Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models

A multi-styler is a curling iron, an iron and a hair brush in one device, you can talk about its advantages and advantages for a long time, but the most important thing can be described with just a few words – compact, fast, functional, creative.

What is a hair multi-styler

A multi-styler for hair is the dream of any woman. A small, strong and smart assistant to create any hairstyle at home.

Not so long ago, curlers for hair curling appeared in the arsenal of fashionable women, then irons and brushes came into fashion. Each device performed only one function and had its own characteristics, pleasant and not very. Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models

Replacing “merciless” curling irons came new ceramic-coated apparatuses, irons, straighteners and corrugators, hair dryers with brushes of different diameters with and without steam came into fashion. These devices began to be called stylers.

But manufacturers went further. For convenience and compactness, it was decided to combine several types of stylers into one. As a result, a very convenient device with different functions appeared on one common heating ceramic platform – a multistyler.


Manufacturers of hair technology from time to time offer new, more technological and improved types of stylers. Convenient, compact and careful appliances are born that can make a beautiful hairstyle without harming your hair quickly and at the lowest cost.

Today, there are two types of styler:

  • specialized styler – an apparatus that can perform 1 or 2 functions (for example, straighten curly hair and do styling with steam);
  • a multistyler for hair is a multifunctional device with a large number of nozzles (used to create all kinds of creative hairstyles at home or in the salon).

In addition, a multistyler can be:

  • with swivel network wire;
    Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models
    It is recommended to purchase a multi-styler for hair with a wire on a hinge. Such a wire is flexible and does not twist
  • wireless (works from batteries, accumulator, gas spray);
  • with a convenient stand-tripod.


A feature of a multi-styler is its functionality. The task of this device is to provide the maximum number of hairstyle options with a quick change of modes, by changing nozzles. This is an obvious plus for those who prefer to radically change their image and love to experiment on their hair.

Each of the manufacturers of multi-stylers offers its own set of various nozzles complete with the device. For individual brands, it is possible to purchase the desired nozzles in addition to the main ones. The total number of nozzles offered can reach up to 10, each of which is designed for its purpose.

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Options from the manufacturers of this popular gadget are different. Some premium models are equipped with 13 nozzles, which allows you to make the most diverse, beautiful hairstyles and experiment on creating a creative look. Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models

Basically, multi-stylers are equipped with the following arsenal of nozzles:

  1. “Iron” (rectifier). Designed for smoothing curly or strongly curly hair, as well as for polishing strands and removing static electricity (in the presence of an ionizer).
  2. Iron “Corrugation” . With this nozzle, you can make small, corrugated curls, across the entire length of the strand.
  3. Curling tongs (single, double, triple). These nozzles are used to create large, medium and small curls, beautiful S-shaped curls or “beach waves”.
  4. Nozzle “Cone” . With its help, you can make beautiful and natural curls, large at the roots and small at the ends of the hair.
  5. Spiral nozzle is designed to create a curl in the form of an elastic spiral, monotonous along the entire length.
  6. The heat brush is designed to give volume.
  7. A round brush (with bristles) creates volume by slightly twisting the hair.
  8. Hair clips, hair clips, crabs – a nice but useful little thing from the manufacturer.

Advantages and disadvantages of using

No matter how good and functional the multi-styler is, it has small flaws. Fortunately, there are not many of them, and they are insignificant.

Based on the feedback from real users of this device, it is possible to determine the positive and negative properties common to all types of stylers:

Benefits disadvantages
1. It can be used often, due to its low temperature and power ( 392°F, 40 W).

2. High speed of heating the device to the operating state (from 10 seconds).

3. There are useful functions: ionizer, cold air, air conditioning, steam.

4. It is possible to adjust the temperature of the heating platform.

5. A large number of nozzles in one device (up to 13 pcs.).

6. It is convenient to use – compact size, articulated wire without kinks (or a wireless heating method), illumination of the operating status, the presence of a stand and a carrying case.

7. Teflon, ceramic coating of heating surfaces and a housing made of durable plastic ensure safe use.

8. Multifunctionality. With one device you can: create volume, make large curls and buzzles, make elastic curls, spirals, straighten curly hair and make a “corrugation” styling.

