after a few hours, and after 1 day – completely dark. The composition of the lotion is hypoallergenic. It has no alcohol, parabens and perfume fragrances. The series includes 3 tones: for pale skinned, medium, for dark skinned. Suitable for sensitive skin, moisturizes, makes it smooth and silky. Price: $ 62 .;
  2. Dove – the radiance of summer. A tan body lotion for normal to dark skin. Easy to use at home, not in salons. It should be used in the morning, after taking a shower. On the elbows, knees, ears, apply a minimal amount of the product, because the epidermis is thinner there. After using the lotion, it is recommended to lie down on the bed, wear fitted clothes only after complete drying. It smells good. It has a thick, oily, creamy consistency. It is applied and comes off evenly. Holds for 6 days. It can be applied to facial features without falling into the eye area. Tanning is even, the probability of getting ugly spots is reduced than when using other means. The main disadvantage is that the composition does not contain natural substances, so the skin after application has an unpleasant odor. Price: $ 3,74 .;
  3. Clarins Soin Corps Hydratant Ensoleillan. No special body preparation is required before application. It is quickly absorbed. The effect appears after 5 hours. The degree of tanning can be independently adjusted, often using the product. It has a liquid consistency, the lotion looks like milk, so it is consumed quickly, which is not very convenient. The composition contains flickering particles. There is no strong odor. It lies on the skin and is washed off evenly. On the body it looks like a natural tan. It is easily washed off clothes. Price: $ 21 .; Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering
  4. Avon Sun + Magic. The product acts quickly, produces a moisturizing effect. A bronze tint on the skin appears immediately after application, therefore it is recommended to apply the lotion with gloves. It will not be possible to achieve dark shades, because there are no cumulative effects. Apply to dried skin, clean it beforehand. There is a strong pungent caramel smell that lasts on the skin for several hours. The color of milk is caramel. The liquid dries for a long time, spreads over the body. When used correctly, it can absorb in 20 minutes. The composition contains flickering particles. One package is enough for 7-8 procedures. Price: from $ 3,47 .;
  5. Tampa Bay Tan. American brand of cosmetics. The composition has many natural ingredients that have a softening and caring effect. It is absorbed and dries quickly. Holds on the skin for a long time. You can choose the tone of your choice – from light to dark. Price: $ 27.

Rules and instructions for the use of suntan lotion

A tan body lotion that requires proper use. It is necessary to apply it, adhering to important rules:

  1. Choosing a good tan (now in the store you can find many lotions to create a beautiful skin color, but it is recommended to choose a certain type, color, degree of the expected effect). Some act in the first minutes, others in a week. For fair skin, it is better to choose a lotion with gradual tanning. If the procedure is carried out for the first time, then it is better to purchase a lotion with a shade for uniform application.
  2. Removal of coarse and thick hairs at the places of future coverage (hairs interfere with applying the product, it lays unevenly, if the hair is thin, they do not have to be shaved).
    Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering
    Before applying body lotion, you must remove the hair
  3. Exfoliation of the skin (lotions stick to dead skin, the tan is uneven). It is necessar
    y to exfoliate old skin, then you get a uniform tan. To do this, you can choose scrubs without oils. They prevent the absorption of lotion.
  4. Applying lotion after water procedures (you should stock up on free time and patience). The procedure should be done with latex gloves. Squeeze out a small amount of lotion, apply in a circular rotation to the skin. It is recommended to avoid bright areas, after contact with them, immediately wipe with a towel. Moderately apply on neck and face. After using the lotion, do not take a shower for about 9-10 hours. You can apply powder to the body so that the clothes do not stick.
  5. Acceptance of water procedures (no need to use scrubs, they will wash off the resulting tan).
  6. Topping up light areas (apply a double portion of lotion to pale areas).
  7. Apply moisturizers to prolong the action of tanning.

The best moisturizing lotions for dry skin

Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering

Sunblock body lotions can also moisturize your skin.

Top 5 best remedies in this category:

  1. Nature nut. It contains 5 types of nut butters: Brazilian, Coconut, Macadamia, Argan and Shea. Lotion moisturizes the skin, restores them, gives them strength, restores elasticity. Price: $ 7,03 .;
  2. Santaverde. Aloe Vera Basic. Ingredients: aloe vera juice, plant oils – almond, sea buckthorn and grape seed. Juice has a moisturizing effect. Oils make the skin healthy and supple. The product restores the skin of the body that is exhausted without water, saturates the epidermis with vitamin complexes and nutrients. Price: $ 57 .; Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering
  3. Exotic Green Tea and Asian Pear. It takes care of the skin, saturates it with minerals and vitamins, moisturizes. The composition contains extracts of green leaves of tea and pear. There are berry vitamins, grains and plant extracts. Lotion improves the appearance of the epidermis, making it healthy and beautiful. It makes the skin tightened, prevents water loss, gives them elasticity and preserves youth. Price: $ 20 .;
  4. Avojuice Vanilla Lavender from the manufacturer OPI The brand creates cosmetics for the whole body. Means with a pleasant vanilla and lavender aroma. Moisturizes the skin for a long time, makes it healthy and silky. The lotion acts quickly, manifests itself and does not leave dry streaks on the body. Price: $ 11,08 .;
  5. TASHA. Cool wave. Soothes, cools the skin. It is relevant for charred skin. Moisturizes, gives freshness and comfort. Price: $ 16.

