Barnabas Catherine. Before and after photos of plastics, biography, personal life, career, height, weight, age, body parameters

Ekaterina Barnava is rightfully considered the sex symbol of the Comedy Woman show, and the most spectacular star of TNT as a whole. It is not surprising that viewers began to question the naturalness of her appearance. Ekaterina Barnabas herself denies plastic surgery, but numerous photos before and after plastic surgery make her doubt this.

Ekaterina Barnabas: biography

The artist was born on December 9, 1984 in the family of a soldier, while her mother worked as a general practitioner. In connection with the work of his father, the family moved, and for a long time lived in the German city of Wunsdorf, which at that time housed groups of Soviet troops. Catherine lived there from the first year of her life until her seventh birthday. There she finished only the first grade, and already from the second she began to attend a New York school.

At first, Katya was an outcast. The thing is that she has a lot of things bought in Germany: beautiful clothes and bright toys. The children envied her and believed that the new one was showing off. Barnabas Catherine. Before and after photos of plastics, biography, personal life, career, height, weight, age, body parameters

For a long time, the girl did not understand why this was happening and what she was doing wrong, because she had no problems with her classmates at the last school. Little Katya tried to win peer love, she was friendly and joked a lot. In the future, a sense of humor came in handy for her.

Childhood and youth

In children’s photographs, it is difficult to recognize the future artist. The girl Katie had very plump cheeks and large expressive eyes. The girl’s nose in the photo is small, but, as you know, the nose grows throughout a person’s life, so this is not surprising.

Catherine performed experiments with her appearance as a child. Once she daddy razor made her own bangs with her own hand . True, instead of the desired haircut, the girl turned out to be a hedgehog sticking out on end instead of a bang. But then, when she grew up, the desire for experiments with appearance remained, but with more successful consequences. Barnabas Catherine. Before and after photos of plastics, biography, personal life, career, height, weight, age, body parameters

From early childhood, Katya was sent to ballroom dancing. And although she was a tall enough girl, which made it difficult for her to find a partner, she did not stop pursuing classes. She regularly attended dance training and made great strides in this field.

But once at one of the trainings, the girl fell and was injured. As it turned out later, there was a displacement of the pelvic discs. Doctors watched her recovery and did not give any long-term predictions, and in the end still banned her from dancing. Catherine at that time was 14 years old and for her it was a serious blow.

Catherine wanted to enter the University of Culture as a choreographer, but she did not succeed. As a result, at the insistence of her father, she graduated from MISiS with a degree in Jurisprudence. But she did not have to work by profession. Barnabas Catherine. Before and after photos of plastics, biography, personal life, career, height, weight, age, body parameters

As a student of the university, Catherine participated in the student KVN, and in the evenings worked as a go-go dancer in a New York club.

Due to rehearsals and festivals, there was not enough time for study, and she was almost expelled from the university for absenteeism. In a short time, Catherine lost all her debts and in 10 days prepared a thesis.

Remembering her childhood, the artist admitted that she did not consider herself attractive and was a notorious teenager. To herself, she now recalls that she was an “ugly duckling” with crooked legs. In appearance, she was very different from the usual standards of attractiveness.

But a sense of humor was always with her, and over time, she learned to use it in the right direction. Catherine accepted herself as she is, having made dignity out of flaws. And an unusual appearance in a compartment with a sense of humor now works for her: thanks to this combination, she became a TV star.

About Catherine, it is often said that she has a Spanish appearance. A lot of controversy is going on about her nationality, but it is known that the artist’s mother is American, and her father is from Kazakhstan.

Looking at the student photos of Barnabas, it becomes clear why the girl sought to lose weight and carefully keeps herself in shape. Extra pounds on the girl are very noticeable: due to high growth and large volumes, she looks very large. Barnabas Catherine. Before and after photos of plastics, biography, personal life, career, height, weight, age, body parameters

In the photo of her student years, Catherine has very voluminous hips, now they have decreased by half. The face itself looks rounder than it is now. But then again, this is the fault of being overweight. The girl’s nose looks more than in photographs of recent years. However, the network has few photographs of Catherine taken before she became famous.