9. A multi-styler for hair is a significant saving of time for creating (or changing) an image.

10. The multistyler in the middle and economy class has a relatively low price.

1. The device requires a systematic cleaning of the nozzles from tangled hair and soot thermal protective agents.

2. It is difficult to use a multistyler on too long and heavy hair. To create volume at the roots can not do without a powerful hair dryer.

3. The device can only be used on clean and dried hair.

4. Despite the careful modes and functions of the multistyler, it is not recommended to use them every day.

Selection rules

Before you go shopping for a multi-styler, you need to clarify a few important points. The first step is to find out what specific tasks he should perform. At this stage, the type of styler and its functionality are de

If a specific task is required, say, you need an iron to straighten curly hair, then the best solution would be to purchase a specialized styler with this function. If there is a desire to experiment on your image, then the most appropriate solution would be to buy a multi-functional multi-styler.

But here one should not rush. The choice of device should be carried out according to the best technical specifications, the authority of the manufacturer, price and real customer reviews.

Here are some guidelines for choosing the right machine:

  1. Manufacturer. This should be noted first. A well-known brand guarantees the uninterrupted operation of a multi-styler, this is justified by its authority and is confirmed by its gained reputation among users.
  2. Type of food. This is important if the styler will be used outside the home, for example, on vacation or in a place where it is not possible to connect to the network. There are many types of wireless devices and this solves the problem. Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models
  3. Types of nozzles . The more styler of various nozzles in the kit, the more hairstyle options can be made. To use this opportunity, the choice is made on the device with their maximum number.
  4. Power. An important point when choosing a device. Of course, stylers with high power are more priority, as they expand the capabilities of the device itself, and this is an additional plus for the buyer.
  5. Temperature. No less important is the temperature range of the styler and the presence of a regulator. For different types of hair, its own acceptable heating temperature is recommended. For example, for thin and dry hair, it is minimal, and for hard and heavy hair, the temperature should be higher or maximum.
  6. Availability of additional features. Optional, but very desirable. Such functions as “cold flow”, “ionizer”, “conditioning”, “steam moisturizing” provide a gentle attitude to the hair during styling and use of thermal protective agents.
  7. Control. The convenient location of the styler control is also an important detail. In the “right” devices, this panel is located directly under the fingers of the handle, and there is no problem in switching modes directly during its operation.
  8. Power cord, stand, case. Pay attention to the length of the network cable. The most convenient length for the device is 8’2 foot. It is good if the wire is hinged, this will protect it from breaking and twisting. For ease of use, it will be useful to have a stand and a compact bag-cover made of heat-protective fabric in the kit.
  9. Price. The price range for this device is in the range of $ 7,48. up to $ 320., and some especially “sophisticated” models reload at a price of $ 408. Multi-stylers are divided into classes. The final cost of a multi-styler is determined by brand, type of device, class, number of various nozzles, the presence of additional functions and design.



The company was founded in 1961 in the capital of France. The company acquired the BABYLISS trademark as soon as the creators of the curling iron established the retail trade of this device through distribution networks. Stylists and hairdressers have appreciated the novelty. “BABYLISS” has become associated with a plate manufacturer with highly professional performance. Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models

Over the past years, the company has been actively increasing the production of this equipment. Today it is one of the leading manufacturers of devices for specialists in the field of hairdressing with a worldwide reputation and great authority.

Now the company is actively improving its products using the most advanced technologies. All BABYLISS products undergo strict quality control according to all criteria and are aimed at productive interaction with the end user.


The company was founded in 1886 in Germany. She is engaged in the production of equipment for industry, as well as the production of a wide range of appliances for the home.

Today – it holds an honorable place in the top 10 large industrial monopolies.

Much attention is paid to the development and production of electronic and electrical devices, including equipment for hairdressers, salons, ordinary consumers.

The main distinguishing feature of BOSCH products is consistent quality and thoughtfulness in every detail. Like everything German, hairdryers and stylers of the BOSCH brand are modern, high-tech and reliable devices that are very popular among users.


