Plasma lifting face – what is it, indications, effectiveness, photo before and after

Plasma lifting of the face, as a non-surgical cosmetic procedure for rejuvenating the appearance, was developed by American scientists. The process starts thanks to the natural activation of the body’s reserves for cell regeneration and tissue rejuvenation.

Benefits of the procedure

The technique is very popular due to these advantages:

  • The simplicity of the procedure.
  • Without involving expensive equipment.
  • The use of blood plasma itself eliminates the risk of infection.
  • Compatibility of the procedure with other therapeutic courses on rejuvenation (biorevitalization, chemical peeling, laser therapy, contour plastic, photo rejuvenation);

How plasmolifting works

A skin rejuvenation session involves subcutaneous administration of plasma. Due to the platelets contained in it, regenerative processes in the skin are accelerated. Plasma lifting face - what is it, indications, effectiveness, photo before and after

Plasma contains proteins that stimulate the formation of young cells.

Hormones, enzymes, vitamins positively affect the speed of recovery processes at the injection site. Plasma injections are recommended for women of all ages. Because plasmolifting of the face is such a targeted regenerative cell renewal due to the appearance of new elastin and collagen fibers, stem cells, and hyaluron.

The procedure is used in adjunctive therapy to accelerate the healing and restoration of facial skin after cosmetic treatments.

The plasmolifting procedure gives the following effects:

  • Blood flow is accelerated, skin color on the face improves.
  • The immune response of the skin is stimulated, and the risk of acne is prevented.
  • Traces of acne, blackheads, damage to the epidermis are eliminated.
  • The regenerative processes of the skin are accelerated.
  • The effect of skin whitening is observed.
  • Swelling and dark circles around the eyes disappear.
  • The skin is moisturized, smooth.
  • Expression wrinkles disappear.
  • The skin is rejuvenated for 5 years.
  • The water balance of the epidermis layers is restored, the cells are saturated with oxygen. Owners of dry skin are eliminated inflammation, peeling, moisture is retained inside the cells.
  • The formation of young endothelial cells is actively taking place. Elastin and collagen are synthesized, supporting the elastic and elastic state of the skin.
  • The BCL-2 youth gene “wakes up”, which inhibits cell fading.
  • Creates a barrier to harmful UV radiation.
  • The protective functions of the body are activated.
  • The rejuvenation process is triggered by the body’s own resources.
  • Complete elimination of aesthetic skin defects (biological aging, microtrauma).
  • The secretory function of the sebaceous glands is reduced, the oily sheen on the face disappears.
  • The signs of ptosis (lowering of the upper eyelid) at the initial stage are eliminated.

The final result of the procedure is affected by the age of the woman and the individual characteristics of the body.


The procedure for plasmolifting should be addressed in the following situations:

  • The recovery period after prolonged exposure to the sun in tanning salons.
  • The rehabilitation period after deep peeling.
  • Corrective manipulations after unsuccessful botulinum toxin injections.
  • Acne rashes, acne, their traces.
  • The first age wrinkles. Plasma lifting face - what is it, indications, effectiveness, photo before and after
  • Expression wrinkles.
  • Unhealthy complexion.
  • Decreased skin elasticity.
  • Dry and oily type of face.
  • Deformation processes of the skin after surgery.
  • Elastosis (skin losing elasticity).
  • Cuperosis (dilated capillaries on the skin in the form of cobwebs, nets).
  • Ptosis.
  • Dark spots.