Nourishing Treatment Lotions

Nutrient body lotions are needed in the winter to nourish the skin with vitamins and nutrients.

Such tools are popular in this category: Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering

  1. Aubrey Organic. The composition contains the necessary collagen for the skin, a pleasant aroma of almond oil. It is convenient for application, milk is in a compact package. The product gives the skin a silkiness, softness and health. Collagen and elastin help moisturize the skin, supply moisture and prevent dehydration. Almond oil nourishes the epidermis in winter. Lotion of light shades, has a light consistency, without fat, acts quickly, does not spread on the skin, does not form a film. It makes the skin beautiful and silky. Price: $ 10,2 .;
  2. Aveeno derma. Contains natural oat flakes, triple oat complexes and shea butter. Quickly nourishes lifeless, sensitive and irritated integuments. Moisturizes the skin from the first minutes of use, protects it from dryness. The skin takes a healthy look, becomes soft and pleasant to the touch. Lotion is suitable for newborns. The tool is tested by experienced professionals. The effect is observed throughout the day. Contains no parabens, dyes or fragrances. Price: $ 7,94 .;
  3. Christina. The lotion is made in Israel, is effective in use for problem skin. The composition contains fruit acids, herbs, vitamin complexes and minerals. Lactic and salicylic acids help exfoliate the skin on which the dead cells are located. Acids create an acidic environment, which prevents the reproduction and vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms on the skin. The composition contains extracts of gymnosperms and mint, which enhance the functioning of blood vessels, have a bactericidal effect and contribute to the activation of regeneration processes. Enough for 6 months. Cost: $ 12,17 .;
  4. The Skin House. Body lotion with a tanning effect, designed to fight against fat. The tool is examined by specialist doctors. Rich composition, which improves the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Exfoliates dead skin of the epidermis, evens out skin color and normalizes the water-salt balance. Accelerates the healing of inflammatory reactions. It fights inflammation and brightens acne marks. Improves skin cell regeneration. Apply in the morning to minimize sun exposure. Price: $ 22 .;
  5. Baikal Herbals . The lotion contains individual parts of Baikal plants, therefore it is considered effective. Eliminates the imperfections of skin hydration. A leotard of Jungar and Mongolian tea moisturizes the skin, after application, the skin stops peeling. Cedar milk does not irritate the skin, softens and nourishes the epidermis. The product protects from sunlight. Restores skin, gives it a fresh, healthy and rested look. Does not contain parabens and PEG. Price: $ 3,78.

Anti-Cellulite Body Lotion

Cellulite removal lotions are designed to remove the orange peel and give the skin a darkening tone.

Popular means in this category are: Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering

  1. AA Cosmetics Cell Block Green Power Anti-Cellulit. It is made in Poland. Strongly strengthens female skin. Based on the strength of parts of plants, supported by new developments of cosmetologists. Fights cellulite with 3 levels of plant components: exfoliating the skin, burning fat molecules and reducing lipid accumulation. It balances the content of collagen and elastin in the body, improves the strength and elasticity of the skin. Freezes adipose tissue, guarantees a quick effect. Supports microcirculation, stimulates the appearance of the regeneration process. Normalizes water balance and improves skin moisture. Price: about $ 6,19 .;
  2. Rose of Bulgaria . Provides softness and elasticity to the skin. It has a liquid consistency and a pleasant smell. Quickly begins to act, without leaving stains on the skin and clothing. Moisturizes the skin, fights cellulite. It impregnates the skin and restores its biological properties. The composition contains rose water, which contains rose oil of esters, vitamin E and rosemary extract. Lotion improves metabolism, due to which fat is burned and cellulite disappears. It makes the skin supple, silky and soft, preserving the fragrance of rose flowers for a long time. Price: $ 2,64 .; Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering
  3. Eldan Cosmetics. The lotion contains blueberry extract and panthenol. Designed for any skin type. Fights cellulite and increased fragility of bones. Reduces vascular fatigue and irritation. Blueberry extract helps reduce fat molecules, strengthens capillary walls and improves microcirculation. Price: $ 25 .;
  4. Bouquet Garni body lotion. The lotion has a pleasant smell. The composition contains aromas of French herbs, fresh citrus and grapefruit. It gives the skin a beautiful look, moisturizes, exfoliates and nourishes it, fights cellulite. Shea butter soaks and moisturizes the skin. Peppermint extract soothes and softens it. Panthenol normalizes metabolic processes, burns fat and eliminates cellulite. Price: about $ 18 .;
  5. Beauty Style . Restores water balance, produces a restoring effect. It is quickly absorbed and has a pleasant aroma. Shea butter normalizes metabolic processes, this leads to the burning of fat and the elimination of cellulite. Vitamin E has an anti-inflammatory effect. It fights dryness, eliminates the feeling of tightness of the skin. Price: $ 8,5.

