Nastya Ivleva. Figure parameters, height, weight, before and after photos of plastics, tattoos

Young TV presenter and popular comedian blogger Nastya Ivleva has more than 3 million fans in USA. The blonde with model parameters of her figure is very popular because of her hard work and unique sense of humor, which helps her create funny vines decorated with jokes and grimaces.

Real name of Anastasia Ivleeva

Nastya Ivleva (parameters of the figure of the TV presenter are given below in the article), a popular humorous blogger, instagram star and TV presenter was born in Los Angeles on March 8, 1991. After graduating from school, Anastasia Vyacheslavovna Ivleeva decides to study advertising and public relations, while trying to earn some manicure.

Nastya Ivleva. Figure parameters, height, weight, before and after photos of plastics, tattoos

There was not enough money, and the future star dreamed of learning to be a masseuse and open her own clinic. Having settled down as an administrator in a nightclub, Nastya made useful contacts, but could not improve the state of finance. At the age of 24, Ivleva moved to New York, became interested in television and entered the Ostankino school for TV presenter courses.

During her studies, the girl gets a hostess in a car dealership, but the standard 5-day work schedule quickly begins to weigh on Ivlev. Following the advice of friends, Nastya tries her hand on the Internet and shoots her first humorous mini-video. A beautiful girl drinking juice from two tubes simultaneously is instantly noticed.

Over the course of 4 years, more than 3.5 million people have been subscribing to the blog, bringing Nastya popularity and making making vines the main activity of Ivleva. Now the star has 2 pages on Instagram, on which she regularly publishes new videos.

Several of her videos were shot along with:

  • Eldar Jafarov;
  • Ida Galich;
  • Margarita Dirge

Since 2021, Anastasia, together with Anton Ptushkin, have held the positions of TV presenters of Oryol and Reshch. Reloads ”broadcast on the Friday channel (in 2021, Anton was replaced by Yegor Kovalev). Ivleva’s career is rapidly gaining momentum.

The girl was:

  • participant in the show “You can do everything”, broadcast on the TV channel “U”;
  • host of the MusicBox ceremony;
  • partner Lera Kudryavtseva during the award Muz-TV.

Nastya Ivleva. Figure parameters, height, weight, before and after photos of plastics, tattoos

Ivleva twice participated in the “nude” photo shoot for MAXIM magazine (2021 and 2021), starred in Beeline and MAC advertisements. In 2021, Ivleva launched her own television project AGENTSHOW, dedicated to the stars of domestic pop and show business. The girl has several high-profile novels.

It is known that Ivleva was in a relationship with:

  • the lead singer of the male pop group Chelsea Arseny Borodin;
  • singer and DJ Oleg Miami;
  • TV project colleague Anton Ptushkin.

Now Nastya’s boyfriend is the hip-hop performer Algej. The couple is constantly noticed by the two of us, and on the photos actively posted on Instagram, you can see the happy faces of lovers.

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Figure before plastic surgery

Nastya Ivleva (the parameters of the blogger’s figure are close to world standards) she took the first steps in her career in the image of a slender brown-haired woman with the right features and a wonderful sense of humor.

Earlier, the TV star has repeatedly changed its image:

  • experimenting with various wigs and hairstyles;
  • repainting hair;
  • putting on extravagant outfits.

Having become the host of Eagle and Tails, Nastya tried on the image of a glamorous blonde with a large chest and a chic body that looks great in tracksuits, short shorts and miniature swimsuits.

Beloved by fans, Ivleva’s ability to laugh at herself and others is considered the main highlight of the TV presenter, distinguishing her from the rest of the stars of show business.

Nastya Ivleva. Figure parameters, height, weight, before and after photos of plastics, tattoos

Shape Parameters:

Height 5’7 foot
Weight 141 pounds
Breast volume 38’2 inch
Waist 26’4 inch
Hips 38’6 inch
Breast size 3
Foot size 39
Clothing size 42-44
Hair color Since 2021, ashen blond. But by nature, Ivleva has brown hair
Eye color Blue
Appearance European
Nationality American

The magnificent figure of Nastya helped her not only get a job on television, but also became the hallmark of the telecast “Eagle and Tails”. Appetizing Ivleva’s forms are constantly shown in frank swimsuits, and her pictures of her breast from various angles are a favorite technique of project photo and television operators.

