Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

Thanks to the huge variety of beautiful women’s hairstyles, you can choose and implement one of them yourself quickly and easily, even at home. All of them differ in the degree of complexity and convenience for creating on different hair lengths. More than 20 women’s hairstyles and detailed instructions for creating them are in front of you.

Wicker wreath

“Wreath” is incredibly beautiful and feminine and a hairstyle suitable for short hair. It will take you about 5 minutes to create it, stock up on small hairpins, invisible and thin elastic bands in the color of your hair.

  1. Select a small lock of hair at the base of the parting on the forehead. Start spinning your chosen strand into a not-so-tight flagellum. Braid the tourniquet like a wreath around the head, gradually adding new (small) strands.
  2. Fix the braided flagellum with a small hairpin (small “crabs” will do) or with a few invisible ones. Fix the flagellum at ear level.
  3. After the tourniquet is fixed at ear level, continue to “lead” the flagellum to the second ear, interlacing enough strands so that the tourniquet does not “sag”.
  4. Fix the tourniquet with invisibility around the perimeter of the wreath.
  5. To hide the ends of the hair, also use invisibility, wrapping the protruding hairs inside the wreath.
  6. To evenly distribute the volume of the hairstyle, use a flat comb, somewhere stretching the strands, and somewhere, on the contrary, removing them inside the main volume. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

You can braid a beautiful wreath on medium and long hair in a large number of ways, using not only flagella, but also braids. Braiding braids with a “basket” on short hair, you will have to use more fixatives to fix the protruding ends of the hair.

Romantic hairstyle

Preparing for a romantic evening creates a unique, magical atmosphere of a fairy tale, which is pleasant to plunge into again and again, creating new images for every romantic occasion. The simplest and most spectacular hairstyle for a date is large curls that can be stabbed at the back of the head at any time. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

Large curls that beautifully frame the face can be done in several ways:

  1. Ironing – curling curls from the face, choosing small locks and stepping back from the hair roots by 1’6 – 2 inch. For safe styling, do not squeeze the iron too much, choosing the optimal holding time – the longer you hold the iron in one area, the “cooler” it will be your strand.
  2. Curly – choose medium-sized strands, curling from roots to tips. Even if the curls turn out to be too elastic and “squeezed” at the roots, you can correct the situation by slightly combing the hair with a comb with soft teeth or slightly sprinkling them with foam for styling.
  3. Using hair curlers is the safest method for hair, when using it it is also necessary to use foams for styling and calculate the time for curling the hair so that the hair is not fixed by “lamb” at the hair roots. For a perfect romantic look, 30 minutes of curling on curlers is enough.


For owners of short hair who have to comply with a business dress code at the workplace, the styling issue is always relevant. A beautiful, “business” hairstyle for short hair is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

  1. A classic tight bun is a basic office hairstyle that can be created in 3 minutes of morning work. The only thing to take care of is the removal of protruding hairs. For this, varnish and invisibility are perfect. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes
  2. Shell is a great alternative to everyday bunch. This hairstyle combines femininity and rigor. You can decorate the classic “shell” with a French scythe, starting from the temples. A flat comb can create extra volume at the back of the head. loose hair and braids are twisted into a shell and secured with a hairpin and invisible.

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Retro hairstyle

Beautiful hairstyles for short hair in retro style are suitable for theme parties and holidays. With a retro hairstyle, your image will definitely be remembered by guests! Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

  1. In 2021, the velvet tail from the 60s became especially popular. All you need to do is create volume on the top of your head, after using the push-up foam for styling. The tail itself must be tied as low as possible, then, choosing two strands, pull the rubber higher, thus creating additional volume.
  2. A hairstyle in the style of the fifties is curls fixed with playful curls all over the head. To create such an interesting and textured hairstyle, start collecting curly curls from the bottom. Hand-wind them with curls, bringing the “bagels” from the hair to the roots of the hair. Next, fix the resulting curly curls with invisible and varnish. Light negligence and protruding tips of curls in this image will only decorate and complement the hairstyle with interesting details.

Stylish hairstyle for a haircut

The secret of a beautiful hairstyle, the creation of which on short hair will take no more than 5 minutes, consists in parting the hair. We forget about the straight parting and perfectly straight hair “curtains” and take out the curling iron and curlers from a distant box, because the outgoing year showed a tendency to voluminous hairstyles, and the length of the “square” was no exception! Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

Comb the side part and curl the upper curls with a curling iron or curlers, add volume to the rest of the hair, using a styling spray and a hair dryer with a large nozzle.

Styling very short hair

If you do not need to puzzle over the creation of an image for styling long hair, then styling very short hair seems problematic for many girls. But this is not at all true. Saucy, feminine and austere looks can be created on any length of hair. Celebrities demonstrate this again and again at any appearance.

