Face lifting – what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift

Facelift (facelift) is the generalized name for cosmetic procedures aimed at restoring skin freshness, facelift, and the contour of the oval.

What is an ideal lift, each woman determines herself. Today, a wide selection of such procedures is offered, each of which has its own characteristics, indications and advantages.

Face lifting – what is it, features of a cosmetic procedure

With age, the skin tends to lose its properties. First of all, there are problems with elasticity and resilience. Then, facial wrinkles are more and more apparent, the contours of the face are blurred.

Face lifting - what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift

Modern lifting is aimed at overcoming these and other problems. The methods used involve the restoration of physiological tone and the normalization of the main processes that occur in the skin.

Over time, the very concept of face lifting has transformed: what is this known to almost every woman. Initially, correction was supposed to be carried out exclusively with a scalpel. But technology does not stand still. Surgical interventions are relevant today.

In addition to them, cosmetic medicine has developed a number of other methods, mainly a gentle, non-surgical plan. Now possible complications are minimized, directed and targeted interventions with quick recovery after them are practiced.

The purpose of non-surgical braces, as well as surgical interventions, is to combat declaring age-related changes, including:

  • loss of elasticity of the skin;
  • changing facial contours;
  • the appearance of fine and deep wrinkles.

Thanks to the joint work of cosmetologists and surgeons, new methods are appearing that amaze with their results. A solution is found for complex problems, the list of contraindications to procedures is reduced.

Indications for face lifting

Indications for face correction manipulations are as follows:

  • the appearance of wrinkles;
  • the appearance of yellow or grayish skin tones;
  • pigmentation;
  • peeling and dryness;
  • sagging, sagging skin;
  • age-related changes;
  • fat under the chin;
  • the presence of a second chin;
  • weakness of the muscles of the neck located in the subcutaneous zone.

Experts say that face lifting is a procedure that is suitable for all skin types. The smoothing and anti-aging, tightening effect from them is noticeable regardless of age.

Face contouring depending on the zone

It is supposed to work on the face and its contours in 3 main areas:

  1. Upper (manipulation of the forehead, possibly involving eyebrows and hairline).
  2. Medium (this includes the mouth and cheeks).
  3. Lower (procedures for the neck and chin, lower jaw).

Upper face lift

While working on this area, eyebrow and skin correction in the forehead can be performed. The main goals are lifting the outer corners of the eye and eyebrows, which, due to age-related changes, have fallen, smoothing wrinkles on the nose and forehead.

Face lifting - what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift

The need for correction appears with serious signs of aging in people over the age of 40. In rare cases, work in this area is carried out for 30-year-old patients. Usually, experts recommend classic correction options for such cases through surgical procedures, as well as modern endoscopic techniques.

Indications for a lower face lift:

  • loss of attractiveness with eyebrows, their omission;
  • excess tissue in the upper of the nose with an obvious omission of the tip of the nose and the entire upper area of the face;
  • the appearance of deep wrinkles on the forehead;
  • folds in the root of the nose;
  • excess tissue on the upper eyelid;
  • severe loss of elasticity in the temples and corners of the eyes;
  • the appearance of glabellar lines of vertical or oblique orientation.

Mid face lift

Just a few years ago, working with an average third person was problematic. Now, thanks to the capabilities of modern technologies, the area is being adjusted in the course of independent operations or complex tightening. This zone includes space bounded by the lower eyelid and nasolabial.

Tightening the middle third eliminates:

  • omission of the corners of the mouth;
  • sagging skin under the eyes (cosmetologists say that blepharoplasty is the best supplement for such a face lift);
  • explicit nasolabial folds.
  • loss of cheek volume and sagging skin.

The result of the procedures will be a change in the “tired” face with a younger and fresher look. Depending on the particular case, a specific technique or combination thereof is recommended to provide a better effect.

Lower face lift

During the correction of the lower third of the face, work is being done on the lips, neck and chin. This lift is aimed at eliminating:

  • deep wrinkles;
  • sagging and sagging skin;
  • ptosis
  • double chin.

Various technologies are used, including minimally invasive and endoscopic ones. Today’s methods make it possible to abandon significant cuts.

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Types of Facelift

Cosmetology rooms and specialized clinics offer various types of lifting. To choose the most suitable, you need to consult a specialist, find out their advantages and disadvantages, main features.

RF face lifting: what is it, reviews of cosmetologists

Modern RF face lifting: what it is and what results it gives in practice, leading cosmetologists answer: this is a non-surgical option to eliminate the very first signs of skin aging. It is also known as thermolifting, thermage.

Face lifting - what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift

Most often, such a correction is carried out for young people who continue to develop collagen, if it is necessary to rejuvenate the skin, without resorting to serious surgical interventions.

The exposure is through radio frequency energy, under the influence of which, against the background of collagen remodeling, the skin structure is normalized. The process itself is aimed at subcutaneous tissue and microscopic changes in them.

