Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

Hair loss is a symptom that is characteristic of systemic diseases, it also manifests itself as a result of negative environmental effects or unfavorable psychological conditions. Some of the pharmacy shampoos help alopecia due to infection, others activate hair growth if their loss is due to improper care, diet or stress.

Criteria for choosing a shampoo for hair loss

When buying shampoo, several important factors are considered.

  • Own type of hair and the one for which the shampoo is intended. 3 types of hair are distinguished by the degree of moisture: dry, oily and normal. You need to know your type and choose an exclusively suitable shampoo, as a violation of the moisture balance threatens to exacerbate problems with curls, up to hair loss.
  • The reasons for the loss . Shampoo for hair loss is not a remedy that can be considered a panacea. It will be ineffective with focal and androgenic alopecia, which should be treated with medication. Only individual shampoos help against hair loss caused by systemic causes, but they should also be used as part of complex therapy. Shampoo is optimal as a remedy if the loss is temporary and is caused by stress, diet, childbirth, and overdrying.
  • How urgently needed to solve the problem . Shampoos can not solve the problem in a short time. To notice a reliable effect, it is necessary to use shampoo systematically for several months.
  • Price . A good pharmacy shampoo for hair loss can cost several thousand usd in a pharmacy. Deciding on such treatment, you need to count on a long course and the purchase of additional care products, as the manufacturer recommends using shampoo in combination with other hair care products.
  • Composition . Shampoo for hair loss should contain vitamins, minerals, keratin, proteins, natural plant extracts. Cosmetic oils such as burdock, jojoba, sea buckthorn, rapeseed, and avocado will have an additional care effect. If hair falls out and breaks off from damage, you must choose a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients. The loss, accompanied by the appearance of dandruff, is treated with zinc compounds. Treatment shampoos may also contain specific substances that directly stimulate hair growth. Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

Trichologists note that sodium laureth and lauryl sulfate, which are part of many shampoos, weaken the hair and contribute to their loss, if there are already prerequisites for this.

Before buying, you must study the label and, if you purchase such a shampoo, you should be prepared for side effects.

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Where to buy: at a store or pharmacy

Where to buy medical shampoo for hair loss depends on what effect is expected from its use. Shampoos of some manufacturers can be purchased both in the supermarket and in the pharmacy chain, while other manufacturers sell their products only through pharmacies. Typically, such funds undergo additional clinical trials and have certificates confirming their medicinal properties.

Fake hair loss shampoos may be sold. In a pharmacy, the risk of acquiring such a drug is lower. The consequences of using such a shampoo are unpredictable.

What should be in the shampoo

It is necessary to analyze in detail what helps one or the component in the shampoo:

  1. Shampoos contain ingredients that stimulate blood circulation. Such plant components as horse chestnut, pepper, mustard and ginseng extract have an irritating effect. Due to the activation of blood circulation, hair receives more substances necessary for nutrition.
  2. The composition of therapeutic shampoo mandatory includes pharmacological substances that prevent loss. These include niacinamide, aminexil (Vichy products), stimoxidine, cystine, minoxidil, cysteine, finasteride and others.
  3. Hair loss is often caused by their weakening due to malnutrition, so manufacturers of therapeutic shampoos include additional components, such as B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium, as well as ingredients rich in beneficial substances, such as brewer’s yeast.
  4. Additional components – herbal extracts of agrimony, pharmacy chamomile, sage, stinging nettle. They help strengthen the hair follicles, soothe irritated areas of the skin, and eliminate peeling.

What shampoos are forbidden to use

  1. Doctors do not recommend choosing as a therapeutic shampoo a composition containing parabens, sulfur and sodium compounds, triclosan, propylene glycol, and benzenes. For example, sodium laureth- and lauryl sulfate, when used continuously, dry out the hair follicle, resulting in hair loss.
  2. The trichologists regarding silicones have a mixed opinion. On the one hand, they make the hair more elastic, shiny, on the other hand, give extra weight to the strands, as a result, the loss is exacerbated.
  3. Shampoo must not contain alcohol.

Important! During the treatment period, it is necessary to abandon heating devices for styling hair, as well as mousses and varnishes that fix the hairstyle.

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This shampoo makes dry hair moisturized, nourishes them along their entire length, reduces brittleness, and cares for cut ends. Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

The composition of the tool includes:

  • vitamin B6;
  • panthenol;
  • arginine;
  • macadamia oil;
  • ginger;
  • Japanese sophora and other components.

At the heart of thermal water from French sources. Buyers note that the drug is suitable for the care of damaged, dyed, weakened hair.

The strands become beautiful, shiny, do not fluff. However, the opinions are mixed regarding the treatment of alopecia. Shampoo does not help everyone. It happens that alopecia is intensified.

Others claim that 3-4 weeks after the start of using the shampoo, the hair begins to fall out less. A 13,53 fluid ounce bottle costs about $ 5,44.

