Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

A captivating look is the dream of any girl, but not every nature has endowed with long and thick eyelashes. However, this problem is easily solved with the help of building. And for this, the most diverse material is used, which will create a luxurious look that even a doll can envy.

Tools and tools for eyelash extension

The following tools and tools will be needed for the lashmaker to work:

  • Degreaser – this tool is necessary to remove dust, decorative cosmetics and natural fats from the eyelashes, which will provide the best adhesion of artificial and natural hairs.
  • Primer is an auxiliary component of glue that strengthens and accelerates adhesion, as well as protects eyelashes. He nourishes them with vitamins and healing components, and also separates them, which will help to avoid the formation of lumps. Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home
  • Glue – it is used to fasten eyelashes, and select it based on the sensitivity of the client and the level of skill. Glue with instant fixation is suitable for professionals, but for beginners you need to take an average drying mode.
  • Fixer – a cosmetic product necessary for fixing eyelashes and their correction. With it, you can extend the effect of building and improve natural hairs. It is produced in two types, one is used by the master to strengthen the place of attachment, and the second by the client, 1-2 weeks after the extension, to correct the deformed eyelashes. Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home
  • Eyelashes – the main material when building. They differ in thickness, long, bend, the material from which they are created, and even color.
  • Palette – glue is applied to it. It consists of 28 divisions, which will allow you to use it as long as possible.
  • Jade stone – they cover the palette, preventing the glue from drying out and the ingress of dust into it.
  • Silicone tray – it is convenient to lay out eyelashes on it, because it has a non-slip surface, it is easy to clean and dries quickly.
  • Remuver is a special tool for removing extension eyelashes. It quickly and safely dissolves glue, is available in various forms. Liquid – used for eyelash correction, spot removal and cleaning tools. Gel – is available with various fragrances and is used to completely remove eyelashes. You cannot open eyes with a remover applied. Cream is the most gentle, so you can remove eyelashes with it with open eyes. Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home
  • Tweezers – they perform the formation of bundles and fastening eyelashes.
  • Lamp – it allows you to reduce the eye strain of the master and improve the quality of the finished work.


Tweezers are a very important tool in such painstaking work, because the hairs, both natural and artificial, are very small, it is very difficult to grab them and hold them.

It is necessary to completely avoid contact between the eyelashes and the fingers so that they do not get the natural grease of the skin. So you can’t do without it, and for this work you will need several different tweezers.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

All of them must be metal, cast from stainless or Japanese steel, but aluminum is not suitable for use in salons, although it is not forbidden to use them, so a private master can work with them. The main difference between the tweezers is their form and function.

  • Straight. It is used to hold eyelashes and fasten ready-made bundles and slightly curved hairs.
  • With smoothly curved tips. They build up in full or half, are engaged in the fastening of bundles and ribbons.
  • L-shaped tweezers. It is used for extension in full or for modeling – fixing patterned eyelashes.
  • L-shaped tweezers. It is used to create beams for modeling Hollywood-type eyelashes and 3D extensions.
  • Hook. This type is used to create an extraordinary volume, with the first beams being formed on the fingers, and then attached to the ciliary edge.
  • Vetus ST17. It is designed to work with the lower eyelid and in the corners of the eye.
  • Shine Unique. This tool is universal, replacing the hook and L-shaped tweezers, so they carry out the bulk of the procedures.


Eyelash extension is a rather complicated and tedious procedure for the vision of the master, requiring good lighting, so a lamp must be present among the materials.

This device will provide comfortable working conditions and improve the quality of work, when choosing, you must pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Adjustment. The lamp should easily change the angle of inclination, height and rotation.
  • Cost. Beginning masters in most cases cost cheap models.
  • Shine. The device must have a light brightness setting and several types of lighting.
  • Mobility. The transfer of equipment should not be difficult.
  • The illuminated space. The light of the lamp should cover the whole face.
  • Energy saving. Electricity bills should be minimal.
  • A type. Desktop models are very compact and inexpensive, while floor models are suitable for use in large salons.

