Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

Skin care is the main purpose of body lotion, which you need to use daily. The correct choice of product, regular use are important indicators so that the skin is supple and smooth.

Why do I need body lotion

Along with numerous creams, serums, and skin milk, the lotion has the softest texture and fastest action. It instantly cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes the skin. The effect of the lotion depends on its purpose, composition. It will not replace other means, but with regular use it is able to maintain the skin in perfect condition.

Types of lotions, action

For its intended purpose, lotions are of several types with a division by skin type:

Appointment Skin type Act
Nutritious Combined, oily Removal of inflammation, normalization of the functioning of the sebaceous glands.
Moisturizing Normal dry type Normalization of water balance, elimination of dryness.
Universal For all skin types Troubleshooting based on skin type.
Perfumed For all skin types Cleansing, moisturizing, eliminating oily sheen, giving a pleasant aroma.
Specialized for children Sensitive Neutral composition, calming effect, moisturizing, hypoallergenic.
Specialized for pregnant For all skin types Prevention, prevention, elimination of stretch marks.
Specialized for allergy sufferers Problem, allergic skin Cleansing, elimination of peeling, irritation.

It is important to choose a product according to the purpose and type of skin, so that its effect is effective.

Active ingredients

As a rule, 3 components become the basis of lotions: water, alcohol, oil, entering into the composition together or separately. The remaining components vary depending on the targeted focus of the lotion.

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

The most popular ingredients included in lotions are presented in the table:

Ingredients Act
Cocoa Bean Butter Softening, prevention of stretch marks, eliminating the effect of tightness, gives the skin elasticity.
Shea Butter Softening, moisturizing, smoothing wrinkles, eliminating stretch marks. Suitable for dry skin.
Aloe vera extract Moisturizing, adjusting the water balance of the dermis, antibacterial effect, eliminating small pimples, gives a feeling of freshness.
Almond oil Elimination of fine wrinkles, hydration, rejuvenation, elimination of scars and stretch marks.
Hyaluronic acid Moisturizing, activation of collagen production, anti-aging effect.
Jojoba oil Ideal for oily skin, it regulates the functionality of the sebaceous glands, strengthens, hypoallergenic, rejuvenates, fights against stretch marks.
Tea tree oil Disinfectant, calming, regenerative effect.

Glycerin is another component added to dry skin lotions. Creates a barrier film on the surface of the skin so that beneficial trace elements do not evaporate.

How to use body lotion

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

The first application of the lotion to the whole body can be done only after checking the skin reaction. To do this, the tool is tested on a small area of the wrist or elbow.

If an allergic reaction has not followed, then you can use it. Any cosmetic product is more correctly applied to steamed skin.

With open pores, the lotion is absorbed faster, and the epidermis assimilates nutrients more efficiently.

With the constant use of the product, the epidermis preserves the natural turgor, the youth of the skin is prolonged.


Body lotion, which is worth using daily, is necessary to moisturize the skin, especially in the summer. Such products are much lighter in texture. Applying and absorbing them instantly. The main advantage is the absence of a comedogenic effect (without the feeling of a greasy film, no clogging of pores).

Therefore, they are great for combination and oily skin.

It would seem, why does oily skin need hydration But fat is associated with the work of the sebaceous glands, and hydration is associated with water balance. An alcohol-based moisturizing lotion with jojoba oil will be very effective for such skin. For dry skin, it is simply indispensable – it can gallon reanimate it in a matter of days.


Alcohol-based nourishing lotion is ideal for oily skin in the summer, and oil-based in the winter. The tool with the main components (alcohol, water, oil) has an antibacterial and cleansing effect. Additional ingredients enhance and complement the action of the main ones. For example, chamomile disinfects and dries the skin.

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

Nutrition is necessary for any type of skin, as t
he deeper layers do not receive useful trace elements. The difference is only in dosage. However, a glut of nutrients should be avoided. The skin absorbs just as much as it needs.

Anti-Cellulite Body Lotion

Anti-cellulite lotions will help remove the visible effect of the orange peel. An integrated approach is important in the fight against cellulite. Therefore, scrubs, creams, lotions with regular use will improve the appearance of the skin. They include components of metabolic stimulants, fat breakdown accelerators, collagen synthesizers.

The inclusion of quality anti-cellulite skin care products will help you cope with the problem faster. Such funds are used in combination with massage, during wraps, during and after physical exertion.

For normal to combination skin

Body lotion, which must be used every day, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. And also the epidermis of the normal and combined type needs timely cleansing. Universal remedies are intended for this, especially with jojoba oil. It is important to choose a lotion by skin type.

It differs in different parts of the body, so a mismatch can adversely affect its appearance.

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

The skin on the chest is very delicate, thin. On arms and legs thicker and rougher. At each of its sites, metabolism and regeneration take place differently. It is important not to disturb the natural processes. Means for combination and normal skin are universal, therefore they are suitable for the care of both the skin of the hands and feet, as well as in the neck and neck.


