Arrow tattoo with feathering. How it looks before our eyes, how it is done on the lower, upper eyelid. Photo

Modern cosmetology allows women to save time on makeup, adjusting their appearance with the help of tattooing. A special case is the execution of an arrow with or without feathering. This type of tattoo allows you to abandon the staining of eyelashes and drawing arrows, but at the same time look like makeup for a staged photo.

Tattoo arrows what is it

The tattoo of the arrow with shading (photos are presented in the article) is done for a century, with the help of a specialized pigment, which is intended for the permanent makeup procedure. Arrow tattoo with feathering. How it looks before our eyes, how it is done on the lower, upper eyelid. PhotoPermanent paint is driven under the skin, ensuring the safety of the arrow with shading for up to 5 years.

Why make arrows tattoo


  1. Tattooing arrows with feathering (the photo shows how natural and expressive the eyes can look) allows women to save time, not to waste time and money on makeup. Morning fees for work or an important event will not take much time. Technology is allowed to remain “made-up” and always look well-groomed.
  2. The decorative arrow will correct the cut of the eyes. Correctly selected arrow shape will visually hide flaws, emphasize the advantages of appearance. Such a make-up will visually emphasize and enlarge the eyes.
  3. The decorative arrow provides the effect of densely growing eyelashes, focuses on the ciliary edge.

Types of arrows

If you opt for tattooing the upper eyelid, the client can choose several options:

  • Tattooing of the interciliary of the eyes – will give the effect of fluffy and voluminous eyelashes. Eyes will look brighter and more expressive. This option allows you to adjust the appearance, but it looks the most natural. The procedure is able to completely eliminate the need for mascara dyeing. Arrow tattoo with feathering. How it looks before our eyes, how it is done on the lower, upper eyelid. Photo
  • Tattooing of the intermuscular part of the eyes and a small arrow – this option will emphasize and highlight the eyes, make eyelashes thicker. A small arrow will greatly change the shape of the eyes, eliminating the daily troubles associated with applying makeup. Small and thin line allows you to easily display the arrow, create everyday or holiday images. Tattoo with a small arrow will suit all women, will allow you to create a variety of images and constantly change.
  • Tattoo with a bright decorative arrow – this option is considered the least common among women. Having made a tattoo with a decorative colored arrow, the woman narrows the options for possible makeup. The emphasis will be focused on the eyes, bright lips will look vulgar and catchy.
  • Shaded arrow – added to inter-eyelash tattooing. Visually creates the presence of shadow, emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes.

Lower eyelid tattooing is a less common procedure. On this site, arrows are practically not drawn; more often, the intermuscular space is stained. Women with blue eyes emphasize the lower eyelid with a blue color, brown-eyed with olive.

Shading arrows

The tattoo in the form of an arrow with the addition of shading is identical to the usual tattoo of the eyelids. The difference lies in the presence of a light or intense shadow, which gives the look extra expressiveness. Shade is achieved by stretching the color. It can be black or color (examples can be seen in the photo). More often pigments identical to skin color are used.

Arrow tattoo with feathering. How it looks before our eyes, how it is done on the lower, upper eyelid. Photo
The tattoo of the arrow with shading (photo) lasts several years.

This is done to achieve a natural effect.

Feathering is done on both the lower and upper eyelids. It is especially suitable for those who have heavy eyelids, allowing you to visually hide flaws. In the presence of deep wrinkles, making arrows with clear boundaries will not be easy. While the feathery arrow hides the signs of aging. Tattooing visually raises the outer corner of the eyelid, so it suits any eye shape.

Especially this kind of tattooing is popular among women who prefer naturalness.

Arrow on the lower eyelid with feathering

Arrows on the lower eyelid are a rarity. In this case, it is slightly visually different. At the bottom, the arrow will start a little further from the inner corner of the eyes. However, lovers of bright or Egyptian makeup can draw an arrow from the inner corner.

What do the eyes look like after the procedure

The appearance immediately after the tattoo is different from the final result. The eyelids are very swollen and redden, swelling can cause the wrong impression of the result. Severe edema does not subside for about 3-5 days, causing inconvenience and discomfort. Arrow tattoo with feathering. How it looks before our eyes, how it is done on the lower, upper eyelid. Photo

The color of the arrow immediately after the procedure will be much brighter than a few days after it . He will bounce back in a week. The crust will become almost invisible. During the healing period, the paint will peel off a little and the eyes will itch.

What arrows to do: color, shape

When deciding on a tattoo in the form of arrows, it is necessary to carefully choose the shape and color of the arrows, since it will be practically impossible to fix the tattoo.

