What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo

Biorevitalization or “skin revival” is a modern cosmetic procedure, the essence of which is the introduction of hyaluronic acid into the skin cell, which has the ability to cause the epidermis to produce elastin and collagen, which restore youthfulness and elasticity to the skin.

When comparing photographs of the face before and after biorevitalization, changes in the structure of the skin, localization of wrinkles are noticeable. The oval is tightened, the contours become clearer, puffiness and oily sheen disappear.

The essence of biorevitalization for the face

The essence of the procedure is to saturate the skin tissue with hyaluronic acid – an important chemical microelement responsible for moisturizing, the correct location of elastin and collagen in the cells.

By the age of 35, the production of these proteins is rapidly slowing down, the skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity, small wrinkles appear. To combat aging, it is necessary to artificially fill the skin with a hyaluron.

Apply 2 types of HA – stabilized and unstabilized, differing in density and compounds of molecules. For revitalization, unstabilized is needed, it easily penetrates the skin cells, is evenly distributed, binds water molecules.

What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
Hyaluronic acid plays a key role in maintaining youthful skin

During the session, the drug is injected into the skin with the help of injections, or with the use of ultrasound, cold or laser. Once in the cells of the epidermis, the acid binds water molecules, distributes collagen and elastin, tightening the oval of the face and smoothing wrinkles.

Operating principle:

  1. moisturizes, nourishes, normalizes the introductory balance of skin tissues, eliminates the harmful effects of free radicals, eliminates puffiness;
  2. starts the production of its own hyaluronic acid;
  3. resumes the creation and distribution of collagen and elastin in cells, prevents aging, eliminates wrinkles;
  4. eliminates pigmentation, freckles, scars, scars;
  5. It has a rejuvenating and lifting effect, is an excellent replacement for facial plastics;
  6. can be used as a preparatory stage before plastic surgery, contour plastic surgery, chemical pilling.


The first results can be seen several hours after the biorevitalization of the face.

Photos before and after clearly show the changes:

  • the structure of the skin is restored;
  • tone increases;
  • small wrinkles, “crow’s feet” disappear;
  • complexion improves;
  • scars and stretch marks are smoothed out;
  • senile spots disappear;
  • the aging process slows down;
  • eliminates the effect on the cells of harmful substances;
  • the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, acne, acne go away;
  • bruises under the eyes disappear.
    What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
    Photos before and after biorevitalization demonstrate the effectiveness of the procedure

The first time the body begins to produce its own collagen. The procedure has a prolonged effect, with every day the skin becomes more and more healthy. The duration of the lifting effect lasts from 6 to 9 months. After the expiration of the specified period, the course is repeated, otherwise, the skin aging process will resume.

At what age can be carried out

Biorevitalization of the face can be carried out from 30 to 35 years of age, after the mandatory consultation of a dermatologist.

Beautician chooses a drug for biorevitalization of the face. Photos before and after the procedure are necessary to adjust the anti-aging procedures.
The most commonly used remedies:

  1. IAL Systam is a gel presented by the Italian company Fida Formaceutical Spa. One of the most popular drugs made on the basis of hyaluronic acid (HA), similar in composition to acid, of the human body. The gel nourishes, moisturizes the skin, slows down the production of subcutaneous fat, smoothes the structure of the face, stops aging. When conducting facial biorevitalization, first 1-3 procedures are done with a drug containing unstabilized acid, then stabilized is used. Appointed from 30 years.
  2. Replery – manufactured in China based on the development of American cosmetologists. It is distributed in the form of a gel based on unstabilized hyaluron. Safe, practical, provides a lifting effect for a period of 8 to 10 months.
  3. Viscoderm – manufactured by the Italian company IBSA Tormaceutici.

There are 2 types:

For injection:

  • 0.8% – to eliminate dryness, peeling of the skin, the fight against “crow’s feet”;
  • 1.8% – eliminates the first wrinkles, is applied at the age of 30 – 40 years old, perfectly suits as a preparatory stage before chemical peeling or face plastic surgery;
  • 2% – deeply penetrates the dermis, is prescribed upon reaching the age of 40 years, it well corrects severe wrinkles.