Perfumed lotions tone and give the skin an all-day aroma. They often include glycerin and vitamin E. Use a perfumed lotion only by applying it to a clean body. For absorption and deep penetration into the epidermis, the lotion is best applied along massage lines, rubbing in circular movements.

This will provide additional blood circulation, speed up the metabolism, prevent skin stretching and damage. With such lotions you need to be careful. Look carefully at the composition of the perfume . It can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, before applying the product to the whole body, a trial application is required.

How to choose a body lotion

The right choice of lotion is the key to well-groomed, radiant skin.

Several criteria by which the buyer should be guided:

  • Determine skin type . Manufacturers always indicate the purpose of the cosmetic product. If you can’t determine the type yourself, you should contact a cosmetologist.
    Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics
  • Purpose of use . Aging care products are not suitable for young skin, and vice versa.
  • Season. For summer, it is better to choose lotions on water and alcohol with protective filters from ultraviolet rays. In winter – based on nutritious oils, for better hydration, to prevent weathering. The skin is sensitive to the changing seasons. Therefore, in the offseason requires even more delicate care.
  • Composition . The predominance of natural ingredients in it will be a plus for the skin. And the presence of chemicals must be treated with caution, as the skin can react with allergies.

Having chosen a tool, it is advisable to use it for a long time. The skin gets tired from the frequent change of brands of lotions. After all, each composition operates in its own way. The skin has to be rebuilt at the cellular level.

Many factors affect the condition of the skin:

  • hard water;
  • aggressive detergents;
  • improper care;
  • age-related changes;
  • weather.

Modern cosmetic lotions are made in order to help the skin retain its natural beauty and youth for a long time. They must be used comprehensively, year-round. The ideal option is to choose two products, for the warm season with a light texture, for the cold – with a denser one.

Top 10 Best Body Lotion Brands

Body lotion, which must be used daily, may vary in cost depending on the brand and composition of the product.

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

Budget funds (up to $ 6,12)

1 Natura Siberica Flora Altai Sea Buckthorn The safest product
2 The Saem Parfumed Peach Blossom It has a calming effect on the epidermis
3 NIVEA Q10 Energy Great for skin tightening
4 Dove Nutrition Care Secrets Excellent nourishes the skin, many positive reviews

Average price tag (up to $ 12,24)

1 CND Scentsations Professional care product
2 D’oliva Better consistency
3 Cetaphil restoraderm Heals well

Premium class (up to $ 27)

1 Caudalie soin corps Plant components in the composition
2 Holy land kukui The best treatment for sensitive skin
3 Bioderma cicabio Heals and soothes

The company’s popularity for customers is often the main factor in the selection, however, cosmetics of other brands can also please with their action and composition.

Best inexpensive body lotions: review, prices

In addition to expensive lotions, there are those that can be bought cheaper – no less effective and in demand.

Dove Nutrition Care Secrets

The German brand is best known for its moisturizing cosmetics. Lotion is aimed at toning and moisturizing the skin. After its use, the epidermis acquires an unusual silkiness. The composition of the product includes avocado oil and calendula extract, so that the skin receives a large amount of vitamins, as well as a light and pleasant aroma.

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics
This body lotion moisturizes the skin even in the most severe frosts.

The lotion is easily and quickly distributed and absorbed without leaving a sticky film. The tool is perfect for any skin. It is recommended to use it regularly, 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening. The packaging volume of the cosmetic product is 8,45 fluid ounce.

Among the main advantages of the lotion can be distinguished: the fame of the manufacturer, mega-moisturizing, fruity smell, the product contains vitamins and nutrients.

However, it also has a drawback – it includes not only natural substances. Estimated cost: $ 4,49.

NIVEA Q10 Energy

The main effect of this tool is to increase elasticity with the help of components such as creatine, coenzyme Q10 and L-carnitine. With regular use, the effect of the lotion becomes noticeable in the first month of its use.

The principle of its work is that the components stimulate the cells for a greater release of energy, due to which the skin begins to restore its elasticity. For maximum effectiveness, the lotion should be rubbed into dry skin. The volume of one tube of cosmetic is 8,45 fluid ounce.

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

This tool is able to not only increase the elasticity of the skin, but also retain moisture in it. The benefits of the lotion include good performance, optimal consistency, excellent effect. There is only one drawback – the composition includes synthetic ingredients. Estimated cost: $ 5,58.

The Saem Parfumed Peach Blossom

A body lotion that is pleasant to use, but is affordable – The Saem Parfumed Peach Blossom. It has a gentle, light texture with a pleasant aroma that mixes well with the smell of the skin and lasts for a long time.

The composition of the tool includes a huge number of various useful components such as:

  • shea;
  • cotton extract;
  • panthenol.

Lotion has a sedative and anti-inflammatory effect. Available in a package of 6,76 fluid ounce. It is recommended to use it after taking water procedures, rubbing massage movements into dry skin. The manufacturer has created a whole series of this tool. Here are lotions with cotton, apricot, peach, acacia and cherry blossom.

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

Pros: peach aroma, mega-hydration, protection, quality, optimal composition with nutritious oils. Estimated cost: $ 5,44.

