Scrubs for the scalp. Recipes for oily skin, dandruff, for hair growth and health

A significant effect in the improvement of the scalp is given by various scrubs – soft-based products with abrasive inclusions. For example, a gel or emulsion with nutshells, salt. They contain ingredients useful for hair follicles and strands.

A scrub for healing scalp at home is an effective cleanser that is more effective than shampooing.

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What is a scrub and how does it work

A scrub for scalp at home is used in circumstances when it becomes far from an ideal state of the scalp – it is contaminated, increased greasy, hair looks bad.

The mixture will solve several problems at once:

  1. Stimulation of blood supply, improved nutrition of the bulbs, effects on growth.
  2. Removing dead scales and secretions of fat, providing breathing to the skin.
  3. Improving the appearance of the hairline.
  4. Removal of residues and components of cosmetics, shampoo, balm. All these substances interfere with the access of oxygen, as they clog pores.

Scrubbing is good before other treatments. For example, a preliminary step to a hair mask. The skin will be cleaned of dead particles and dirt. The agent applied then will be much more effectively perceived. For a scrub made at home, oils and particles such as salt, coffee, crushed walnut shells are needed.

Scrubs for the scalp. Recipes for oily skin, dandruff, for hair growth and health
Scrub with different additives for the scalp of different types of hair.

After a cleansing procedure with this mixture, a hair mask that includes natural ingredients will be very appropriate. The skin is saturated with beneficial ingredients, irritation will be eliminated.

There are cases when scrubbing is recommended by a trichologist or dermatologist:

  1. To increase the production of fat in the epidermis.
  2. With seborrhea.
  3. As a hair-strengthening remedy for hair loss.
  4. To create a lush cover, enhance growth.


Scrub for scalp at home should be used carefully. You can not apply the composition if there are cracks, small wounds, their absence must be verified. The effect will not be so favorable if you apply a scrub to dirty hair. The frequency of the procedure is also important, which depends on the type of strands: a healthy, damaged or colored cover.

In the case when the curls were dyed, lamination or highlighting was carried out, it is better not to use exfoliating scrub. Hard contraindications also exist.

These are the following situations:

  1. Wounds and cracks.
  2. Sensitive or extremely dry skin.
  3. Baldness, a strong tendency to hair loss.
    Scrubs for the scalp. Recipes for oily skin, dandruff, for hair growth and health
  4. Oncological problems.

The best professional scrubs for scalp

On sale is an extensive range of professional compounds that help solve a specific problem: from dandruff, for oily hair, for hair growth and others.

For dandruff

To eliminate dandruff, a tool in the form of Ollin mousse is intended. It also helps prevent a problem in the future. Other purposes: detoxification, deep cleansing of the dermis.

A similar effect is associated with the composition:

  • bamboo and aloe extracts – tone, freshness and strengthening;
  • antiseptic components of Seborami , normalizing the sebaceous glands;
  • silicon dioxide – skin cleansing from natural impurities and styling preparations;
  • Vitamin B5 – nutrition for hair.

Using the product, you need to apply peeling mousse to the skin of the scalp, foam it with movements without strong pressure and spread it on the hair. Holding 5 minutes on the head, then you need to wash off the product. The period of use is 2 weeks. Prevention is done once a month.

Scrubs for the scalp. Recipes for oily skin, dandruff, for hair growth and health

If there is an allergic reaction to a particular component, the drug is contraindicated.

Another dandruff medicine is Estel, which is presented as a shampoo. Such peeling with seborrhea eliminates the symptoms and causes of the disease. Hair is cleaned of dirt and grease, skin scales are exfoliated. The main ingredients are allantoin and zinc. They restore lipid balance in the dermis and a lack of trace elements in the hair.

These are natural antioxidants. When they are exposed, free radicals are excreted, and metabolism, nutrition is normalized as much as possible. Allantoin calms, relieves irritation, reduces sensitivity. Fat production is normalized as a process. The drug is distributed on moist hair, roots.

Massage the skin with light movements for 2-4 minutes, and then wash off. Allergy is a contraindication. Perfectly copes with seborrhea and the composition of “Reuzel”. At a price of $ 20. it is most suitable for those who have short hair, rinses cosmetics from them. Available in a transparent bottle, has a light yellow tint.

For oily skin

Domestic drug “Ollin Professional” includes bamboo extract. At a cost of up to $ 8,16, it has a soft structure without solid inclusions. Helps people with oily hair and skin.

