Tape hair extensions: the pros and cons, reviews, consequences, price. Correction and Care

The main problem that tape hair extension solves is liquid and sparse hair. In addition, the procedure will help save the appearance of an unsuccessful experiment with hair. Reviews about him have only a positive rating.

How does it affect hair

This type of building is absolutely harmless to the strands, since no harmful materials are used with this technology. The cold type of procedure involves the attachment to the hair of special systems that hold artificial curls.

But any type of building is a stressful situation that can adversely affect curls. Also, the extra weight negatively affects the hair follicles, and they begin to fall out more. It is not excluded the cross-section of the tips, which require subsequent restoration.

The essence of technology and cost

Tape hair extension takes from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the thickness of the strands and the desired length, and receives many positive reviews from experts because it does not require any additional equipment, the basis is adhesive tapes.

They are created from polymer glue, which does not adversely affect the hair and does not spoil them. This type of extension is cold, not using heat treatment of its own curls. One strand has a length of about 1’6 inch. Tape hair extensions: the pros and cons, reviews, consequences, price. Correction and Care

The effect of the procedure will last about 1 year, but regularly you will have to make a correction every 2 or 3 months , which eliminates all the shortcomings and problems that have appeared over time. Hair is constantly growing and changing length, in connection with this, the extension will be removed from the roots, causing a non-aesthetic appearance. It is to bring the adhesive tape closer to the roots that a correction is made.

The cabin must give a guarantee for building, which is valid from 6 to 12 months, depending on the level of the cabin. Also in the salons they offer another similar procedure – micro-tape curling.

This type is no different from the above: it also does not use thermal and chemical treatment, but the only difference is that, in the direction of hair growth, transparent micro-ribbons with curls are attached next to the roots. Operating time – from 30 minutes. to 45.

Ideal for those who do not have time for a full build. Experts recommend using this type of building for owners of a thin and light structure of curls. The procedure for removing micro-tape build-up takes only 15 minutes. time , while your hair at the same time can not suffer.

Tape hair extensions (reviews report that the cost of such extensions is significantly lower than capsular) includes the complexity of the work and its duration. The main amount is spent on the purchase of artificial materials, a different type of material will cost differently.

So, the packing of strands of the Slavic type will cost $ 122, the package contains about 40 strands, the length can be different, but the cost will increase with increasing hair length. The correction cost includes only the work of the master – from $ 14 – $ 27.

Tape Extension Benefits

Hairdressers are convinced that the main advantage of tape building is its simplicity, working with such material is much simpler and more pleasant compared to capsule. Building completely depends on the skill and ability of a specialist.

Benefits of the procedure:

  1. Long-term use, as a result of which the hairstyle retains a natural and neat appearance for about 1 g. But only with the right care and timely correction. Tape hair extensions: the pros and cons, reviews, consequences, price. Correction and Care
  2. The tape build procedure does not take a lot of time. 1 procedure takes about an hour. Depending on the density, time can be halved.
  3. Quick and easy procedure for correction and removal of accrued curls.
  4. Reasonable price, in comparison with other types of building.
  5. Easy hair care.
  6. A great option for owners of thin and rare hair, because it does not make your own strands heavier.
  7. Aesthetic, natural look.
  8. When building, no chemical elements are used, they are not subjected to heat treatment.

The disadvantages of tape technology

The results of building this type will be completely dependent on the skill of the hairdresser, however, there are a number of possible negative consequences, including:

  • the incorrect location of the fasteners during tape extension can cause rapid wear of the extended strands (they will not last 2 months);
  • poor-quality materials negatively affect both hair extensions and not hair extensions;
  • due to the fact that the strands are attached using a tape whose width is 1’6 inch, the edges of this tape may be visible on the back of the head, which will not allow any hairstyles to be made;
  • with tape building it is not recommended to use products with an alcohol content, this is due to the fact that polymers that dissolve from alcohol are used as the basis for adhesive tape. As a result, the fasteners quickly loosen.

Tape hair extensions (reviews of girls say that the shortcomings are completely covered by the mass of the advantages of this procedure) is often in demand in the salons.

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Contraindications for the use of this type of building a small amount.

