How to remove lumps of Bisha. How to clean at home, massage, exercise, diet, surgery. Before and after photos

Bisha lumps are fatty formations located between the buccal muscle and the superficial muscles of the face (chewing, large and small zygomatic) on each side. These fat deposits, surrounded by the capsule shell in the subcutaneous tissue of the cheeks, form the lower contour of the person’s face, therefore they play an important role in the aesthetics of the face.

Removal of lumps can be carried out surgically, as well as cosmetic procedures and regularly performed facial gymnastics – special exercises for the facial muscles. Photos before and after the procedures demonstrate the results of the methods and their effectiveness.

Scalpel surgery and laser removal

For lipectomy (a surgical operation to remove Bisha’s lumps), one of the following surgical techniques can be used:

  • intraoral method using a scalpel;
  • laser interoral method;
  • extraoral method using a scalpel.

The difference between the first and second method consists only in the use of different tools to excise the intrathecal surface, while the differences between the inter- and extraoral method are cardinal.

  • With the intraoral (intraoral) method, the removal of fat capsules is carried out through an incision inside the oral cavity.
  • Extraoral removal of Bisha lumps is carried out through incisions on the skin surface and is usually an element of a comprehensive facelift (ritidectomy) along with liposuction, as well as correction of the shape of the cheekbones and chin. How to remove lumps of Bisha. How to clean at home, massage, exercise, diet, surgery. Before and after photos

Indications for the operation to remove lumps of Bisha

Most indications for surgery are aesthetic in nature and are dictated by the patient’s desire to change the facial contour into the correct – more attractive form:

  • the need for facial contour correction;
  • prevention of age-related sagging cheeks due to weakening of the facial muscles;
  • hypertrophy of buccal fat capsules;
  • redistribution of body fat for sculpting the face.


Contraindications to the removal of Bisha’s lumps in an operative way relate to the presence of inflammation and diseases that impede the healing and restoration of tissues in the postoperative period:

  • age up to 25 years;
  • hemifacial atrophy;
  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes; How to remove lumps of Bisha. How to clean at home, massage, exercise, diet, surgery. Before and after photos
  • inflammatory and purulent-inflammatory processes in the face and neck.

The main part of contraindications is a common part for all surgical interventions in the human body.

In fact, Bisha’s lumpectomy as such is contraindicated only for people with Parry-Romberg syndrome, in which the number of facial muscles and skin (hemifacial atrophy) is gradually reduced, as well as for people under 25 years old, since up to this point a natural change in the volume of buccal fat capsules is possible .

Preparation for surgery

Preparation for surgery is typical for preoperative procedures and consists of several stages:

  1. Conversation with a specialist about the patient’s health status, individual characteristics of his body, past illnesses and possible allergic reactions.
  2. Examination of the patient in several projections.
  3. Determining the location and thickness of fat capsules in order to plan the incision site (can be done on a computer).
  4. Carrying out the necessary tests (urine, blood) and examinations (fluorography, ECG).
  5. Assignment of the date of surgery and discussion of the algorithm of actions of the patient and the doctor before and during the operation.

Regardless of whether the selected medical institution is a large institution or a small clinic, the place for surgical procedures should be a place specially equipped taking into account the features of these procedures (sterility, availability of necessary equipment). The procedure should not be carried out in the same room in which patients are admitted.

How is the operation

As a rule, interoral lipectomy of Bisha’s lumps is performed under local anesthesia.

Operation progress:

  1. An incision is made with a scalpel or laser on the inside of the cheek. An incision is made in the maxillary gingivobuccal sulcus or in the mucous membrane of the cheek at the level of the bite line.
  2. After cutting the mucosa with a scalpel or laser, the buccal muscle is dissected.
  3. The lump of Bisha is captured by the clamp and, with simultaneous short-term external pressure on the patient’s cheek, is pulled out of the tissues, and then cut out.
  4. The incision is stitched with a cosmetic seam and covered with a disinfectant wipe. Outside, the surface of the cheek can be fixed with an elastic bandage.

The intraoral method of removing fat capsules does not take much time, since the procedure in this case lasts about half an hour.

Removal of Bisha’s lumps within the framework of a number of plastic face corrections is a completely different type of surgical intervention lasting several hours and requiring general anesthesia. The algorithm of the surgeon’s work in this case depends on the procedures accompanying the removal of lumps in Bish.

Recovery period

Bisch lumps (photos before and after the operation show an impressive result in a few hours) are removed by a short and simple interoral surgical procedure. The recovery period also does not take much time, which is facilitated by the wound healing property of human saliva.

After the operation, the patient must adhere to certain rules:

  • The first 3 days after the procedure, do not eat food that requires chewing movements. Only liquids, mashed soups and other homogenized foods of a neutral taste, which should not contain excessive amounts of salt and spices, are allowed.
  • It is recommended that you sleep and lie mainly on your back on a high pillow to avoid the accumulation of fluids in the tissues.
  • Limit physical activity – increased blood circulation can lead to postoperative bleeding.
  • To whiten or intensively brush your teeth.
  • Drink alcohol or nicotine.