In gel form:

  • Viscoderm “Bi” – an injection containing 2 mg. 0.8% acid – used for quick hydration;
  • Viscoderm “Trio” – 3 injections of 4’9 foot 1.6% of the mixture in each – is used for single use in various areas;
  • Viscoderm “Maxx” – 1 pack of 2.5 mg 2% – provides intensive care.
  1. Hafiller Agua – a revitalizant of the Chinese manufacturer Hangzhou Gallop Biological Products, presented in gel form. Moisturizes, nourishes cells, restores freshness, gives the skin a rested look. Highly plastic, easily distributed in tissues.

Produces in packages of:

  • 14 mg / fluid ounce – for the correction of nasolabial folds, eyelids, “crow’s feet”;
  • 20 mg / fluid ounce – removes T-zone wrinkles, shown from 30 years old;
  • 23 mg / fluid ounce – smoothes sagging skin, is used to rejuvenate the neck, arms, chest;
  • 30 mg / fluid ounce – used to rejuvenate the area behind the ears, buttocks, hips ;.
    What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
    A wide selection of drugs allows you to choose a product according to individual requirements.
  1. Princess Rich – injection solution, the Australian company “Croma”. In addition to hyaluronic acid, it contains glycerin, which helps to increase the viscosity of the components, activates the acid in the cells, and prolongs the effect of liftin
    g. Recommended for use from 30 to 35 years.
  2. Giarepaiter – American cosmetic gel, the main component of which is hyaluron, is sold in tubes of 2 mg / fluid ounce and 14 mg / fluid ounce. Contains vitamins and amino acids that moisturize and nourish cells. Applied from 50 years, the effect of the procedure lasts for 21 days
  3. Hyaluform is a revitalizant manufactured by American technology by the Japanese company Shiseido. Contains 1% – 1.8% of unstabilized HA. Prevents the formation of wrinkles.
  4. Teosyal Redencity is a Swiss cream in which 15% of hyaluron is enriched with amino acids, minerals, vitamin B6 and antioxidants. Accelerates the synthesis of collagen, tightens the oval of the face.
  5. Scin – a preparation of the Italian “Ital Formicia”, includes HA, amino acids, carbonate-buffer mixture. It normalizes the acidity of tissues, enhances the lifting effect, moisturizes and gives the skin a tone, protects against the action of harmful substances in the atmosphere.
  6. Stylage – the most popular gel in French cosmetology “Laboratoire Vivacy”. Manufactured using 3D-Matrix and INP – Like – technology. It contains hyaluronic acid, sorbitol antion and mannitol. It has a long, more than 6 months, effect, perfectly fights wrinkles, and is used to prepare for chemical pilling.
  7. Yroire-hydro is a South Korean preparation containing 0,68 fluid ounce. unstabilized hyaluron. Produces the company “LG Life Scieces”.
  8. Aqushine Resofil is a biorevitalizant of the South Korean company Caregec Co., LTD.

It is presented in 2 types:

  • The basic drug – in the composition of 1.5 mg / fluid ounce of HA and peptides, is used to adjust the “crow’s feet”;
  • BR – has been used since 45 years, in addition to hyaluron, the formula includes nucleic acids, coenzymes, mineral elements.
  1. Meso-wharton P 199 – a popular revitalizant of the American “ABG Lab”, contains HA, amino acids, Wharton Jelly Peptide 199 – a substance responsible for the process of updating stem cells after 45 years. Used for areas most susceptible to aging.
  2. Meso-Xantin F 199 is another representative of the American ABG Lab cosmetic product, whose active formula contains unstabilized hyaluron, phonoxanthin, peptides, nucleic acids, antioxidants and vitamins. It is used to eliminate senile spots, freckles, blackheads, and protect against UV rays. It can be used from 25 years.

Indications for

After examining the patient’s personal card and facial architecture, the cosmetologist decides whether biorevitalization of the face is necessary. Photos before and after the procedure are used to adjust the cosmetic process, the method of conducting, the exposure zone.

What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
Biorevitalization can cope with many skin imperfections.

Indications for “skin revival”:

  • prevention of aging – elimination of existing facial and deep wrinkles, “crow’s feet”, prevention of the appearance of new ones;
  • oily, porous skin, excessive formation of subcutaneous fat, oily sheen, acne, acne;
  • increased dryness of the skin, peeling;
  • age-related changes associated with wilting of tissues, distortion of the oval of the face, sagging cheeks;
  • rosacea – a disease characterized by the appearance of small vascular networks;
  • increased skin pigmentation caused by a large amount of melanin;
  • minor injuries and damage to the skin, scars and stretch marks;
  • recovery after cosmetic procedures such as chemical pilling and grinding;
    What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
    The effectiveness of the procedure on the face and skin of the hands
  • rehabilitation process of plastic surgery;
  • repair damage caused by UV rays;
  • swelling, blue circles and bags under the eyes.