These include:

  • an allergic reaction to glue;
    Tape hair extensions: the pros and cons, reviews, consequences, price. Correction and Care
    According to doctors’ reviews, tape hair extension is prohibited for seborrhea of the head
  • dermatological problems, for example, alopecia;
  • wounds and scars on the skin of the head;
  • migraines, severe headaches, as strands will put pressure on the roots.

It is also not recommended to use tape building during pregnancy and feeding, because for the body it will be additional stress, which can negatively affect both the health of the mother and the baby.

Material selection

The choice of materials for building must be approached very seriously, since the color of the artificial strands must completely match the natural.

  • length can start from 7’9 inch and reach 21’7 inch.
  • hair structure is allowed wavy or straight.

There are several types of hair that are used for building:

  1. Slavic hair;
  2. South American hair;
  3. European
  4. Asian hair.

The Asian type for tape building, judging by the reviews, is the cheapest and not high quality. They are difficult to style, and the appearance deteriorates after several months of wear. The European type is valued more, because their quality and appearance are much better. The most reliable and expensive hair recognized Slavic type.

Stages of the procedure

The following stages of buildin

  1. the hair is thoroughly washed and dried with a hairdryer;
  2. the master evaluates the source data and the available materials; Tape hair extensions: the pros and cons, reviews, consequences, price. Correction and Care
  3. the process of building up begins from the occipital zone;
  4. part of the interfering hair is attached with hairpins up;
  5. departing 0’4 inch from the roots, adhesive tape is attached to natural strands on both sides, which secures the artificial strand;
  6. the necessary distance between two extended strands is 0’8 inch;
  7. The final step is to trim all the hair to the same length.

Lovers of high hairstyles should notify their master about this before starting the procedure, and he will make sure that no ribbons are visible in the back of the head.


Tape hair extensions, reviews of which will interest even the most ardent fans of natural beauty, will help to maintain the correct follow-up care for a long time , if not observed, adverse consequences are possible:

  • your hair may begin to break off when improperly selected care; Tape hair extensions: the pros and cons, reviews, consequences, price. Correction and Care
  • the strands fall off if the balm or shampoo containing alcohol gets to the junction;
  • strands of hair extensions can be very confused;
  • with late correction and rapid hair growth, the strands will disappear.

Proper care after building up

An important aspect of any care is combing braids.

There are the following features that need to be performed:

  • Begin with the tips. Gently with your fingers you need to untangle the ends, trying not to yank your hair. Experts recommend dividing the curls into 2 parts and combing them with a comb with rare teeth.
  • The maximum permissible combing number during the day is 3. Larger amounts can damage the tape.
  • In no case should you comb and untangle wet or moist curls.

Wash your hair after the extension procedure is allowed only in a certain position – in the vertical. Experts prohibit throwing it back, as weak hair follicles can not withstand the weight of the strands and begin to actively fall out. Tape hair extensions: the pros and cons, reviews, consequences, price. Correction and Care

There are special shampoos that are designed for hair extensions, such as HAIR TALK SHAMPOO from ARCOS, but they do not require mandatory use.

  • Tape-grown hair can restore silkiness and shine using oils, which, according to experts, also help strengthen your own hair.
  • An important aspect when choosing a shampoo is its neutral pH.
  • The balm is applied to the strands with an indent from the roots by 3’9 inch, it is best to use it only for the tips.
  • It is important to avoid large excess water on the hair after washing. This can negatively affect the build-up. It is best to dry the curls in a natural way, without resorting to a hair dryer or straightener.

The extended locks dry longer than natural hair:

  • You can not use hairdressing tools in the areas of combining natural hair and extensions.
  • Thermal protective agents must not be ignored.
  • Do not use hair products that contain alcohol and its components.
  • It is forbidden to do a hairstyle – a tight tail, since it will weaken the glued locks. Tape hair extensions: the pros and cons, reviews, consequences, price. Correction and Care
  • Dyeing strands is allowed on all days of wearing extended hair, except for days of correction and the extension itself. In addition, the paint is not applied to the mount.

Why is tape correction necessary

As for other types of building, the tape version requires correction. It is necessary to carry it out due to the fact that natural hair grows, and the material begins to gradually sink from the roots, it becomes visible.

In the most advanced cases, their own hairs cannot withstand the weight of the strands that have fallen and begin to fall out , along with them donor materials also drop out .

