How to raise the corners of the lips

To return clear contours, tone the facial muscles and raise the lower corners of the lips, it is necessary to choose the most suitable version of the cosmetic procedure individually for each patient, starting from the age category, the severity of the defect and the cost of the procedure.

How to raise the corners of the lips

Methods for lifting the corners of the lips

In cosmetology, various methods are used to eliminate the lowered corners of the lips.

Plastic surgery method

The method of plastic surgery is used both to transform facial expressions, and in order to raise the lowered corners of the lips. An undoubted plus of the procedure is lifting with a permanent cosmetic effect.

The minuses include those facts that, despite the results achieved, the skin does not rejuvenate, returning to a state of 10-20 years ago, there is no improvement in its protective and regenerative functions, and there is no increase in lipid and water balance.

The introduction of drugs based on botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin-based drugs are injected into a hyperactive muscle that lowers the corners of the mouth. According to doctors, a botox injection is not able to raise the corners, it only paralyzes the muscle area, blocking nerve impulses.

Due to relaxation of the facial muscle, the relief of the skin is leveled, and the corners of the lips cease to fall.

When agreeing to this procedure, it should be remembered that there is a risk of the drug spreading and freezing of neighboring facial muscles, provoking facial expressions and causing asymmetry of the lower part of the face with a smile or conversation.

Massage and gymnastic exercises

Massage and gymnastic exercises are performed without special instructions of the cosmetologist, independently correcting the external defect of the lowered corners.

To achieve the desired result, a massage session is performed before performing the exercises. Then regular training for a long period will retain the attractiveness of the lower part of the face.

How to raise the corners of the lips

Less exercise – you will not be able to get the desired effect in a short time.


Competent makeup is able to visually raise the lowered corners of the lips. The instant effect is achieved with the help of decorative cosmetics, although not for a short period of time.

The introduction of drugs of permanent or temporary action

The introduction of drugs of permanent or temporary action allows you to get the desired volume of lips, raise the corners and get rid of facial wrinkles.

Biodegradable gels based on hyaluronic acid have an intermittent effect from 8 months to one year, followed by disintegration of the drug.

Synthetic-based biopolymer gels will provide the desired result up to 5 years, but such semi-natural preparations are not always taken by the immune system, while the artificial excretion of the filler from the body is almost impossible.

Raise the corners of the lips surgically. Plastic surgery

In plastic surgery, there is a set of techniques that allows you to raise the corners of the lips, looking down, improving the appearance.

Corner lifting

Corner lifting is an outpatient operation, including excision of areas of the skin and muscles located above the corners of the upper lip and extending 4/32 – 5/32 inch beyond the border. Then the muscles are sutured, allowing you to direct up the natural line of the lips.

How to raise the corners of the lips

Surgical intervention for the patient is painless, as it is carried out using anesthetics and lasts from 40 minutes to an hour and a half. Upon completion of the procedure, the operated person can leave the clinic in an hour.

The rehabilitation period lasts more than a week with strict adherence to the recommendations of the attending physician. Neglect, which will lead to the acquisition of asymmetry and a defect in the operated corners of the lips, which will result in additional surgical correction procedures.

The cost of surgery to raise the corners of the lips, as a rule, depends on the severity of cosmetic deficiency. You can find out the exact amount by examining a plastic surgeon working in the clinic.

According to experts in plastic surgery, the procedure is indicated for patients of the older age category who have reached the 50th anniversary . During this period of time, there is a need for correction of the bending of the lips.

At an early age, a noticeable postoperative scar remains on the skin. Therefore, corner lifting is used in young people only with congenital or acquired (bodily injuries) oral defects.

Resection of muscle fibers of the depressor

Resection (undercutting) of muscle fibers of the depressor is similar to corner lifting. Suitable for patients of various age categories, as an incision is made from the inside of the cheek under local or general anesthesia.

How to raise the corners of the lips

The duration of the operation is no more than 40 minutes. Postoperative sutures are removed on the 5-6th day.

The cost of the doctor’s work and additional manipulations (anesthesia, examination, etc.) is calculated individually after examination and preparation of the operating plan.

How to raise the lowered corners of the lips with a filler

Lip contouring with filler, a gel-like preparation based on hyaluronic acid, is performed only in medical institutions licensed for cosmetic activities. For injection, flexible needles are used – cannulas.

48 hours before the introduction of the drug, a specialist must conduct a skin test to detect allergic reactions. A small amount of the substance is injected under the skin of the patient in an inconspicuous place. If after 2 days there are no side effects, the doctor proceeds to the procedure for lifting the corners of the lips.

During the procedure, the cosmetologist treats the corrected area with an antiseptic, and then applies an anesthetic cream.