Each lighting device has a number of advantages, so you should familiarize yourself with them before choosing to choose the best option.

  • Magnifier. This type of lamp is durable and very convenient to use, because it allows the master to clearly see all the cilia. However, this model is very expensive, and its light is not regulated in most cases, so that with frequent use, the eyes strain and headaches can occur. But a magnifying glass is indispensable when taking photos for a portfolio of a lashmaker. Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home
  • Pulsar. This lamp is ideal for beginners. It is compact, lightweight, as it is made of plastic, inexpensive, equipped with brightness switches and a light option, which will ensure comfortable eye work. But it quickly fails, and due to plastic fasteners, changing its position can be problematic.
  • Foldable. This option is very compact and lightweight, so it is indispensable if the master works at home and arranges a master class on the road. Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home
  • LED light. These lamps can be used when building, but their flicker leads to rapid eye fatigue.
  • Tabletop. It is compact, mobile and inexpensive, so novice lashmakers give their preference to them.
  • Floor. This type of lamp occupies
    a large space, has a high cost, and their mobility is reduced to 0. So this option is suitable exclusively for large salons equipped with professional equipment.

The best brands of building materials

Materials for eyelash extension are produced under different brands, which are designed for both single-user lashmakers and specialized salons. At the same time, some are engaged in the manufacture and sale of exclusively eyelashes, while others have included in their range and additional tools used for building.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

And the best professional and ordinary brands are:

  • Dolce Vita – South Korean company – a leader in this industry.
  • Macy – the materials of this brand are famous for their hypoallergenicity.
  • Irisk Professional is one of the best professional brands.
  • Vivienne – this company produces high-quality eyelashes, but its highlight is a wide range of materials for coloring.
  • 3D Beauty International is an American brand specializing in 3D extension.
  • Verona is a young South Korean company that has won the majority of lashmakers with its silk eyelashes.

Materials for building Neicha

The products of this South Korean company include eyelashes, glue and other additional materials necessary for building. All of them belong to the Lux class, undergo very strict control and comply with the requirements of European brands.

These products are developed taking into account the level of skill, therefore, there are tools for both pros and beginners. In the manufacture of materials, manufacturers use only high-quality raw materials and enrich the finished product with natural extracts and vitamins.

Neicha eyelashes are striking in their diversity. Among them there are not only standard hairs that are distinguished by their density, color and curvature, but also unusual ones – double and triple cilia, used to increase the volume. In addition, a wide range of materials for decoration are presented here – colored, fluorescent and sequin hairs.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home
Materials for eyelash extension Neicha one of the highest quality to date.

Neicha glue is completely hypoallergenic, while working with it, the eyelids do not swell and do not blush. It is available in different packaging and has a different drying speed.

In addition, the Neicha line includes the following materials:

  • Primers and degreasers;
  • Glue activators;
  • Fasteners that protect against moisture and dust and preserve bending;
  • Cream, gel and liquid removers;
  • Cleansing Foam;
  • Tweezers;
  • Hydrogel-based pads used to protect the lower eyelids;
  • Products that neutralize the evaporation of glue.

The cost of Neicha products is low, especially since the manufacturer holds constant promotions, reducing the price of certain materials. So, a standard set for a beginner lashmaker, consisting of 18 different items, will cost $ 48.


Barbara brand materials mainly include eyelashes and glue, and this range also includes removers and fixers. For the manufacture of these products using the latest technological solutions, therefore, its quality meets European standards, and its range is constantly updated.

Barbara eyelashes are characterized by perfect bends, have high resistance to deformation and persistent pigmentation. The range of these products includes materials for coloring the brightest colors – blue, lilac, emerald, violet and azure, dark brown cilia and black – Exclusive and Elegant.

Barbara glue is distinguished by its hitch speed and its purpose, so it is suitable for both professionals and beginners.