  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • colds, fever;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • herpes virus;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • streptococcal infection;
  • predisposition to hypertrophic seals;
  • diabetes;
  • low blood coagulability;
  • the use of hormonal contraceptives and drugs incompatible with hyaluron;
  • smoking, alcohol addiction;
  • individual intolerance.

Types of cosmetology procedure

2 types of biorevitalization are carried out:

  • injection, in which HA is injected into the body using injections;
  • non-injection – delivered to cells by laser, cold.

Before the procedure, 3 days can not:

  • to smoke;
  • drink alcohol;
  • drink anticoagulants and hormonal contraceptives;
  • take sunbaths on the beach and in the solarium.

How is biorevitalization injected

Injection biorevitalization is a procedure in which hyaluronic acid enters the epidermal cells through injections.

What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
Biorevitalization – an affordable and safe way to prolong skin youth


  1. Makeup is done to the patient, 40 minutes before the procedure, an anesthetic cream containing ultracain is applied to the face.
  2. The ampoule with HA is removed from the refrigerator 15 minutes before the injection, heated to room temperature. The introduction of a cold substance can cause unnecessary pain.
  3. The package with the drug is opened at the client, they take out a syringe, medicine. Data containing the name of the biorevitalizant, expiration date, number, series and manufacturer are pasted into the patient’s personal history.


  1. Under the skin, superficially, to a depth of 1/32 – 1/32 inch., The drug is injected with point injections using a microfine needle.
  2. The site is chipped evenly
    , strictly observing the intended injection sites;
  3. Particular attention is paid to problem areas.
  4. Approximately 0,03 fluid ounce is administered. pure drug.
  5. The duration of the procedure is 40 minutes.
    What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
    Using thin needles minimizes discomfort

The final stage:

  1. After the session, the face is cooled.
  2. Lubricated with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial gel.
  3. Depending on the structure of the dermis, age, requiring the solution of skin problems, it is necessary to do 3 to 5 revitalizations with an interval of 14 to 30 days.
  4. After the procedure, the skin requires careful care with cosmetics that have a sunscreen effect.

Non-injection method

In the process of laser biorevitalization, hyaluronic acid is applied to the surface of the face, and under the influence of a laser or cold, it enters the cells. A low frequency infrared laser called “cold” is used for the procedure. Manipulation is absolutely painless.


  1. Before the session, the doctor cleanses the skin, if necessary, to soften the keratinized layers, an easy peeling with a hot compress is done.
  2. The tube with gel is taken out of the refrigerator, 15 minutes before the procedure, heated at room temperature, opened with the patient.
  3. A tag with data on the drug is pasted into a personal card.


  1. A thin layer of gel is applied to the face or other problem areas.
  2. With the help of a special nozzle, they act on the drug with a laser, softening it, changing the molecular structure, forcing it to penetrate into the cells ;.
  3. Under the influence of cold, hyaluronic acid is evenly distributed inside the skin, gradually absorbed.
  4. Used to revive the skin of the face, neck, decollete, hands, buttocks.
  5. As a preparatory stage before chemical pilling, or for recovery after plastic surgery.
    What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
    For those who are afraid of needles, there is a laser biorevitalization


  1. The area of effect is cleaned and a moisturizer is applied.
  2. After the session, you need to use as much clean water as possible.
  3. No need to be afraid of ultraviolet rays and use sunscreen cosmetics.
  4. Depending on the degree of the problem and age-related changes, from 6-10 procedures are carried out with an interval of 4-7 days.

What to do after the session

After a session, the beautician prescribes restoration procedures separately for each patient, in accordance with the type of skin, age, degree of aging, the treated area, the reaction of the body.

After injections, redness of the face, the appearance of papules, bruises at the injection sites occur. Unpleasant consequences disappear for 3-4 days, it is recommended to apply cold compresses to the places of inflammation.

