Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners

Beautifully designed, regular, with respect to facial features, eyebrows are an important aesthetic part of the face, for which you need special care alone. By doing makeup, you can give a new shape or emphasize the natural beauty. Step-by-step instructions with a photo will help complete the image, make it more stylish and confident.

Why dye eyebrows with a pencil

In addition to aesthetic, eyebrows perform a communicative, protective, as well as identification function.

Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners

Creating a make-up, eyebrows are colored with a pencil to:

  • Place accents on the face.
  • Make it more expressive, effective.
  • Correct lines, make features more proportional.
  • Give an expression of emotional coloring.
  • Adjust the natural shape and color of the eyebrows.

For dyeing hairs, there are many tricks and tools, but at home a cosmetic pencil will help to give the desired color and shape.

Possible eyebrow shapes

Eyebrow makeup step-by-step photo requires certain knowledge, the following types of eyebrows are distinguished in shape:

  • arcuate, or rounded;
  • curved;
  • horizontal
  • with a break, or “house”;
  • long
  • short
  • direct;
  • sad
  • at a glance;
  • intergrown.

Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners

Also, eyebrows can be of different widths – harmonious, thin, like a thread, or wide.

The choice of color and density of eyebrows

Eyebrows can change the face, give it tenderness or severity, a certain emotional coloring, so it is important to carefully choose the choice of color, density and shape. Choosing a shape, color and density, you need not only to follow fashion trends.

Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners

It is important for women to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. The shape of the eyebrows should be selected based on the features of the structure of the face. The optimal shape will help to correct the flaws.
  2. The length of the eyebrow is determined individually, but there is an optimal calculation formula: the starting point is parallel to the line of the nose, and the edge is located above the outer corner of the eye.
  3. The density of the hairs is also individual. Naturalness is always in fashion, but densely growing eyebrows need to be thinned out to give the right shape. Optimum density allows you to make the look more open.
  4. Color is selected depending on the natural color. The difference between the natural shade and the selected pencil is no more than 1-2 tones.
  5. Skin color is important. For owners of dark skin, a more saturated shade of the pencil is suitable. Women with fair skin should choose a less intense color, but within the chosen natural range.

Eyebrow color combination

Eyebrow makeup requires a special approach depending on the color of the hair. Walkthroughs of stylists suggest that the shade of the hairstyle should be in harmony with the color of the eyebrows, creating the most natural image in tandem.

Simple recommendations for choosing a shade are as follows:

  • For fair-haired. Natural blondes naturally have a light shade of eyebrows. To give a striking image, and brighten your eyes, you can tint the eyebrows with a pencil 1-2 tones darker than the hair roots. This will add brightness and density, helping to adjust the features.
  • For brown hair. The color of the pencil for coloring should have a brown tint, and the color itself can be 1-2 tones darker than the shade of curls or in tone with the roots of the hair. For owners of dark brown hair, you can use two pencils – a lighter and more saturated dark shade. Draw a light pencil along the length of the eyebrow, and darker with separate strokes paint over the line of hair growth, adjusting the shape.
  • For redheads. If the natural shade is bright red, eyebrows can be emphasized with a golden brown pencil a tone darker than hair. For those painted in bright warm shades, you can use a pencil with a copper undertone.

Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners

  • For brunettes. If the color of the hair shade is dark chocolate, saturated black, you can take graphite, chocolate brown, charcoal black pencil, but the subton should be as cold as possible, without a warm shade.

Eyebrow Makeup Errors

Eyebrow make-up is a delicate work, for clarity and to avoid mistakes, you can use the following step-by-step photo instructions.

The most common mistakes in eyebrow makeup are:

  1. Ignore the natural form. If the natural shape is round, you do not need to give it a geometric break. Intensively stained eyebrows with a sharp break look foreign, artificial.
  2. Intensively draw the ends. To achieve a natural effect, drawing should start from the middle, moving smoothly to the “tail”. Corners should be proportional to the face length.
  3. Unsuitable brush. If drawing is done with a brush, it’s worth choosing the best option. The brush should be moderately thin, with a beveled edge, and the bristles are quite stiff. To make the eyebrows neat, it is more convenient to style and comb the hairs with a round brush.
  4. Do not shade. Too clear lines look unnatural. Therefore, using shadows or a pencil, it is necessary to carefully blend the color, but not to allow gaps in the coloring. It is enough to comb a little dyed hairs along the growth line, and the color will have a natural look.
    Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners
  5. Use a stencil. Many people use a stencil for staining, but an incorrectly selected template may not fit one or another face shape.

