Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for women. The program is up to 100 times, exercises on the horizontal bar with an elastic band

Pulling up on the horizontal bar is the most effective exercise in which work based on the weight of one’s own body is involved.

A correctly developed program using the crossbar, which includes a series of complexes aimed at the development of various muscle groups (spinal, shoulder, arm) allows you to systematically develop the upper shoulder girdle and back, as well as make the body more attractive.

The essence and basic principles of pull-ups on the horizontal bar

In most cases, the goal of pulling up in women is not to increase muscle mass, but to strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back, abdomen, and chest. Pulling has a positive effect on female posture and the condition of the spinal column. Depending on the grip method used in the exercise, the load goes to different muscle groups.

During the course of the reception, the abdominal muscles are also involved. The minimum number of shells (1 crossbar is used, which can be placed at home) allows you to tidy your upper body without additional weight and visiting the gym.

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for women. The program is up to 100 times, exercises on the horizontal bar with an elastic band

Tightening is required in compliance with a certain technique in order to eliminate injuries and achieve maximum effect. The most common mistake in women is a jerk from the position of the hang. At the same time, the head leans back, the chin is directed upwards and, in a jerk on inspiration, the body mass is lifted while the arms are bent.

During this lifting, the shoulders instinctively come together, and the load falls on the cervical vertebrae, which can lead to injury (hernia of the vertebrae or displacement of the vertebral discs).

Exhaling is not safe, as there is a risk of pinching the abdominal muscles and chest.

In addition, with this style of performance, the overall effectiveness of the exercise is reduced by about 70%. The main load, besides – short-term, rests on the muscles of the arms and neck. The remaining groups are practically excluded from the movement.

Technically correct execution of the exercise implies other actions:

  1. The body case is located vertically relative to the floor surface, the grip is strong, the legs are straight.
  2. Before lifting, the chest is completely filled with air, breathing is held. This procedure facilitates the work of the broadest spinal muscles, which will help lift the body vertically upwards and eliminate the stretching of small muscles that affect the functioning of the shoulder blades. If you lift the body on the exhale, then painful sensations of the lower back, in the of the press and chest, are possible. The breathing when working on the crossbar should be correct: on the rise – inhale, on lowering the body – exhale. The reverse order of breathing (paradoxical breathing) is permissible when mastering the technique perfectly. In this case, the direction of muscle tension changes slightly, which creates an additional training load.
  3. Pulling is performed exclusively in the direction perpendicular to the horizontal bar. Do not swing the body before the first pull-up or its repetition. To achieve maximum effect, it is better to perform fewer approaches, but execute them correctly. The time for raising and lowering the housing is approximately the same in time. The exercise is performed smoothly, eliminating jerking and inertia.
    Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for women. The program is up to 100 times, exercises on the horizontal bar with an elastic band
  4. With poorly trained hands, the amplitude of pull-ups can be small (the head does not cross the crossbar). Artificially increase it is not necessary. As the arms strengthen, the amplitude will increase (at the highest point, the horizontal bar will touch the chin).

Pull-up on the horizontal bar, a program for weight loss and control, help a woman find a beautiful trapezoidal shape of her back and pump up her breasts.

Exercise on the horizontal bar affects various muscle groups of the upper half of the body and distributes the load depending on the position of the hands on the crossbar. They are classified in accordance with the way the hands are positioned on the horizontal bar and according to the distance between them.

The magnitude of the distance of the hands relative to each other:

  1. Narrow grip of the hands, in which the width of the athlete’s shoulder joint is less than the distance between the hands. It allows you to maximize the load on the muscles of the hands: biceps and triceps.
  2. Wide grip of the hands, at which the distance between the hands is wider than the size of the athlete’s shoulders. With maximally dilated arms, the spinal muscles, as well as the deltas and trapezoids, work effectively.
  3. The average grip of the hands, at which the width of the shoulders is almost identical to the gap between the hands on the bar. A general-strengthening type of pull-up, in which the same degree of effect on the muscle tissue of the upper part of the body appears.