In addition, a dermatologist prescribes after-treatment care:

  • during the week it is necessary to treat the face with an antiseptic solution and apply a wound healing gel;
  • in some cases, collagen masks based on a tunic are used for better healing;
  • decorative cosmetics may only be removed with micellar water;
  • use thermal water in the form of compresses and lotions to prevent peeling;
  • before going outside, without fail, apply sunscreen, regardless of the time of year. The sun’s rays destroy the molecules of hyaluronic acid.

With laser biorevitalization, the skin of the face is not injured, therefore it is recommended:

  • apply moisturizer daily to treated areas;
  • drink up to 1,01 fluid ounce. pure drinking water per 2 pounds. body mass;
  • remove makeup with micellar water.

What can not be done after the procedure

After biorevitalization is prohibited:

  1. 24 hours to touch the treated areas of the skin with your hands;
  2. comb, cauterize papules;
  3. within 7 days, apply makeup and care creams not prescribed by a dermatologist;
  4. drink alcohol and smoke;
  5. sunbathing in the solarium and on the beach;
  6. take a steam bath in a bathhouse, sauna, wash in a hot tub or shower;
  7. supercool;
  8. engage in a fitness club, lift heavy objects;
  9. drink any medicine without the permission of a doctor;
  10. 2 weeks you can not do cosmetic masks, peeling.
    What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
    The procedure leaves behind papules and redness

Recovery time after a session is from 7 to 10 days , it is set individually for each patient, in order to prevent possible complications, it is necessary to strictly observe the instructions of the cosmetologist.

Possible complications

The causes of complications are:

  1. Doctor incompetence:
  • ignoring contraindications to the procedure;
  • incorrect determination of skin type, aging;
  • incorrect documentation, incorrect photos of biorevitalization;
  • violation of hygiene and procedure.
  1. The fault of the patient:
  • withholding information on taking medications incompatible with hyaluronic acid;
  • bad habits;
  • violation of medical recommendations during the recovery period.

Possible complications:

  • The appearance of redness, bruising, swelling, and destruction of blood vessels – appear after the procedure, disappear for 3-4 days, if they persist, a dermatologist must be consulted;
  • Allergic reactions, individual intolerance to the drug;
  • Long-term disturbance of sensitivity caused by pinching of nerves during injections;
  • Tissue necrosis arising due to traumatization of blood vessels and drug ingress in
    to them;
  • The appearance of granulomas, nodules on the skin after injection;
  • The appearance of colloidal scars;
  • Depigmentation (whitening) of the skin, due to the use of anesthesia, with the content of lidocaine;
  • The Tyndall effect – arising from the deep administration of the drug, manifests itself in the form of blue and purple stripes at the injection sites;
  • Infectious skin lesions – caused by gross hygiene during the procedure.
    What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
    After injection biorevitalization, a number of side effects may occur.

If the above complications occur, a doctor’s consultation and treatment are required.

How many procedures are needed

Facial biorevitalization is prescribed by a dermatologist during the initial examination of the patient. The number of sessions is determined based on age, type of dermis, eliminated imperfections and the chosen drug. Distinguish between preventive and therapeutic techniques.

What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
Biorevitalization is indicated both to correct the signs of aging and to prevent their appearance. These “before and after” photos demonstrate the result of the procedure.
  • Preventive is suitable for girls from 25 to 30 years old, is carried out with the aim of eliminating crow’s feet and improving skin structure. To achieve a good result, it is recommended to conduct one course per year, consisting of 2 procedures with a difference of 1 month.
  • Therapeutic is indicated after 30 – 35 years old, to eliminate aging processes, smooth the skin, activate collagen production, and eliminate pronounced shortcomings. It is best to undergo the procedure 2-3 times a year with a course consisting of 3-4 revitalizations with a break of a month.

“Revival of the skin” has a prolonged effect, the first result is noticeable after a few hours from the moment of holding. After a week, wrinkles are smoothed out, the face looks tightened, rested, the greasy film and acne disappear. The skin is smooth and velvety to the touch. The lifting effect lasts from 3 weeks to 6-9 months.