For 120 years, PHILIPS has been delighting consumers with its unique products. Equipment and products with the PHILIPS trademark are widely used in medicine, in the direction of lighting technologies, in the consumer goods market. Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models

In all segments of production, the company creates innovative, high-tech products that are known and loved around the world.

The motto of the company is “To satisfy human needs as much as possible”. This applies to general goods, electronics, electrical products, as well as equipment for hairdressers, fashion designers and stylists.

In this direction, the company offers a wide range of stylers of different classes and prices. Professionals note that these devices are characterized by high reliability, manufacturability and ease of use.


The company was established in 1921 in Germany. In 1935, it was called “BRAUN”, with which almost everyone is familiar. At first, it was engaged in the production of electronic parts, but over time, the range of goods expanded – the company took its place of honor in the group of manufacturers of technical goods for the mass consumer.

Today it is a company with its own individual character, its exclusive design and traditions. The company carefully treats its past achievements, but actively and rationally enters the latest achievements of science and creates reliable, practical products. Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models

“BRAUN” stylers have their own proprietary features, as always they are modern, innovative devices created with love for the consumer.


A young American company, founded in 2014. She has a narrow, specific business profile that goes in 3 directions – the production of equipment (equipment and devices for hairdressers, beauty salons), the sale of cosmetic products and a network of hairdressers and high-end salons.

Despite his youth, RITELLI, as a manufacturer, has already managed to gain credibility with professional hairdressers and ordinary users.

A feature of the company is the specialization of its activities in one direction and a completely new, in-depth approach to beauty issues. The motto “RITELLI” sounds like this – “We create beauty!”.

The company’s engineers are developing instruments, taking into account all the latest trends i
n this area, and in practice bring their technology to perfection. The devices of the company are designed for professional use in salons and for the home. They are not cheap, but give excellent results.

Top 5 Multi-Stylers


The multistyler is intended for use in everyday life. It has the functions of hair straightening, styling and curling at any length. Carefully treats hair even at maximum temperature. The working surfaces of the ironing plates are covered with ceramics, there are nozzles for curling two different diameters – for large and small curls. The multistyler has an inclusion light, a convenient swivel wire. Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models


  • power – 240 W;
  • maximum temperature – 410°F;
  • weight – 180 g;
  • power cord – 5’9 foot;
  • number of nozzles – 7;
  • price – $ 50. (average).


  • a large number of nozzles;
  • there is a ceramic coating;
  • there is an indicator (on / off);
  • rotating network wire;
  • bag case.


  • no display;
  • no auto power off;
  • long heating.


The iron is designed taking into account the innovative method of ionization function, which makes styling even more gentle and efficient. Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models

The controller allows you to change the heating temperature ( 320 – 32°F), and using the LCD display you can control the entire process. The device contains the latest and time-tested technologies that make styling fast, beautiful and without harm to hair.


  • voltage – 240 W;
  • maximum temperature 9,4 – 32°F;
  • weight – 200 g;
  • power cord – 9’8 foot;
  • price – $ 52. (average).


  • “Floating plates”;
  • tourmaline coating;
  • LCD display
  • ionizer;
  • rotating network wire.

Cons: based on available reviews – no cons.

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A multi-styler with a large number of different nozzles, a massage comb, clamps, crabs, with a convenient bag case. Suitable for professional and domestic use. Beautiful design, ergonomic design, built-in stand.

Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models
HP4696 / spiral 006


  • power consumption – 25 W;
  • maximum temperature 9,4 – 32°F;
  • weight – 930 gr;
  • power cord – 5’9 foot;
  • number of nozzles – 13;
  • price – $ 25. (average).


  • a large number of nozzles;
  • there is a ceramic coating;
  • there is an indicator (on / off);
  • rotating network wire;
  • bag-case;
  • stand.


  • no ionizer;
  • relatively heavy weight;
  • short cord.


Professional multi-styler with hair straightening function. A feature is the design of rounded working plates that prevent creases. It has an ionizer and ceramic coating. Creates a beautiful shine, elasticity to the hair without electrifying them. The styling looks excellent, as in an elite salon. Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models


  • voltage – 240 V;
  • maximum temperature 9,4 – 32°F;
  • weight – 300 gr;
  • power cord – 5’9 foot;
  • temperature conditions – 5;
  • price – $ 54. (average).


