Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues

Stellanin ointment can help from accidental burns or pathological manifestations of varicose veins, the effectiveness of which is proved not only scientifically, but also confirmed by reviews of people who used this drug.

Release form and price

This drug is released by the pharmacological industry in the form of ointment, which must be applied to the surface of the affected skin. The cost of ointment Stellanin varies from $ 4,49. up to $ 6,12. for 1 pc.

The composition of the drug

The composition of the ointment drug includes:

  • 1,3 – diethylbenzimisadolium triiodite;
  • polyvinylpyrrolidone;
  • dimethyl sulfoxide;
  • ethylene glycol polymer;
  • petroleum jelly base.

Therapeutic properties

Stellanin ointment (reviews and effectiveness associated with the combined composition of the drug) has the following effect on the body:

  1. Diethylbenzimidosolium triiodite – contains iodine, which in turn has the ability to kill bacteria. It also has a calming effect, improves tissue elasticity, normalizes the skin’s water balance. Eliminates infectious processes in the affected tissue areas. Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues
  2. Polyvinylpyrrolidone – is an assistant in cleansing the affected surface.
  3. Ethylene glycol polymer helps the active components of the ointment to be absorbed faster into body tissue. Thus contributes to a faster recovery.

Indications for use

Ointment Stellanin is well established in the treatment of dry and purulent wound surfaces of the skin and soft tissues.

It is mainly used for adults:

  • varicose ulcers;
  • damage to body tissues as a result of prolonged compression;
  • skin damage as a result of high temperatures or chemical exposure;
  • any types of physical injuries of soft tissues;
  • therapy in the postoperative period;
  • transplantology;
  • purulent inflammation of the tissues;
  • bleeding hemorrhoids;
  • purulent process in adipose tissue;
  • infectious inflammation of the sweat glands;
  • purulent-necrotic inflammation of the skin of the paranasal sacs and sebaceous glands.

Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues

Children’s age up to 18 years is a contraindication. But, if there is a situation threatening the life of the child, then the appointment of therapy with this ointment is done only by a doctor.


Like any pharmacological drug, this ointment has restrictions on the use of:

  • the manifestation of allergic reactions to the components of the drug;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • benign tumor in the thyroid gland;
  • partial or complete loss by the kidneys of the formation and excretion of urine;
  • radioiodine therapy;
  • children under 18 years old;
  • the first 14 weeks of pregnancy;
  • chronic process of death of renal tissue.

Side effects

The negative manifestations of Stellanin ointment are based on personal intolerance to its components or the drug as a whole and is manifested:

  • lacrimation;
  • local tissue edema;
  • anaphylactic shock;
  • irritation of the skin;
  • skin rashes;
  • sensation of itching throughout the body;
  • headache;
  • runny nose.

Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues

If any of the listed symptoms occurs, you must stop using this medication.

Special instructions for pregnancy and lactation

Stellanin ointment (reviews and the effectiveness of this drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding are very contradictory) according to the instructions for use, can not be used during pregnancy, especially in the first 14 weeks.

The main feature of the use of Stellanin ointment during pregnancy and lactation is the need to fulfill certain conditions:

  • therapy as prescribed and under medical supervision;
  • you can not simultaneously use ointment Stellanin and cationic surfactants;
  • avoid mucous membranes;
  • do not smear the paranasal of the chest;
  • make sure that the ointment does not get into the baby’s oral cavity;
  • if possible, find an alternative to Stellanin ointment in this period of life.

There is no scientific evidence that this drug passes into breast milk when breastfeeding.

Use in childhood

At the moment, there are no scientific studies confirming the negative or positive effect of Stellanin ointment on the children’s body. Therefore, the age of up to 18 years is a contraindication prescribed in the instructions for use.

There are situations when there is an urgent vital need for the appointment of this ointment (only after 12 years). In this case, it is necessary to clearly follow the medical protocol of treatment, use in minimal doses and a very short time.

In case of impaired renal function

Stellanin ointment can not be used for some kidney pathologies. But not at all. There are features that must be considered when prescribing ointments in this category of patients. In the case when the fluid from the body is excreted by the kidneys in a minimal volume or is not completely excreted, this is a categorical contraindication to the use of Stellanin ointment.

Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues

In case of chronic pathological damage to the renal tissue, it is necessary to prescribe and use this drug only under the strict supervision of a doctor. It is required to use the ointment for a minimum short period of time, so as not to aggravate the course of renal pathology.

Drug overdose

Stellanin ointment (reviews and the effectiveness of this drug does not describe cases of overdose) when penetrating the stomach or if it is not controlled for prolonged use, can be harmful , since from a scientific point of view, each person has an individual perception of any drug substance.

Exceeding the allowable norm of the drug manifests itself by urging to vomit, vomiting, dizziness, inflammation of the oral cavity and esophagus, there is a sudden acute heart failure.