Natura Siberica Flora Altai Sea Buckthorn

Almost all products of this brand contain natural ingredients. The lotion contains beneficial substances from plants such as sea buckthorn, calendula, mountain ash. Due to its light texture, the product is absorbed by the skin almost instantly. The smell of the lotion is mixed – grassy with a pronounced aroma of sea buckthorn.

The tool eliminates even peeling on the skin.

The lotion is presented in a package of 10,14 fluid ounce, there is a dispenser. It is used even in the presence of irritations on the skin. The advantages of the product include the volume of the tube, a pleasant unobtrusive odor, light consistency, and optimal composition. Estimated cost: $ 5,44.

The best body lotions for the middle price segment: review, prices

The average cost of lotions is designed for buyers with the corresponding income, they are also effective and high-quality.

Cetaphil restoraderm

Cosmetic Cetaphil Restoraderm has healing properties aimed at restoring damaged skin. Experts recommend using the lotion for skin diseases such as atypical dermatitis, eczema. The main advantage of this tool is that even babies can be smeared with it. Lotion can reduce itching and burning by 3 times.

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

The product is available in a tube with a dispenser. He has no smell at all. Pros: skin restoration in a short period of time, quality, excellent customer reviews, effectiveness, unlimited age of the product. The disadvantages include too liquid texture and a long absorption time. Estimated cost — $ 10,47.


The cosmetic product of the German manufacturer has the most ideal consistency. The lotion does not create sticky and greasy films, does not roll, is quickly absorbed and gives the skin a light floral aroma. The tool is able to revive even dry skin, due to the presence in the composition of various oils. The packaging volume is 6,76 fluid ounce.

One of the main ingredients of the lotion is olive oil, which accelerates cell renewal, nourishing and moisturizing the skin. It is recommended to usd it in with massaging movements. There are no drawbacks in the lotion, but the main advantages include: excellent quality and efficiency, low consumption and ultra hydration. Estimated cost: $ 8,3.

CND Scentsations

CND Scentsations Body Lotion is perfectly absorbed without leaving any marks on the skin. It is worth using daily, it moisturizes the skin and eliminates peeling. Due to the presence of lanolin in the composit
ion, the lotion can be applied as a prophylactic before a hot manicure. It is recommended to use it 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening at any time of the year.

The product has its own unique aroma – a great combination of nutmeg with cherries. The composition includes such nutritional components as aloe, vitamins A and E. The lotion is on sale in a package of 8,28 fluid ounce. The main advantages of the product include: original smell, nutritious ingredients, consumer reviews.

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

Estimated cost: $ 10,2.

Best premium body lotions: review, prices

Expensive and high-quality lotions of this segment are popular due to well-known brands and reviews of real users. They have many advantages and are quite in demand.

Bioderma cicabio

This cosmetic product has unique healing properties, as it was developed specifically for injured skin. The lotion is able to rid the skin of itching and have an absorbent effect. The tool can be used for children.

Skin healing occurs due to the accelerated process of cell regeneration, which is facilitated by a special complex of antagicin, which is part of the lotion. To get the result, the tool must be used correctly. First, the lotion is applied to gauze, which then needs to be applied to injured areas of the skin.

The product is available in a small bottle of 1,35 fluid ounce. However, due to the liquid consistency is enough for a long time. Find this lotion only at the pharmacy. The composition of this therapeutic agent does not include various dyes, alcohols, perfumes and other harmful substances.

The advantages of the lotion include: speed of action, unique composition, the ability to use by children.

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

The disadvantage of this lotion is one – the high cost. Estimated cost: $ 20.

Holy land kukui

The product was developed for sensitive skin, so it acts gently and gently, and does not contain components that can cause even the smallest allergic reactions. The main sources of skin nutrition are macadamia nut and kukui oils.

In combination, they give a great effect – in just a few days after applying the lotion, peeling, dryness and even inflammation disappear from the skin. This tool is recommended for use in childhood dermatitis. On the market, the lotion is presented in a tube with a volume of 8,12 fluid ounce, on which the designers did a great job.

And together with high quality, the product will become an unexpected and pleasant gift . The main advantages of the lotion include: the ability to use for children, skin restoration for dermatitis, ultra-moisturizing, excellent consumer reviews. The disadvantages include its price. Estimated cost: $ 18.

Caudalie soin corps

French body lotion is an excellent nutrient, due to the presence in the composition of a huge number of various plant components and oils. The antioxidants contained in the cosmetic product contribute to additional skin protection. It can be applied twice a day during normal use, and after tanning.

The main advantages of the lotion can be called: good composition, natural herbal ingredients, excellent quality and reviews, deep nutrition. The disadvantages include its price. Estimated cost: $ 19.

Body lotions Top 10 best. How to use, what is needed for, properties of cosmetics

Experts recommend first purchasing universal body lotions. And only after their effect is not enough, you can resort to specialized tools that are aimed at a specific action. Lotions for sensitive skin are best purchased after consulting a cosmetologist and use according to the instructions.

Video about the best lotions

Application and body care:

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