The grips of the hands on the bar are divided into:

  1. A direct (also called proned) grip, in which the hands are placed on top of the crossbar, the palms of the hands are turned in the direction opposite to the face. The most common option, in which the body rises vertically until the chin is fixed above the projectile, then gradually lowers by straightening the arms.
  2. The reverse (also called supinated) grip, in which the palms are turned towards the athlete’s face, the crossbar is gripped from below. With this type of pull-ups, the emphasis is on the spinal muscles and biceps, movements up and down are carried out due to their work. A static load remains on the neck, the head does not move.
  3. Neutral grip (or – grip). Hands are placed on the shell from different sides, the body body rotates perpendicular to the classic position. This position allows you to increase the load on the forearm. The disadvantage is the need to move your head to the side when you reach the top point.

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for women. The program is up to 100 times, exercises on the horizontal bar with an elastic band

According to the style of the exercise, they are divided into lifting with the crossbar touching the chin and lifting the body behind the head.

Different pull-up methods have an individual technique of execution and their own nuances:

Type of pull-up Features of the technique
Direct grip with narrow arms. When at the highest point, touch the bar with your chest, not your chin.
Reverse grip with narrow arms. The technique is similar to lifting with a conventional (direct) grip, but during the pull-up, the blades are brought together as much as possible, at the same time the shoulders are retracted.
Direct grip with medium arms. The rise to the extreme point is due to the information of the shoulder blades, the bar touches the chest. On the descent, in order to relax the spinal muscles, the arms are fully extended in the elbow joints.
Neutral grip. Biceps are not involved, the lifting of the body is carried out due to the spinal muscles. In the highest position o
f the body, the crossbar should be in contact with the upper part of the chest, with the elbows facing the ground.
Wide grip on the head. The legs are not crossed, straightened along the body. The back is flat, without deflection. When lifting the case, the horizontal bar goes behind the neck and touches the upper part of the shoulder girdle from the back. The head at the moment of lifting is directed forward and down, elbows – to the floor.

Indications for pull-ups on the horizontal bar

Classes on the crossbar are a preventive means of preventing disease and a way of forming immunity. A sedentary lifestyle provokes stagnation of the body and can cause physical inactivity. Pull-ups on the horizontal bar (not even regular ones) can prevent this.

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for women. The program is up to 100 times, exercises on the horizontal bar with an elastic band

In the presence of sedentary work, it is recommended to hang on a Swedish wall or horizontal bar daily for several minutes . Pulling up on the horizontal bar, the program for which is developed individually, helps to relieve tension from the spine accumulated during the working day.

In the process of lifting, it stretches from body weight, freeing up space between the intervertebral discs. This prevents their wear and tear, and also eliminates the possibility of pinching nerves. At the same time, the muscles of the back stretch and relax.

With minor problems with the musculoskeletal system, doctors recommend pulling up. In the process of pulling up, a large load falls on the cardiovascular system, which receives a parallel training.

For the female body, the purpose of which is not clear and visible reliefs of muscles, pulling up will relieve tension.

Also, the exercise will positively affect the formation of an even and correct posture, strengthen joints and ligaments, and help to pull the chest into its anatomically correct position. When doing the exercise, the abs and buttock muscles work well, which also acquire beautiful shapes.

Contraindications to pull-ups on the horizontal bar

Classes on the crossbar do not have a large list of restrictions, they come down to a list of diseases in which no strong physical exertion is recommended.

And this:

  1. Diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular system.
    Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for women. The program is up to 100 times, exercises on the horizontal bar with an elastic band
  2. Diseases of the lungs or respiratory system.
  3. Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Diseases of the kidneys (stones in them) and liver.
  5. Spinal curvature (or herniated discs)
  6. Recovery periods after operations.