Compatibility with other procedures

Facial biorevitalization, photos before and after the procedure are used in cosmetology as an independent process of rejuvenation, and in conjunction with other manipulations:

  • Chemical pilling destroys obsolete cells, causing them to regenerate and produce collagen. The more pronounced aging, the more severely injured the skin. Biorevitalization is carried out before chemical pilling, to improve the structure of the skin, and after, for faster healing of microtraumas.
  • Plastic surgery is the most radical rejuvenation procedure. In the process of plastic surgery, scars appear, which subsequently become almost invisible. Biorevitalization after plastic surgery promotes wound healing, reduces the risk of postoperative complications. Spend 10 days from the day of surgery.
  • Contour plastic smooths deep wrinkles, corrects the shape of the face, nose, lips, smooths the eyebrow space. For its use, stabilized hyaluronic acid is used. Before carrying out, it is recommended to conduct biorevitalization of unstabilized HA to update the skin, before the introduction of fillers. It is best to do 2-3 sessions of biorevitalization a month before contouring.
  • Vector 3D lifting – is an improved version of revitalization, during which a frame is created on the face, from several punctures located in the form of rhombs, into which a hyaluron is inserted. The drug does not allow the edges to stick together, forms a micro frame and significantly tightens the skin.
  • Photorejuvenation – carried out in combination with biorevitalization. Procedures reinforce the effect of each other, which leads to a pronounced face lifting – phytobiomodulation. In the process of cosmetic actions, the rejuvenation mechanism is launched, the effect of cell regeneration is increasing. It is recommended to do 3 photorejuvenation procedures and 3 sessions of biorevitalization with a break of 1 month.

What is the difference from mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a cosmetology procedure in which a mixture of microelements, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins is injected into the dermis using injections. Once inside, the suspension begins to act, starting the production of proteins. For each problem area, a special mesococtail is compiled.

Biorevitalization is one of the varieties of mesotherapy, but uses hyaluronic acid. The drugs of some companies combine HA with trace elements, vitamins or peptides.


  1. In the process of mesotherapy, a substance from various trace elements is used, in biorevitalization – hyaluronic acid.
  2. The area of influence of mesotherapy is aimed at deep wrinkles, scars, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, body fat, hair loss. Biorevitalization is carried out with signs of aging, crow’s feet, small skin lesions, after sunbathing, increased sebum secretion, acne.
  3. During mesotherapy, the mesococtail is injected to a depth of 3/32 inch, its work begins a week later, during revitalization, an injection is made by 1/32 – 1/32 inch, the acid is activated instantly.
  4. Mesotherapy consists of 500 injections into a problem area, without highlighting a specific area, with biorevitalization, the number of punctures is limited, the places of exposure are clearly defined.
  5. Mesotherapy can be carried out from the age of 18, biorevitalization is indicated after 30 -35 years.
  6. To achieve the maximum result, it is necessary from 5-10 sessions of mesotherapy, biorevitalization is effective after 3-5 sessions.
  7. The effect of the first procedure lasts until the 1st year, from the second from 6-9 months.
    What is biorevitalization of the face, how is it different from mesotherapy, fillers. Indications, contraindications, consequences. Photo
    The principle of action of mesococtails

Pros of biorevitalization:

  • there is
    no microtrauma to the skin, the area of impact is clearly defined;
  • hyaluronic acid acts instantly, the first effect is noticeable after a few hours;
  • easy rehabilitation period. After mesotherapy, it is not allowed to wash and touch your face with your hands during the day, and subsequently use only boiled or purified water;
  • there is non-injection biorevitalization, the effect of which does not differ from the procedure using injections, mesotherapy is carried out only by injection.

What is different from fillers

Fillers or contour plastic is a procedure for introducing dense hyaluronic acid into the skin tissue in order to reconstruct the appearance of the client.

Differences between fillers and biorevitalization:

  • with the introduction of fillers, hyaluronic acid with a more viscous and dense consistency is used, the task of which is not to dissolve in the skin cells, but to fill the vacant space;
  • biorevitalization is a process of skin rejuvenation, fillers are used to correct hollow cheeks, eyelids, formation of cheekbones, nose, and lip shape;
  • contour plastic is not carried out using a laser;
  • the cosmetic industry makes creams that cope with the task of contour plastics.

Dermatologists recommend combining fillers and biorevitalization. Depending on the skin problem, fillers are first introduced, and after a month biorevitalization is performed, or vice versa, first 2-3 preparatory revitalization sessions are done, and then, after a month, fillers are used. For each patient, cosmetic procedures are determined individually.

Facial biorevitalization is unique, the photos before and after the procedure clearly show the ability of hyaluronic acid to make cells produce their own elixir of youth in almost one application – collagen, which can stop time and restore skin youth and beauty.

Useful videos about rejuvenation in this way:

Reasons to resort to biorevitalization:

How is biorevitalization carried out:

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