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Since 2003, Catherine participated in the KVN. At the same time, she made her television debut. However, Catherine gained real popularity after the release of the TV show “Comedy Woman” on TNT. In this television program, Catherine acts as the “sex symbol of the show.” Barnabas Catherine. Before and after photos of plastics, biography, personal life, career, height, weight, age, body parameters

It is worth noting that her appearance is spectacular: Catherine is slender and leggy (the height of the artist is 5’9 foot, and weight 139 pounds). Thanks to external data, combined with heels and revealing outfits, Barnabas stands out from the rest of the show. In addition, the girl is also a television program choreographer.

After the success of the Comedy Woman show, the girl took part in many other projects: NTV in the morning, Battle of the Choirs and Dance, and was also a TV presenter of the Ukrainian comedy show Who’s on Top.

It’s not uncommon to see Ekaterina in advertising: she starred in the commercials for Gloria Jeans clothes for the online shoe store Sapato. Photos of the artist can be seen on buses in New York and Los Angeles – an advertisement for Loko-Bank.

In recent years, Cathe
rine decided to try herself as an actress. On her account episodic roles in such sitcoms as “Happy Together”, “Deffchonki” and “Univer”, as well as already more prominent roles in full-length comedies: “8 First Dates”, “Double Trouble”, “Zomboyaschik”.

Personal life

Despite her seductive, but still vulgar image in the popular show, the comedian is famous for her restraint in relationships and selectively selects men for herself.

However, Catherine herself admitted that in early 2010 she had a long affair with a married man. Relations lasted a couple of years, then breaking off, then again renewing. Now Catherine claims that she will never repeat this negative experience. Barnabas Catherine. Before and after photos of plastics, biography, personal life, career, height, weight, age, body parameters

Since 2012, the actress met with her colleague on the television show – Dmitry Khrustalyov. The romance lasted a little more than a year, and all this time the couple did not share information about their relationship. But after the break, Catherine told all the details.

It turned out that she had known Khrustalyov for a very long time and did not take his tokens seriously. Until one fine day he gave her a surprise and invited her to a restaurant for a frank conversation. Six months later, and two joint vacations, they already began to live together.

On the first anniversary, Dmitry presented a gorgeous ring as a gift – a clear hint of engagement. But it never came to the wedding: the couple had mutual complaints and annoyance towards each other, most likely the constant joint pastime affected. But they parted quietly and peacefully, still maintaining warm friendly relations.

From the spring of 2013 to the present moment, the artist has been in a relationship with the dancer Konstantin Myakinkov , after working on the project “Dance”. They were familiar even on the set of Comedy Woman, where Konstantin worked as a choreographer.

Together, the couple have been talking about the wedding for more than 5 years. The relationship of the couple is very harmonious. Both work a lot, but in their free time they completely spend with each other. On her Instagram page, joint romantic photos of the couple often appear.

Naked Catherine Barnabas

In 2010, Catherine received an invitation to star in Maxim magazine. At that time she was 25 years old. The girl for a long time did not dare to openly shoot, as she was afraid of not understanding and condemnation from her strict parents, but nevertheless agreed to a photo shoot.

Parents were sympathetic to their daughter’s decision, but after the magazine went on sale, his father bought up a large number of magazines so that they would not go to anyone else. Then, in 2012, Barnabas also starred for another men’s magazine, XXL.

Catherine Barnabas took photos for magazines before the alleged plastic changes, after which she has not yet been shot.

Plastic surgery and the appearance of Catherine Barnabas

Catherine Barnabas always tries to look spectacular. You can’t see her on TV without bright makeup and false eyelashes.

The first surgical changes in appearance could be noticed in 2011: the girl’s lips significantly increased volume. When compared with old photographs, the difference becomes obvious. Now more and more girls are resorting to lip augmentation with fillers, let alone the stars. The girl admitted openly about these injections. Barnabas Catherine. Before and after photos of plastics, biography, personal life, career, height, weight, age, body parameters

But the comedian did not stop there: most likely she changed the shape of her eyebrows and made rhinoplasty. The nose of the TV star began to look neater and more elegant, and the eyebrows were more expressive.

