Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo

A fashionable way to color dark hair is balayazh. Photos of Hollywood celebrities with a contrasting hairstyle have made this type of coloring popular around the world. You can stain using this technique at home or sign up for a salon to look like a TV star.

The essence of the method

Balayazh on dark hair: a photo of a hairstyle clearly demonstrates how this technique of applying paint looks. The staining method creates a color contrast between the roots and ends. The border between bleached and natural hair is a zigzag, not a straight line, unlike ombre and sombre hairstyles.

When dyeing, up to 5 tones of paint can be used, which are applied only to the lower part of the hair. The top of the hairstyle retains its natural look. You can take natural shades of paint and create the effect of strands burnt out in the sun. And you can dye your head in unnatural tones to stand out among the surroundings.

Advantages and disadvantages

A few reasons to try a hut:

  • This hairstyle is suitable for girls with any face shape. Balayazh softens the appearance and makes the face more oval.
  • For a woman with any color type of appearance, you can find the ideal tones for lightening hair so that the hairstyle looks spectacular.
  • Balayazh is combined with any style of clothing: from business to informal.
  • Most of the hair retains its natural color. This allows you to change the hairstyle, but save the image. If you don’t like or feel tired, you can simply cut off the ends.
  • Colored hair looks thicker and more voluminous. Stylists recommend trying balayazh girls with thin and sparse hair. Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo
  • The scalp and hair roots do not come in contact with the paint. Staining does not cause dry scalp, hair loss and other unpleasant consequences.
  • If a slightly contrasting shade is selected, you can make a balayazh without highlighting.
  • It is suitable for women of any age. The color contrast on the hair visually rejuvenates the face. There is also a psychological effect – a woman with a fashionable hairstyle is perceived several years younger.
  • Balayazh looks beautiful, even if you do not renew the hair for several months. Only the proportions of clarified and natural hair change.
  • A simple hut with 1-2 shades can be made at home with your own hands. To get a beautiful gradient of 3-5 shades, you need to visit a hairdresser.

But there are also disadvantages to this technique:

  • The effect of coloring is noticeable only on the styled hairstyle. Otherwise, light and dark strands get confused, and the hairstyle looks groomed. It is necessary to do the styling every time before leaving the house.
  • Even the gentle balayazh technique does not pass without leaving a trace for healthy hair. Dry ends and excision may occur. To avoid this, you need to use moisturizers for colored hair.
  • Guaranteed results can only be obtained in the cabin. With home-made do-it-yourself staining, the final result may differ from the intended one.

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Recommendations of stylists

Balayazh on dark hair (photos of hairstyles prove that this coloring technique is best for brunettes) will help transform brown-haired, red-haired and fair-haired girls, if you choose the right tones when dyeing. It is best to visit the stylist and ask him to choose shades for balayazh, which will be combined with natural hair color, eye color and skin tone.

It is more difficult for blondes, light blonde girls or with gray hair. Classic balayazh on fair hair is almost invisible. There are 2 options to solve the problem: take a paint of bright colors (for example, lilac or turquoise) or pre-dye your hair dark, and then perform a balayazh. Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo

The longer the hairstyle, the more colors you can use to lighten. On the hair to the shoulders, a balayazh will look more impressive than on short hairstyles such as a bob or bean. Therefore, it is better to grow hair first, and then lighten it. In the presence of diseases of the hair and scalp, the problem should also be solved before staining.

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Black hair: rules for choosing shades

If the curls are dark, girls can use almost any shade of paint for clarification using the balayazh technique:

  • Blond.
  • Ashen.
  • Platinum.
  • Wheat
  • Burgundy.
  • Wine.
  • Cherry.
  • Red.
  • Ginger.
  • Golden.
  • Chestnut.
  • Caramel
  • Blue.
  • Pink.
  • Violet. Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo

Photos of girls with different hairstyles help to choose the desired shade. All of these tones when staining balayazh contrast well with dark hair.

Rules for short haircuts

  • For a short haircut, you can take 1-2 shades of paint. Even a professional craftsman will not be able to perform a gradient of 5 shades over a short length.
  • The dyeing zone starts from the middle of the strand and goes down in the shape of a triangle. The paint is applied from top to bottom with wide brush strokes.
  • It is necessary to separate the strands from each other with clips and hairpins, you can use foil.
  • On short strands, the paint dries faster than on long ones. Warming your head to speed up the chemical reaction is not necessary.
  • Short staining is not gentle, as the dye may come in contact with the scalp and hair roots. Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo
  • As the hair regrowth, the contours of the stain are blurred and the effect is lost. It is often necessary to update the hut and model haircut.
  • If the hair is very short and the length for dyeing is less than 1’2 inch, it is better to abandon the balayazh technique.

Strands of medium length

  • Fashionable coloring is combined with any medium length hairstyle, in harmony with straight and curly hair.
  • Particularly stylish balayazh looks on haircuts cascade and elongated Bob haircut.
  • For dyeing medium hair, it is recommended to take 3-4 related tones of the paint.
  • You can lighten only the bottom of the strands or start dyeing from the middle of the length.
  • Several fully lit strands around the edges of the face look very impressive.
  • If you do not tint the roots for several months, the hairstyle will still look well-groomed.

