Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviews

According to experienced cosmetologists, the properties of the ingredients of the composition (coal and gelatin) can get rid of acne and black spots, the mask removes sebaceous plugs from pores on the skin, making it resilient and fresh in just a few uses.

How does an activated carbon and gelatin mask work

A mask made from activated carbon and gelatin has a positive effect.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsGelatin creates a film, and activated carbon begins to work under it, cleansing pores, drawing dirt out.

How she helps against black dots

Tightly clogged pores are most often called “black dots” on the face by people. Dermatologists call them comedones. They appear in people with oily skin. Skin in excess produces a secret, which clogs the pores. These plugs are black due to dust and dirt that stick to the skin.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsSuch a homemade cosmetic product, which is very cheap, can reduce the production of subcutaneous fat, clean pores from dirt, remove black spots and prevent their reappearance.

How does it help for acne

A simple mask film eliminates oily sheen and relieves inflammation.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsThis in turn prevents acne.

What to prepare additionally, except for coal and gelatin

You will need a small number of components: in addition to activated carbon and gelatin, you can add ingredients with softening or antiseptic properties to it.

However, cosmetologists warn that it is useless to add to it:

  • vitamins;
  • fruit mixes;
  • sour cream.

Coal absorbs all nutrients, which is why it is better to nourish the skin after this cleanser is removed.

A mask
of a mixture of coal and gelatin is prepared on the basis of water , but it can be replaced with milk. So it will be supplemented with useful qualities. Even Avicenna said that milk can remove terrible spots from the face and make its color healthy. The tool will benefit the skin of any type.

Milk helps:

  • moisturize and whiten the skin;
  • tighten it and reduce wrinkles;
  • remove acne and inflammation;
  • improve complexion and rejuvenate the skin;
  • soften aggressive substances that contain a mask of coal and gelatin;
  • make the skin soft and silky.

The ideal option would be to use real raw cow or goat milk. However, if it is not possible to buy it, it is better to take milk with a high fat content or pasteurized, because after processing it retains more useful properties.

If the skin of the face is of a fatty or combination type, then milk with a low level of fat content is suitable.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsYou can add to the cleaning mixture, in addition to milk, butter, cucumber, yeast, salt and other products (except for burning ones) in order to experiment with the components to create a product that can cope with any type of skin problems.

How to prepare a mixture for the mask. Recipe

The mixture for the mask is prepared from:

  • 1 tablet of activated carbon;
  • 1 small spoons of gelatin;
  • 1 large tablespoons of water.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsThe classic recipe is very simple: coal is crushed, mixed with gelatin, poured with water and mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The required consistency is obtained by heating the mixture in a microwave or in a water bath. When applied, it must not be allowed to be hot, but cold it is also ineffective.

How to prepare facial skin for a mask

The mixture does not differ in tenderness and care, therefore it is better to refuse its use when:

  • on the skin there are fresh wounds or burns from the sun;
  • the skin is too sensitive;
  • the presence of spider veins on the face;
  • there is acne or single pimples.

It is better to use this cleanser before going to bed, so the epidermis will not be subjected to unnecessary stress.

Before the procedure, the face should be clean and steamed, otherwise there will be no cleaning effect. The skin must be prepared for applying the cleansing composition as follows:

  1. Remove all makeup, dust and skin secretion from the face with cosmetic milk or soap.
  2. Apply an antioxidant mask-film or a gentle scrub to remove the remnants of open skin, so the mixture can have a deeper effect.
  3. Steam your face over a container of high temperature water. Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviews
  4. Then you need to get your skin wet with a napkin or towel.

How to apply a mask on the face, how much to withstand

The mixture is most conveniently applied with any brush (preferably wide).

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsRules for applying the mask:

  1. The mask should be distributed evenly in 1 thin layer. If it is used for the first time, it is best to apply it on the forehead and nom (T-zone). If you cover its area above the upper lip, you can get the effect of a wax strip that removes unwanted hairs.
  2. Since the composition dries quickly, you need to immediately apply a few more layers, so it will dry more slowly and more easily removed. On the most problematic areas of the skin, it should be applied with patting movements.
  3. At first use, the product must be kept on the skin for 5 to 7 minutes. In the future, you can leave the mixture on the face for 10-15 minutes. It is impossible to wait for complete drying, since pain will be felt when removed. The resulting film must be pry off and removed, and it should begin on the sides of the face.

How to remove a mask, face wash and face cream

While the mask of coal and gelatin has not lost its elasticity, it must be removed with one layer.

However, if it remained on the skin for too long, and it is difficult and painful to remove it, then you can wet a napkin and put it on your face for a few seconds. So it will again become elastic and easily removed.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsTrying to wash it off with water does not make sense, since its lower layer should pull the dirt behind it, which clogged the pores. And when washing off, the pores will not be cleaned.

When small black flakes remain on the skin after removing the mixture, you can moisten the sponge with a tonic and remove them.

Next, wash yourself with not very cold water to help the pores close. To do this, an ice cube massage (made from a decoction of chamomile or infusion with tea tree oil) is suitable. So the skin will be in good shape.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsAfter the skin has rested, a nourishing vitamin cream can be applied to it to provide nutrition to the epidermis.

When can I repeat the procedure

The procedure should be carried out once a week, so as not to overdry the dermis. The general course should last about 1.5 months. Then you need to interrupt it for 1.5 months and repeat the home process of cleansing the skin.