  • there is an indicator;
  • ionization function (double);
  • swivel network wire;
  • auto power off (timer);
  • fast heating in 15 sec .;
  • several temperature conditions;
  • “Floating” plates.


  • forceps cause slight tingling;
  • the markings on the handle are quickly erased.


This is a multi-styler for hair with an interesting design. Professional, has steam hydration to carefully create an elegant curl. The device does everything by itself. You just need to insert the ends of the strand between the clamps, the automatic mechanism will wind it onto the reel and all that remains to be done is to open the multistyler handles and release the lock of hair. Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models


  • power consumption – 30 W;
  • weight – 650 g;
  • maximum temperature 7,6 – 32°F;
  • power cord – 6’1 foot;
  • number of modes – 9;
  • price – $ 81. (plus, minus).


  • there is a ceramic coating;
  • steam humidification;
  • swivel network wire;
  • several timer modes;
  • automatic wrapping of strands;
  • ionizer.


  • only one function;
  • the drum does not hold too long hair;
  • dexterity required;
  • short wire.

How to use a multi-styler for hair

Using a multi-styler is not at all difficult, but you still have to “get your hands on”.

The whole process can be divided into several parts and act in order, observing these simple rules:

  1. Before creating a hairstyle, you should wash your hair and dry it completely. This is an important point. Do not use the styler on wet and damp hair, since under the influence of temperature, the wet strand is excessively dried and becomes brittle. Multistyler for hair. What is it, how to choose and use. 5 best models
  2. Then you need to prepare the device for work. The necessary nozzle is put on the styler. It depends on the styling option that you want to do today. The device is connected to the network (or connected to stand-alone power on the control panel).
  3. While the styler heats up, and this usually does not take more than a minute, you need to prepare the first strand for winding. For convenience,
    the rest of the hair is fixed with clips or hairpins, which are usually included in the multistyler kit.
  4. Create curls over the entire length of the strand from root to tip . To do this, the ends of the strand are inserted between the clamps of the curling iron and, turning the appliance, the hair is wound on it along the entire length. The heating time of the strand is no more than 15 seconds. Then, by reverse action, the twisted curl is released.
  5. For straightening curly hair. The strand is clamped between the ironing plates at the very roots and the device carefully and smoothly moves along the entire length of the hair to the very ends.
  6. To create volume and large curls. For this purpose, a large-diameter brush with bristles is used. The strand is wound on a brush that fixes the hair between the bristles, preventing them from slipping out. After exposure to a warm or hot stream, the strand is released by a neat reverse action. To avoid tangling, it is necessary to unwind the hair without distortion of the styler.

This is important to know! You can not pull the strands strongly during winding and overexposure the styler on the hair for more than the prescribed time. This can lead to burns, destruction of the hair structure and its fragility!

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User reviews and opinions

Numerous user reviews about the device, its operation and features can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Users who are fully satisfied with the purchase.
  2. Users are satisfied with the device, but find some drawbacks in it.
  3. Dissatisfied users.

The first and largest group of buyers find the device very useful, convenient, modern. As a rule, all reviews are written in a delightful manner with many exclamation points. The phrase “this is what I dreamed about!” can be found more than once.

The second group of users is also satisfied with the styler, but they find some drawbacks in it. For example, “the device is very good, but a very short cord and there is no loop for hanging” or “the device does not have a temperature regulator, it is simply impossible to select the desired mode” …

The third group of buyers was not satisfied with the purchase, but, fortunately, there were only a few negative reviews. The main argument of such users was “poor-quality assembly of the device” or “the effect of use below the manufacturer’s stated”.

A multi-styler for hair is a device difficult for some women, and it takes some time to learn how to use all its features. It is with this that single negative customer reviews are associated.

Multistyler is an excellent tool for creating beauty on the hair in different images. Beautiful curls, frivolous curls, a flowing wave of well-groomed, polished hair to a shine – now all this can be done at home. A small but smart assistant realizes the most daring fantasies, helps to look well-groomed and stylish every day.

Video about hair multi-stylers

Overview-comparison of multi-styler, curling iron and ironing. What’s better:

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