Klorane with quinine

Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

Shampoo made in France, contains B vitamins, namely pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin; panthenol, quinine extract. At the same time, there are many chemicals in the composition that negatively affect the hair: parabens, sulfates, as well as alcohol.

A tool with a similar composition will dry the hair, which is observed when using this shampoo.

According to reviews, we can conclude that the shampoo is great for women with oily hair – it cleanses perfectly, removes greasy roots, solves the problem of hair loss, hair remains clean for a long time.

If the hair is dry, shampoo is not recommended. It will worsen the con
dition of the hair, make it lifeless, weak, dull. They will look like straw. A 13,53 fluid ounce bottle costs about $ 9,52.


Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

Fitoval hair loss shampoo, sold in pharmacy chains, contains herbal ingredients such as arnica, rosemary, wheat peptides.

The latter protect the hair from external factors, rosemary – stimulates blood supply to the hair follicles, arnica – has anti-inflammatory properties.

It is important that glycogen is present among the components, which accelerates cell division, due to which new hair grows faster.

Shampoo has a strengthening effect, nourishes the hair, improves its structure, makes it softer and more elastic. It is more suitable for normal and oily hair, as it has a drying effect.

Perfectly solves the problem of hair loss. But women note that although the remedy gives quick and significant results, the effect is observed only during the period of use. Recommended mode of use: 3 times in 7 days, 3 months. Price: $ 4,08 for 6,76 fluid ounce.


The brand of shampoos “Alerana” is represented by a line of products designed for both men and women, as well as for different types of hair.

The preparation for dry strands contains lycetin (it softens the strands and makes them shiny), wheat proteins (protect), poppy seed oil (has regenerating properties), burdock extract (promotes growth). Of the drawbacks of the composition, only one should be noted – it contains sodium laureth sulfate.

Despite the harmful component, the shampoo restores and moisturizes the hair, gives a strengthening result, has a pronounced antiseptic effect, prevents the formation of dandruff, restores shine to strands and heals split ends.

Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

Extracts of wormwood, chestnut, sage, among other components already mentioned, are added to the product for oily hair. This representative of the product line regulates the production of sebum, stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.

The product for men contains niacinamide, extracts of sage, chestnut, tea tree oil.

The last of these components regulates the production of sebum, strengthens the hair follicle, chestnut extract prevents loss, nettle – accelerates growth, sage gives shine, panthenol nourishes the hair.

The main substance is pinacidil, which is used in the fight against hair loss, along with minoxidil, aminexil.

According to reviews, the shampoo will help with minor alopecia caused by non-hormonal causes. The effect will be noticeable in a month from the start of use. Among the shortcomings of the customer note uneconomical. In addition, shampoo can dry hair and cause allergies.

Contraindications to use are damage to the scalp. Price: $ 4,76 per 8,45 fluid ounce.


The main active ingredient is selenium disulfide. The component heals the scalp, the hair becomes soft, elastic. Thanks to sulfur, of which 45% of selenium disulfide consists, hair loss stops. Shampoo is also successfully used for dandruff. Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

The tool must be used once a week for 1 month in combination with paste. The price is $ 4,08 per 5,07 fluid ounce.

Keune derma

This shampoo is made in the Netherlands, sold through pharmacies. Buyers note its effectiveness. When applied from 3 weeks, the effect becomes clearly noticeable: new hair grows back, the strands look thicker. Hair loss stops. Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

But shampoo also has disadvantages. The main one is an impressive price – about $ 14 per ordinary volume, and more than $ 27 per gallon bottle. In addition, the shampoo makes the hair tighter and more difficult to comb.

It makes the hair heavier, the very next day they look greasy, so the remedy is most suitable for those who naturally have dry hair. Properly selected, it helps to reduce the amount of hair lost, thickens the shaft.


The tool stimulates the growth of new hair, stops the loss of old. The drug is able to fight serious alopecia, lengthen the life of the hair, nourish the hair follicle, and regenerate tissues. At the same time, it rinses well, reduces the oily scalp, retains moisture inside the hair. Disadvantage: not found in all pharmacies. Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

Contains vitamins, plant extracts of burdock, nettle, peppermint, hops, pepper, lupine, Peruvian poppies, as well as collagen and caffeine, menthol, biotin.

Buyers leave mixed reviews regarding the assessment of its effectiveness: from extremely negative to enthusiastic. These are people with different types of hair and different problems. It follows that the shampoo must be selected individually. It may come up – solve the problem of hair loss, or it may not come up – itch, burn, dandruff, dry hair.

There are no contraindications. But the composition contains laureth sulfate, which negatively affects the immune system and can cause cell mutation. According to the manufacturer, the best effect is obtained when applied with a spray of the same brand, as well as a rinse and mask. Without the use of additional funds, hair can become tangled. Cost: $ 5,71 per 6,76 fluid ounce.

Shampoo Hair Strength from Biokon

Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

The tool helps with androgenetic alopecia, stimulates blood supply to the hair follicles, nourishes the hair with vitamins and minerals, removes dandruff.