From hemorrhoids

The therapeutic drug has a positive effect with hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids, as this is an inflammatory process. This drug is very well established in this disease. In the treatment of hemorrhoids, a swab must be made from a non-coarse tissue or gauze, which must be soaked or well spread with Stellanin ointment.

Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues

The resulting swab must be inserted into the rectum, to the depth of the manifestation of the disease. The duration of treatment should be continued up to 2 weeks, inserting a tampon with ointment in the morning and evening. The advantages of this ointment in the treatment of hemorrhoids is that for mild forms of the disease, it is enough to use the medicine for several days, and in more severe ca
ses more than 2 weeks.

For acne

Stellanin ointment is an effective tool in the fight against acne, not only judging by the reviews of patients, it has also proved its effectiveness in clinical trials. This drug copes well with the inflammatory process.

The use of the drug Stellanin helps to prevent the penetration of infection and the intensification of the inflammatory process in the existing acne.

With a small amount of acne, you need to apply a little money to acne, covering them with a napkin and fix it with a medical plaster. In case of a large number of acne, the ointment should be applied to the face (leaving the area around the eyes untouched) with a thin layer.

Treatment should be done in the evening before going to bed. In the morning, the remaining drug should be washed off with water. The duration of therapy should be continued until the complete disappearance of acne.

From bedsores

One of the effective methods of treating injuries to the skin and tissues that arose as a result of prolonged compression is Stellanin ointment. For this pathological condition, this is a breakthrough, because bedsores are very difficult to treat.

Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues

When using Stellanin ointment, first of all, it is necessary to remove from the damage products of decay and inflammation, using a weak solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide. Then you should apply the product on the entire damaged surface with a not very thick layer. In this case, it is necessary to spread so that not only the affected part is covered, but also about 13/32 inch around it.

In cases of destruction of the deep muscle layers, Stellanin ointment is applied to tampons of soft cotton tissue and inserted into the affected area. The procedure must be carried out in the morning and in the evening. In cases with tampons and purulent processes – up to 10 times a day.

From burns

The use of Stellanin ointment contributes to the speedy recovery process of damaged tissues. This drug does not form scars and does not leave burn marks. Stellanin ointment is used for burn redness with swelling, as well as in the case of blisters and when a secondary infection joins. Also, this tool is used for severe necrotic burns.

With a mild burn, the drug is applied to the entire damaged surface several times. As a result, Stellanin will eliminate inflammation and swelling. In severe forms of necrotic burn, all the affected tissue is smeared with a layer of ointment under the dressing and bandaged. The procedure is repeated 1 time per day.

When applying Stellanin ointment to an open burn surface, the product is used in the morning and evening. The duration of therapy depends on the response of the body to the treatment and lasts until complete visible healing.

Cold sore

Stellanin ointment (reviews and the effectiveness of this drug prove that it is very good and effective) is used to combat the onset of the process and the repeated manifestations of herpetic viral infection.

Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues
Stellanin ointment is used to treat herpes on the lips.

Since this pathology is provoked by a virus that lives in the blood of a person, the ointment will not kill him, but the visible manifestations of Stellanin are possible. At the first signals of the skin manifestation of herpes, and this is an itchy irritation on the lips (sometimes subfibrillation), it is necessary to start treatment.

At the first symptoms, a small amount of the drug must be applied to the skin manifestations of the disease several times a day. This action can stop the development of the process, as the virus spreads on the skin very quickly. The duration of therapy is to the complete disappearance of all signs of skin manifestations of herpes.

In childhood

The instructions for use say that the use of Stellanin ointment is prohibited for children under 18 years of age. This drug in the main composition has the active substance diethylbenzimidazolium triiodite, which is an active form of iodine.

In extremely rare cases, this drug must be prescribed (but strictly from 12 years old) in minimally effective amounts, for a short period and in a short course. In this case, it is necessary to assess the life situation.


The effectiveness of Stellanin ointment is based on a high-quality and well-chosen composition of the drug. Diethylbenzimidosolium triiodite with polyvinylpyrromidine complement each other, which enhances their effect on the body, even in small concentrations. And the ethylene glycol polymer helps these substances to penetrate deeper into the body faster.

Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues

And this composition leads to the speedy restoration of blood circulation in the damaged surface, actively forces tissues to recover, reduces and kills inflammation in the affected areas, destroys pathogenic microflora that interfere with the recovery of the body.

This ointment actively stimulates the development and growth of new capillaries and arterioles in the first days of treatment. It has a very pronounced antiseptic effect, which stops the decomposition process in open wounds. Prevents the manifestation of new inflammatory processes, due to disruption of the work of prostaglandins, in the affected area.

Stellanin ointment is a stimulator of the formation of new tissue at the site of the lesion or is a restorer of the lost.

