Morning exercises for weight loss at home. For beginners, who are over 40, 50. Video

Morning exercises – one of the important components of the process of losing weight. According to experts, it is not only perfect for losing weight, but also quickly awakens the body, allowing the sleepy muscles to recharge their batteries on the eve of a new day, replaces the usual cup of coffee, maintains skin tone and improves mood.

Regularity, accuracy, mode: what can morning exercises do without

To morning exercises brought the maximum benefit for weight loss, exercises must be performed in strict accordance with the rules prescribed by specialists.

Morning exercises for weight loss at home. For beginners, who are over 40, 50. Video

  • Regularity: if you miss at least a day, say fitness professionals, the body manages to break the habit of gymnastic movements; daily – one of the keys to success in the hard business of losing weight.
  • Accuracy: morning gymnastics, which helps to lose weight, should not be too difficult for a person to practice, because her goal is not to build up a mountain of muscles, but to burn extra calories. Usually, charging lasts no more than 20-30 minutes.
  • Mode: in no case should you have breakfast before charging! If you first take time to eat, and after you start trying to train the body for weight loss, the desired effect will not be achieved.

Important detail! Morning exercises suggest that rest between exercises performed within its framework should take no longer than 1 minute.

Otherwise, calories will be burned more slowly than necessary for weight loss, and you should not expect a proper result.

The first exercises of gymnastics. Warming up in bed

You need to start performing a set of charging exercises immediately after the alarm rings, without getting out of bed: the body should wake up gradually.

  • The first of the gymnastic movements does not go beyond the usual actions after awakening. As soon as the alarm rings, you need to start stretching, stretching and stretching the ligaments and muscles.
  • The second step should be twisting the body: its upper part goes to the left, while the lower – to the right.
  • Then the exercise is repeated, only parts of the body turn to the sides opposite to those to which they were sent earlier. The third exercise of charging is pulling the legs to the stomach: this is useful, including for strengthening blood vessels, and also helps to normalize blood circulation.
Morning exercises for weight loss at home. For beginners, who are over 40, 50. Video
Morning gymnastics for weight loss at home should begin at the call of the alarm

Such training makes the muscles of the back and abs stronger; in addition, it allows the whole body to get the workout necessary before the main part of morning exercises.

Basic exercises for weight loss morning exercises

After stretching, it’s time to get out of bed, proceeding to perform gymnastic exercises on the floor or, as professional trainers advise, on a mat designed for such training.

Morning exercises for weight loss at home. For beginners, who are over 40, 50. Video

Experts argue that the most noticeable positive effect is achieved if the exercises are performed in the exact order in which they are indicated in the table below.

Essence of the exercise Number of approaches or lead time
Jumping in place as a warm-up before active movements, which involves morning exercises for weight loss: in the initial position, the arms are above the head and are locked into the lock, the legs are spread apart shoulder width apart. During the jump, the legs are closed, and the hands, on the contrary, are opened, straightened, stretched up, joined by the palms for cotton. After each jump, the body returns to its original position. 30 seconds
Lie on your back, straighten your legs, spread your arms to the sides perpendicular to the body; raise legs without bending, so that the angle between them and the body is 90 degrees. Lower them should be slow, slowly 5 times on each leg
Bend your knees while lying on your back; raise and lower the pelvis 10 times
Take emphasis lying on the arms bent at the elbows 90 degrees; tighten the muscles of the thighs and abdomen 30 seconds
Still lying on your back, place one of your hands under it, and lower the other on your stomach; by gentle pressure on the stomach and back with your hands, alternately retract and bend the abdominal wall 10 times
Having risen to his feet, to lunges forward alternately with his left and right foot; the stomach is pulled in, hands are on the waist, and the back is straightened. A variant of the exercise is to press the chair firmly against the wall and alternately place the right or left leg on it. 5 times on each leg
Perform squats, tracking breathing: crouching – exhale, inhale – while straightening; the back should be straight 10 times
Lie on your stomach, arms extended above your head and legs straightened; simultaneously raise, without bending, arms and legs, holding in this position for 10 seconds per approach 5 times
Walk or run in one place, raising your knees as high as possible; on inhalation and exhalation – 4 steps 30 seconds

Walking to normalize weight

It would seem that a very small number of all those things that people do on a daily basis can help to effectively lose weight. However, some of them still not only strengthen the body on their own, but are also included in training programs. According to fitness trainers, brisk walking is a great exercise.