The presence of osteochondrosis in humans is not a direct contraindication, however, when it is detected, pull-ups should be treated with caution. On the one hand, they contribute to the restoration of vertebral mobility and increased blood circulation, on the other hand, they exert great pressure on a degenerative change in the spinal column.

Women with a large weight should refrain from pulling up until its maximum decrease. Serious injury can be caused by heavy weight exercises.

Useful recommendations for women

The problem of most women when doing pull-ups is their inability to lift their own weight due to muscle tissue. Usually this is due to weak hands. In order to learn how to work with the crossbar, it is necessary to carry out a set of measures to prepare for this exercise.

Pulling on the horizontal bar actively loads the middle and latissimus dorsi muscles. Therefore, the training program should include exercises for this muscle group. Before you start, you need to lose weight, if any. The first month (if necessary, the preparation time can be extended).

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for women. The program is up to 100 times, exercises on the horizontal bar with an elastic band
Pulling on the horizontal bar improves posture and the ability to have a strong back.

The following training scheme is recommended:

  1. T-bar rod – 10 reps, no more than 3 sets.
  2. Craving on the upper block (to the chest) – 10-12 reps, 3 sets.
  3. Dumbbell pull with your left and right hand (alternately) in the slope – 15 reps, 3 sets.

After completing the training course, you can try pulling up on the allowed amplitude. It is not necessary to completely raise the body to the crossbar, to do as much as the body allows. For 1 approach, the maximum number of pull-ups at a small amplitude is done.

This exercise should be a priority in the complex (on the back) and be done among the first. As incomplete pull-ups improve, you need to do at least 1 full amplitude, and increase their number over time. Do not completely tighten more often than 1 time per week.

With the improvement of the result, the grip width should gradually increase. The work at this stage should be repeated until 8 complete repetitions (possibly at a small amplitude) and 3 approaches to them are obtained. After achieving this result, you need to start working on increasing the number of full pull-ups.

For those women who can pull themselves up several times, but want to increase this figure, it is recommended:

  1. A set of exercises for back muscles to do first (including pulling up).
  2. Use an additional load (pancake) and perform at least 5 approaches with it.
    Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for women. The program is up to 100 times, exercises on the horizontal bar with an elastic band
  3. At maximum weights (from 22 pounds), use jerky movements to raise the body.

To consolidate the result, training in this mode should be continued for at least 1.5 months, then cancel the burden and allow the body to rest for about a week.

The main set of pull-ups on the horizontal bar

Pulling up on the horizontal bar (the program is effective for beginners and trained women), which is part of the weekly set of physical activities, has a cycle that maximally effectively affects the muscles of the upper half of the body.

Classes are designed for 4 days a week:

  1. Tuesday: pulling with a wide reverse grip until the chest touches the bar (4 sets of 8 reps). Pull-ups with medium straight grip (4 sets of 8 reps). Raising legs from a hanging position at an angle of 90 ° (12 times)
  2. Wednesday: pulling up with a wide direct grip on the head (4 sets of 8 reps). Pulling with an average reverse grip (4 sets of 8 reps). Raising the legs from a hanging position at an angle of 90 ° (12 times).
  3. Thursday is a day off.
  4. Friday and Saturday – repetition of the course.

The load distribution by day for various types of muscles of the upper shoulder girdle at the same time strengthen and pump them. For untrained women, a set of exercises in the “at an angle” position is recommended. It consists in moving the crossbar to the zone of the belt and the location of the body under it, in the “half-hanging” state, in which the feet are on the floor.

The body at this moment is tense and elongated, the back does not bend. The maximum effect is achieved when repeated according to the scheme: 3 times (every other day), 2 days off. The recommended deadline is 2 months, the number of repetitions starts 3 times (the first 2 weeks) and ends with 5 (2 weeks before the end of the cycle).

