Relatox or Botox – which is better Comparison of injections for “beauty injections”

It is no secret that at present, modern cosmetic procedures are carried out using not only Botox, but also its analogues – Dysport, Relatox, which in some respects surpass its predecessor.

Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections"New drugs were created to improve efficiency, the degree of impact
, and also one of the main factors for many aesthetic plastic cosmetology – the cost of services.

Why is it important to know which is better: Botox or Relatox

Many patients who have decided on cosmetic procedures do not know which drug is preferable for injections of “beauty injections”: Botox or Relatox What is better to choose in an individual case

To compare these products, you need to analyze all aspects and characteristics of 2 modern compounds for “beauty injections”.

If almost everyone heard about Botox, then Relatox is a new, little-known drug. Relatox is a new domestic drug that has successfully passed all tests and checks and is used along with Botox in aesthetic procedures for facial rejuvenation.

We can say that this is to some extent an analogue of Botox. But in the American market, this drug is already actively used by beauty salons. The drug has been used in practice since 2014.

Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections"

Relatox is also a highly effective certified medical product that has been used in many clinics in USA since its inception.

The main differences between Botox and Relatox

How to make a choice in favor of one of the two drugs to find the answer to the main question – which is better than Relatox or Botox When the drug was developed, it was American Botox that was taken as its basis. But scientists have tried to make our drug better, based on the shortcomings of Botox.

In some respects, Relatox circumvented Botox, but not in everything. Relatox is less likely to cause malaise, and swelling with bruises after administration will not bother.

Another difference from Botox is the duration of the effect. The domestic drug effect lasts for several months more than Botox. There are still a lot of differences between the drugs, but for this you will have to delve into the structure of the drugs.

The main differences of the funds are given in the Table below:

Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections"

What is part of the drug Relatox

The main component of Relatox is neurotoxin A. It is also used to create Botox. But the drug, which is the so-called medium, is different from Botox.

American scientists decided to replace sodium chloride with a product of animal origin, which consists of gelatin.

Relatox is used to get rid of deep folds in the lips and nose, wrinkles and folds on the forehead, about eyebrow facial wrinkles, to get rid of crow’s feet near the eyes, and as a means of dealing with sagging corners of the mouth.

Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections"
How Relatox Works

Relatox can also be used for prophylactic purposes, as a means to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Relatox is also suitable for changing the shape of the face, rejuvenating the neck and even the decollete. Relatox, like Botox, can be used as a means to combat increased sweating.

Drug shortcomings

But Relatox has its drawbacks. With the introduction of Relatox into the tissue, the injections are very painful. Because of this, with the introduction it is necessary to use strong painkillers.

Another minus is the ability to become addictive and the patient. It is best to refuse such beauty injections if there is an allergic reaction to some component of the drug, so it is best to consult a cosmetologist before use.

Relatox is also forbidden to use during pregnancy and during lactation. Relatox is not recommended for individuals under the age of 18.

It is not recommended to use it for chronic diseases that worsened during the injection period, during the period of infectious diseases, blood diseases, as well as skin diseases.

Cost of services using Relatcos

Another difference between Relatox and Botox is the cost of the drug. It is worth knowing that Relatox is not available for sale in simple stores, order on the Internet. You can order Relatox in pharmacies.

Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections"The cost of the procedure using Relatox depends on the rates in your area, as well as on the cost of services in the clinic where you will do cosmetic procedures.

In any case, in the American market, the cost of Relatox is lower than any other analog preparations.

The approximate cost of one ampoule of Relatox ranges from $ 2 – $ 3. And the cost of the procedure is approximately $ 204.

If we compare the cost of Relatox with the cost of Botox, then one ampoule of Botox will cost up to $ 6,8, and the cost of services with its use can reach up to $ 408.

The drug “Botox”

Botox is a drug developed by American specialists, the basis for it was bacteria – clostridia, it was originally planned to introduce it into the medical field and only then discovered its ability to relax muscles at the injection site.

Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections"

Also, Botox injections are prescribed for diseases of the following kind:

  • Cerebral palsy;
  • Strabismus;
  • diseases in which a high degree of muscle tension is characteristic.