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The period before correction

After the first extension procedure, the hair will be in excellent condition for about 1 or 2 months, depending on their care. After this period of time, it is necessary to carry out the correction procedure. The extended strands can be glued several times, it all depends on their condition and appearance.

In order for the appearance of the built-up materials to remain impeccable as long as possible, experts recommend the use of special masks and shampoos. Professional balms and protective oils have an excellent restoring effect.

If curls of short length are built up, for example, microtape bangs, then you will have to visit the salon for correction earlier, since the hair will grow in 30 days. Also, during the correction, hairdressers are advised to trim the curls so that they have a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Hair Tape Correction

Correction includes the following steps:

  • the master using a special spray with a high alcohol content softens the adhesive tape that holds the artificial strand; Tape hair extensions: the pros and cons, reviews, consequences, price. Correction and Care
  • hair before starting the procedure for applying new strands is well washed so that there are no traces of glue on the hair;
  • the old tape is removed and a new one is put in its place.

Correction time takes about 1 hour.

Tips for washing hair with shampoo for correcting tape extensions

It is necessary to wash the curls as they become dirty. It depends on metabolism, environmental conditions and nutrition. For extended strands, ordinary shampoos will not work.

This is due to the fact that the glue that secures the strands does not warp some components. Experts recommend using shampoo for normal to oily hair, but in no case for dyed or dry hair that will ruin your hair.

For dry curls, it is recommended to use additional special masks and conditioners that moisturize them, bu
t do not harm the extended braids. The main task of the shampoo is to remove dirt and sebum formed on the strands.

Hair Coloring

Tape hair extensions, reviews of which cause a divided opinion, have one small drawback – the color of natural hair can differ significantly from the selected hair. This problem can only be fixed with staining. To do this, it is best to contact a professional, and not to dye the extensions on your own at home. Tape hair extensions: the pros and cons, reviews, consequences, price. Correction and Care

It is important to observe some features when staining the extended strands with a tape method:

  • It is not recommended to tint Asian-style curls, as well as those strands that have already been lightened or dyed. This is due to the fact that braids will lose their radiance, shine and beauty under the influence of chemical elements.
  • The staining procedure is best carried out by a specialist who was involved in tape building. He already knows how best to handle this type of hair.
  • Curls of the Slavic type tolerate staining and tinting procedures well, but only on condition that they are natural.

The staining procedure consists of several stages:

  1. It is necessary to divide the hair into thin locks and gently apply paint to the root zone. In no case should you apply the coloring elements on the tape with glue.
  2. After that, the composition is applied uniformly over the entire length.
  3. Hair is washed abundantly with water, and a special composition is applied to them, which nourishes the strands and retains color.

If the paint gets to the place of bonding, then the hair may begin to peel off and fall out. Perhaps they will be shredded and form batter. In order to avoid such trouble, the strands are immediately wiped with a napkin.

Features of tape care

Reviews of this type of hair extension, like tape, form the conclusion that the right care for them is an equally important aspect of the successful wearing of strands.


  1. washing your hair is recommended 1-2 times a week, not more often;
  2. wash your hair only by pushing your hair back; it’s best and easiest to do this in the shower;
  3. select comprehensive care; Tape hair extensions: the pros and cons, reviews, consequences, price. Correction and Care
  4. when applying masks and products with silicone, try not to get to the roots with funds;
  5. buy a comb with rare teeth in order to less injure and pull out curls;
  6. if the hair is often tangled, it is best to untangle it with your hands;
  7. when combing, pay special attention to the tips, as they can often form tussles;
  8. going to bed with a head not dry is prohibited;
  9. twist and wring strands is not recommended;
  10. so that the curls do not get confused during sleep, it is best to braid them in braids or wear a special hat;
  11. from plyokov, straighteners, irons and hair dryers should be abandoned for the entire period of wearing extended hair strands.

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Procedure Efficiency

The result of the build-up is that thanks to it, even liquid and not thick curls acquire an amazing volume and density. If the materials are selected high-quality, and the master professionally performs the work, artificial hair is difficult to distinguish from natural. Smoothness and softness will remain for a long time with proper care.

Numerous reviews of specialists about tape hair extensions are most often positive. They recognize it as the safest for natural braids, since there are minimal risks to spoil them.

Tape Hair Extensions Video

Tape hair extensions or capsule Which is better:

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