At the same time, it cleans hair well and rinses well. The composition contains caffeine, zinc, panthenol, extracts of red pepper, medical leeches, rosehip oil, silk proteins.

Reviews are conflicting. After application, the hair can both become dry, tangled, and smooth, gain elasticity and a well-groomed appearance.

Moreover, it cannot be said that the effect depends on the moisture content of the hair. According to reviews, shampoo also causes allergies in some. The price is $ 2,72 per 5,07 fluid ounce.

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VICHY Dercos

Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

Preparations for the loss of the Vichy company, like this shampoo in particular, contain aminexil molecules (a specialized remedy for the loss) + vitamins PP, B6, B5 + Vichy thermal water (it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties).

The result of the application is shiny hair, which is significantly strengthened. Shampoo restores their structure, promotes the production of collagen, thickens the shaft, makes it elastic at the roots. The effect is quickly noticeable. Especially good in combination with Vichy ampoules.

Buyers note that you can purchase a fake. A copy is cheaper and leads to itching, irritation. Also, the product is not suitable for restoring dry hair. Price: $ 8,16 for 6,76 fluid ounce.

911 Onion Shampoo

On sale is a line of tools. This is onion shampoo itself, as well as a remedy with red pepper, which accelerates hair growth, with burdock oil, moisturizing strands. In addition, the shampoo contains extracts of nettle, sage, birch, henna, aloe, green tea, arnica, chamomile, hops, etc. Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

The disadvantage is sodium lauryl sulfate.

Despite the presence in the composition of the chemistry, the shampoo makes the hair soft, helps with the complex treatment of alopecia, adds volume and shine to the hair. At the same time, the shampoo is inexpensive, only $ 1,36 5,07 fluid ounce. Due to which it is very popular and has earned a lot of positive reviews.

Rinfoltil with caffeine

Solves the problem at the hormonal level, reducing the production of testosterone, stimulates the hair follicles to grow. Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

It contains the following components: zinc, caffeine, collagen, a set of amino acids, wheat proteins, extracts of the cinchona tree, nasturtium, dwarf palm fruits.

These ingredients help to stimulate growth, protect the hair shaft and scalp from external negative factors, nourish the hair.

On the advice of the manufacturer, in order for the effect to be clearly visible, it is necessary to use it together with ampoules of a similar brand. Buyers note that the result is not immediately visible, but accumulates over the course of a month. It costs $ 6,8 per 6,76 fluid ounce.


The drug is Belgian production, fights, in addition to hair loss, also with dandruff and seborrhea. Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

The active substance is ketoconazole. In addition, the shampoo contains hydrolyzed collagen and macrogol methyl dextrose dioleate. Effective, but allergic side effects may occur, resulting in itching, irritation of the scalp and conjunctiva of the eyes. It costs around $ 8,16 for a standard package.

Agafia First Aid Kit

This shampoo is mixed with herbs. As part of a complex of 17 herbs, it also contains hawthorn oil, coriander, a complex of vitamins. However, chemical components are also present. It has a nourishing effect, strengthens the roots of hair, normalizes the production of sebum, most effectively manifests itself when using the entire line of products.

Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools
Anafia First Aid Kit – 100% natural hair loss shampoo sold in pharmacies

According to reviews, hair can both come in order, become shiny, well-groomed, stop falling out, and begin to tangles, quickly become oily.

This is the most inexpensive shampoo of all considered: $ 1,02 – 10,14 fluid ounce. Buyers note that the anti-fall effect is mild.

Shampoo Horse Force

Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

It contains propolis extract, a complex of vitamins, collagen, lanolin, wheat proteins, tar. Of the harmful components, sodium laureth sulfate should be noted. He dries his hair.

According to reviews, not everyone helps. Some note that the hair looks more well-groomed, washed well, ceases to fall out, others say that the hair remains dirty in appearance, becomes stiff. Price: $ 6,8 for 16,91 fluid ounce.

“Elf burdock”: the sharpest smell

Absolutely natural shampoo from a domestic manufacturer. It contains extracts of burdock, horsetail, lupine, nettle, avocado oil and others. Medical shampoos for hair loss in a pharmacy. Top 10 Most Effective Tools

The remedy gives the effect of renewal, nutrition of the roots, activates growth, stops loss. Shampoo rinses hair well, hair becomes stronger, thickens. But the effect is cumulative and becomes noticeable after a month of application. Price: $ 2,72 6,76 fluid ounce.

In addition to the above, the following shampoos can be purchased at the pharmacy:

  • Clear Vita Abe;
  • Shampoo-bath “Juniper”;
  • Parusan;
  • Keranove
  • Ducrei Anaphase;
  • L’oreal Elseve Strength of Arginine;
  • Kerastase Specifique Bain Stimuliste GL;

It is impossible to say unequivocally which of the pharmacy shampoos will help from hair loss in this case. As follows from the reviews, both expensive and cheap means can help.

In addition, the effect on different people is often diametrically opposite. To choose a remedy, it is not enough to focus on the opinions of other people, it is necessary to identify the cause of the loss and take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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