Action algorithm:

  1. 1 day: 5-10 pull-ups for each type of grip (alternate narrow, medium and wide), while the arms are in a straight position (palms away from you).
  2. Day 3: 5-10 pull-ups for each type of grip (alternate between narrow, medium and wide), hands are in the opposite position (with palms facing you).
    Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for women. The program is up to 100 times, exercises on the horizontal bar with an elastic band
  3. 5 day: maximum weight retention near the bar in the raised position. When pulling up, at the extreme point (when the chest touches the strap), the body is fixed and is in this position for as long as possible (start with 10 seconds). At the end of time – rest, then repeat the exercise. Grips alternate on the 1st and 3rd day of classes, the position of the hands (direct or reverse) does not matter. At the beginning of the course, at least 5 approaches for each type of grip are recommended.

Consolidation of results

As with all physical exercises, pull-up results are achieved gradually. To constantly advance and increase the number of lifts, it is necessary to switch to exercises using additional weights once every 2-3 months. This will increase the number of pull-ups for 1 approach and strengthen the muscles.

The generally accepted norms for maintaining the results of sports are proper nutrition, which allows you to stably maintain weight and not increase body fat. A positive effect is the increase in the amount of complete protein found in meat and milk (not processed foods).

In the absence of a crossbeam, elasticity and strength of the muscles of the upper body can be maintained by push-ups.

To consolidate the effect, these exercises should be carried out on a regular basis. For women, push-ups are suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Opinions on pulling up doctors and women on horizontal bars

Pulling on the horizontal bar (a program designed for rehabilitation) is actively included in the complex of medical measures aimed at preventing or treating diseases of the spine. Doctors believe that with the help of exercises on the horizontal bar, it is possible to correct and completely cure a person who has 1 stage of spinal curvature.

In addition, pull-ups are actively used in physical therapy for the prevention of scoliosis . Doctors recommend that women with sedentary work regularly pull up on the horizontal bar (at least 2 times a week) in order to prevent osteochondrosis (cervical or lumbar).

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for women. The program is up to 100 times, exercises on the horizontal bar with an elastic band

Classes on the crossbar stretch the spine, giving it elasticity, which helps to prevent pinching of the nerve endings. On forums on the Internet there are numerous reviews of women about the benefits of pull-ups on the horizontal bar and their effects on the general condition of the body and body.

Most of them note the following external changes:

  1. Correction of posture, lack of discomfort around the entire perimeter of the spine. As a result, a feminine, even gait with a slight deflection in the lumbar.
  2. Improving the shape of the breast, increasing it in volume. The manifestation of muscle relief in the decollete area and a vivid discharge of clavicles.
  3. The alignment of the back surface and the sharpness of the outline of the shoulder blades.
  4. The disappearance of fat near the armpits, the smoothing of the skin.
  5. Reducing the volume of the hands and the appearance of muscle relief.

This list is not complete, because in addition to the aesthetic function, pulling up on the horizontal bar helps to improve the medical parameters of the body, eliminating minor back ailments.

When to expect the effect of pull-ups on the horizontal bar

Pullups, like other types of physical activity, can not give quick results. You can feel their effectiveness several months after the start of training, provided that the woman has the necessary skills and knows how to do it.

When using pull-ups to relieve pain in the spine, a positive effect can be achieved several weeks after the start of the complex. The first relief is possible after 2-3 series of pull-ups. Weight loss of the upper body with the help of pull-ups occurs in proportion to the time and quality of training.

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for women. The program is up to 100 times, exercises on the horizontal bar with an elastic band

In parallel with the buildup and strengthening of muscle mass, a decrease in fat occurs. Muscle relief appears after 2-3 months of active exercise. Pulling on the horizontal bar, which is considered exclusively a male exercise, does not require a large amount of muscle.

A lightweight program allows women to perform this complex, developing muscle fibers of the upper body. The crossbar is an ideal projectile that does not require visits to intensive training in the gym and high financial costs for its purchase. The horizontal bar can be installed at home and with its help to adjust the contours and body shapes.

Video on the right pull-up algorithm

Technique for pulling up:

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