  • Firstly, owners of very short hair can experiment with styling asymmetries, Hollywood stars often use this method: bangs are laid in one direction, the rest of the hair is volumetric directed in the opposite direction.
  • Secondly, a popular way to emphasize the boldness of the image is to comb the bangs up, like a “comb”.
  • Thirdly, you can use all the variety of accessories – headbands, bows, hair clips. It looks very playful evenly elongated from under the fringe of the fringe, with this technique you can easily create a retro-style of your image. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes
  • Finally, in 2021, banging on one side became especially popular, while creating the effect of a “shaved temple” on the opposite side.

Greek style hairstyle

Hair to the shoulders and longer allows you to create an elegant and festive hairstyle in the ancient Greek style. Use an elastic rim of delicate pastel color and invisibility. Divide the hair with a straight part, slightly curling the ends (or curling the hair from the middle of the length). Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

Put the bezel on your hair, tucking the ends of the hair under the elastic so that the curls hang slightly. Fix the resulting styling with varnish, but do not overdo it!

Beautiful casual hairstyle

Beautiful hairstyles for short hair, suitable for everyday look can be divided into those that require curling, and those that can be done without resorting to electronics at all. Make styling with an ironing on short hair in 5 minutes.

Depending on what kind of clamping power of the strands and the heating temperature of the iron you choose, your curls are formed. They can be tightly wound and lush, and they can be slightly wavy, feminine, looking as if you had braided a tight braid for the night.

Without ironing and other devices for short hair, you can braid spikelets “over the temples”, turning into ponytails. A playful, feminine and at the same time neat hairstyle will take you 5 minutes of time. Use thin (best in the color of your hair, so as not to overdo it with “playfulness”) gum and invisibility in order to hide the protruding hairs.

Fish tail

The fishtail is the adored hairstyle of most girls, although it is called the “tail”, but is braided like a simple braid of two strands. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

Step-by-step weaving scheme:

  1. Prepare the hair for braiding, carefully comb and if the hair is very “electrified”, use a couple of milligrams of foam for styling.
  2. Divide the hair into two equal parts.
  3. Shift the extreme strand of the right side in the middle of the parting (as when weaving a classic braid)
  4. Cross-over-cross the extreme strand from another part of the hair.
  5. So braid your fishtail to the end.

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Bunch “Flower”

The category of hairstyles for short hair includes a beautiful, and most importantly, feminine styling-bundle, called a “flower”. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

Step-by-step instructions for creating a lush and delicate styling:

  1. Tie a tight and high “ponytail”, comb the hair.
  2. We put on a bagel to create a bundle, distribute the hair over the entire diameter of the bagel.
  3. Separate one strand of hair and divide it into 3 equal parts. We plait a classic pigtail about 2 – 2’8 inch long
  4. Then we pass the resulting braid under the bagel, braiding it.
  5. The braids that remain from the pigtail fly into the adjacent strand in the same way.
  6. We braid the same, not braids along the entire diameter of the donut.
  7. We braid the last pigtail to the end and fasten it with a small, preferably transparent, rubber band, hide the tip of the braid under the bagel, fixing it with a hairpin.
  8. We pull the strands from the resulting braids, creating an additional volume of hairstyle, and masking the bagel under the braids.

Curl waves

Curl waves – this is a universal styling for all types of hair, which is suitable for any occasion, including for a holiday. To put your hair in beautiful curls is only half the story. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes It is important to fix the styling so that it remains for at least 12 hours . To do this, you can use fixing varnishes, styling foams, which are applied before curling.

Cheeky image

Sometimes you want to change the image to a more daring or even daring. In creating a daring and at the same time beautiful image, you need a hairstyle that will look playful and short at the same time bold on short hair. An integral element of the image of the savage – tousled hair, which is not suitable for any length of hair. You need to be able to elegantly dare! Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

In the past year, braids with kanekalon, colored ribbons woven into luxurious and daring French braids were especially popular.

All you need to create this fashionable hairstyle is to choose your favorite and surely bright color and, using the standard weaving technique, create two symmetrical braids.

Direct styling

Imperishable classic decorating any hair length – straight styling. It is easy to create and does not require any styling skills and tools. The only thing you should take care of before using a rectifier (ironing is the most convenient tool for direct styling) is thermal protection. It is necessary to use sprays with a high degree of resistance to temperature and moisturizing properties in order to protect your hair.

Tail inside out

Otherwise, this voluminous, extra-lush styling is called “reverse fish tail”.