Nastya Ivleva. Figure parameters, height, weight, before and after photos of plastics, tattoos
Nastya Ivleeva in the photo with her young man.

A lover of experiments, despite her popularity, continues to change her appearance, but the latest changes are caused more by a desire to please beloved Elge, than by love for shocking.

Change in appearance

Nastya Ivleva (the parameters of the figure of the TV presenter invariably admire fans who stubbornly follow the star’s pictures on Instagram) calmly refers to plastic, but claims that her beauty is exclusively of natural origin.

Nevertheless, after a change in image and increased popularity, disputes about the state of Ivleva’s appearance do not subside in the network. Comparing the face and figure of Nastya in the early pictures, and recently, some differences can be noticed.


From birth, Anastasia has a small, neat nose with a slightly upturned tip. Studying teenage pictures of the TV presenter, published to her on Instagram, it is noticeable that the respiratory system practically did not undergo significant changes.

And this:

  • the tip of the nose became a little sharper;
  • wings and back are thinner.

Determining whether these changes are a consequence of surgery is almost impossible. Most likely, the changes are the result of careful contouring and the play of light during filming.

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Anastasia’s mouth is striking in its volume and plumpness. In photographs of previous years, it is clearly visible that Ivleva by nature has the correct, sexy shape of the mouth and lips, but much smaller.

Nastya Ivleva. Figure parameters, height, weight, before and after photos of plastics, tattoos

The result of swelling is an injection of hyaluronic acid, to which the presenter resorts with regularity. Currently, gel is the only, relatively safe way to adjust the shape of the mouth, practiced by cosmetologists around the world.

Face sculpture

After disputes about the origin of her beauty, Ivleva posted on Instagram a collage of teenage and current photos.

The pictures show that:

  • the cheekbones of the star became sharper;
  • puffy cheeks are gone;
  • eyebrows moved higher and changed shape and color.

Such changes in appearance are the result of subcutaneous administration of hyaluronic acid and Botox. Up to 40-45 years old, a woman with good natural data does not require a surgical facelift. Age-related changes caused by the formation of a nasolabial triangle and facial wrinkles can be corrected by injections of hyaluronic acid.

So with the help of a filler, the cosmetologist corrected the shape of the cheeks and cheekbones of Ivleva. The change in the position of the superciliary arches is caused by subcutaneous administration of bolutoxin, which allowed to relax the necessary muscles and give the face an open, young look. The new shape of the eyebrows and their color is the merit of the beautician working with Nastya.

The oval of the face and chin did not undergo any changes, since the lower part of the face needs significant adjustment only after 50 years due to the occurrence of age-related ptosis of the jaw muscles. An earlier omission may be caused by the massive structure of the jaw or by a large amount of fat deposits, which is not typical for the sculpture of Ivleva’s face.

The neck of the young woman is in great shape, skin tone is supported by professional lymphatic drainage massage.


The perspective, from which the Ivleva neckline is clearly visible, is a favorite method of filming an actress practiced by the Eagle and Tails operators. Anastasia herself is openly proud of her breasts, constantly demonstrating her in her blocks and videos.

Nastya Ivleva. Figure parameters, height, weight, before and after photos of plastics, tattoos

It was not possible to clarify the nature of the origin of the mammary glands of the TV star from earlier photographs (taken before 2021), since in all publicly available photographs Ivleva appears with a third bust size.

The question of the naturalness of the chest was revealed quite by accident, when during one of the releases of “Eagle and Tails” Nastya’s partner, Anton, having a gold card, visited a popular plastic surgeon in Seoul.

The host showed a photograph of the girl to the doctor and asked if any improvements in the appearance of his colleague were necessary. To the question asked, the surgeon replied that the girl in the pictures already had plastic surgery by inserting “B” size implants into the mammary glands.


The figure of Nastya Ivleva is an object of her pride, which allowed her to get the position of the TV presenter of Eagle and Tails. The model parameters of the star’s body are a joint result of exhausting sports training and plastic surgery. Alluring forms, which are proudly displayed on the beaches of the world, are created using liposuction, which allowed to remove excess body fat.

