Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews

Achieving an ideal body weight, women of asthenic physique often make many mistakes. One of them is the emphasis in the diet on flour and sweets. This approach will indeed increase body weight , but pounds will be deposited as fat. To create a beautiful figure with a raised torso, pills for weight gain in combination with fitness and proper nutrition will help.

When are weight gain drugs for women required

Weight gain pills for women and men are only needed in some cases. Usually you can’t do without them if a carefully designed diet and training program do not work.

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews
Weight gain pills for women. Names, prices, rules of use

It is recommended to start taking such funds with supplements that have a minimum of side effects:

  • sports nutrition;
  • vitamin and mineral complex;
  • Dietary supplements;
  • Chinese herbal capsules;
  • Brewer’s yeast.

They allow you to make up for the lack of nutrients in the body. Medicines such as calcium glycerophosphate and potassium orotate give high results. They make metabolic processes in the body faster.

Top 10 weight loss pills for women from the pharmacy

In special cases, experts recommend resorting to the use of psychotropic and hormonal drugs.

Among them:

  • insulin;
  • testosterone;
  • benzodiazepines;
  • Dufaston.

Such drugs are used in professional bodybuilding under the close supervision of a physician. Self-administration of serious medications is unacceptable. This can be very harmful.


The active substance of the drug is dydrogesterone. Duphaston is available in the form of round white tablets. The dosage of the main component in each of them is 10 mg. Duphaston also contains corn starch, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, silicon dioxide and lactose monohydrate.

Duphaston does not act like birth control pills. It prevents the development of endometriosis and balances the hormonal balance. By eliminating the lack of progesterone in the female body, the medicine relieves pain before menstruation and relaxes the uterus. Thanks to him, emotions return to normal, swelling disappears, and overall health improves.

Weight gain pills for women have contraindications:

  • rotor syndrome;
  • hypersensitivity to the components in the composition;
  • Dabin-Johnson syndrome;
  • problems in the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • period of breastfeeding.

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews

Taking Dufaston can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, and bloating. Less commonly observed are bleeding, chest pain, and a rash on the body. If you experience unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended to consult your doctor.

Initially, pills were created for women planning a pregnancy. They cause an acceleration of the synthesis of sex hormones, which leads to such a side effect as weight gain.

Duphaston has an aggressive effect on the body. To mitigate it, doctors advise you to first pass an examination with an endocrinologist. He will prescribe additional tests and examinations, the results of which will allow or prohibit admission.


A hormonal drug that differs from analogues in a safe action. It is dispensed in pharmacies strictly by prescription. For his appointment, a good reason is required. Underweight should occur due to a serious illness or injury. The medicine is also necessary in the rehabilitation period after the disease.

The drug is released in the form of dragees, which contain 10 mg of the active component of oxandrolone. The standard number of tablets in a package is 60 pcs. Low androgenic effect allows you to use the drug to prepare the female body for pregnancy.

Oxandrolone acts on the female body as follows:

  • fat burning;
  • increase in muscle hardness, their relief and strength;
  • an increase in the concentration of growth hormone;

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews

Oxandrolone should be taken in combination with an individually composed diet. It is prescribed to patients who have a certain amount of subcutaneous fat and some muscles. For muscle building, it is ineffective, since the action is aimed at increasing the relief.

The course of taking the tablets brings the figure to the desired shape according to the following indicators:

  • dryness;
  • relief;
  • amount of water.

Carrying out studies of the action of the drug using heterosexual groups for 3 months, experts concluded that after the cancellation of Oxandrolone, the destroyed cells do not return.

In addition, the experiment gave the following result:

  • a slight increase in muscle (the effect disappears after discontinuation of the drug);
  • 20% reduction in adipose tissue in the weaker sex;
  • most of all it took fat from the legs, hips and abdomen.

The tool is recommended to be used for a short time, not more than 8 weeks. The best result is observed after 1 month of use.

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews

Features reception girls:

  1. Dosage varies from 10 to 20 mg.
  2. Unacceptable combination with other drugs.
  3. You need to take pills twice a day: morning and evening.
  4. The effect of the drug lasts for 8-12 hours.
  5. Before starting the course, consultation with an endocrinologist or sports doctor is necessary.
  6. The active substance completely leaves the body after the end of the course of administration after 45 days.
  7. For the best effect, it is recommended to combine the intake with the use of sports nutrition and diet.


It contains a large concentration of protein. It has the form of a nutrient mixture that can be used as a complete diet or as an additive to the diet. Improves digestion and facilitates the absorption of nutrients. The tool is designed specifically for people with insufficient body weight.