To create it, follow these steps:

  1. We select a medium-sized upper strand of hair.
  2. We divide the selected strand into 3 equal parts, weave it 0’8 – 1’2 inch according to the traditional simple braid scheme, while shifting the strands “underneath”.
  3. We form two strands from the resulting braid.
  4. Separating a smaller part of the hair from the resulting extreme lock, we also braid “underneath”.
  5. Also do not forget to collect strands as the pigtail falls below. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

The result should be a “twisted spikelet” or “tail inside out”. Easy to create and very ele
gant hairstyle for every day. Braiding two braids “inside out” can complicate the resulting hairstyle with a lush bun, twisting braids one around the other and fixing them with invisibility not high on the back of the head.

Stacking with tape

An integral part of a beautiful and elegant hairstyle in the style of “natural” is naturally laid hair, neatly decorated with a satin ribbon. To create a hippy look, you need a wide ribbon of color that matches your hair, as well as a hair clip and a pair of invisibles. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

First, tie the ribbon around the head like a bezel, holding your hair tightly. Secondly, start to “hide” hair under the tape, moving from one temple to another. Remember that the largest volume of your feminine hairstyle should be achieved at the back of the head.

In order for the styling to last several hours, hairdressers advise injecting voluminous strands with a fixative varnish. The only drawback of this styling is its vulnerability to the wind.

Hairstyle “Shell”

The hairstyle in the French style “shell” will decorate any lady. The “shell” hairstyle is ideal for a romantic date, especially if you use pearl earrings and beads as accessories.

Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes
Shell – a beautiful hairstyle for short hair, which can be quickly and easily done using invisibility

This hairstyle is created in 6 stages:

  1. Prepare the hair for styling, carefully combing it with a straight parting, leave the front (facial) strands in front of the ears.
  2. Make a light pile on the back of the head, shake the hair with your hands, using styling foam.
  3. Twist voluminous hair into a bun, lifting it to the top of the head so that the desired shape of the shell is obtained.
  4. Fix the resulting shell with a crab or hairpins (hairpins in case of a romantic encounter will suit more, as they will not distract attention to the accessories to your hairstyle.
  5. Stay the front strands remaining at the eyes towards the back of the head, without weighing them down or tightening them tightly. Visually, these strands should look like light waves. You need to fix the wavy curls closer to the shell, using invisibility in the color of your hair.
  6. Fix the hairstyle with lacquer-fixer.


Flagella can be a great decoration for any hairstyle, they can frame loose hair, curls, a bun and a hairstyle, “little girl”.

But in order not to injure the hair structure with such weaving, you need to know several basic rules for weaving flagella:

  • choose the density of weaving, the volume of the flagellum and the direction of twisting.
  • to create a “shine” effect, the flagellum is braided tightly and smoothed on top with styling powder or gel with a polishing effect.
  • the magnificent flagellum is tightened tightly at the base of the hair, but as it “descends”, the tension decreases.

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Dutch braid

The classic Dutch braid is an elegant hairstyle, the simplest of the existing varieties of Dutch braids or, as they are also called, French braids “inside out”. First, grab 3 strands of equal size at the hair roots. Put the leftmost one under the middle one, as when weaving “spikelet on the contrary”. After laying on the rightmost strand in the same way. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

As weaving, add strands from the total volume of hair. After you finish the braid to the desired length, begin to weave a standard braid also using 3 strands, placing them under the French braid that you got “vice versa”. Thus, you get a Dutch braid with a beautiful frame from classical weaving.

Various parting

The classic parting is suitable for owners of straight and heavy hair, girls with short hair and medium length hair. Side parting does not necessarily imply a shift in the hairline to one side.

Often, specialists resort to laying only the front strands from the forehead on one side (creating the effect of a combed bang). A side part and parting with a staggered arrangement of strands are usually created for complex hairstyles and styling, such as a “checkerboard effect”.

Chess Effect Stack

Chess or zigzag parting is used in ultra-fashionable styles, holiday hairstyles, in children’s styles. To create a spectacular geometric parting, you will need a flat comb with a sharp tip that will allow you to evenly and evenly separate the strands. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

A parting created with only one hand will look more voluminous and natural. A chess part is used when weaving two braids, two buns, when styling short hair to create additional volume.

Hairstyle for short hair with bangs

In the past 2021, hairstyles for short hair with braided or beautifully laid bangs remained popular. At the peak of its popularity, there were styling with Danish braids braided in diameter of the head.

Danish braid

For owners of short hair and bangs, this hairstyle is a real treasure! You can braid the Danish braid around the head only on one side of the parting, so the hairstyle looks even more modern and unusual. Moreover, it can be braided in the form of an ear, which adds styling to the geometry and rigor.


Another hairstyle that allows you to remove the bangs from the forehead – a playful “little girl” on the head, who managed to become the main trend of the outgoing year. use a dry spray for structuring or invisibility in the color of the hair in order to fix your high bun on the crown.