If the hair is long

  • You can use up to 5 related shades of paint to create a gradient.
  • Dyeing looks good on both straight and curled hair.
  • You can start dyeing from anywhere below the middle of the hair. Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo
  • The lightening area is removed from the face and eyes, so the choice of shades is much wider.
  • If you don’t like the result, you can cut off the ends and lose almost nothing.
  • The ends of long strands are prone to excision and overdrying. Dyeing is a risk factor, so long hair should be looked after especially carefully.

Natural curls

  • Balayazh technique is almost harmless to natural hair. To mitigate the effects of staining, care shampoos, balms and masks should be used.
  • The line between natural and dyed hair can be pronounced or invisible.
  • Brunettes and brown-haired women often need pre-clarification before applying paint.
  • Balayazh allows you to create the effect of burnt strands. In this case, the hairstyle will look completely natural.
  • Color correction in the salon is required less often than when performing the balayazh technique on dyed hair.

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When stained black

  • Repeated staining is recommended only in the cabin. Otherwise, mixing dyes can give an unpredictable hue.
  • The lower part of the strands is discolored by the applied dye, and then dyed again in a different tone. These manipulations lead to weakening and fragility of the ends. Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo
  • Hair that has been dyed frequently requires special care. It is important not to forget about restoring masks, shampoos and balms.

Straight and curly

  • Balayazh on curly hair looks more spectacular than on straight hair, but it is more difficult to perform. Owners of curls should contact the salon to get a quality balayazh.
  • It is very difficult to dye curls on your own, because when wet, they change shape. After drying the hairstyle, you can see that the location of the lightened areas is not what was originally planned.
  • The best option for owners of straight hair – first dye them, and then curl. It is imperative to use heat-protective agents so as not to dry the ends.
  • Curly hair, it does not matter, natural or curled, you need to fix it well with varnish after styling. On tangled strands, the hut looks extremely messy.

With a bang

Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo

  • Balayazh on dark hair (the photo shows clearly) looks beautiful both with a bang, and without it.
  • When stained, the bangs can be left in their natural color or lightened. Both hairstyles will look beautiful and harmonious.
  • If the bangs are wide, you can color the center and edges in different shades. But this technique visually expands the face.
  • The bangs should be painted only by the master. There is a considerable risk of the coloring composition getting into the eyes.
  • Paint is applied to the bangs last, after completing all other work.
  • To lighten the bangs, you should take one of those tones that have already been used in hairstyle.
  • The bangs grow back very quickly. If it is painted, you will have to visit the salon more often to adjust the hairstyle.

Is it possible to dye your hair at home

Balayazh on dark hair: photos of girls from magazines make you want to get exactly the same hairstyle. But to create a beautiful gradient of 3-5 shades on your own will not work. It is possible to lighten hair using the balayazh technique at home using 1 or 2 colors.

For starters, experiment with unstable dyes. When the result of self-coloring will be completely satisfied, you can proceed to discoloration of the ends and the application of persistent paints.

Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo
Balayazh on dark hair can be done with foil and without it, applying a clarifier to the hair strands.

You should purchase professional cosmetics that are used in salons. Paints from the economy segment contain a large number of aggressive chemicals. In addition, the use of cheap dyes can lead to yellowness or red, instead of beautiful lightening.

When performing a hammock at home, it is important to follow the technology of the procedure. One of the most important points is the dye exposure time. The table below shows the time intervals that are held in hairdressing salons.

Lightening type Dye concentration Exposure time on hair
Tone to Tone or Darker 3% 30 minutes.
1 tone lighter 6% 30-35 minutes
2-3 lighter 9% 35-40 minutes
4 tones lighter 9%, 12% 40 – 50 minutes

Materials and Tools

To perform the procedure at home, you will need:

  • Resistant paint, 1 or 2 tones. Paint developer (usually included).
  • Gloves. Protect hand skin from chemicals.
  • Plastic, porcelain or glass container for mixing paint.
  • Classic brush (no comb). The optimal width is 1’6 – 2 inch.
  • Plastic comb with short and frequent teeth (comb).
  • Comb with rare and long teeth to separate the strands.
  • Thermal paper. Used in salons as an alternative to the usual foil.
  • Barber shovel. This tool allows you to create a blurry paint effect.
  • Plastic clips or elastic bands to fix the strands. Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo
  • Cream for the skin of the face. It is applied along the borders of the forehead to protect against the effects of paint.
  • A timer in any device for counting the time of staining.
  • Cape to protect clothing from accidental paint.
  • Towel in order to warm your head and speed up the chemical reaction.
  • A large mirror to control the process of applying paint.

It is not recommended to use metal bowls and combs, as well as hairpins with metal elements. Metal can react chemically with paint. This will lead to an unexpected shade on the hair.