Also for a similar problem, the following options for weekly use are suitable:

Scrubs for the scalp. Recipes for oily skin, dandruff, for hair growth and health

  1. Kapous Pre Treatment – antifungal, improves blood circulation. It has the consistency of a balm with herbs and walnut particles in the composition.
  2. Lebel Cool Orange Scalp Conditioner – deeply cleanses, fights against oily seborrhea, acts against inflammation. Ingredients: peppermint, jojoba and orange oils.
  3. Nature Siberica is available in tubes, presented in assortment with various herbal additives:
  • sea buckthorn, which enjoys excellent reviews in people with oily hair;
  • Calendula moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes, applicable to colored hair;
  • Siberian herbs: mint, sour acid.

At a cost of $ 3 – $ 10, this scrub can be universal or with a special purpose.

Title Characteristic Packaging Cost
Ollin professional With bamboo extract Tubes $ 470.00
Kapous pre treatment Light texture with crumbs Tube $ 6, up to $ 6,39.
Lebel Cool Orange Scalp Conditioner Air conditioning cleaner Tubes Up to $ 19.
Nature Siberica Natural ingredients in the composition Tube $ 310.00

For hair growth

For hair loss, Davines Detoxifying is recommended. The scrubbing composition is sold in a black bottle and is recommended for people with dry skin. At a price of $ 27. the drug has a shampoo structure. It can be used more often than weekly. Hair becomes soft, gaining shine.

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Other effects

  1. Scrub Loreal peels and solves various problems, hair strengthens and heals, skin inflammation is removed. The action is very mild, preparing for other procedures. Active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. Components: salicylic acid, burdock extract. Hair is first moisturized, then Loreal is distributed over the skin. After a two-minute massage, rinse the head and wash it with shampoo if necessary.
    Scrubs for the scalp. Recipes for oily skin, dandruff, for hair growth and health
  2. Kapus Cleansing Scrub (for example, PreTreatment by Kapous) was proposed by a domestic manufacturer. It is suitable for sensitive skin, which moisturizes, provides the ability to “breathe” and fights hair loss. It includes components from fungi, eliminates dandruff, prolongs the life of skin cells. The components are burdock and nettle extract, walnut shell. Cost – about $ 5,44., Packed in a tube.
  3. Yves Rocher scrub with moringa extract is produced in tubes at a price of about $ 7,21. Peeling removes the effects of aggressive environments, for a long time makes the skin clean, fills the hair with oxygen from the roots, which remain fresh for a long time.
  4. Collistar Talasso scrub heals, significantly nourishes hair and skin. Contains sea salt, at the same time it is a shampoo. It is sold in a jar at an average price of about $ 27. It is recommended after staining and other influences, enhances growth.

The best homemade scrubs for scalp

Shampoo washing only partially cleanses the hair, having in its structure an outer shell with a protective function, consisting of microscopic scales. Under them accumulate the remains of cosmetics to create hairstyles, dirt, grease. The grounds for scrubbing are increased fat content, brittleness and an unkempt appearance.

Such remedies help against oily seborrhea and other varieties of dandruff. Scrub for scalp at home frees the sebaceous ducts, follicles begin to “breathe”.

These compounds are divided into 2 varieties:

  • cleansing the skin, applied only to the roots;
  • for peeling hair throughout the entire length, including the skin.

Scrubs for the scalp. Recipes for oily skin, dandruff, for hair growth and health

They note the only significant drawback of scrubs – not very convenient application.

For the procedure, it is better to go to the bathroom so as not to stain the surrounding interior. Compounds created on brown (cane) sugar or sea salt, taken as the basis, differ in the greatest effect. Regularly practice such treatment is necessary about 1 time in 14 days.

From seborrhea

Dandruff is a disease that must be treated using various methods.

As a scrub for the scalp at home, a mixture is suitable:

  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • butter;
  • 1/2 small spoonfuls of ground red pepper;
  • as much ground cinnamon.

The composition eliminates seborrhea and activates hair growth. Washed off with chamomile broth.

From baldness

Androgenic alopecia (baldness) is treated at home with pumpkin scrub.

Scrubs for the scalp. Recipes for oily skin, dandruff, for hair growth and health

Ingredients required:

  • sea salt – up to 2 small spoons;
  • as many ground pumpkin seeds;
  • soy flour – 1 tablespoon;
  • the same amount of pea flour;
  • 1-2 bags of green or mint tea.