With contraindications, the procedure is not recommended, as the effect may appear in an unexpected way:

  • Diseases of viral origin.
  • Chronic form of kidney disease.
  • The number of platelets in the blood is below 100000 mcl.
  • The amount of oxyhemoglobin in the blood is below 100 g.
  • Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (metamizole sodium, acetylsalicylic acid, etc.).
  • Diabetes.
  • The period of bearing a child and breastfeeding.
  • Diseases of the hematopoietic system (hemophilia, low fibrin content, etc.).
  • Oncological disease.
  • Inflammatory processes on the skin of the face.
  • Fever.
  • Menstrual bleeding.
  • Pronounced prolapse of the upper eyelid.
  • Autoimmune pathologies (diseases of the immune system, the reaction of which is unpredictable after the procedure).
  • The use of corticosteroids.
  • Chronic disease in the acute phase.
  • Age is under 18 years.
  • A short period after peeling (chemical, laser). The skin has increased sensitivity, rest is necessary.
  • Antibiotic therapy.
  • Epilepsy.
  • An allergic reaction to anticoagulants (drugs that prevent blood coagulation).
  • The state of alcohol dependence (with a damaged nervous system and psyche – the reaction after the procedure is unpredictable).
  • In the place of the alleged injections, rashes and moles formed.

What do the doctors say about the procedure

They say not only good things about the procedure. Some patients remain unsatisfied with the result.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists believe that the cause of the negative effect occurs due to:

  • holding RegenLab for contraindications;
  • doctor’s mistakes, in particular, injections not along the lines of skin tension. In this case, the patient may have complications, for example, edema;
  • unjustified expectations from the procedure. The plasma procedure will not tighten strongly sagging skin. The blame for this and the doctor who did not give clear explanations on the procedure.

If the final result of PRP – facial therapy is deterioration of the skin or lack of results, doctors explain this by manifesting the individual characteristics of the patient’s body. They note that dracula therapy heals problem skin, rather than rejuvenates it. Plasma stimulates protective reactions in the problem area, improves the condition of diseased skin.

Plasma lifting face - what is it, indications, effectiveness, photo before and after

Doctors advise using plasma injections for those who are against the effects of chemicals, since plasma is a natural non-toxic substance. According to doctors, as a result of the procedure, the number of wrinkles decreases, acne and acne disappear. The effect will be cumulative.

Plasmolifting or biorevitalization – which is better

Biorevitalization is a rejuvenation procedure due to the introduction of hyaluronic acid. Acid synthesizes the production of collagen in the body, supporting youth and beauty. Over time, production slows down and the skin fad

Distinguish between stabilized (chemically treated, to fill wrinkles) and unstabilized acid (natural hyaluron). The injection of hyaluronic acid triggers the collagen production process for regenerative microprocesses in the skin. After the expiration date, it resolves in the body without consequences.

Indications and contraindications are identical, as for plasmolifting. The exception is blood clotting disorders, in which biorevitalization sessions are acceptable. Both methods are safe, non-toxic. There is a description of isolated cases of allergic reactions that do not require medical intervention.


  • The biorevitalization procedure lasts 40-50 minutes (plasmolifting less than 30 minutes) and costs an average of $ 27 more than plasmolifting.
  • Preparatory measures for the procedures and rehabilitation periods after them are not provided.
  • The difference between the procedures in the injected drugs. It is known that in the procedure of plasmolifting of the face it is such an own biological substance, where the degree of allergenicity is reduced to 0. Doctors advise allergy sufferers to opt for a plasma lifting procedure.

The biorevitalization procedure is more expensive, but women with blood coagulation problems, to whom the procedure is prohibited, turn to it.

Plasmolifting or mesotherapy – which is better

Mesotherapy, unlike PRP-therapy, does not prevent the aging process, but stops it. Through this procedure, individually selected combinations of vitamins, amino acids, extracts, trace elements are introduced into the skin of the face.

Doctors and cosmetologists advise the procedure for women over the age of 40.

Thanks to mesotherapy, wrinkles, age spots, spider veins are removed, dry skin is moisturized, and a clear oval of the face is created. The effect of visual rejuvenation is noticeable longer. At the end of the action of the therapy, rapid aging of the cells occurs. A new course of procedures is required immediately.

Which is better, the client chooses the clinic together with the beautician. It is known that during mesotherapy pharmacological preparations are used, therefore the procedure is considered highly allergic.

Plasma lifting of the face (what it has already been described in detail) is an event using its own plasma. Conducting 1 session will cost less than plasma lifting – $ 41 – $ 82. Contraindications are the same as for plasmolifting, increased blood pressure and an implanted pacemaker are added to them.