Preparation for the procedure should begin in a few days to get the planned result. If there are scratches on the scalp, peeling areas and other defects, staining should be postponed until the skin heals. Balayazh emphasizes the contours of the hairstyle, so a haircut is done first, and then coloring. Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo

Be sure to conduct an allergy test. To do this, grease the clean skin of the wrist with a small amount of paint. Leave on for 30 minutes. and remove with a cotton pad. If redness, peeling or rash does not appear on the skin in 3 days, the paint can be used. All this time, you can’t wash the treated skin area so that the test result is accurate.

It is forbidden to wash your hair 2 days before the procedure. During this time, a protective layer is formed on the skin from the secretion of the sebaceous glands, which will protect it from the aggressive effects of the dye. You should also give up any hair care products for 2 days. They envelop the hair rods and prevent the dye from accessing the core.

Before starting the procedure, you must lay out all the necessary tools and materials in front of you. Make sure nothing is forgotten. Plan your time so that nothing distracts from staining. Otherwise, there is a risk of disrupting timing and getting an undesired hue.

Short Hair Coloring

  1. Dry hair thoroughly combed with a comb with frequent teeth. Divide the entire volume into separate strands, fix them with clamps. Lubricate the skin of the forehead with a protective cream along the border with the hair.
  2. Be sure to wear gloves and a protective cape before starting work. Prepare a coloring agent, according to the attached instructions.
  3. The paint is applied with vertical strokes from the bottom up and a little to the side (in the shape of a triangle). The strands are colored from the middle or lower third. You can use a hairdresser’s spatula to distribute the paint. Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo
  4. The border between bleached and natural hair should not be in a straight line. Therefore, you need to start coloring the strands a little higher and a little lower to create an uneven border.
  5. Work begins with a strand in the back of the head. You need to color them in turn, moving from the back of the head to the edge of the face. Strands with already applied paint can be wrapped with foil or thermal paper.
  6. After all the strands are processed, you need to wait a while. As a rule, this is 30 minutes. The exact instructions on how much paint to hold are given by each manufacturer.
  7. After the set time, you should immediately wash off the paint with warm water and shampoo. If you overexpose the coloring composition, you can get a shade much brighter than desired.
  8. As soon as the paint is completely washed off and the water becomes clean, a conditioner conditioner should be applied to the ends. It fills damaged hair with nutrients and accelerates the process of their restoration. Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo
  9. In 2-3 minutes the balm needs to be washed off. It is advisable to allow the hair to dry naturally without using a hair dryer.

Performing dyeing on long hair

Long hair is dyed according to the same pattern.

Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo

You will need more ink, thermal paper and hairpins.

  1. Dry hair should be thoroughly combed using a comb with short and frequent teeth. You need to comb carefully, slowly moving from end to root.
  2. Wear a hairdresser’s cape and protective gloves. Mix the coloring composition according to the attached instructions.
  3. Divide the hairstyle into separate strands 1’2 – 1’6 inch thick and fix them with tails. You need to color the strands one at a time. Move in the direction from the back of the head to the temporal zones.
  4. The staining process is as follows: taking one strand, move the elastic to half or lower third. Apply paint in wide movements from the gum level to the ends.
  5. Lubricated paint strands are recommended to wrap in foil or thermal paper. This speeds up the chemical reaction and prevents the spread of paint. If you plan to make a gradient, then the gum is not removed.
  6. After applying the paint to all the strands, you need to wrap your head in a terry towel and wait 30-50 minutes. The exact time depends on the shade of paint, it is indicated in the attached instructions.
  7. When the gradient is performed, the insulation and wrapper are removed after 20 minutes. Then the gum is moved down. The strands are again dyed from gum to the ends. But at the same time, a dye of a different shade is used, as a rule, lighter than the first. Again, it is necessary to insulate the hair for 10 minutes.
  8. After the time has passed, you need to thoroughly wash your hair with warm water and shampoo. A moisturizing and nourishing balm should be applied to the ends, and then also rinse it off after 2-3 minutes. Hair should dry naturally.

Dyed hair care to extend color

  • It is important to use only shampoos, balms and styling products designed for aftercare. Regularly moisturize your hair, apply masks, serums, balms and wraps.
  • Many masks according to popular recipes contain coloring ingredients in the composition: chamomile, honey, turmeric, cinnamon and others. For dyed hair, you can use masks based on yarrow, chamomile, nettle. Balayazh on dark hair. How to make at home, staining technique, photo
  • Be sure to apply a thermal protective agent before using a hairdryer or ironing machine. It is recommended to minimize the use of these devices.
  • It is necessary to protect hair from exposure to sunlight. You can wear fashionable hats, hats and scarves.
  • It’s better to always tak
    e an umbrella with you. In large cities, acid rain occurs, which negatively affects the condition of the skin and hair.

Balayazh technique is a great opportunity to transform dark hair due to the unique play of shades, the alternation of glare and shadow. Photos of girls with similar hairstyles look very impressive.

Coloring in the style of balayazh allows you to emphasize the beauty of the face, visually increase the volume of hair and even make a woman several years younger.

Dark hair balayage videos

Balayazh dyeing on dark hair:

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