Consequences and possible complications

Bisch lumps can not always be removed without consequences for the body.

How to remove lumps of Bisha. How to clean at home, massage, exercise, diet, surgery. Before and after photos
Photos before and after removal of Bisha lumps

After the operation, the following complications may occur:

  • the appearance of postoperative hematomas;
  • trismus (tight jaw compression caused by spasm of the masticatory muscles);
  • damage
    to the parotid gland;
  • trigeminal nerve damage;
  • the appearance of seals in the cheek area;
  • asymmetry of the lower part of the face.

Damage to the facial nerve or parotid salivary gland are among the rarest consequences of the operation, while asymmetry as a result of resection of buccal fat capsules occurs in 8% of cases of postoperative complications.

The frequency of complications arising is much higher when using the extraoral surgical method, since, in addition to the consequences of applying general anesthesia, the patient is at greater risk of developing various complications due to the specificity of the method itself: the likelihood of damage to the trigeminal facial nerve in this case is much higher.

In addition, the recovery period after surgical procedures of this type is much longer due to the longer process of regeneration of the skin.

Among the possible undesirable consequences are those that do not appear immediately, but after 10 years or when a person reaches old age. Removing lumps of Bisha will allow avoiding such an age-related phenomenon as the appearance of bryl.

However, skin that loses elasticity and becomes thinner with age is prone to ptosis (sagging), as it does not have the corresponding fatty “support”. The sunken cheeks – an aesthetic effect for which, in most cases, patients decide on surgery – give the face of a middle-aged woman a haggard look.

Where passes and how much

The intraoral surgical procedure for removing Bisha’s lumps is included in the list of services of most cosmetology clinics, due to the simplicity and speed of the operation. Extraoral surgery, which requires the use of general anesthesia and, in fact, is part of many hours of plastic surgery, is performed in large medical institutions specializing in plastic surgery.

The cost of removing fatty capsules, carried out from the mucous membrane and not requiring the use of general anesthesia, ranges from $ 381 – $ 639.

Cosmetic procedures for removing lumps

Despite the fact that the surgical removal of buccal fat deposits is most effective, the procedure has a number of contraindications and undesirable consequences. It is possible to reduce the volume of Bisha’s lumps and change the contours of the face when applying cosmetic procedures, without resorting to using a scalpel or laser.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

Bisha lumps (photos before and after demonstrate the effectiveness of the procedure) can be reduced in volume using lymphatic drainage massage. Not affecting adipose tissue directly, massage is aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system of the body.

Under the influence of massage, the lymphatic vessels become toned, as a result of which the main functions of the human lymph system – drainage and transport – are better realized. How to remove lumps of Bisha. How to clean at home, massage, exercise, diet, surgery. Before and after photos

Active removal of excess fluid from the intercellular space in the facial tissues, improving microcirculation and supplying the tissues with the necessary substances help to speed up the metabolism, reduce the volume of fatty tissues, and also tone and strengthen the skin of the face as a whole.

The procedure for lymphatic drainage massage consists of several stages:

  1. Facial skin cleansing with a special gel and its preparation for further manipulations.
  2. Apply a moisturizer that helps the patient feel more comfortable during the procedure.
  3. Massage of lymph nodes located in the supraclavicular area.
  4. Lymphatic drainage neck massage (hardware or manual).
  5. Lymphatic drainage facial massage (hardware or manual).
  6. Apply moisturizer to treated areas.

The lymphatic drainage procedure has a number of contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of acute respiratory viral diseases;
  • inflammatory processes on the skin of the face or neck;
  • thyroid disease;
  • oncological diseases;
  • bleeding disorders.

The cost of the procedure in specialized institutions ranges from $ 16 – $ 20.

RF lifting

Radio frequency lifting is an effective cosmetic procedure designed to restore the elasticity of the skin of the face, neck and decollete. The essence of this non-invasive procedure is that the high-frequency waves generated by a special device penetrate the skin and, bypassing its surface layers, act on deeper ones.

The diathermal effect (“warming up” of the subcutaneous tissues) promotes remodeling of the contours of the face and neck, and also stimulates epidermal cells to regenerate due to the active production of collagen and elastin.

Due to the fact that in the process of radiofrequency exposure of subcutaneous tissues in their cells, a complex chemical process of synthesis of special proteins is launched, the result of several sessions of radiofrequency lifting is noticeable for several months.

The synthesized proteins provide the extensibility and strength of the connective tissues, as well as increase the tone of the skin of the face, preventing its sagging and sagging.

Under the influence of radio frequency waves in fat cells, the decay process of fat molecules is catalyzed – lipolysis. This cosmetic procedure allows you to sculpt the face, tone and tighten the skin in the cheeks and lower jaw, which will achieve an effect that is visually similar to the result of removing Bisha’s lumps.

RF face lifting is contraindicated in the following cases:

  1. pregnancy and lactation;
  2. age up to 25 years;
  3. inflammatory processes in the face and neck;
  4. cosmetic and dental metal implants (“threads”, braces, crowns) that are able to overheat during the procedure and burn the surrounding tissue;
  5. a large number of moles;
  6. made early lipolifting of the face;
  7. the presence of a pacemaker or other devices that can be damaged by electromagnetic radiation.