Acne plasmolifting

Few people are going to do plasmolifting of the face, that this is such an active tool to combat acne. The procedure helps to eliminate acne, and remove scars after it. The skin after the procedure is smoothed, becomes elastic and velvet.

Preparation for plasmolifting

Before the procedure, they are tested for contraindications.

Consultation with a general practitioner is required.

Before the procedure, the following tests are done:

  1. Blood test (biochemical, clinical).
  2. Identification of markers for viral sexually transmitted infections.

24 hours before blood donation for biochemical analysis, do not eat fatty and fried foods, products that include preservatives. For 4 days, stop taking anticoagulants. 4 hours before the procedure, you should refuse to eat. You need to drink clean water in sufficient quantities.

How is plasmolifting done

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The doctor evaluates the results of the tests, gives permission to undergo the procedure. Plasma lifting face - what is it, indications, effectiveness, photo before and after
  2. Blood is taken into a test tube (up to 0,68 fluid ounce) containing a separation gel with an anticoagulant. The blood sampling procedure is safe, painless.
  3. The tube is centrifuged. The centrifuge divides the blood into blood-shaped elements and plasma with the presence of platelets of 1 million mcl. and below 150000 mcl.
  4. Anesthetize the face with anesthesia, treated with an antiseptic.
  5. The doctor makes an injection of plasma containing 1 mln.mkl. platelet count. Injections are made following the contour plastic scheme.
  6. The face is again wiped with an antiseptic, removing the emerging drops of blood.

To prevent the appearance of pigmented spots at the sites of skin injection with a needle for 3 days, they exclude:

  • tanning salons;
  • pools;
  • saunas;
  • being under active sunlight.

How much is

The prices for plasmolifting on average in USA are as follows:

  • 1 test tube – $ 48;
  • 2 test tubes – $ 86;
  • 3 test tubes – $ 122;
  • 4 test tubes – $ 152 .;


  • 1 test tube – $ 82 – $ 109;
  • 2 test tubes – $ 147 – $ 177 .;
  • 3 test tubes – $ 211 – $ 245;
  • 4 test tubes – $ 261 – $ 299.

How many procedures are needed

To achieve a positive result, 4-6 sessions are held with an interval of a week. Procedures, deadlines, beautician adjusts. Only in 40% of cases the effect after one session is noticeable. The course consists of several sessions with a break between them of 7-14 days. Support the effect of annual procedures. The effect lasts up to 24 months.

Laser Plasma Lifting

Laser plasmolifting uses a plasma clot, which is distributed over the skin and processed by a laser beam. By adjusting the beam power, the depth of penetration of the beam under the skin and the diameter of the damage are controlled. A balance is achieved between safe exposure and the penetration of active substances into the depth of the skin. This method is called the “non-injection Plasma LIFT”.

Is it possible to do face plasmolifting at home

At home, it is impossible to carry out the face plasma lifting procedure, because it is such a “jewelry” lesson that requires practical skills, specialized equipment, and sterility of surfaces and tools.

The procedure should be done in specialized licensed medical institutions.

The device (centrifuge) for plasmolifting – what to buy

The centrifuge is sold in specialized medical equipment stores.

Plasma lifting face - what is it, indications, effectiveness, photo before and after

An apparatus with a function of 5000 rpm and a centrifugal acceleration force of up to 1500 g should be purchased.

Test tubes for plasmolifting

Test tubes are made of heat-resistant glass, filled with anticoagulating gel (heperin, fraksiparin). The filler preserves the natural composition of the plasma during and after centrifugation. Tubes can be arbitrarily rotated without fear of mixing the fractions obtained after centrifugation. The gel retains the quality of the contents of the tubes for 1.5 hours

Needles for plasmolifting

The plasmolifting needles are coated with silicone, with an oblique cut and a sharpened point for a comfortable, painless insertion. They are equipped with a latex-free pyrogen-free hypoallergenic cathet

Needles used:

  • bilateral, complete with a 3-component syringe and catheter;
  • “Butterflies” with the adaptation under the syringe “luer”. Disposable, sterile.