In addition to fats, proteins and carbohydrates, the following substances are included:

  • B vitamins;
  • calcium;
  • vitamin A;
  • sodium;
  • vitamin D3;
  • potassium;
  • vitamin C;
  • magnesium;
  • vitamin K;
  • phosphorus;
  • Vitamin E
  • zinc;
  • iron;
  • copper;
  • chromium.

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews

Weight gain is not the only ind
ication for the use of the product. He is also prescribed before surgery and during the recovery period after it.

For people with injuries to the jaw and head, as well as digestive problems, Nutrizon replaces the main nutrition.

Other indications for use:

  • bulimia
  • anorexia;
  • extreme stress;
  • mental disorders;
  • AIDS;
  • oncology;
  • liver failure;
  • lack of appetite.

Before taking Nutrison, it is important to cook correctly. For this, the powder in dry form is diluted in a liquid. In this case, it is important to comply with the dosage prescribed by the doctor, according to the individual characteristics of the patient.

For consumption by tube feeding, it is necessary to combine the finished mixture in a bottle with a conductor. Enter Nutrizone through the probe is necessary in the calculation of 0,01 fluid ounce per 2 pounds of patient body weight. This method of use prohibits concurrent administration with other drugs.

In a traditional manner, a person may add powder to a food or drink. The volume of the drug, equal to 0,4 gallon, is able to fill the daily human need for food. An open Nutrison can is stored in the refrigerator for no more than 1 day. It is important to know that freezing the drug is strictly prohibited. The tool has a minimum of side effects, because it is safe.


  • age up to 1 year;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the composition;
  • galactosemia disease.

During the period of bearing a child, it is permissible to use nutrizone at any time, but only under the supervision of an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Practice shows that you can gain weight with it 2 weeks after the start of treatment. Before use, it is recommended to consult a specialist. He will prescribe a dosage based on individual characteristics.


Medicines of this class have sleeping pills and sedatives. They relieve seizures, anxiety and seizures of epilepsy.

Benzodiazepine tablets that are suitable for women to gain weight:

  • Bromazepam
  • Diazepam;
  • Phenazepam.

They normalize digestion and increase appetite, which leads to weight gain. In addition, emotional stress and insomnia disappear.

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews


  • mental retardation;
  • personality disorder;
  • taking alcohol and drugs.


Belongs to the class of biologically active additives to the main diet. The main action is stimulation of appetite. In addition, the nutrients contained in food are much better absorbed. The peculiarity is associated with a high concentration of amino acids and vitamins of group B. 75 kcal per 100 g of the product.

The additive is produced in 2 types: autolized and cheese. The latter option is not very suitable for weight gain. The yeast contained in it is contraindicated in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. They often lead to candidiasis and allergic reactions. In the form of an autolysate, the product does not start the process of fermentation in the intestine.

The drug is not dangerous for the body, therefore, negative reactions can occur only with chronic problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews

Take dietary supplements strictly according to the instructions. Before use, the autolysate is diluted in water at 1-3 mg and taken 3 times a day. Tablets are drunk with the same frequency of 3-5 pcs. The supplement is better to use before bedtime, because the first days of the course of administration, it gives a strong sedative effect.


It belongs to the group of non-steroidal anabolics. Take in combination with a course of steroids. The drug is a nucleic acid that acts as a purine base. This component can be compared with nitrogenous bases, for example, with guanine and adenine.

Positive effect on the body:

  • improved hemoglobin throughput;
  • vasodilation;
  • stimulation of insulin production;
  • better absorption of carbohydrates;
  • stimulation of muscle tissue recovery;
  • strengthening the protective function of the body;
  • increased stamina.

First of all, Riboxin is indicated for use in case of problems with the duodenum, liver, heart and stomach. The drug is suitable as a prophylaxis of sprains.

Riboxin is a low-cost analogue of creatine. Its side effects include allergies and individual intolerance to the composition. Unpleasant consequences of administration occur in case of dosage violation.

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews

The product is in the form of tablets, which must be consumed in 30 minutes. before meals. The first 4 days of the course are at the minimum dosage. This helps to understand whether the drug is suitable. If the body did not give any reaction to the medicine, continue taking 2.5 g per day. The duration of the course is 1-3 months.

Glutamic acid

It removes harmful substances from the body, including ammonia. Glutamate, a salt of glutamic acid, is very important for the human body. He takes part in the development of the brain. Glutamine is available in powder and tablet form.

When taking glutamine-containing drugs, it is important to monitor the dosage. An excess of the substance contributes to the premature destruction of nerve cells, problems with the cardiovascular system, and metabolism. In addition, an overdose leads to obesity. Therefore, before starting the reception, consultation with a specialist is necessary.

The dosage most often depends on age. Detailed data are presented in the table.