  • Start – the glue is designed for beginners, however, when working with it, the temperature regime and the level of humidity should be observed. It fixes the fibers for 2 seconds, and the wear time is 5-6 weeks. Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home
  • Safety – it is used by clients prone to allergic reactions. Hitching time is 2-3 s., And socks – up to 5 weeks.
  • Elegant – the drug is designed for professionals. It fastens eyelashes for 1 s., And the effect of fastening remains for 8 weeks. Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home
  • Exclusive – this glue is designed for ultra black eyelashes, has a liquid, but uniform consistency. The hitch speed is 0.5-1 s., Socks – up to 8 weeks.
  • Fast Clear – this composition is used for the fastest possible build-up. It is liquid, transparent, which allows it to be used for attaching colored fibers.
  • Effect – this glue has the highest adhesion speed.

The cost of Barbara products is low. So the price of one 6-row eyelash palette is $ 5,71, and a palette of colored eyelashes from 16 rows will cost $ 11,22.


Lovely’s South Korean products include eyelashes, glue, degreasers, fixers, tweezers and hydrogel pads. The advantage of these materials is their high quality, as well as comfortable and roomy boxes.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

Lovely eyelashes are available in different versions of the following types:

  • Deluxe – This product has maximum resemblance to human eyelashes, because for its production a special elastic material is used.
  • Silicone – these hairs are very light, soft and elastic, they have a deep black color and do not deform.
  • Royallashes are these luxury eyelashes. They are saturated black.
  • Colored cilia of various shades.
  • Glitter fiber with sparkles and rhinestones.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

Lovely glue has an increased adhesion speed, has a liquid form, practically does not evaporate when dried, and does not form
lumps. In this case, there is more than one kind of glue.

  • Lovely Neo – has a dark color and instant hitch, so it is intended only for professionals. Wear time is 2 months.
  • Safety – it is used for sensitive skin, fastens eyelashes for 3-4 seconds. and holds on for a month.
  • Dream – this composition is black, fastens the fibers in 1 s., And the wear time is 5-7 weeks.
  • UltraSuper – features an instant hitch and lasts up to 8 weeks.
  • Junior – It is intended for beginners. Drying time is 3-4 s., And the effect remains for a month and a half.
  • Victoria – This glue is completely hypoallergenic and has an increased drying speed.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

The cost of a 6-row palette of colored eyelashes is from $ 4,08, black – from $ 6,12.

Glory Lesh

Glory Lesh eyelash extension materials include removers, glue, degreasers, eyelashes, fixers and primers. All of them pass strict quality and safety controls, and are not expensive.

Glory Lesh eyelashes are made of high-quality synthetic raw materials, are very soft, weightless and elastic, are available in various lengths, bends and colors. Among them there are fluorescent and even two-tone fibers.

Clay Glory Lesh has a hitch and socks time, almost does not evaporate and is safe to use.

Eva Bond

The products of the company Eva Bond consists mainly of eyelashes, and also produces glue, primer, degreaser and silicone pads. The advantage of these materials is their high quality.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

Eyelashes of this brand are made of a special fiber that does not deform under the influence of moisture or temperature. They are designed for both beginners and professionals.

These fibers are weightless, saturated black and have a velvety structure.

Clay Eva Bond has a different speed of coupling, and is suitable for both professionals and beginners. The cost of this product is low – one 6-row eyelash palette will cost $ 3,4.


Shine produces a fairly wide range of materials for building – eyelashes, degreasers, glue, primers, fixers and removers.

In their production, only safe and high-quality raw materials are used, therefore the eyelashes of this brand are not afraid of environmental influences, and glues are characterized by high coupling speed, resistance and low evaporation, which will help to avoid allergic reactions.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

Shine eyelashes are available in different colors and have several varieties:

  • Hittolash – designed for beginners, because they have a convenient length and bend.
  • Shine Classic – this material is not afraid of getting wet and high temperatures.
  • Shine strong and I-Beauty – this fiber has a velvety and hypoallergenic structure, as well as high elasticity.

The cost of Shine materials is acceptable. The 5-row palette of colored eyelashes is $ 6,39, the 16-row palette of black eyelashes is $ 7,82. The price of glue is from $ 11,15. per bottle.