The result of tattooing largely depends on the actions and experience of the master:

  • Owners of small eyes fit a small line, with a small tip, looking up.
  • Close-set eyes will look more expressive if you focus on the outer corner. The lower area is recommended not to be tattooed.
  • Shaded tattoo is suitable for women with difficult eyelids.
  • Wide-set eyes will adorn the feathery arrows.
  • For girls with an Asian type of appearance, a thin arrow near the ciliary edge is suitable. Arrow tattoo with feathering. How it looks before our eyes, how it is done on the lower, upper eyelid. Photo
  • Round and large eyes can be adjusted with a small arrow.
  • The amygdala is suitable for a wide arrow.

How long does the effect last

The tattoo of the eyelids lasts from 2 to 5 years. With careful care, the paint can last up to 7 years, however, the picture will become noticeably paler, and will lose the
clarity of the contours.

When is it best to do a tattoo of the eyelids

It is best to do tattooing in the cold season. At this time, it is less likely to bring infection or dirt into the wound. In the summer, you should hide the tattoo from the sun.


When planning a tattoo of the eyelids, you should study the contraindications to the procedure.

Contraindications are:

  • The presence of diabetes.
  • Epileptic seizures and convulsions.
  • AIDS and hepatitis.
  • Neoplasms on the eyelids, eye diseases.
  • Severe pregnancy (tattooing is strictly prohibited in the first trimester).
  • Various heart diseases.
  • Problems with blood coagulation, blood diseases.
  • Lactation period.

Preparation for the procedure

In the period of preparation for permanent eyelid make-up, it is necessary to limit the use of products and medicines that increase blood pressure and also thin the blood. No other preparatory measures are planned.

What materials and tools are used

The main tool with which the tattoo procedure is performed is a small apparatus with thin needles. During the process, pigments of various colors are used, depending on the wishes of the client. Arrow tattoo with feathering. How it looks before our eyes, how it is done on the lower, upper eyelid. Photo

At the request of the client, an anesthetic is used if there is a low pain threshold.

However, the masters strongly recommend that you do anesthesia in any case, as this allows the master to work calmly and ensure the best result. The master performs actions in disposable gloves.

How is the procedure

The procedure takes from 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the complexity of the drawing. In case of severe pain, the master may be interrupted for a while. Arrow tattoo with feathering. How it looks before our eyes, how it is done on the lower, upper eyelid. Photo

The procedure:

  • The details of future arrows are discussed. Choose color, design, size and other details.
  • Remains of decorative cosmetics are removed, anesthetic gel is applied to the eyes.
  • The layout of the desired drawing is applied. The client approves the drawing, after which the wizard starts work.
  • The work begins with the drawing of the general contours, the main labels are applied.
  • The skin of the eyelids processes and is thoroughly disinfected.
  • If you want to create a shading effect, the wizard creates smooth color transitions in the right places.

Does it hurt to do

Eye tattooing is a painful procedure. The use of painkillers reduces pain, but does not completely remove them. After the procedure, the eyelids are significantly swollen.

How long does healing take

It will take about a week to completely heal the wound. If the rules are followed, unpleasant consequences can be avoided.

Features of the rehabilitation period

Compliance with the recommendations during rehabilitation will significantly extend the effect of the procedure:

  • In the first day after the completion of the procedure, it is forbidden to wet your eyes. Within 3 days, you can wipe your eyes with cosmetic milk.
  • It is forbidden to tear off the resulting crust. It should peel off and fall off on its own. Blood may appear under the crust. It should be removed with caution. Do this with a cotton pad moistened with Chlorhexidine. Arrow tattoo with feathering. How it looks before our eyes, how it is done on the lower, upper eyelid. Photo
  • Heavy physical labor is recommended to be excluded for a week.
  • Within 7 days it is forbidden to bathe in baths and saunas, so as not to damage the pigment.
  • Pain can be reduced by taking antibiotics.

Side effects

During and after the tattoo procedure, if the recommendations are not followed or the master made a mistake, side effects may occur:

  • Pain – is one of the main side effects. In the presence of high-quality anesthesia, a woman may experience discomfort in the case of a low pain threshold. Psychological fear can also cause stress and pain.
  • Immediately after the procedure, severe swelling of the eyelids appears . It is a normal reaction to tattooing. A dangerous sign can be considered a strong, intolerable itching and rash. This may be a sign of an allergy to the paint or medications used for anesthesia.
  • A feeling of tightness and the appearance of a crust – this is considered a normal and common symptom after the tattoo procedure. Proper care of wounds and crust will reduce pain, relieve infections and infections. Crusts are a direct sign that the pigment is absorbed into the skin. It is forbidden to delete them. The crust is much darker than the final drawing. She should be gone in a week.
  • Hematomas – appear very rarely. In the case of correctly performed work and quality materials, they do not appear. An exception may be thin and sensitive skin of the eyelids, covered with capillaries. In case of occurrence, the hematoma should disappear within 5 days. The appearance of hematomas does not affect the fixation of the pigment and the final result of the procedure.