How to raise the corners of the lips

After 20 minutes, a syringe is injected into the area of the corners with a syringe, which replenishes the volume of tissues, wrinkles are smoothed out, the corners of the lips are lifted, forming the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa. The time of the procedure is – half an hour.

As a result, the bending of the lips takes on a natural shape, the effect lasts up to 15 months, after which the drug is excreted from the body naturally.

The cost of the filler varies from $ 102 – $ 231, depending on the brand and the amount of the selected filler.

How to raise lips with Botox

Before Botox to raise the corners
of the lips, a preliminary consultation with a cosmetologist is necessary. After examination, the patient is given an appointment for examination. Analyzes will show the presence or absence of individual intolerance to the components included in the drug.

How to raise the corners of the lips

Before the injection, the doctor applies cream to the lower of the face, after which a cold compress is applied to reduce the sensitivity threshold.

The procedure involves the introduction of Botox with a thin needle into the muscles of the face, responsible for the formation of deep wrinkles. A paralyzed muscle stops pulling the corners of the lips down.

After two weeks, the patient is examined for visible improvements, and if necessary, a second injection is prescribed with a reduced dose of the drug.

The first manifestations of the effect are visible immediately after the introduction of Botox, and the final result is achieved 14 days after 2 injections.

Over time, botulinum toxin begins to be excreted, so the effect of elevated corners will last from several months to a year, which is due to the individual characteristics of the body.

The financial side of the procedure depends on the cost of the injection, based on the prices of the clinic. The injection amount ranges from $ 4 – $ 5.

Is it possible to raise the corners of the lips Dysport

Dysport is a substitute for Botox. Both drugs use a substance based on botulinum toxin related to neuroparalytic poisons.

Beauticians who had to deal with both excipients in practice, noted in Dysport increased ability to penetrate into neighboring areas of the facial muscles, which is the main cause of side effects.

Therefore, based on the “diffusion” properties, Dysport is common in the treatment of the forehead and nose, while Botox is preferable to raise the corners of the lips.

How to lift the corners of the lips at home. Facebook building exercises

In fact, facebuilding is the strengthening of facial muscles with methodical training and facial loads that affect the contour and condition of the face.

How to raise the corners of the lips

The decision on how to raise the corners of the lips without using the expensive services of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons is hidden in the developed training system that controls age-related changes in the near-mouth.

The terms in achieving the desired effect directly depend on the age category of the person, the structure of the face and how much the situation is aggravated.

Methods of gymnastic exercises for the corners of the lips

  • The relaxed lips close, first with the right side of the mouth, and then with the left a semblance is formed. At the same time, trying to fix each position for 5 seconds. The exercise time is 2 minutes.
  • Inverted lips compress the teeth, the corners stretch upward, forming a smile. The position is fixed for 5 seconds, after which the muscles relax. The exercise time is 5 minutes.
  • Pronouncing vowels of the alphabet 5-6 times a day, straining and relaxing radial muscles.
  • Lips are closed without straining your teeth. The muscles of the corners are “tied into knots”, tightly adjacent to the teeth, alternately rise and fall, while maintaining tension. The exercise takes 4 minutes.
  • The closed lips alternately relax and tighten, in contact with the teeth, at least 20 times.
  • Sending an air kiss to reflection cheers up, and trains the tone of the facial muscles.

How to raise the corners of the lips

To achieve results, it is important to be patient. By doing the exercises individually or comprehensively 2-3 times a day, you can notice the positive effect quite quickly.

How to lift the corners of the lips with a massage

Before a facial massage, a steam bath is done for 10 minutes, or a hot compress is applied to the problem area. For 5 minutes, a moisturizer is applied to the steamed skin.

Massage movements to maintain muscle tone:

  1. Mentally applying lipstick on the lips, it is necessary to evenly distribute it on the lips. Performing the exercise – 20 times in one go. How to raise the corners of the lips
  2. The index fingers should be placed above the middle of the upper lip, the middle – under the middle of the lower. Make gliding movements with your hands, reaching the middle of the ears. How to raise the corners of the lips
  3. Place the index fingers on the middle of the chin, middle fingers under the chin at the front edge. Sliding finger movements end at the earlobe. How to raise the corners of the lips

Acupressure – acupressure, to raise the corners of the mouth

The little fingers of the hands are applied to the lowered corners of the mouth, the ring fingers lie under the zygomatic bones, and the middle and index fingers are pressed to the middle of the front edge of the auricle.

For 2 min, uniform pulsating movements are carried out, pressing on the points. If fingers reach the points of active points, an unpleasant pulling and aching feeling will occur.

