Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

Professional cosmetologists provide a variety of services for their clients. Among them are not only standard procedures for the care of hair, face and body. Using some techniques, you can easily quickly change your appearance for the better. One of the most requested services in recent years is the permanent makeup of the eyelids, eyebrows, and lips.

What is permanent lip makeup

This is the name of the procedure, during which the master fills the upper layer of the skin of the lips with pigment, as a result of which the lips look as if they are skillfully tinted with decorative cosmetics Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

Paint is injected under the skin to a depth of 0/32 – 1/32 inch. This means that permanent makeup is less lasting than a regular tattoo. After a while, the effect will completely disappear and, if desired, the procedure can be repeated.

What is required for

The presence of permanent makeup in the absence of contraindications does not affect the health and well-being of a woman and has an exclusively aesthetic function:

  • lips become brighter;
  • it is possible to slightly adjust their shape;
  • the contour becomes smoother;
  • visually thin lips look more voluminous.

In addition, the knowledge that a person is always in perfect order adds confidence.


Since the procedure is invasive, that is, with it there is a violation of the integrity of the skin, it can only be applied to completely healthy people.

Permanent lip makeup is prohibited in the following cases:

  • dermatological diseases;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • exacerbation of the herpes virus;
    Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos
    Permanent lip makeup is contraindicated for cold sores on the lips
  • oncological diseases;
  • tendency to form keloid scars;
  • taking antibiotics or corticosteroids;
  • AIDS virus.

In the presence of diabetes mellitus, epilepsy or abnormalities in the thyroid gland, the possibility of performing permanent makeup should be consulted with a doctor.

Is it possible during pregnancy

It is not recommended to undergo the procedure during pregnancy and natural feeding. In the process, painful sensations may occur, which can cause uterine tone and worsen the condition of a woman carrying a child.

In addition, it was noticed that at this time, the coloring pigment is more quickly excreted from the body. This effect is also noted by women who are breastfeeding. Makeup can completely disappear after 3-4 months. Therefore, with its implementation, it is better to wait until the end of lactation.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Permanent makeup has the following advantages:

  • reduced time spent on daily makeup. There is no need to use lipstick, contour pencil, and other lip products;
  • lips acquire exactly the shade that the client wants to see;
  • the procedure lasts no longer than 1.5-2 hours, and the effect of it, on average, at least 6 months.

In order for the procedure to be performed efficiently, it is very important to turn to the services of a qualified craftsman. The final result will largely depend on the level of his professionalism. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

When deciding on permanent makeup, you need to remember about its shortcomings:

  • There is always minimal risk of unexpected results. Individual incompatibility with the coloring pigment is possible, which cannot be predicted in advance. All that a client can do is make sure that the mater works on quality materials;
  • if you violate the rules for lip care in the recovery period, complications may begin;
  • due to the set steady color of the lips, it will be difficult to radically change the image with makeup.

Before contacting a beauty salon, you need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons.

Does it hurt to stab

Permanent lip makeup is performed using a special professional tool, into which a thin needle is inserted. She introduces the pigment directly under the skin, so the occurrence of uncomfortable sensations is inevitable. Their severity depends on the pain threshold of the client.

To avoid pain, the master uses local anesthesia. During the procedure, the master is always interested in the feelings of the client. With an increase in pain, the dose of anesthetic may increase.

To minimize discomfort, try to relax. In no case should you drink alcohol. You can take a small dose of a plant-based sedative. Most people tolerate the procedure well.

Types of permanent lip make-up: with a contour

This is one of the most common techniques. It suits those who are absolutely satisfied with the shape of their lips.

Its main features:

  • the wizard pays special attention to drawing the outline. For this, darker shades are used;
  • the rest of the lip area is filled with a uniform color . It seems that when creating makeup, a contour pencil was used.

It must be borne in mind that lips with clearly defined edges can visually add age to their owner. At the same time, the contour technique is often chosen by middle-aged women. Their makeup looks impressive and expressive.

Also, such a tattoo allows you to cope with such a problem as a slight omission of the corners of the lips. Most often, it manifests itself with age. With its elimination, the expression on the face looks more friendly.

Partial Shading Makeup

When performing contour makeup with partial shading, the following occurs: the master outlines the borders of the lips, and makes a small smooth transition to their natural color. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

Features of the technique:

  • 2 pigments are used in the work;
  • since the lips are not completely filled, the recovery period is faster.

Such makeup experts advise girls who do not want to focus primarily on the lips. They will look expressive, but will not divert all the attention. It is important that the selected pigments are combined with each other, and the contour is not too dark.

With contour and full shading

Permanent lip make-up with hollow shading has the following features:

  • the initial task of the master is to emphasize the contour of the lips, eliminating natural imperfections and achieving the ideal shape;
  • after this, it is necessary to make a smooth transition to the main color, which will fill the lips;
  • the center uses the lightest shade. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

< p>Thus, the make-up turns out to be as vibrant and natural as possible. Thanks to the brightened center of the lips, it seems that the lips are tinted with a transparent gloss. This gives them a little volume.