Drug interaction

Since Stellanin ointment can be used in complex treatment, there is a need to know what this drug cannot be combined with:

  • with any antiseptic, intended to prevent the decomposition process by means, which include Hg (mercury), belonging to the zinc group;
  • with any medications that contain an electron acceptor;
  • drugs with alkali metal hydroxides;
  • any drugs with the addition of surfactants;
  • oily ointments will weaken the effect of Stellanin.

Analogs ointments Stellanin

Stellanin ointment has analogues that are not much inferior in quality, composition, properties and indications.

Betadine Ointment:

  • the composition of this drug includes a drug, an antiseptic for local use – povidone-iodine, a polymer of ethylene glycol, PEG, an acid salt of carbonic acid and sodium, water;
  • The indication for use is the prevention of secondary infections with shallow or small cut skin lesions, with damage to body tissues through high temperatures or chemicals, pyoderma, with damage to tissues and skin caused by prolonged squeezing with a secondary infection, varicose ulcers, mycoses, dermatomycoses.

Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues

Ointment Vokadin:

  • the main active ingredient of this drug is a topical antiseptic – povidone-iodine, PET400, PET1540, PET4000, acid salt of carbonic acid and sodium, water;
  • it is necessary to use this drug for the following pathologies: multi-colored lichen, nodular trichosporia, candidiasis, erythrasma, rubrophytia, actinomycosis. With streptococcal impetigo, seizures, lichen, paronychia, streptoderma. It is also necessary to apply for folliculitis, furunculosis, carbuncles, vulgar sycosis, hydradenitis, furunculosis. Indications for the appointment of Vokadin ointment are burns of 1, 2, 3 degrees, varicose ulcers, postoperative procedures.

Bepanten ointment:

  • The composition of this medicine includes: B vitamins – pantothenic acid derivatives, pantolactone preservative, ethylene glycol monofinil ether, etal, stearic alcohol, wool wax, organic ether, PET, purified water.
  • The following pathological conditions are indicative for the use of this ointment: prevention of redness and dry skin, various burn conditions, with inflammatory reactions of the baby’s skin to various effects; trophic, diabetic, radiation ulcers; hemorrhoidal nodes and cracks; skin transplants; erosion of the cervix.

Ointment Dekspanten:

  • the composition of this ointment includes: vitamins of group B – a derivative of pantothenic acid, animal wax, liquid paraffin, a wax-like mixture, a cream base, almond oil, etal, stearate, water;
  • indications for the appointment of Dexpanten ointment are the following conditions: cut light wounds, torn skin; skin damage due to radiation therapy, ultraviolet burns; with trophic, diabetic ulcers; hemorrhoidal nodes, bedsores; skin transplantation; when caring for the mammary glands during breastfeeding, for the treatment of dermatitis in young children; after skin therapy with corticosteroid ointments.

Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues

Iodopyron ointment:

  • the composition of this ointment includes an antiseptic for topical application – a complex of iodine with polyvinylpyrromidone, potassium salt of hydroiodic acid, liquid paraffin, animal wax, petroleum jelly;
  • iodopyrine ointment should be prescribed for the following pathological conditions: mechanical damage to tissues with a secondary infection, preparation of the anus for surgery, turbid escudate after proctological interventions. With prenatal preparation, antiseptic treatment of the vagina before childbirth, with wounds, with purulent discharge. Also with abscesses, abscesses, purulent inflammation of the tissues with the formation of cavities, with fatty tumors, purulent inflammation of the rectum and with infectious inflammation of the sweat glands.

Heppiderm ointment:

  • this ointment includes a panthenolic acid derivative, ethylene glycol monophenyl ether, glyceryl stearate, cetyl alcohol, cetyl potassium phosphate, myristic acid ester, liquid petrolatum, animal wax, water;
  • heppiderm ointment should be prescribed for dry skin, uncomplicated burns, soft tissue and skin injuries; radiation, diabetic, ultraviolet and trophic ulcers; hemorrhoidal nodes; with cracks in the mammary glands during breastfeeding.

Stellanin ointment. Instructions for use, effectiveness, reviews, analogues

Betadine Ointment:

  • this ointment consists of an antiseptic for topical application, which is a complex of iodine with polyvinylpyrrolidone, PEG400, PEG4000, PEG1500, acid salt of carbonic acid and sodium, water;
  • Betadine ointment should be prescribed in the following pathological conditions: not deep violations of the integrity of the skin of physical or chemical origin, in the postoperative period. In the treatment of keratamycosis, dermatophia, candidiasis, mycosis, corinobacteriosis. In the treatment of staphylococcal, streptococcal pyoderma, Proteus. And it is also necessary to use in the treatment of trophic, diabetic, radiation and pressure sores skin lesions.

The modern pharmaceutical industry has stepped forward and produces a huge number of different medicines for the treatment of many diseases.

Ointment Stellanin surpasses many analogues and is an effective drug that has found application in many fields of medicine. As evidenced by the many positive reviews of people who received healing.

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