Lift the corners of the lips with hyaluronic acid

With the help of hyaluronic acid injections, the youthfulness of the skin returns, the corners of the mouth rise, and the lips are given volume.

Hyaluron is a polysaccharide produced by the human body. Over time, acid production decreases and skin elasticity decreases. Injections provoke additional production of hyaluron, stopping the natural aging process.

How to raise the corners of the lips
How to raise the corners of the lips with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic injections are carried out clinically and take 15-30 minutes. The result is immediately noticeable and does not require rehabilitation monitoring. On average, a session lasts for 6 months, after which an additional injection is required, since the substance is absorbed, and the contours of the lips return to their previous position.

The price of increasing and correcting the shape of the lips depends on the manufacturer of the drug and the volume injected. On average, you will have to pay from $ 204 for a beauty injection.

Lift the corners of the lips with mezzanines

Raising the lowered corners of the mouth by introducing threads consisting of polydioxanone is carried out under stationary conditions. Immediately before the introduction of mesothreads, the doctor prescribes a patient examination to detect contraindications to the procedure.

How to raise the corners of the lips
How to raise lip corners with mezzanines

Before the main action, the problematic area of the face is treated with an anesthetic, then with a thin, hollow and flexible needle, a spring is introduced under the skin at the marked distance.

For an effective result, the doctor will introduce several threads on each side of the mouth. The lifting effect is achieved instantly and lasts for 3-5 years.

The cost of non-surgical rhinoplasty is from $ 14, depending on the cosmetic problem and the number of mesothreads inserted under the skin.

Lift the corners of the lips with gel

Anti-aging cosmetic product aimed at eliminating such problems:

  • how to prevent and combat age-related changes in the skin;
  • how to raise the corners of the lips, lowered by a decrease in muscle tone;
  • how to improve skin condition. How to raise the corners of the lips

Liposomal gel gently and naturally transfers the active substances in the composition into the deeper layers of the skin, slowing down the aging process, which leads to the regeneration and hydration of skin cells.

Thanks to these processes, small wrinkles of the oral area are smoothed out and the corners are raised.

When choosing a liposome, you should stay on tubes with a narrow neck. Gels produced in jars become rancid upon contact with air, and the risk of microbiological infection increases.

The use of this cosmetic product is possible only following the instructions for use, applying the gel to cleansed skin with massage movements.

Many cosmetic companies produce liposomal cosmetics, but before you choose, you need to consult a cosmetologist first. The specialist, based on the type and condition of the patient’s skin, will give recommendations on the choice and manufacturer. How to raise the corners of the lips

The cost of production cannot be unambiguously stated, since the final price depends on the manufacturer, the concentration of biologically active substances and the volume of the tube.

The acquisition of a cheap product of cosmetics manufacturers with “mass sales” can lead to the fact that a person will not get the expected effect due to the absence or low concentration of liposomes.

How to lift lip corners with makeup

With the help of decorative cosmetics, the shape of the mouth is quickly and accurately adjusted.

To hone the technique of makeup, photos are taken before and after applying cosmetics, then the color of lipstick for everyday use is selected by comparison.

How to raise the corners of the lips

Starting to raise the corners of the mouth, the lips are pre-prepared. To do this, before applying makeup, a system of masks and balms is used, which gives the lips softness and smoothness. Then a day-time protective cream is applied, and lightly dusted.

After the done manipulations, you can arm yourself with a pencil and lipstick.

How to lift the corners of your lips with a pencil

A contour pencil of visual correction is chosen close to the color of the lips or 1-2 tones darker.

How to raise the corners of the lips
How to lift the corners of your lips with a pencil

Creating the correct outline:

  1. The drawing of the upper lip begins with modeling of the V-shaped, not reaching the edge, as if cutting off the corners of the mouth;
  2. Then the contour of the lower lip is outlined, starting from the middle, the lip is completely stained, while slightly raising the corners, connecting the outlined lines;
  3. The border portion remaining outside the drawn line is masked by a tonal tool or corrector.

How to lift lip corners with lipstick

It is recommended to use lipstick with a special brush, ensuring uniformity of application inside the contour. After that, painted lips are blotted with a paper towel, and a layer of light or colorless gloss is applied to the center, which will distract the eye from the corners of the mouth.

How to raise the corners of the lips

To adjust the bending of the lips, you should choose lipsticks in natural shades, avoiding bright and saturated colors.

How to raise the corners of the lips if the expression on the face is not connected with a bad mood – smile more often, showing positive emotions, because sincere laughter and a friendly smile are effective no less than a specially developed set of exercises for the face.

Useful videos on how to lift lips

How to raise the corners of the lips: a set of exercises from a cosmetologist:

Correction of the lowered corners of the lips with a cosmetic pencil:

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