Ombre gradient transition

This is one of the latest techniques that require significant time costs and a high level of specialist skill. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

  • With vertical ombre, a light stripe runs across both lips. On the right and left sides, the lips are filled with dark pigment. In this case, a smooth transition between shades is achieved.
  • With horizontal ombre, the upper lip remains dark. The hue brightens when moving to the lower edge of the lower lip. Or vice versa: the lower lip is filled with dark pigment, and the border of the upper is drawn as light as possible.
  • It can be used from 2 to 5-6 shades, the main thing is that they look harmoniously with each other.

Makeup using gradient ombre technique looks quite extravagant. Suitable for girls who are used to paying attention to themselves.

Watercolor technique

Permanent makeup looks natural, but emphasizes the natural beauty and color of the lips.

Features of watercolor technique:

  • the pigment does not go beyond the natural contour of the lips, there is no purpose to maximize the edges;
  • uses several shades that the master skillfully combines with each other;
  • the paint is applied in multi-layer, which is why the procedure takes a little longer than with makeup in other techniques. You will have to spend about 2 hours in the cabin.

It is recommended to use light, pearlescent, nude tones. So the lips will look as gentle as possible. For watercolor permanent makeup do not use bright, saturated, acidic shades. The technique is recommended for those who prioritize the ease and naturalness of their image.

Permanent lipstick

The technique is suitable for those who prefer to use lipstick with a dense texture in their makeup. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

It has the greatest resemblance to the full casting technique, but has its own characteristics:

  • the pigment is introduced under the skin as tightly and deeply as possible;
  • the shape of the lips is not adjusted, their natural contour is completely repeated.

It should be borne in mind that when choosing a bright shade it will be especially difficult to change the selected image. Therefore, experts recommend giving preference to saturated, but at the same time close to natural shades.

The technique of “permanent lipstick” is suitable for girls whose lips are moderately full. If they are narrow, it is better to choose something else for yourself, since such makeup has the ability to slightly conceal the natural volume, especially when choosing a dark shade.

In the spraying technique

Permanent lip makeup, made in this way, creates the effect of velvet lips.

Its features:

  • soft, natural shades are used;
  • the coloring pigment is distributed evenly, as a result of which the lips look evenly stained.

The spraying technique is recommended for girls with asymmetrical lips. Tattooing will help to correct it, clearly identify the edges of the lips, but at the same time make them not too striking. Suitable for makeup fans in calm, discreet colors.

3D effect of super-volume lips

This technique is considered one of the most difficult. For its high-quality performance, a high qualification of the master is required.

Here is what characterizes her:

  • it is necessary to combine several actions at once: adjust the shape of the lips, select and outline the contour, create the effect of additional volume;
  • at least 3 shades are used in the work;
  • in the center of the lips, the lightest pigments are used, which, as they approach the edges, smoothly flow into darker ones. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

The most important nuance of the supervolume technique is that permanent makeup is performed not in one but in several sessions. You will need to visit the salon 2 to 4 times.

Full bleed

Permanent lip makeup is a little faster in this technique than in the rest.

Its characteristic features:

  • only one shade is used;
  • no glare;
  • the effect of extra volume is minimal.

Lips look well stained with matte lipstick. But, if the client wishes, the master can recreate the effect of natural shine.

How bright the makeup will turn out depends entirely on the shade chosen by the client. Full fill can be used by girls with any type of appearance, cold or warm. However, the technique is not recommended for lips that are too thin.

Permanent Lip Tattoo Lip Light

Lip Light is suitable for girls with perfect lip shapes. Here’s how makeup is done:

  • a light line is drawn above the upper lip;
  • using a game of several shades, the effect of wet lips is created;
  • only light colors are used.

The technique gives the lips extra volume. The upper light line will easily emphasize all the irregular facial features, so before choosing Lip Light, you need to objectively evaluate your appearance and understand whether such makeup can make it even more expressive. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

Such a tattoo is suitable for girls who prefer makeup in a glamorous style and prefer mother-of-pearl shades.

Pearls lips

The Pearls Lips technique allows lips to look as natural as possible. Its differences from other techniques:

  • the master works with special multiblade needles;
  • 1-3 shades are used;
  • visually it seems that the colors flow smoothly from one to another;
  • in the center, the shade of the lips becomes lighter, the effect of pearl shine is created.

Pearls Lips is suitable for those who do not like to attract attention with bright makeup.


Thanks to this
technique, lips become especially expressive. Her distinctive features:

  • not one shade is used, but from 3 to 6. As a result, color highlights are created and the lips look more voluminous.
  • The lip contour is indicated by a darker color.

Technique requires high skill of a specialist.

Features for color matching

You need to choose the color, guided not only by personal preferences. It is also necessary to consider the type of appearance.