Age year The volume of the substance, mg
up to 1 100
1-2 150
3-4 250
5-6 400
7-9 500
from 10 1000

The drug can be taken both before meals and after. The course lasts up to 2 months.

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews

Glutamic acid has contraindications:

  • pathology of the circulatory system;
  • fever;
  • nephrotic syndrome;
  • anemia;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • increased irritability;
  • hepatic and renal failure;
  • obesity.

Glutamic acid alone can not cope with the task of gaining weight. It works only in combination with other drugs, so the course on weight gain is not complete without it.

Anapolon 50

Does not allow muscles to collapse, accelerating its growth. Included in the group of androgenic anabolics. The active component of the drug is oxymetholone. Previously, Anapolon was used to strengthen the body of weakened patients after an illness, but it became outdated with the development of medical science. Now the tool is indispensable for sports purposes.

The main actions of the steroid:

  1. Stimulation of weight gain. For 1 course of admission, you can gain up to 33 pounds. It is worth considering that after cancellation up to 11 pounds is lost.
  2. The increase in strength.
  3. Reducing the level of globulin in the blood.
  4. Regenerates joint mobility and relieves pain.
  5. Enhances synovial fluid synthesis.
  6. Promotes water retention in cells.

The course of admission for weight gain lasts up to 30 days, 100 mg per day. Beginners are recommended to use 50 mg. During the entire time, it is unacceptable to change the dosage. Already 20 days after its start, the maximum effect is noticeable. A longer intake has a negative effect on the liver.

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews

To consolidate the result, it is important to correctly cancel the drug. You have to use boosters and other drugs aimed at enhancing the production of testosterone. To improve the result, you should follow a diet for weight gain.

Side effects:

  • liver damage with toxins;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • gynecomastia;
  • deterioration of the digestive tract;
  • nausea;
  • decreased appetite.

Brewer’s yeast

The drug contains a large number of useful trace elements and minerals, belongs to the group of biologically active food additives. Brewer’s yeast is rich in fiber, fatty acids, glucose and protein, which is similar in structure to animal. Such a rich composition allows good absorption of food. The drug is dispensed without a prescription.

Yeast improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes hormonal balance, and improves appetite and metabolism. They also stimulate the production of insulin.

It has several forms:

  1. Liquid. Half of the small spoons bred in glasses of water.
  2. Powdery. Accepted on the same principle as liquid yeast.
  3. Tablets. To gain body weight, you need to take 3-5 tablets 3 times a day.

The course of treatment lasts 1 month. After it, take a break for 60 days and repeat the reception.

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews

Features of the drug:

  1. Does not allow fats to accumulate in the liver.
  2. Stabilizes water-salt metabolism.
  3. Helps excess fluid escape from the body.
  4. They cleanse the intestines of toxins and toxins.
  5. Normalizes protein absorption.
  6. Improves liver function.
  7. Accelerates fat burning.

To quickly recover with the help of brewer’s yeast, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, abandon sugar, salt and fat. Food should be fractional, at least 4 times a day. Drinking is also important during treatment. At least 0,5 gallon of liquid should be drunk per day.

Brewer’s yeast has contraindications:

  • kidney problems
  • gout;
  • candidiasis;
  • individual intolerance;
  • allergy.

Side effects include bloating, indigestion, heaviness, and burping. If such symptoms occur, immediately stop using the product.

Potassium orotate

These are pills for weight gain for women, which belong to the group of anabolics. Despite this, not only athletes use it. Potassium orotate strengthens the walls of blood vessels, heart, improves blood circulation. It is mistakenly called doping. Bodybuilders use the product to effectively burn fat.

Weight gain pills for women. Prices, reviews

The effect of the drug:

  • normalizes the water-salt balance;
  • controls blood pressure;
  • normalizes the transmission of impulses to the nerve endings.
  • participates in the synthesis of DNA and RNA;
  • stimulates protein metabolism;
  • quickly regains strength;
  • increases appetite;
  • gives a diuretic effect;
  • strengthens connective tissues and ligaments;
  • strengthens the immune system.

Take potassium orotate every day 3 times. The tablets must be chewed thoroughly and washed down with water.

Side effects:

  • rash;
  • allergy;
  • gout.

Preparations for weight gain have a smaller assortment than for weight loss. When choosing, it is important to compare the risk of harm to the body and the result. Some drugs give a weak effect, but act safely, while others – on the contrary.

Finding the cause of thinness, a woman can solve the problem. If it is not a matter of pathological conditions, it is recommended to choose more gentle tablets that will normalize the metabolism, enhance appetite and stabilize metabolism.

Video on how to properly gain weight without building fat

How to gain muscle mass:

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