It is interesting! Bacteria of the clostridia species, in purified form, are Type A botulism virus, that is, this virus is found in the body during Botox injections, but do not be afraid of it.

Botox is used not only to smooth wrinkles and remove bumps on the face, but also during procedures to reduce sweating.

Before the procedure, the patient may consult a doctor wit
h a request to treat the required area with a cream with anesthetic properties.

You should not expect a magical instant effect from the procedure, visible changes will appear only a couple of days, and it will last from 2 to 6 months. With the constant conduct of botox procedures, experts noted that the effect of the procedures will last longer than those who make one-time injections.

It is interesting! People who are not dedicated to the intricacies of medical science, it is believed that Botox injections are strictly forbidden to children, as this jeopardizes their mental and physical health, but Botox injections are given to children with cerebral palsy to eliminate spasms. Such procedures are allowed and necessary from 2 years.

Botox Composition

Considering the question of which one is better, it is important to analyze the composition of the drug.

The drug is produced in powder form, which is subsequently diluted for injection. The basis of this medical product is hemagglutinin or, in other words, type A botulinum toxin.

Excipients include chemical components such as plasma albumin and sodium chloride. In a standard form, Botox is produced in glass ampoules.

Botox scope

It is worthwhile to analyze in more detail the scope of this miracle remedy.

Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections"Firstly, the most famous method of using this drug is cosmetology, namely beauty injections. To improve the face and prevent the formation of wrinkles, the permitted age is 25 years.

With the help of this drug, it is possible to easily remove wrinkles in the following areas of the face:

  • Close to the eyes;
  • Forehead;
  • Crease between the eyebrows;
  • Cheekbones and cheeks;
  • The area of the nasolabial folds.

In this case, you can remove not only the main wrinkles, but also achieve the following positive effect:

  • The contour of the eyebrows and lips will significantly improve;
  • Botox has a positive effect on the reduction of the second chin;
  • The vascular mesh will also disappear after a course of these procedures.

Doctors and cosmetologists give the following recommendations regarding these injections – for a visible positive effect, you need to take a Botox course after 4 months within one year, in the future after this period it is allowed to reduce the number of injections and increase the time interval between them, 2 times a year – this the best option.

Important to remember! It is forbidden to massage the face after undergoing the Botox procedure, experts recommend actively working in mimicry, as this will distribute the entire Botox composition evenly.

Botox is also used to give volume and change the shape of the lips. Correction is carried out with problems such as lip asymmetry, thin lips, irregular lip shape.

The standard procedure consists of 4 to 6 injections, the effect appears after 3 to 4 days.

Remember that such a fashionable cosmetic procedure like Botox for hair has nothing to do with this drug.

Contraindications from the use of Botox

Another difference between Relatox and Botox is a smaller list of restrictions, so the list of contraindications includes oncology, an allergic reaction to protein, problems with the liver and kidneys.

It is strictly forbidden to carry out injection procedures for nursing and pregnant women. With hemophilia, injection is also prohibited.

The results of Botox and Relatox injections

After carrying out facial rejuvenation procedures using Botox and Relatox, determining the visible differences is almost impossible, since they are almost identical. However, to familiarize the reader with the effect of the procedures, we provide photos before and after beauty injections.

Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections" Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections" Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections" Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections" Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections"

Cost of Botox injections

Another significant point that will help you choose which is better – Relatox or Botox is the cost of the procedure, on average, the price frame for a foreign Botox drug starts from $ 41 and up to $ 408.

Relatox or Botox - which is betterComparison of injections for "beauty injections"The total cost of the course depends not only on the drug that will be used for injection, but also on the degree of qualification and prestige of the clinic, which you trust your face.

When choosing a clinic, as well as a drug for injection, many are inclined to believe that people’s reviews will help solve the dilemma, which is better: Relatox or Botox

Patients who have undergone the procedure evaluate it differently. Botox gave one patient a second youth and many positive emotions.

Another part of the patients noted a sharp deterioration in well-being and the onset of pain immediately during the injection. Most likely, this is not due to a poor-quality drug, but because of the low professional qualifications of specialists.

Cosmetologists note the effectiveness and high efficiency of both drugs, so there is simply no answer to the question of which of the means works best in aesthetic cosmetology procedures.

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