Extreme look

Extreme Look products contain the entire line for the LES industry – eyelashes, fixers, glue, tweezers and magnetic boxes for them, degreasers, adhesive activators, antiseptics, rollers, vapor absorbers, hydrogel pads, tablets, primers, removers, special formulations for lamination and shampoos for eyelashes.

All materials are made from safe materials, are high quality and inexpensive.  Extreme Look eyelashes are very soft and elastic, differ in various lengths, colors and curvatures, and also come in the form of ready-made bundles.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

Extreme Look glue does not contain harmful substances, and its percentage of evaporation is minimal, which will avoid redness and swelling. It is distinguished by its hitch and wear time. Extreme Look degreasers, primers and other liquids are made from safe materials, but they contain perfumes.


Sakura specializes in the production of glue, and also produces cream removers, degreasers and neutralizers.

The advantage of these materials is their high quality and safety, as well as the instant hitch, so they are designed for professionals.

  • Champion – this glue of black color, fastens fibers in 0,5 s. and lasts up to 2 months.
  • Queen – the fastening time is 0.5-1.5 s., And the wearing time of eyelashes reaches 7 weeks.
  • Rate – This glue dries in 1-2 seconds. and lasts up to 8 weeks.
  • Speed – latex is added to this composition, so it makes the hairs flexible and protects from damage. It has an instant hitch, and the build-up effect remains up to 6 weeks.

The cost of Sakura glue is acceptable and ranges from $ 10,88.


Kodi eyelash extensions include eyelashes, glue, removers, primers, degreasers, and special eyelash curlers. The advantage of this product is its high quality, large assortment and competitive price. In its manufacture, safe and hypoallergenic substances are used. Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

Eyelashes are made of a special silicone base, so they have the characteristics of a natural hair, so that they look very natural, even a color option.


Masu company produces almost the entire range of tools for building and consists of eyelashes, degreasers, glue, primers, removers and fixers. All products are made from high quality and safe components, and at the same time have a low cost.

Masu eyelashes are made of synthetic and elastic fiber, eliminating the occurrence of allergic reactions. They are distinguished by their length, bending, thickness and color scheme, and are very soft, as well as resistant to deformation and environmental influences.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

Remuver Masu is available in gel and liquid format, there is an option for sensitive skin.

The peculiarity of Masu glue in its black color, it has a different degree of resistance and adhesion time, so both beginners and professionals can work with it. It practically does not evaporate, which reduces the risk of swelling and redness of the eyelids.

Beauty eyes

The Korean company Beauty Eyes produces gallon the entire line of building materials – glue, eyelashes, primers, removers, fixers, tweezers, debonders, brushes, collagen pads, degreasers, jade stones and scotch tape.

All products meet international safety standards and have reasonable prices. It does not cause allergic reactions even on sensitive skin.

Eyelashes Beauty Eyes do not weigh down the eyelid, do not deform, they are not afraid of the effects of moisture and ultraviolet rays, they look very natural and last a long time. They are available in convenient and economical packaging, in various colors, lengths and bends.

Glue Beauty Eyes does not contain hazardous substances, has a liquid consistency and practically does not evaporate. It differs in hitch speed and durability.

Types of eyelash extension material

For the manufacture of artificial eyelashes use only a special polymer fiber. It is completely hypoallergenic and is divided into 3 types, classified in accordance with natural materials.

  • Mink These hairs are an ultra-thin segment, they are very soft and matte. They are great for 3D extensions and will be indispensable for 7D extensions where hairs of minimum weight and thickness are used.
    Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home
    Mink eyelashes look brighter and silk eyelashes look more natural.
  • Silk. They are very thin, glossy and soft. With their help, fluffy eyelashes are formed, they are used for various types of extensions without any restrictions.
  • Sables. They are distinguished by their high density and rich black color, due to which they create the effect of painted eyelashes. Apply them only to those clients whose eyelashes are healthy and strong, because the load on them increases significantly, and increase them for a short time.

Color eyelash extensions

Materials for eyelash extension, as well as natural eyelashes, differ in color and are used for a certain category of clients.