It refers to cardio training: it accelerates the heart, making it beat faster than usual. Quick walks are also suitable for morning exercises. Places suitable for recreational hiking are easy to find even in the center of bustling metropolitan areas.

Morning exercises for weight loss at home. For beginners, who are over 40, 50. Video

Important detail! For the sake of greater efficiency of such boardwalks, it is recommended to choose not even asphalt paths, but hilly routes: descents and ascents play an important role here, increasing the necessary level of stress training the body.

Jogging for Weight Loss: Simple Rules

In addition to the above exercises, trainers advise to include a
in the
morning gym
for weight loss
. In order for the efforts not to be wasted, it is necessary to strictly observe several important rules.

The first and most important of them: jogging should start in the early morning, before breakfast. Do not overexert the body: training should be carried out in such a way that there is always enough free time after it to take a shower, rest and morning meal.

The runner’s clothes should change according to the weather outside the window.

  • Trainers warn: at higher than 30 degrees of heat, air temperature, overloads are undesirable; in order to avoid heat stroke in such heat, a headgear, for example, a bandana, constant access to water and reduced running time are necessary.
  • If is from 17 to 30 degrees, experts recommend dressing only in sports shorts; ladies, of course, will have to add a top or a shirt to the costume.
  • If the temperature is still above 0 degrees, but has already dropped below 17, a tracksuit is useful; below 10 – jeans or other tight pants and a jacket, as well as a hat that will securely cover your ears, will be indispensable.
  • In the case when the value below -15 degrees is visible on the thermometer scale, warm gloves and, if the runner wishes, a second pair of socks are attached to the above set.
  • When the frost reaches a mark lower than -25, you need to temporarily suspend your workouts and stay at home, limiting yourself to the set of exercises described at the beginning of the article.

Important detail! The best running shoes, regardless of temperature, say fitness trainers, are sneakers. The only thing that can change in them depending on the air temperature in is the lacing density: the denser it is, the colder the weather becomes.

Good to know: fitness trainer tips

Trainers specializing in the preparation of gymnastic complexes can tell a lot of interesting details regarding the subject of their activity.

Morning exercises for weight loss at home. For beginners, who are over 40, 50. VideoIn several notes, the most important details are collected for lovers of morning exercises, and in particular the variety that helps to lose weight.

  • The load that the body is exposed to in the morning should not immediately become long. At the very beginning of training, the exercise time should be limited to only 5-8 minutes and only gradually, slowly, stretch the duration of the charge to half an hour.
  • Between exercises, it is important not only to relax for not too long, but also to cheer up the body being trained: a quarter glass of water, ideally not cool but warm, is more than suitable as an additional “reward” for the exercise just completed.
  • When jogging, walking and other morning exercises, you must carefully monitor your own breathing. Inhalation is done through the nose, and exhalation occurs through the mouth. You need to breathe evenly, too often breathing to anything.
  • There is no need to take oneself too harshly: as soon as it becomes difficult to breathe, it is time to take a break or, in the case of walking and running, to finish charging.

With proper motivation, it is not so difficult to perform morning exercises for weight loss at home.

Subject to the above rules, prescribed by professionals for those who are burning with the desire to lose extra pounds, a pleasant result will not slow to appear soon.

The effect will become noticeable by no means on the second day of the exercise, – but 2 weeks after the start of classes, the body is already guaranteed to change for the better, and begin to acquire clear contours of a beautiful figure.

Video clips about morning exercises at home

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