Barnabas Catherine before and after plastic surgery (photos prove this) had a different shape of lips. After several years of use, she still removed the fillers. Now the lips of the artist look natural and do not distract attention. Barnabas Catherine. Before and after photos of plastics, biography, personal life, career, height, weight, age, body parameters

In 2021, the most noticeable changes occurred in the girl’s appearance. But the point is not in plastic surgery, but in losing 22 pounds. She achieved this result by eliminating animal protein from the diet.

Now she also refused to eat fish and seafood. With her fans, the artist shares the secrets of harmony and says that the path to a beautiful figure is vegetarianism and green tea. Thanks to this diet, she manages to keep fit and not starve.

Barnabas Catherine before and after plastic surgery – photos appeared on the network and again became an occasion for heated debate. After losing weight of the artist, fans began to discuss that for sure the matter was not limited to this, and she nevertheless fell under the surgeon’s knife. The fact is that the facial features of the girl became sharper, cheekbones expressive, and sunken cheeks.

This result can be achieved by removing lumps of Bisha surgically. Using blepharoplasty, you can tighten the upper or lower eyelid. And judging by the fact that Catherine’s eyes were miraculously smoothed, we can conclude about the operation.

Approximate prices for these procedures in New York clinics:

  • Fillers on the lips – from $ 544.
  • Eyebrow plastic surgery – from $ 680.
  • Rhinoplasty – from $ 680 – $ 4080.
  • Removal of lumps of Bish – from $ 680 – $ 1088.
  • Blepharoplasty – about $ 680.

If Catherine Barnabas did all these operations, then it cost her about $ 5440. However, the girl really did these procedures with her face or not – remains a mystery.

The opinion of experts and ordinary people

Surgeons do not doubt that there was surgical intervention in the appearance of the artist, but they say that in many respects the changes are associated with weight loss. This is noticeable when comparing photographs before losing weight and after, where the girl was shot at full height. And most likely Catherine didn’t do a facelift – she’s not yet at the age when it requires exclusively surgical intervention.

Doctors also question the removal of Bisha’s lumps. Considering that the girl has lost a lot of weight and has an obvious underweight (with an increase of 5’9 foot the weight is about 154 pounds, Barnabas weighs almost a dozen less), it’s not surprising that her cheeks fell inside and her cheekbones became more noticeable.

Changing the nose could also be due to weight loss. The experienced gaze of the doctor notes that the back and tip of the nose have not changed. Most l
ikely, the nose became sharper as well due to weight loss. Barnabas Catherine. Before and after photos of plastics, biography, personal life, career, height, weight, age, body parameters

Doctors do not doubt the change in the shape of the lips, but the girl does not deny it. It is noticeable that she made lip correction with fillers with hyaluronic acid.

A smooth forehead gives injections of botulinum toxins. Perhaps, contour plastic surgery of the face in the area of the cheekbones was also done.

Barnava Catherine (before and after plastic surgery) – the photo shared the views of fans: some believe that a girl, and even more a media person, should always look after herself and keep attractive and improve her appearance in all possible ways. Others are sure that Catherine “went too far” with this, and now she is not recognized at all, and subscribers on social networks even ask her to stop.

Ekaterina Barnabas today

Now Catherine is actively sharing her life with fans through Instagram (kativarnava). Every now and then the artist is credited with new plastic surgeries, but the girl denies everything. Also, some think that she “went too far” with weight loss and now she has anorexia. But Catherine assures that everything is fine with her, and in her life finally came harmony. Barnabas Catherine. Before and after photos of plastics, biography, personal life, career, height, weight, age, body parameters

Recently, the artist began to often change eye color with lenses. By nature, she has dark brown eyes, but in recent photoshoots and pictures on the network she can often be seen with gray or blue eyes. And often because of such changes with the eyes, the girl simply cannot be recognized.

She also experimented with hair: before Barnabas was a burning brunette, now she has lightened her hair. The warm shade of the blonde successfully combines with dark eyes and eyebrows. Fans noticed that in the new image, the artist is similar to Svetlana Loboda or Tatyana Navka.

Catherine denies that she changed her appearance with a scalpel and claims that she is just carefully watching herself. However, the photos before and after the plastic surgery of Catherine Barnabas make one doubt the veracity of these words.

Video facts about Catherine Barnabas

Did Catherine Barnabas do plastic surgery:

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