The cost of radio frequency face lifting is about $ 68.


Bisch lumps (before and after pictures can be studied as examples of the effectiveness of the procedure) can be reduced using mesotherapy.

The following injections can be made during this procedure:

  • Hyaluronic acid. Once under the skin, it stimulates intracellular metabolism and catalyzes the formation of collagen and elastin. Synthesized proteins are a natural means of combating aging and sagging skin. Improving microcirculation and accelerating metabolism can significantly reduce the subcutaneous fat layer, which affects the change in facial contours, giving it a more aesthetic and healthy appearance. How to remove lumps of Bisha. How to clean at home, massage, exercise, diet, surgery. Before and after photos
  • Lipolitics. Substances that violate the structure or completely destroy fat cells.

Acting locally, injected substances affect only the injection zone directly, which is suitable for reducing the volume of Bisha lumps, but does not give the desired result when fat removal from large areas is required.

Mesotherapy has the following contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • acute respiratory viral diseases;
  • inflammatory processes in the face and neck;
  • oncological diseases;
  • disorders of the thyroid gland;
  • bleeding

The procedure is included in the list of services of most beauty salons. The cost of the session is $ 16 – $ 20., The duration of the course is 10 sessions.

Eliminating lumps of Bish at home

You can remove Bisha’s lumps at home. Photos taken before and 2-3 months after the start of the fight against chubby cheeks will allow us to judge the changes that have taken place.

A combination of the following methods to reduce body fat will help reduce the size of buccal fatty lumps:

  • dieting;
  • performing certain physical exercises;
  • the use of special cosmetics of industrial and home manufacture;
  • facial massage.

The effect of compliance with these conditions is not as fast and obvious as, for example, the result of surgical removal of Bisha’s lumps.

Nevertheless, each designated method of independent action on the buccal fat deposits is characterized by an almost absolute absence of contraindications, as well as benefits not only for the target area, but also for the body as a whole.

Compliance with all of these principles should be reasonable and absolutely safe for health:

  • Dietary diet should be drawn up taking into account all the needs of the body for nutrients and trace elements, in quantities necessary not only for weight loss, but also for the harmonious work of all vital systems. How to remove lumps of Bisha. How to clean at home, massage, exercise, diet, surgery. Before and after photos
  • A set of physical exercises should be made with the participation of a specialist, since each movement performed during training should be aimed at achieving the goal, and not be wasted due to the wrong (amateurish) approach.
  • Before applying home or industrial cosmetics, it is necessary to assess the appropriateness of using the product, taking into account all the indications and contraindications.
  • Before proceeding to massage the problem area, you should study the technique and the algorithm of work, as improper actions during the massage can lead to stretching of the skin, its further sagging and thinning.

Massage for face and neck

The main goal of neck and face massage is to increase blood circulation in these areas. Increasing blood flow, but not stretching the skin will help pinching or patting movements, from anywhere in the face directed to the temples.

Massage movements in the neck should also be performed in the direction from the clavicle to the chin. Both during facial massage and neck massage, movements must first be intense, sharp (but not traumatic) in order to increase blood flow to the treated areas.

How to remove lumps of Bisha. How to clean at home, massage, exercise, diet, surgery. Before and after photos

The final stage of the massage should consist of stroking and relaxing movements in the recommended direction (towards the temples and chin). Minimal effect on the skin, while providing maximum effect on the subcutaneous layers, contributes to the preliminary application of a moisturizer.

Facial gymnastics exercises

Facial gymnastics will not only reduce the volume of Bisha’s lumps, but also tone and tighten the skin of the face in the lower jaw area. The photo before the exercises and a week after will already allow to judge the undoubted effectiveness of such gymnastics.

Popular techniques for performing massage to prevent the occurrence of “brylya” are available on the Web or on paper. The techniques of Carol Madgio, Eva Fraser, as well as many yoga manuals for the face will allow you to choose the most suitable option for each trainee, depending on the level of its capabilities and the degree of initial training.

Slimming and rationalizing nutrition

Changing the diet should not only be associated with a review of daily calorie intake and the ratio of nutrients consumed, but also be accompanied by the regulation of water-salt metabolism in the body, the violation of which leads to edema and difficulties in the functioning of the lymphatic system of the body, which, in turn, does not allows cells and tissues to get rid of toxins and decay products.

Masks, scrubs and oils

Cosmetics used as a component of the system of action on fat deposits in the cheek area should be characterized as products that penetrate deeply into the skin and act on its surface, moisturizing and protecting from external influences, but also act on deeper subcutaneous layers. How to remove lumps of Bisha. How to clean at home, massage, exercise, diet, surgery. Before and after photos

The reduction of Bich lumps, whose size was reduced by using any means, can be estimated from numerous photos before and after using one or the other.

Bisha Lumps Video

Myths about removing Bisha’s lumps:

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