The networks also have a lot of rumors about conducting a TV presenter operation to remove 2 pairs of ribs, which contributes to the creation of a thin waist, but the authenticity of the data has not been confirmed for certain, and similar rumors surround almost all stars with magnificent shapes and a narrow waist.

Anastasia does not refute the rumors, but does not confirm either, noting that she is calm about using plastics if she helps to improve her appearance for the better.

According to Ivleva herself, all women in the TV presenter’s family are inclined to be overweight and the exhausting schedule of filming and a passionate love for fitness help to maintain Nastya’s figure. “Sport is life,” says Ivleva and is trying to set aside at least 45 minutes for training. 3 times a week.

The classes of the TV presenter consist of:

  • simulator exercises;
  • bench press in different positions;

Nastya Ivleva. Figure parameters, height, weight, before and after photos of plastics, tattoos

  • press loads.

The blogger must begin each workout with a warm-up, since the body, according to the star, needs to be prepared for subsequent loads. Nastya takes her lessons on video and uploads to Instagram, trying to share her favorite exercises with fans, especially if they help to lose weight.

On the set, Ivleva loves to try various del
icacies, but in ordinary life she tries to adhere to proper nutrition.

Star prefers:

  • fresh vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • milk products;
  • cereals from cereals.

The TV presenter tries to limit herself as much as possible in:

  • sweet
  • flour;
  • smoked products;
  • canned food.

With the help of a diet and a busy shooting schedule, Ivleva maintains excellent shape and is not afraid to get better, actively tasting the local cuisine of various of the world on set.

Actress cosmetic procedures

Nastya Ivleva loves to take care of herself, but she does not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time in beauty salons. Nevertheless, despite its busyness, the star tries at least 1 time per month to do ultrasonic face peeling or peeling with fruit acids.

Cleansing procedures are a necessity, allowing the skin to get rid of impurities and a lot of decorative cosmetics.

In addition to cleaning procedures, Ivleva regularly conducts:

  • Microdermabrasion . Mechanical resurfacing helps eliminate dead skin particles, restores skin elasticity and prevents the appearance of age-related changes.
  • Biorevolution . Injections of hyaluronic acid help displace facial wrinkles and correct the area of the cheeks, forehead, and nasolabial triangle. Nastya do 2 courses of biorevitalization per year.
  • Botulinum toxin injections . Botox paralyzes the muscles, preventing the appearance of age-related furrows.

Nastya Ivleva. Figure parameters, height, weight, before and after photos of plastics, tattoos

Ivleva is very accurate in applying cosmetic manipulations. Her face looks natural, and facial expressions are completely preserved.

Maintain the body in good shape Anastasia helps:

  • Massages . A general massage course allows the TV presenter to relax after a hard day. Lymphatic drainage – tightens tissues, eliminates age-related changes, expels excess fluid.
  • Sharko’s shower . Strong water pressure has a healing effect on the body, maintains skin tone and has an anti-cellulite effect.
  • Chocolate wraps . The treatment procedure helps to eliminate extra pounds, removes cellulite, stretch marks, restoring skin firmness and smoothness.

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Tattoo Nastya Ivleva

Ivleva tattoos are one of the popular topics for discussion on Instagram. Nastya is extravagant and loves to paint the skin, considering it her individual trait.

The body of the TV presenter is currently decorated with:

  • own profile, stylized in the form of a skeleton with roses woven into the hair (right thigh);
  • butterfly, a symbol of freedom, executed in honor of the Ivleva’s majority (back)
  • Owl, personifying wisdom, mystery and eternal life (right hand);
  • swallow – a sign of youth, beauty, desire for new achievements (left hand);
  • a plane drawing a heart (left forearm) during a flight;

Nastya Ivleva. Figure parameters, height, weight, before and after photos of plastics, tattoos

  • the symbol of San Young, meaning in Thai well-being and good luck (back). The same tattoo adorns the body of Angelina Jolie and Michelle Rodriguez.
  • number 360, stuffed in honor of a boyfriend’s song (wrist).

Deserved vocation by hard work and a chic figure with model parameters, Nastya Ivleva is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful young television stars. A humorous blogger walks through life with a smile, gradually conquering new heights, teaching his fans to never lose heart and always enjoy life.

Video about the appearance of Nastya Ivleeva

Biography of the famous blogger Nastya Ivleeva:

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