  • Black. They are suitable for dark blond girls and brunettes.
  • Brown. They are used for red-haired girls and blondes, as they soften their facial features.
  • Colored. They are used mainly for coloring – mixing in a certain percentage with black, or zoning – placement in a specific area of the eye, for example, in corners. Such eyelashes look very impressive and beautiful.


The length of hair extensions ranges from 5/32 inch, and those that are attached to the lower eyelid, up to 25/32 inch. The master can make eyelashes of any length specified by the client, simulating a luxurious look from shorter, located around the edge of the eye, and as long as possible. But the best option is 15/32 inch. Such a look will seem deep and spectacular, without weighting and excessive pretentiousness.


The thickness of the hair extensions is an important indicator, because the life of the eyelashes and the duration of the extension procedure depend on it.

There are 3 groups:

  • Ultra-thin segment. The diameter of these hairs is from 0/32 – 0/32 inch. Such cilia are suitable for all girls and create the easiest and most luxurious look. At the same time, they are universal and are used in 2D, 3D and even 7D extensions, where very light hairs with a minimum thickness are needed.
  • Light segment. The diameter of these cilia is 0/32 – 0/32 inch, with their help the effect of painted eyes is created. They have a noticeable load, so they are used only for those girls whose eyelashes are strong.
  • Ultra segment. The diameter of these hairs is from 0/32 – 0/32 inch, so they are hard, glossy black and they are used only to create a good volume. But they are used only by those girls whose eyelashes are completely healthy and very strong. Another condition for their use is short-term use, so that they are increased in special cases.


Bending is a key indicator of a luxurious and captivating look.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

The growing material is divided into 6 types, marked with Latin letters:

  • J – these hairs have a barely noticeable bend , so they are not particularly popular. They are used only to increase the length.
  • B – this material is close in bending to natural eyelashes and with its help it is possible to emphasize the natural beauty of ideal eyes. It is used mainly in women aged to give their look expressiveness without vulgarity.
  • C – these hairs have the most universal form for building. They are used to create the effect of wide open eyes, which can be obtained using twisting mascara. They are ideal for girls whose cilia are twisted by nature.
  • CC – This option is more curved. With it, you can get a luxurious puppet look.
  • D – this material is strongly bent , therefore with its help a very feminine and even puppet look is created with a maximum volume, because these hairs are attached to each eyelash. Such hairs will look great in women with overhanging eyelids, since the resulting bend will hide this drawback.
  • L – this material has the most extravagant bend. However, it is better to use such eyelashes for girls with Asian eyes, who in addition are deep-set, or for those who wear glasses, because they highlight the outer corners of the eyes. They will help not only to create a luxurious look, but also to hide flaws – a strongly lowered eyelid.

Where to buy materials

Materials needed for eyelash extensions can be purchased in specialized stores located in shopping centers, or online stores, whose popularity is growing. In them you can find a convenient and profitable packaging, as well as take part in promotions. And bulk purchases can be made directly from the supplier, discussing in advance all the details of delivery and payment.

Tips from cosmetologists on choosing tools for building

Eyelash extension is a special procedure, the success of which depends on the level of skill of the lashmaker and the quality of the material. When choosing funds, you need to pay attention to the safety of the composition, if possible using only hypoallergenic products. Moreover, the materials are selected strictly individually for each client, taking into account the condition of his eyelashes and skin of the eyelids.

Materials for eyelash extensions. A list of where to buy in bulk cheap, which are better. Building at home

With extreme caution, you need to use ultra segmented hairs and reduce their service life to a minimum, since they adversely affect even the strongest and most healthy eyelashes.

Fake products can become a particular problem, so you need to purchase materials for building only in specialized stores and require the seller to obtain appropriate safety certificates.

To become the owner of a luxurious and captivating look, you can resort to the procedure for eyelash extensions. But in order to get the desired effect, you need to correctly select all the materials necessary for this, taking into account the advice of professionals and the quality of the product itself.

Useful video tips on choosing quality materials for eyelash extensions

Tips for choosing the length, thickness and bending of eyelash extensions:

Subtleties about the right choice of glue for eyelash extensions:

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