Exercises with dumbbells on the chest for girls in the gym, at home

Exercises aimed at working out the muscles of the chest can be performed by girls both at home and in the gym. Such training will require dumbbells, the working weight of which should be determined by a qualified fitness trainer.

If it is not possible to use the specified sports equipment in training, athletes can replace it with improvised weighting agents (for example, a bottle filled with water).

The essence and basic principles

Exercises with dumbbells on the chest will be most effective only if the girl understands the essence and basic principles of drawing up a scheme of narrowly focused exercises.

Qualified fitness trainers recommend taking into account the need to:

  • uniform study of all muscles of the upper body (despite the fact that during sports, regardless of the specific focus of the training, almost all muscles of the body are involved, it is important to choose exercises so that with their help it is possible to periodically shift the main load. This will help to achieve the greatest relief and tone of the pectoral muscles);
  • combine exercises aimed at increasing the relief of the pectoral muscles, with loads designed to increase the strength and endurance of this muscle group (on different days of training it is recommended to perform a different number of repetitions with a parallel variation in the working weight of sports equipment);
  • change the training regimen at least once a month (classes using the same algorithm for a long time lead to stagnation of muscle development, stagnation of lymph and blood flow, as well as a slowdown in metabolic processes);
  • perform exercises with dumbbells in full amplitude (amplitude movements not only minimize the risk of an athlete getting injured, but also stretch the pectoral muscles, preventing stagnation of lactic acid, which provokes the occurrence of pain in the post-training period);
    Exercises with dumbbells on the chest for girls in the gym, at home
  • give enough time for complete muscle recovery after they are worked out (regardless of the specific goal that is planned to be achieved during the classes, muscle fibers in the chest area are restored for a long time. To avoid the opposite effect (loss of muscle mass), train chest muscles more than 2 times per week is not recommended).

For girls, the essence of performing exercises with dumbbells is not the increase in the volume of the pectoral muscles, but the maintenance of tone and visual transformation of the neckline (with the tightening of the pectoral muscles, the chest looks more voluminous and attractive).

Indications for use

In addition to improving overall fitness, chest exercises will help the athlete:

  • improve your posture (the correct position of the scapula can be taken only if the pectoral muscles are sufficiently elastic and elastic. When they are weakened, the width of the chest is reduced and the scapula begins to bulge. This back position not only does not look aesthetically pleasing, but can also adversely affect general health When the back is in a hunched state, air circulation in the body is impeded, the amplitude of the diaphragm decreases during inhalation and exhalation, which prevents the flow of sufficient . t he oxygen to cells Lack of oxygen provokes headaches, immune suppression and exacerbation of chronic diseases);
  • transform the decollete zone (tightened chest muscles support the mammary glands in an elevated position, visually correcting their shape and making them more attractive. Flabby muscles contribute to sagging breasts, which worsens the overall appearance of the neckline of a specific athlete);
  • an increase in strength and endurance indicators (sufficient strength and endurance of the pectoral muscles is necessary for every person in everyday life: to carry heavy packages, push a massive iron door, etc. When pumped, the pectoral muscles will simplify routine activities, thereby minimizing the risk of an athlete becoming overworked in during the day);
  • have a positive effect on other large muscle groups (the vast majority of exercises with dumbbells aimed at working out the pectoral muscles involves using the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle. Thus, during the training, the goal of which is to tone the pectoral muscles, the athlete will be able to transform the appearance of the entire upper parts of your body).
Exercises with dumbbells on the chest for girls in the gym, at home
Exercise with dumbbells on the chest positively affects the appearance of the whole body.

Despite the proven effectiveness of chest exercises, a visible result with their help can be achieved only with regular physical exertion, providing for compliance with generally accepted techniques.


Exercises with dumbbells on the chest, like any kind of physical activity, has a number of absolute and relative contraindications.

Doctors and qualified fitness instructors recommend that girls who have:

  • benign or malignant neoplasms, regardless of the area of their localization (physical activity ensures blood flow to the muscles, which greatly accelerates metabolic processes. As a result of an increase in the rate of lymph and blood flow, the tumor will “nourish”, which will inevitably lead to a rapid increase in its size);
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (including the presence of metal implants of various types);
  • bronchial asthma or other pathologies of the respiratory system;
    Exercises with dumbbells on the chest for girls in the gym, at home
  • displacement of the vertebrae, the presence of protrusions or intervertebral hernias;
  • umbilical or inguinal hernia (incorrectly selected load can provoke acute pain in the hernia, which can be eliminated only medically or surgically);
  • hypertension of 2 and 3 degrees (strength training provokes an acceleration of blood flow, as a result of which blood pressure naturally rises. In the presence of a diagnosed disease, such a jump can be dangerous not only for health but also for human life).