What can be added to the recipe

A simple and cheap mask created from natural ingredients (coal and gelatin) can be supplemented with other beneficial substances.

Milk mask recipe

Suitable for women with delicate, sensitive skin. Milk will be able to restore its protective function, rejuvenate, tighten, even out tone, give the skin a radiance.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsThe recipe is very simple: you need to take gelatin and activated carbon in the same volume as for a classic cleanser, and instead of 1 large tablespoons of water use the same amount of milk. To prepare and apply this mixture should be the same as the product prepared on water.

Cosmetic Clay Recipe

Clay of blue color is suitable for lightening age spots and relieving swelling. Clay of yellow color will allow to remove inflammation and heal wounds. And clay, which has a green color, will make the sebaceous glands normal.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviews
A mask of coal and gelatin with the addition of clay takes on a more grayish tint

If the skin is oily and black dots are often formed on it, then black clay will be the best solution, as it will have a drying and rejuvenating effect, as well as even out skin tone.

First you need to cook a classic mask, and then add 1 small tablespoons of clay to it. This agent is applied to the epidermis with hands or with a special spatula. Keep on face for 10-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. The pores are closed by wiping with ice.

Aspirin Recipe

Aspirin soothes the epidermis and relieves inflammation, so it is added to the mask to combat black spots and acne. It can be used for those with aging, problematic or oily skin.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsIn a classic cleanser, add 1 tablet of aspirin.

Honey Recipe

In a ready-to-apply mixture of water, gelatin and charcoal, just add 1/3 small tablespoons of honey.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsThis will help to achieve a softening effect, healing and giving the skin a radiant appearance.

Recipe with PVA glue

PVA glue, which will be supplemented with a cleansing cosmetic product, should be non-toxic.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsFor the mask you will need: activated charcoal (3 tablets) and white PVA glue (an amount sufficient to produce a slurry).

These components must be mixed and applied to the epidermis. When the mixture hardens, then it must be removed carefully.

Masks from professional manufacturers:

Each manufacturer is pleased to offer beautiful ladies a line of cosmetic products that can help problem skin. You can purchase them in cosmetics stores.

Almost every manufacturer has its own mask, which is made from coal, as well as additional ingredients, including gelatin. It is convenient to use. On the packaging of each such product there is an instruction for use.

Activated Carbon Mask Arabia

This mask is able to deeply cleanse the skin, increase its firmness and elasticity.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsThis remedy has a detoxification effect, it makes the pores narrower, helps to improve facial contours, smoothes wrinkles.

Charcoal Activated Carbon Mask

This cosmetic product perfectly removes dirt from the skin of the face.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviews
The mask of coal and gelatin is available in portions in a special package

Performs deep cleansing, nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis. It gives the skin a feeling of freshness and purity.

Mask film with activated carbon Vitex

The basis for this mask is black bamboo charcoal.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsThe component completely removes contaminants from shallow pores, and also narrows the pores so much that they become almost invisible.

Skinlite Activated Carbon Face Mask

This tool has exfoliating abilities on the skin, removing dead cells. It cleanses deeply and also has a detoxifying effect.

Deep Detox Activated Carbon Mask

The property of activated carbon to absorb harmful substances has become the basis of this mask.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsIt is coal that increases the effectiveness of the use of this cosmetic product, helps to remove toxins and slow down the aging process of the epidermis.

Beauty Activated Carbon Mask Formula

The composition of this
cosmetic product includes not only activated carbon, but also kaolin clay. These components are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and remove toxins. The skin loses oily sheen and redness, and the pores narrow. The face gets an even color, and the skin – a fresh look.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsIf you use this tool regularly, the aging process slows down. It is great for women with oily or combination skin type. It can be used for wedding makeup.

Mary Kay activated carbon mask

This tool is universal, that is, suitable for any type of skin. Its basis is coal, and the extracts from plants, mineral clay, kaolin and bentonin are also part of the mask. Therefore, it well cleanses pores, removes excess skin secretion and removes oily sheen.

Mask of coal and gelatin from black dots. Recipe reviewsThis product has a gentle, creamy formula. It is easy to apply. It makes the skin of the face clean and fresh, providing detox.

What mask reviews prevail on the net

Many women who use homemade mask to cleanse the skin respond well to it. In our age of high technology, it is not difficult to share your opinion. Therefore, everyone recommends a cosmetic product based on coal and gelatin to friends, followers and readers on the pages of social networks and thematic forums.

After a course of skin cleansing, a large number of people noted:

  • excellent result of getting rid of comedones;
  • low cash costs;
  • good cleansing and whitening of the skin;
  • completely natural ingredients.

However, many point to one significant drawback – the removal of a dried product from the skin causes pain. However, users figured out how to reduce the pain:

  • prevent the product from getting on the eyebrows and hair located on the temples;
  • use all components in a double volume to provide a thicker layer when applied to the skin of the face, so that it is easier to remove;
  • apply the mask to those areas of the skin where deep cleansing is required (for example, the forehead and nose, because acne and black spots are most often formed there).

Mask of coal and gelatin: video recipes

The first video provides visual instructions for preparing and using a mask of coal and gelatin:

The second video demonstrates the effect of using a finished mask of coal and gelatin:

A mask of coal and gelatin, actively used by women at home, in some cases has conflicting recommendations for use. Some are advised to apply it in a thin layer, while others are confident that only a thick layer will provide the best cleansing and painless removal.

You should choose a suitable (simple and effective) recipe for yourself, regularly apply the composition and enjoy clean skin constantly.

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