The areas in which collagen is contained are effectively shrinking due to a gradual increase in temperature. When tissues are heated to 50 degrees during manipulation, the fibrils located inside the collagen fibers are compressed . In parallel with this, denaturation and loss of water, a reduction in elongation are noted – this is the key to increasing skin elasticity.

Modern cosmetologists claim that the result of RF lifting is the activation of the process of collagen production in the skin along with their compression.

Face lifting - what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift

In general, doctors note obvious positive results of such a procedure, paying attention to the fact that its carrying out is permissible no more than twice a year. If skin irritation appears upon completion, it will disappear without a trace in the near future.

Endoscopic facelift: what is it

To restore attractiveness, many different procedures have been developed. One of them is endoscopic face lifting. What is it, experts in cosmetic medicine explain. In fact, this is a minimally invasive surgical procedure.

Face lifting - what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift

When carrying out it, it is typical to perform a minimum of cuts with high accuracy of correction in the end. It is used to eliminate negative manifestations not only on the face, but also in the decollete.

Due to the capabilities of endoscopic devices, there is no need for significant excision of the skin. Entered into medical practice at the end of the last century, they were constantly improving, their possibilities expanded, which explains the application in the framework of plastic surgery.

The actual endoscopic lift has become widespread relatively recently. But thanks to the good results of this correction, many cosmetologists advise it.

Face lifting - what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift

Nevertheless, it is an surgical intervention requiring anesthesia. Therefore, the procedure requires preliminary preparation and a thorough examination of the patient.

Circular facelift: what is it

To give the skin a fresh, youthful look again, a circular facelift is performed. As a result of surgical procedures, excess areas of the skin are removed, and the soft tissues underneath are partially tightened.

Usually, work is carried out only with the upper skin. But often, for the best effect, specialists also affect the aponeurotic layer of muscles. The deeper the intervention, the more time will be required for subsequent recovery after it.

In many cases, as part of a set of procedures, such a lift is combined with blepharoplasty.

In the first days after surgery, the person may be swollen – this is a normal reaction to the intervention. After 7-10 days, when the stitches are removed and the bruises disappear, the face will become more fresh and young.

As part of a circular tightening, work is underway with the neck, all areas of the face. The result is the disappearance of facial and other types of wrinkles, and getting rid of a tired look on the face, eliminating wrinkles on the neck and chin.

Plasma lifting for the face: what is it

Plasma face lifting – what it is and how the restoration of the skin proceeds: this procedure involves the use of injections with plasma, which contains a large amount of collagen, elastin. Ultimately, the skin is rejuvenated, smoothed out, pigmentation disappears from it. Beauticians have tried this method recently.

Plasma lifting is aimed at activating the resources available to the body, as a result of which the skin is rejuvenated. In the absence of external interventions, an effect on the regenerative and immune systems of the body occurs.

Indications for :

  • loss of skin firmness and elasticity;
  • flabbiness;
  • negative changes in the relief or tone of the skin.

The peculiarity of the procedure is that it provides a guaranteed result in the complete absence of the risk of infection when performing manipulations. Allergic manifestations or rejection of the active substance is also impossible.

Laser facelift: what is it

To get rid of saggy skin, deep wrinkles and the manifested vascular network, aesthetic medicine experts advise turning to a laser tightening technique. Such an effect involves the heating of cells through a laser, which are located in the inner layers of the skin.

Face lifting - what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift

At the same time, collagen fibers are actively compressed, natural regeneration of the skin occurs, and the production of collagen and elastin is also activated.

The technique may have its own characteristics, depending on the area of the intended impact. When working with small areas, local anesthesia is required. If the work will be conducted with a significant area, the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia.

Non-surgical facelift

Therapeutic trauma to the skin layers is the basis of any non-surgical facelift technique. This is an effect that suggests that different parts of the dermis exhibit an uneven reaction. But against the background of such injuries, hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen are forming in each of them.

Hardware lifting hardware (facelift), reviews

Under the skin and fiber is the so-called “superficial muscle-aponeurotic system” or SMAS. It is located in the area of the muscle layer to the dermis. On the face, such areas can be found near the ears, neck.

Face lifting - what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift

The appearance and oval of the face will depend on the state of this layer. As it stretches and wears out, a change in size and shape — ptosis — appears.

The basis of massage lifting is the action of ultrasound on the desired layers of the dermis and muscles, in particular on the aponeurotic . Collagen fibers are compressed due to heating, restoring their elasticity. The advantage of this lifting is the absence of complications after the procedure – the outer layer of the skin retains its integrity.

Modern women positively evaluate the results of this procedure, in addition, noting its undoubted advantage over any type of surgical intervention. The skin really “gets younger” for several years.

Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko

Among the many known variations of facial gymnastics, the non-surgical tightening technique from Margarita Levchenko is very popular. It is aimed at improving and rejuvenating the skin of the face.

Face lifting - what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift
Margarita Levchenko – author of the face lifting method

The technology involves power action on problem areas. At the same time, working in such a sensitive and delicate area as the face, it is necessary to
maintain softness and smoothness of movements.

The first results, with regular daily classes, from such gymnastics are visible after 20 days. Those who are interested in this technique can get acquainted with the exercises theoretically or choose training through videos on the Internet.

For each lesson, Margarita gives explanations regarding the choice of exercises and the volume of their implementation.

Facelift for facelift: their features, reviews

To stop the natural aging of the skin, cosmetologists recommend the use of mesothreads. The procedure involves the introduction of special Lead Fine Lift threads into the dermis layer using special needles.

Face lifting - what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift
Thread lifting face

Often the necessary manipulations are carried out with anesthesia, since they cause not just unpleasant, but painful sensations. If general anesthesia is required, the patient undergoes a preliminary examination to determine the condition of the body.

If using non-surgical, but simple mesothreads with a self-absorbing effect, anesthesia can be minimal.

Patients note a poor appearance in the first time after such a tightening, complain of bruising and swelling, some specific manifestations. However, almost all complications disappear within a month after the procedure.

Thread Aptos for facelift, reviews

The most practical application was a facelift using Aptos threads. Its advantage is a minimum of contraindications and bloodlessness. But the result of the procedure is a clear smoothing of wrinkles.

The basis of the technique is the creation of a framework of such threads, which will “support” the soft tissues. Due to special notches, their fixation is provided. The specific type of threads for the operation is selected individually, depending on the severity of age-related changes and body characteristics.

Patients massively respond to such manipulations positively and even enthusiastically. Before the visible result, you need to wait about 3-4 weeks. But the effect persists for several years. In rare cases, we are talking about complications.

Other threads for facelift, reviews

In practice, other types of mesothreads, which are fibers of polyurethane, silicone, intertwined with polyamide, are also actively used in cosmetology. The most widespread are such varieties:

  • 3D mesothreads;
  • combined cone-shaped.

3D threads are the thinnest mesothreads. Only highly qualified cosmetologists work with them – the procedure involves the accuracy of movements. But the trauma in this case is minimal.

About 6 months after tightening, the mesothreads completely dissolve. The long-term effect of the procedure is caused by the appearance of a collagen skeleton in the dermis layers.

The procedure is relevant only at the beginning of the appearance of obvious age-related skin changes and is usually used for people not older than 40 years. For its carrying out there is no need for operating conditions.

Cone-shaped threads are distinguished by the presence of special cones and nodules. Due to these details, the best fixation is achieved . After several months, the material gradually dissolves, leaving behind a peculiar framework of connective tissue.

Face lifting - what is this procedure. RF lifting, facial threads, non-surgical lift
What is the thread for face lifting will tell the cosmetologist

Women note mainly a positive effect and affordable prices for the procedure. Although in some reviews you can find information about the appearance of small tubercles on the face in places of attachment of mesothreads.

Facelift: contraindications

Contraindications to face lifting are as follows:

  • age less than 25 years;
  • allergic reactions to applied cosmetics and their individual components;
  • face plastic surgery less than 6 months ago;
  • excess weight;
  • diseases of the skin and blood vessels;
  • cellulite;
  • open wounds or fresh scratches.

How much is a facelift and what does the price depend on

Not a single specialist, before a thorough examination of the patient, will not announce the final cost of a facelift. The final price will be affected by the amount of work and the selection of suitable techniques, the need for anesthesia. Single procedures or complex effects are possible.

The most difficult thing is to work with the lower part of the face and neck. Lift of this zone is usually the most expensive due to the complexity and the need for additional SMAS lifting.

The cost of lifting the middle part of the face is usually small. But if complex recovery is required, including blepharoplasty, this will lead to its significant growth. The cheapest and most affordable option is the correction of the upper third of the face.

If you plan to work on several zones at once, a circular pull is often chosen. Its price is also determined by the amount of work and the selected methods.

The approximate cost of lifting individual zones is as follows:

  1. Neck plastic of various types – from $ 340.
  2. Work with the eyebrow, forehead, middle part of the face – from $ 544. each zone.
  3. Skin lift on the face / on the face and neck – from $ 612 / from $ 816.
  4. Endoscopic plastic surgery – from $ 1020.
  5. SMAS lifting – from $ 1020.

A feature of such a direction in cosmetic medicine as face lifting is that it requires an individual approach. This is a prerequisite – depending on the specific age-related changes in the skin and the desired result. A suitable technique is selected, zones requiring correction are determined, additional cosmetic procedures are prescribed.

Video clips on the types of facelift

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What is RF face and body lifting:

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