It is also unacceptable to paint over individual sections or use a shade that is not suitable for the color type or hair color.

Eyebrow line for squared face

Elongated features are characteristic of a rectangular face, so it is important to visually make it shorter by correctly defeating horizontal lines. If the face is elongated, but at the same time narrow, it is important to visually expand it a little. In this case, absolutely straight eyebrows w
ill ideally correct the shape.

Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners

Width can vary depending on the features of facial features, from medium to wide. Horizontal lines distract attention from the length, making the face visually shorter. The distance between the eyebrows should be wide enough, visually rounding, but it is important to observe the proportions. Eyebrows with a high arc or kink do not resemble a rectangular face; this shape lengthens even more.

Eyebrow Makeup Ideas for Oval Face

The oval shape is the perfect classic. This form must only be emphasized without violating the proportions. The eyebrow line is low, runs in a straight line, slightly curving from the middle. Too high an arch or kink violates the oval shape, drawing out features, bringing it visually closer to rectangular or square.

Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners

The best option is a medium-brow slightly bent from the middle. Too wide eyebrows with a small distance between them can give the look an excessive severity.

For a square face

A characteristic feature of the square face is a wide jaw and a rigid line of cheekbones. The length of the face and its width are approximately the same. The goal with this type is to visually make the features softer, more tender, to round the corners with a smooth transition. Choosing a shape and drawing an eyebrow line, women with a square type of face should choose an arched shape, but without a clear break from the middle.

Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners

The eyebrow widens at the base, gradually tapering towards the end. Also, when choosing the shape, width, density, it is necessary to take into account the size of the nose, the width of the mouth, and swelling of the lips. So, for a small, refined square-shaped face, a thin or medium width is suitable, and for a larger one – wide.

For round shape

A round face with smooth lines, without hard angles, the length is approximately equal to its width. With the help of correction, you can bring the circle visually closer to an elegant triangular shape or oval. In this case, wide, straight, intensely colored lines are not suitable, as they will make the face wider. You need a line going up and then down, maximally emphasizing the bend.

The shape needs to be lifted a little, a little plucking the hairs in the middle of the line. A shape that ideally suits the round type is a clear break from the middle or a slightly rounded shape. The expressive arc follows the contours, so it will make the face even more rounded.

For a triangular shape

For a triangular type, or a heart-shaped face, a sharp chin and sharply defined cheekbones are characteristic, so the task when choosing the shape of the eyebrows is to soften the lines. Sharp, overly straight lines can emphasize the angular features, the ideal shape for a triangular face – eyebrows in the shape of the letter “S”.

To draw such a line is simple: a wide base, a smooth bend and, at the end, a thin, slightly raised end. The ponytail should not be too clear, it may resemble a comma. The line gently frames the arc, smoothly turning to the outer corner. The width of the eyebrow depends on the features of the facial features.

Another type of eyebrow that visually softens the features and opens your gaze is a blow. It is not recommended for a triangular type to give the eyebrows a strictly straight shape.

Correct makeup with a pencil. Instruction manual

Eyebrow makeup and detailed step-by-step instructions with photos will help prevent mistakes and give them the perfect shape. The pencil must be selected for optimal fat content, based on the type of skin, so that it does not crumble during the day and draws a line evenly. To begin staining should be after applying foundation and powder.

The main stages of makeup:

  1. Before you start drawing the shape, you need to comb the eyebrows, slightly raising the hairs and laying them along the growth line.
  2. Carefully outline the lower boundary with a pencil. At the beginning of the drawing, the point at the base of the eyebrow can be slightly shifted so that the line looks smoother.
  3. Parallel to the bottom, the upper border is drawn, outlining the contours.
  4. The inner part between the two lines is drawn with light stroking movements. It’s better to move the pencil from the middle to the wide base and from the middle to the “tail”. So the bend is more natural.
  5. With a brush, in order not to smear the borders, the pencil is shaded to give the eyebrows a natural look.

Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners

To visually raise the eyebrow, make it more expressive, white shadows or highlighter are applied under the lower border. To maintain clarity and color, it is not recommended to dust your forehead during the day.

Makeup eye shadow at home

The advantage of using shadows is a more gentle, natural make-up, as well as ease of application. They are presented in a diverse tint palette, which allows you to find the perfect color.

Shadows can be different in consistency:

  • cream;
  • pencil shadows;
  • powdery;
  • liquid (water resistant);
  • Wax
  • dry.

The choice depends on personal preference. For owners of dry skin cream shades are more suitable, and for oily or combination type dry, powdery. For ease of use, beautiful drawing uses a flat brush with a beveled end.

Eyebrow dyeing algorithm using shadows:

  1. Before applying the product, comb the eyebrows with a round brush.
  2. Using a flat brush, outline the lower and upper border along the hairline.
  3. Lightly shade the center without leaving spaces.
  4. Sharpen the shape and emphasize the end of the eyebrow.
  5. Use a brush to shade the product for a beautiful natural effect.
Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners
Eyebrow Makeup Shadows: A step-by-step photo of the creation.

Shades of shadows can be combined within 1-2 tones of one palette, coloring the wide base with a lighter color and darkening the eyebrow in the direction of the tail. Excess funds can easily be removed with a cotton pad, and for fixing makeup you can use a special wax, gel.

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Mascara Eyebrow Makeup

Ink eyebrow makeup is easy to perform not only with pencil, eye shadow, but also with mascara, if you use the step-by-step guide with the photo below.

The creamy consistency of the product and the brush in the kit look like a classic eyelash tint. Manufacturers offer different options for brushes: classic round, tapering or expanding at the end, in the form of a fluffy brush. Each allows you to give one form or another, to emphasize the density or give volume.

The advantage of using mascara is simplicity, instant dyeing in color, clarity of line and expressiveness, painting only hairs. When buying a decorative product, it is necessary to take into account the shape, structure of the brush, texture, shade, as well as the composition.

Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners

The wax content of palm tree, oil products, parabens causes allergies, itching, burning. The composition welcomes the content of beeswax, glycerin, vitamin B5, panthenol, silk proteins. But without synthetic additives in the composition can not do, completely natural mascara is poorly fixed and holds color.

Mascara Eyebrow Makeup Algorithm:

  1. Perform eyebrow correction, giving them a neat shape.
  2. Comb the hairs along the growth line, slightly lifting. If volume is needed, the hairs can be combed against growth, and then neatly laid on growth.
  3. Holding the brush vertically, apply the product on the base of the hairs.
  4. Using a brush, moving guides up and down, shade along the entire length of the line. It is important to perform shading before the agent dries, this allows you to adjust the saturation of the shade.
  5. Gently remove excess funds.

If, after staining with mascara, the shape of the eyebrow is not perfect, you can correct the line with a pencil in tone.

How to use eyebrow wax

Many people confuse modeling and depilatory wax. The latter helps to remove hairs, modeling or fixing – give the necessary shape, fix it. With wax, it is easier to style stiff, naughty hair, dye brittle, dry hairs that do not “make friends” with powder or dry shadows.

The consistency is gel-like, the color is transparent or close to the natural tint palette, the main component of each is beeswax. A tool with a transparent consistency is used to fix makeup with shadows, and a tinted one – for coloring and giving a beautiful shape.

Instructions for use:

  1. To shape, combing the eyebrows along the line of growth.
  2. When using transparent wax, pre-draw the lines with shadows, with a pencil.
  3. Apply wax with a flat brush, guiding along the growth.
  4. Lightly tune the mold by removing excess funds.
  5. After hardening, you need to comb the eyebrows, so they will not look stuck together.

Eyebrow makeup step by step with a photo at home: pencil, eye shadow, wax, mascara. Tutorials for beginners

Eyebrow makeup requires fixation, so makeup artists advise using wax. A step-by-step photo and instructions for applying will help to cope with the intricacies of makeup. The technique of working with wax requires speed, since the composition has the ability to quickly harden.

Fixation and modeling with wax allows makeup to remain flawless throughout the day, regardless of weather conditions or occupation.

Eyebrow Makeup Video

Eyebrow Makeup Step by Step:

Features of the makeup of the overhanging eyelids:

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