French braid

Take the bangs into a tight and wide French braid, starting from the very roots on the crown, and carefully comb the rest of the hair and leave it loose or curl in large curls.

Casual look

To create an easy everyday look, you can lay your bangs with a large round comb for styling and a hairdryer, symmetrically spreading the bangs in two directions. An excellent addition to a long laid bangs will be a high tail on the crown. An easy, and most importantly, practical image, suitable for both the office and family walks, is created in just 5 minutes!

Two sinks

The hairstyle created with the help of two large “shells” resemb
les the motifs of the sixties, when the fashion was twisted flowing shapes and an incredible volume from the very roots. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

To create a “two shell” hairstyle, we use the classic twist technique, after dividing the hair into two equal parts. the hair is curled in large locks to the center of the head, fixed with varnish with a high degree of fixation and a large number of hairpins. Up to 10 hairpins can go on one sink from the “60s”.

French braid obliquely

In order to create a diagonal French braid, you will need to start weaving from the forehead by choosing 3 equal strands. To create such a hairstyle, reverse weaving is used, that is, all the strands are laid under the bottom. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutesTo create a diagonal direction, move towards the lower right of the neck, picking more hair on the right side than on the left.

Braided bundle

Although creating such a hairstyle takes only 5 minutes of your time, it seems like you worked on styling all evening, because a bundle with braided pigtails looks neat, feminine and elegant. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

The algorithm for creating a beautiful evening hairstyle:

  1. Prepare the hair for braiding, comb it thoroughly and spray it with a styling spray without weighting.
  2. Tie a tight and high ponytail.
  3. Put on a bagel to create a bun on the ponytail, distribute the hair around it.
  4. Separate a lock of hair from your forehead and braid it in a pigtail (classic, French or fishtail).
  5. Put the braid in the bagel and tightly wrap it around the bundle.
  6. Add the rest of the tail to the next strand and also braid it in a braid.
  7. We repeat the same algorithm for the remaining hair, and hide the last braid under the bagel.
  8. Next, add volume to our hairstyle, slightly pulling the strands from the braids.

Buffon Hairstyle

A spectacular hairstyle with a beautiful name “Buffon” is perfect for an evening look.

Hollywood stars often use it to enter the red carpet.

  1. To begin with, curl the entire volume of hair (except for the upper strands in the face)
  2. To create natural curls, use a large nozzle and hold the curling iron horizontally.
  3. After curling, comb the hair slightly and start combing the hair on the back of the head and crown, creating an extra volume.
  4. Carefully smooth the created fleece and tie the upper strands into a flagellum, fixing it in the middle.
  5. The strands left at the eyes also need to be given volume and shape, it is best to use a curling iron, curling curls “from the face”.
  6. We spray the resulting styling with a medium-fixation varnish at an arm’s length so that the hair does not stick together.

Hairstyle “Crown”

Hairstyle “Crown” is another beautiful hairstyle suitable for weaving on thick, short hair. To create it, form a circular parting, leaving the lower strands intact. Tie the tail on the top, leaving the selected strands loose. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

Weaving itself begins with strands located closer to the ears. We divide the resulting tail into two equal parts and the lower one will subsequently be used for pickup. We begin to weave a classic French braid, picking up locks from the tail.

Thus, we move to the second ear, leaving the locks of the pigtails slightly free, “airy”. Closer to the temples we use strands in the face that are not gathered in a ponytail. Moving to the place from where we started, add strands from the upper half of the tail. We braid the final strand to the end in a simple pigtail and hide it at the base of the tail.

Hairstyle for a special occasion

Choosing a fashionable and beautiful outfit and shoes for him is another half of the business for the holiday. It is extremely important to choose a hairstyle that would be in harmony with the oval of your face, would be suitable for a festive occasion and would be practical!

More accessories!

Bright and shiny accessories will decorate any holiday hairstyle, preferably in the color of your holiday outfit. And for the New Year’s night, iridescent hairpins with rhinestones are perfect.

Charming curls

Playful ringlets on the face is a fashion trend that adorns any festive styling. Such “decoration” is suitable for all types of hair and does not require special efforts to create. The only rule to remember when creating charming and free strands is that you need to curl them in the direction “from the face” in order to leave it open and “breathing”.

Hollywood curls

The classics of cinema and all carpet paths are Hollywood, large locks from the roots with a side parting. If your curls turned out to be too elastic and frequent, use a comb with frequent cloves made of natural materials. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Fast and easy styling in 5 minutes

The hairstyle is able to set the mood not only for the holiday, but also to decorate a normal day at work, raise your mood and give confidence. Experiment every time, try new styling and weaving, and then every day will be decorated in your bright way.

Video about beautiful hairstyles for short hair

Three simple and stylish hairstyles for short hair:

Beautiful hairstyles on a square for short hair:

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