Relative contraindications, providing for the individual selection of working weight and the preparation of a lightweight training scheme, include:

  • pregnancy (in the absence of pathologies or threats, the expectant mother is allowed to perform exercises with dumbbells on her chest);
  • rehabilitation period after surgery (at least 6 months);
  • recovery period after injury in the upper body area (at least 2 weeks);
  • 3 days before and during menstruation (excessive physical activity can provoke uterine bleeding, which can only be stopped with medical intervention).

Useful Tips

In order for the exercises on the upper body to be as effective as possible, qualified fitness trainers recommend that athletes adhere to the basic recommendations related to the organization of the training process.

Such as:

  • if a girl plans to strengthen her pectoral muscles at home, she should purchase several types of dumbbells of various weights for training (as an alternative, it is permissible to use prefabricated weighting materials, which the athlete can set the working weight on herself with metal pancakes);
    Exercises with dumbbells on the chest for girls in the gym, at home
  • the working weight at the beginning of the training process should be minimal (it is necessary to load the pectoral muscles gradually, giving it the opportunity to get used to the given pace of training. Otherwise, during the first training session, it is likely to get injured or stretched due to the insufficient level of preparedness of the body);
  • It is recommended to increase working weight after the first 2 weeks of regular training (in order to avoid a decrease in muscle volume, weighting of weighting materials should be increased gradually, not faster than 2 pounds per week);
  • The optimal duration of training is considered to be 45-60 minutes (provided that the complex is completed at least 2-3 times a week);
  • before and after training, it is important to warm up and hitch, respectively (warm-up will prepare the muscles for the upcoming load, reducing the risk of an athlete getting injured, and the hitch will stretch the worked muscles, minimizing pain in the post-workout period);
  • the maximum number of repetitions within one approach should not exceed 20-25 times (the exact number should be determined by a fitness trainer who has an idea of the athlete’s physical fitness, her contraindications, as well as her preferences related to the pace and intensity of the workload).

For girls, one of the effective ways to work out chest muscles is to do exercises with dumbbells as part of group exercises.

Collective fitness not only stimulates girls to observe the general rhythm of their workout, but also serves as additional motivation. Looking at her “colleagues”, the athlete at a subconscious level will strive to achieve even greater results, which will lead to a rapid increase in the effectiveness of the training.

Exercises with dumbbells on the chest for girls in the gym, at home

Experts recommend that beginners who plan to transform the upper part of their own body, engage in a personal program with a qualified instructor (training can be organized either at home or on, or in the gym).

Under the supervision of a specialist, you can better focus on your own feelings during the lesson, forgetting about strict adherence to techniques and adjusting working weight (the last two aspects are the responsibility of a personal fitness instructor). Using a variety of sports equipment, the athlete will be able to evenly pump over the pectoral muscles.

In addition, training in a specially equipped gym serves as an additional motivation for a girl who daily watches a large number of people who are passionate about transforming her own body. Despite the developed training scheme, when performing exercises with dumbbells on the chest, it is important to focus on the current state of health.

If you experience dizziness, nausea, or general malaise, you must immediately complete the training, and as soon as possible pass an examination with a doctor to identify pathological processes in the body.

Main complex

Exercises with dumbbells on the chest will give a visible result faster if they are performed in accordance with generally accepted technique:

Effective chest exercise Generally accepted execution algorithm
Horizontal weighting bench
  1. Lie on a horizontal support. Press the lower back, legs rest on the floor. Arms with dumbbells at the chest. The upper arm to the elbow should form a horizontal line with the shoulder.
  2. In parallel with the exhalation of the accumulated air in the lungs, straighten your arms, “squeezing out” the sports equipment. Remain in this position for 2-3 accounts.
  3. Slowly inhaling air into the lungs, bend the upper limbs again, returning them to their original position.
  4. The given exercise can be performed not only on a horizontal bench, but also on an inclined supporting surface.
Negative Dumbbell Bench Press
  1. Take the starting position, sitting on an inclined bench head down. Fix the legs in the support rollers, leave the lower back in a natural position. Press dumbbells to the body in the chest area.
  2. Straighten your arms without moving the rest of the body. Stop for 3 sec.
  3. Bend your arms as slowly as possible, overcoming the muscle resistance formed under the weight of sports equipment.
  4. The basic rule during this exercise is to avoid prolonged breath holding. When the girl is upside down, this can provoke a deficiency of oxygen entering the body.
Press “Hammer”
  1. Set horizontally. With both brushes take one dumbbell. Arrange the hands so that the thumbs are on top, and the rest of the fingers “look” at each other.
  2. In parallel with the exhalation, stretch the upper limbs without turning the hands.
  3. At a slow pace, return the arms to their original position, accompanying this movement with a deep breath through the nose.
Side Dumbbell Breeding
  1. Exercise can be performed lying on a horizontal bench or on an inclined support:
  2. Lie back on a bench. Take dumbbells in your hands, bend and slightly raise the upper limbs. Brushes expand to each other.
  3. On inspiration, slowly spread your arms to the sides. Linger in this position for several accounts. Feel the stretching of the pectoral muscles.
  4. Bringing the muscle tension of the muscles of the chest to the limit, exhale and return to the starting position.

Result fixing

Exercises with dumbbells on the chest, provided they are regularly performed, will give the athlete the first result in the shortest possible time. Despite this, in the absence of proper measures taken to maintain the achieved state of the muscles, a return to the initial parameters will occur after 2-3 weeks.

To avoid regression, you can fix the result in several ways:

  • 2-3 times a week to perform a set of simple exercises with weighting materials (it is permissible to use improvised shells) aimed at a comprehensive study of the whole body (you can train at home or in the gym);
    Exercises with dumbbells on the chest for girls in the gym, at home
  • observe the drinking regimen not only during training, but also in ordinary life (formula for calculating the optimal volume of liquid: 1,01 fluid ounce of liquid * 2 pounds of the actual weight of the athlete. Tea, coffee, soda, and other drinks are not taken into account. Only the clean water consumed by the girl should be considered drinking water);
  • on days free from strength training, do stretching for 20-30 minutes (a set of exercises aimed at stretching the muscle corset);
  • adhere to the principles of proper nutrition (to minimize t
    he consumption of flour, salt, spicy, fried, smoked, sweet. In your diet, focus on protein foods, slow carbohydrates and fiber);
  • keep a diary of measurements (indicators of key parameters should be recorded at least 1 time in 2-3 weeks. Moreover, it is advisable to take measurements at the same time after morning waking on an empty stomach);
  • give proper amount of time to night sleep and rest during the day (at night, the athlete needs to sleep at least 8 hours, and during the working day to give at least 10 minutes every 3 hours to spend in a relaxed state in a calm environment);
  • every 3-4 months. take a massage course (at least 7-10 procedures) (a professional effect on the body will not only keep the muscles toned, but will also prevent lymphatic stagnation in key parts of the body, in particular in the chest, shoulders and collarbones).

Opinions and reviews

Exercises involving the use of dumbbells to work out the muscles of the chest, a specific athlete must be included in their training complex only after studying the opinions of qualified fitness instructors and people who have achieved results in the transformation of their own bodies.

When to expect an effect

How quickly an athlete can achieve results in giving relief to the pectoral muscles depends on a number of external factors:

  • the initial parameters of the athlete (overweight people will notice a visible result after 2 weeks of regular training, as as a result of the first exercises their body will get rid of the accumulated fluid, thus creating relief for the muscle groups being worked out);
  • regularity of classes;
  • correct exercise with dumbbells;
  • the correctness of drawing up the scheme of classes;
  • compliance with the principles of proper nutrition (a balanced diet will minimize the risk of muscle burn, while supporting the process of muscle growth).

Exercises with dumbbells on the chest for girls in the gym, at home

In the vast majority of cases, the girls manage to pump the pectoral muscles with dumbbells for 6-9 weeks of regular training. Exercises with dumbbells on the chest, allowing the girl to strengthen and tighten the muscles of this area, should be performed in strict accordance with the generally accepted algorithm.

Compliance with the rules will help avoid the athlete getting injured, and will also increase the effectiveness of the training. If there is discomfort during the lesson, the development of the muscles should be completed, after which as soon as possible consult a doctor and, if necessary, undergo an additional examination of the state of your body.

Chest Dumbbell Exercise Video

How to do exercises with dumbbells on the chest at home:

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