  • For girls with dark hair and pale skin, such shades are suitable: fuchsia, terracotta, plum, amaranth.
  • For blondes with a cold shade of skin and eyes, a bronze, lilac, and cherry shade is preferable.
  • Brown-haired and red-haired girls are recommended to try salmon, peach, coral colors.
  • With dark brown hair and green eyes, body, caramel shades, ocher color will look good. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

The choice of shade must be approached responsibly, because you will have to go with it for several months.

Preparation for the procedure

Permanent lip makeup requires advance preparation, which should begin in a few days.

  • For 2-3 days, people prone to allergic reactions should start taking antihistamines.
  • For 2 days, you need to lubricate your lips with antiherpetic ointments.
  • On the eve of the procedure, it is recommended to refrain from taking hot tea, coffee, alcohol, energy drinks.

The procedure should be postponed if several weeks before the alleged tattoo it was necessary to take antibiotics or a catarrhal or infectious disease was suffered.

Permanent Lip Makeup Technique

Permanent makeup begins with local lip preparation. The face must be thoroughly cleaned of cosmetics, there should not be any suspicious rashes on the lips. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

Next, the wizard acts like this:

  • a sketch is drawn on the lips and agreed with the client;
  • anesthetic ointment is applied;
  • coloring pigments are selected and mixed;
  • the tattooing procedure begins – with a special device, the master injects paint under the skin.

After the process is completed, the specialist will give recommendations for further care. Prerequisite – the procedure is performed using disposable materials. This is the key to customer safety.

Features of creating Korean lip makeup

Some women are attracted by the idea of doing Korean-style lip make-up. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

To do this, observe the following rules:

  • the most preferred shades are berry;
  • Korean make-up is not characterized by clear contour lines. Color shades from the center towards the edges.

Lip makeup in this technique looks particularly gentle and feminine.

Long-lasting permanent makeup when correction is needed

Permanent makeup lasts on the lips for 6 to 10 months. During this time, the tint gradually becomes more dull. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the client. For example, if the skin on the face is oily, the coloring pigment will come off faster. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

Correction is necessary in two cases:

  • if it is necessary to slightly correct the fresh tattoo, add brightness to the shade or adjust the shape. In this case, the correction is carried out immediately after the healing of the crusts.
  • If you need to update the tattoo, which has already faded. In this case, it becomes possible to choose a different shade or other technique.

As well as the first procedure, correction is carried out using anesthesia.


It is very important to properly care for your lips after the procedure. The outcome will largely depend on the quality of care.

The following rules must be observed:

  • until the swelling subsides, you need to wipe your lips with chlorhexidine or miramistin several times a day. You can wash your face only with cool boiled water. If severe pain occurs, you can drink an anesthetic.
  • After the formation of crusts, the lips need to be lubricated with a healing ointment 1-2 times a day. What exactly to use the drug, the master will tell.
  • It is strictly forbidden to scratch your lips, remove the scabs yourself, or contribute to their early disappearance. In place of the stripped-off area, rejection of the coloring pigment may occur.
  • Until the permanent healing of the tattoo, do not use cosmetic masks, scrubs, peels, decorative cosmetics for the lips and hygienic lipstick. Permanent lip makeup: with feathering, magnification effect, 3d, ombre, in watercolor, velvet lips. Before and after photos

Within 7-10 days after the procedure, you can not visit the solarium, pool, sauna, expose your face to direct sunlight, take alcohol. All this can affect the process of skin pigment acceptance.

If within 5 days after the procedure, the edema does not subside, pain in the lips increases, body temperature rises, you need to seek medical help. Perhaps an infection has entered the body. This can happen if the master violates sanitary standards, if the work was performed with a non-sterile tool.

After falling off the crusts, it may seem that the color of the lips is less bright than we would like. But over the next 2-3 weeks, the pigment will gradually become brighter. You need to evaluate the final result of the wizard no earlier than in a month.

Is it possible to remove non-liked tattoo

You need to know that permanent makeup can not be removed at home. The easiest way to get rid of it is to resort to laser removal. Laser rays painlessly destroy and remove the coloring pigment. A session lasts several minutes, depending on the situation, several sessions may be required.

Using laser removal, you can fix the asymmetrical shape of the lips or the wrong shade. The disadvantage of this procedure is its high cost.

Also, lips can be treated with Remover – a special professional tool, the purpose of which is to remove persistent coloring pigments. You can buy Remuver at points of sale where professional cosmetics are sold.

There is no guarantee that Remuver will permanently remove permanent makeup. It is possible that some part of the paint will remain in place and to completely complete the process can not do without the use of laser beams. It should also be borne in mind that the product can greatly dry lips.

In order for the permanent lip make-up procedure to be successful, you need to take care in advance of finding a good salon. The selection criteria should not be the remoteness of the cabin from home or the low price of services.

The best solution is to view photos of the master’s work before and after work. Many specialists take pictures of clients immediately after tattooing, when the lips are still very bright and swelling is clearly visible. It’s hard to objectively evaluate how well the makeup is made from such pictures. It would be much more informative to see photos of already healed lips.

Permanent Lip Makeup Video

How is permanent lip makeup done:

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