If you experience pain and severe discomfort after the procedure, you should again contact the master for help.


The eyelid will heal gradually, the appearance of unpleasant sensations is possible. A crust will surely appear, which is forbidden to be torn off.

Eyelid tattooing requires care within 5 days after the procedure:

  • Immediately after the procedure, it is forbidden not only to specially sunbathe, but also to appear in the sun in general, tattooing should be hidden under sunglasses. However, you can sunbathe in a week. Smearing eyes with sunscreen is not recommended for a month.
  • Within 7 days after the procedure, you should not steam the skin, go to the beach, in saunas or baths. Physical training associated with excessive sweating can adversely affect tattooing.
  • It is not recommended to use makeup for two weeks after the completion of the procedure. During application and removal, crusts can be damaged, which will cause inflammation. Arrow tattoo with feathering. How it looks before our eyes, how it is done on the lower, upper eyelid. Photo
  • You can not seal the tattoo with a band-aid, lubricate it with ointments and creams that are not recommended by the master.
  • Do not usd your eyes with various lotions, peroxide or alcohol.


Tattoo correction must be done if necessary. After the first procedure, it can be performed no earlier than in a month. In the case of a pale color or partial damage to the picture, the master can correct the errors and add intensity to the picture.

Tattooing arrows with feathering (a photo will help to understand how it looks), does not require frequent correction.

But to maintain the effect of the shadow, it is necessary to perform it as needed. The coloring pigment comes off very slowly. The rate of fading is individual, depending on the type and characteristics of the skin. More often, correction is required no sooner than in 1-2 years.


The final price of the procedure depends on the amount of work done. The wizard calculates the amount of pigment coloring and the complexity of the work.


  1. The usual arrow, capable of changing the shape and shape of the eyes, is considered cheap, will cost customers up to $ 54.
  2. The coloring of the intermuscular part of the eyes, which creates the effect of thick and lush eyelashes, will cost a little more. Prices exceed the mark of $ 68.
  3. Tattooed with a shaded arrow is considered a long and difficult procedure, requiring the professionalism of the master. It can include a combination of several shades to create the effect of a natural shadow. The method is considered the most expensive of the previous ones. From the master requires professional and artistic skills. The price of the procedure exceeds the bar of $ 82.

Pros and cons of the procedure

Eye tattoo made with a shaded arrow (photos are presented below) has a number of positive and negative qualities. Before completing the procedure, you need to study them.

The positive qualities include the following:

  • The arrow allows you to change the eye shape, hide imperfections and emphasize advantages. Arrow tattoo with feathering. How it looks before our eyes, how it is done on the lower, upper eyelid. Photo
  • Proper tattooing will visually open your eyes, give them clarity and expressiveness.
  • Tattooing will give the opportunity to always be made up.
  • Makeup cannot be washed off with water, it is stored on the beach, in the bath or sauna.
  • Applying makeup will not cause significant difficulties.
  • Tattoo of the eyelids is able to hide age-related changes in the face, raise the corners of the eyes, hide the overhanging eyelid and wrinkles.
  • Tattooing is suitable for people with allergies to various cosmetics.

The disadvantages of tattooing the eyelids include:

  • A large and colored arrow will make it impossible to change the image. It is almost impossible to cover up with tattoo cosmetics.
  • The work of a poor master is difficult to fix, but finding a professional is difficult.
  • Tattoo age necessarily requires correction. The arrow will lighten and lose clarity if you do not make a correction.
  • During the procedure, a person experiences strong pain.
  • It is impossible to completely get rid of tattooing of the eyelids.
  • After the procedure, it is necessary to take care of the skin of the eyelids, improper actions can lead to complications.

Permanent make-up in the form of an arrow, made in a shaded version and without shading, is most often performed on the upper eyelid. But the possibility of making such a tattoo is not excluded, and on the lower eyelid, Tattooing will emphasize the dignity of appearance, abandon everyday makeup, create an image with a twist. In any weather and humidity, it will look perfect, as for a photo.

Video: tattoo arrows with feathering

Tattooing arrows with feathering, an example of work in a video clip:

Permanent permanent eyelid tattoo, shadow arrow, see video clip:

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