Swiss plasmolifting

You need to know, choosing a Swiss plasma-lifting face, that this is such an effect, which is carried out in combination with laser manipulations to eliminate skin defects (striae, scars, post-acne). This method is recommended in the treatment of peeling and dry skin.

Test tubes with separator filters are used, which are centrifuged in a special way. It turns out an autogel with a platelet concentration of 1 million mcl. and active fibrin, enriched with natural growth factors. Thanks to this approach, the effectiveness of the procedure increases, the course of treatment is reduced. On average, 3 procedures are required. Supportive sessions are repeated once every 6 months.

After the first session:

  • the skin becomes elastic and smooth;
  • expression wrinkles are reduced;
  • acne disappears;
  • the line of the cheekbones and chin becomes clearer;
  • complexion is more healthy.


  • rejuvenation of the skin of the face, neck, decollete and hands;
  • acne and acne therapy;
  • removal of “traces” of acne, striae, scarring;
  • renewal of the skin after aggressive cosmetic effects.


  • high rejuvenation effectiveness;
  • minimum number of procedures;
  • lack of side effects.

Silent side effects

Adverse reactions are individual.

Allergies provoke:

  • Anticoagulants used for blood coagulation during the procedure;
  • The metal from which medical instruments are made.

Other side effects:

  • In places of plasma injection, redness, bruising, the formation of seals and hematomas are possible.
  • Decrease or increase in blood pressure.
  • Transition of a chronic disease into an exacerbation phase.
  • New rashes of acne (followed by a long period of remission, and the skin becomes clean).
  • The presence of edema and pain (this indicates an illiterate procedure by a doctor).

How to care for your face after plasmolifting

The rehabilitation period is short: 3-4 days.

Plasma lifting face - what is it, indications, effectiveness, photo before and after

During this period, it is recommended to use sunscreens with an SPF 50 filter.

What can not be done after plasmolifting

For 3 days you can not visit saunas, baths, solariums.

Is it possible to do plasmolifting during pregnancy

During the gestation period, sessions are not carried out. The effect of plasma on the body is still not well understood and it is not known how the effect will affect the future baby. The event is best held after the birth of the baby.

Is it possible to do plasmolifting during menstruation

There is no definitive ban on conducting a session during the menstrual period.

But keep in mind that:

  1. With blood loss, the healing properties of the plasma taken for plasmolifting of the face are reduced. It will take time to form new blood cells. Therefore, with the introduction of a biological substance with a low platelet count, the result of PRP therapy will not be noticeable.
  2. During this period, problems with blood coagulation are possible.
  3. Plasma at the injection site will dissolve longer, which will lead to hematomas and edema.

Beauticians strongly recommend that women postpone the procedure for several days.

Plasma lifting face: positive and negative reviews

The complexion was gray. A friend spoke about PRP therapy. I decided to try what it is, plasma lifting face. The result pleased. Now a regular client of the clinic.

Age wrinkles prompted the search for procedures to eliminate them. On the advice of a cosmetologist, 7 plasmolifting sessions took place. The number of wrinkles decreased. Pleased with the plasma lifting procedure.

On vacation, I decided to refresh my face, remove facial wrinkles. Made a procedure for plasmolifting. By evening, his face was swollen, the next day bruised. It’s been a week. There is no effect yet.

Photos before and after plasmolifting face

Plasma lifting face - what is it, indications, effectiveness, photo before and after
Doctors recommend plasmolifting face after 40 years.

Plasma lifting face - what is it, indications, effectiveness, photo before and after

It is known that plasmolifting of the face is such a fashionable and expensive innovation. PRP-therapy helps to solve many skin problems in a few hours and for a long time to maintain youth and beauty.

Video about face plasmolifting

The pros and cons of face plasmolifting, see the video clip:

Plasma lifting face, find out in the video clip how the procedure goes:

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