It is necessary to prepare a dry mixture, mixing all the ingredients, keep it in a closed container. As necessary, a certain amount is diluted with water or nettle infusion. Favorably adding pumpkin or sunflower oil. Scrub is applied to wet skin, massage is performed. The procedure is performed 10 minutes before shampooing, up to 2 times a week .

Another remedy for hair loss is white clay. This is an effective root strengthening, regeneration, as well as the basis for various scrubbing compounds. The tool is sold in a pharmacy. You can mix it and cosmetic mud (1: 1), make a head massage.

To normalize grease

Against excessive fat, scrubs with baking soda are used, which prevents the increased production of fat in the skin layer. Also, this substance gives a good cleaning from pollution. With dry hair, the product is not recommended. You need to take 2 large tablespoons of soda lemon and water.

Scrubs for the scalp. Recipes for oily skin, dandruff, for hair growth and health

Apply the mixture in massaging movements on the skin, wash off after a few minutes without using a detergent.

But there is also a quick way of peeling – mixing not with water, but with shampoo in a ratio of 1: 1. After massage, the product is washed off with water. Another effective method is based on the use of sea salt.

It is required to take it in 2 tablespoon along with burdock or olive oil and apply to the roots. After massaging the skin with your fingers for several minutes, you can wash off the composition with shampoo. Rubbed and just sea salt.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Pre-wetted roots.
  2. Massage a small area with several particles.
  3. After thorough cleaning, wash your hair in the usual way.

Such salt peeling not only regulates the function of the sebaceous glands, but also accelerates cellular regeneration. Helps against dandruff, improves blood circulation, activates growth. Assign immediately about 10 procedures.

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Other effects

A simple recipe is sugar scrub.

It is necessary to mix the following components:

  • shampoo – 1 small spoons;
  • cane sugar – 1 large spoon;
  • the same amount of cosmetic oil;
  • essential oil for aroma.

It is necessary to distribute the mixture on the roots, as well as along the length of the hair, massage and hold for 3 minutes, then rinse.

Scrubs for the scalp. Recipes for oily skin, dandruff, for hair growth and health

In addition to quick cleaning, the scalp softens, hair is easy to comb.

The following remedies with different effects are also recommended:

  1. Aromatic oils are used against irritation. The nourishing mask has the following composition. 30 g of salt is diluted with burdock oil, adding a little ethereal, a few drops.
  2. Blue clay is an anti-inflammatory effect that activates the blood supply.
  3. Red clay is good for hypersensitivity. It is used if a person is worried about allergies.
  4. Black clay is an absorber of toxins; it cleans surface impurities.
  5. A fragrant and soft coffee scrub is made from ground coffee, 2 tablespoon of which are mixed with 1 large tablespoons of vegetable oil (olive, coconut, any other). He will not suit fair hair, as he can dye them somewhat.

How to choose a hair care product

To choose a scrub for yourself from a variety of products available on the market, you need to focus on the type of hair, and also take into account a specific problem. The compositions prepared at home with their own cost are inexpensive, but very effective.

Restores skin, metabolic processes, fat production, normalizes functions, relieves inflammation, tones hair.

Scrubs for the scalp. Recipes for oily skin, dandruff, for hair growth and health

Contraindications must be taken into account. For example, dry hair should be scrubbed much less frequently.

How to use a scrub

Before using the selected product in the form of a scrub, you need to prepare the skin. Moisturized hair is carefully divided into partings. Confusion should also be avoided.

Now you can apply the scrub in the following steps:

  1. Distribute the preparation for exfoliation on the skin of the scalp.
  2. Leave the composition for a period of 10 to 20 minutes.
  3. Vigorously massage your head.
  4. Rinse off with water and then shampoo.

Scrub for scalp at home is used with a frequency that depends on the type and condition of the cover:

  • healthy hair – once a week;
  • dry, thin, damaged – 1 time in 14 days.

The course lasts 3 months, and after a while it is not only possible, but also recommended to be repeated.

Recently painted locks or subjected to highlighting, lamination of curls should be protected from exposure to scrubs.

Better to refrain from the procedure. A scrub for peeling scalp at home, whether it’s a product bought in a store or prepared with one’s own, is a composition with abrasive or cleaning properties. When used correctly, the effect will be very noticeable, but not immediately.

Video about dandruff hair scrubs

How to get rid of oily hair:

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