Perfumed Lotions

Perfumed lotions can give the body a pleasant aroma.

Top 5 best remedies: Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering

  1. Avon Femme It has a gel-like shape and is quickly absorbed into the skin. After application does not leave greasy stains, women have no discomfort and discomfort. It makes the skin soft and silky. Pleasant aroma for a long time;
  2. Always. Body lotion with a tanning effect evenly lays down, making a beautiful tan without bright spots, moisturizes the skin and does not leave a greasy shine. Convenient to use. Pleasant, but too pungent smell. Replaces perfumes easily. The skin becomes soft and toned;
  3. “Fresh Peach” from Oriflame. Gives the skin a light tan. It has a pleasant smell, is quickly absorbed, does not leave stains on the skin. It moisturizes well;
  4. “The Radiance of Paris” from Oriflame. Elegant pleasant aroma. The lotion has a thick consistency, gives the skin a shimmering appearance, making it pleasant to the touch;
  5. Avon Cherish Easy to absorb. Does not leave greasy spots. It makes the skin feel good. It has a not too liquid consistency, due to which it does not flow down all over the body, does not dirty clothes. Moisturizes and softens the skin. The lotion is in convenient packaging, easy to fit in a handbag. It is recommended to use every time after a shower.

Flickering lotions (with sparkles)

Flickering lotions give the skin a charming shine.

Top 5 most popular and sought after products:

  1. SOTHYS with watermelon flavor. It is made in France. It has a pleasant aroma of watermelon and lime. Great for skin care in summer. Gives a shimmering shine to the skin, soothes and softens. To apply on the skin cleared after a shower. Distribute in smooth circular movements. Price: about $ 38 .; Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering
  2. Flickering body milk “Almond oil”. It contains fluid, it contains almond protein, which is an analogue of collagen, is useful for female skin. Rejuvenates and strengthens it. It makes the epidermis soft and silky. It has brilliant particles that give a flickering effect. Fascinates with a wonderful aroma. Fights fatigue and lethargy of the skin. Price: $ 30.;
  3. Hempz. Enough for 1 month. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin. There is a pleasant smell of banana mousse. It is quickly absorbed. Does not leave greasy stains and stains. The composition has flickering particles that give the skin shine for the whole day. Price: $ 3,2 .;
  4. EO Products. Moisturizes dry skin, gives it a flickering effect. Packaging is convenient to use. It is quickly absorbed, leaves no film after itself. It makes the skin silky and velvety. It struggles with peeling. Charming aroma of coconut and lemon for the whole day. Price: about $ 6,77 .;
  5. Lanskin. It has a pleasant aroma of white lily flowers. The composition contains particles of mandarin, lemon and amalfi. Moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin. Price: $ 10,25.

How to make lotion at home

With the ingredients, time and attention, it’s enough to make a lotion at home.

Here are 2 popular recipes:

  1. Parsley body lotion. Take parsley, chop it finely. Add 11,83 fluid ounce of hot water to it. Put on the stove with fire. Wait until it boils. After reducing the flame, keep on low heat for about 25 minutes. Take the lotion from the stove, let it cool for 15 minutes, pass through a dense cloth and add apple cider vinegar or lemon juice; Body Lotion: with tanning effect, sparkles, perfumed, moisturizing for dry skin, modeling, flickering
  2. Banana Lotion. Take a banana, usd it on a grater. Add powdered sugar, 11,83 fluid ounce of cow’s milk and lemon juice to the mass. Mix. After the lotion boils, remove it from the stove. Allow to cool and pass through cheesecloth. Apply to body.

Application Tips

Beauticians highlight a number of questions that most often interest users about these cosmetic products and their use.

Question Answer
Do I need to wash off the product Lotions are completely absorbed into the skin, so they do not need to be washed off.
What skin type should I be more careful with With sensitive skin, because very often allergic reactions appear in representatives of such skin integuments.
Can lotions dry the skin Body lotion with a tanning effect, which contains natural ingredients, always retain moisture.

Body lotions with a tanning effect, moisturizing and nourishing properties, a lot. When choosing a product, you should study the composition, especially the use for a certain type of skin, so as not to harm health and get the desired result.

Body Lotion Video

Review of perfumed body lotions from Oriflame:

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