What is atraumatic facial cleansing

One of the most popular procedures in beauty salons are various methods of cleaning the skin on the face. All of them have pronounced advantages and rightly the leading position among them is atraumatic facial cleansing . What this procedure is, and also what effect is expected from it, and will be discussed in detail in this article.

Atraumatic facial cleansing – what is it

Atraumatic facial cleansing is gentle and, what is important for the skin, a gentle cosmetic procedure.

What is atraumatic facial cleansing
For high-quality skin cleansing, cosmetologists recommend a procedure such as atraumatic facial cleansing. What is it, reviews, photos before and after help to verify the effectiveness and safety of the procedure.

Effects of Atraumatic Cleaning:

  1. She perfectly opens and cleans pores.
  2. Softens and removes keratinized particles of the epidermis, making skin breathing easier.
  3. Reduces the amount of pathogenic microflora and sebum production.
  4. Relieves inflammation.
  5. Smoothes and rejuvenates the skin.

A delicate, non-traumatic procedure, in just one cosmetic session gives the face a healthy, radiant look.

Advantages and disadvantages of atraumatic peeling

The main advantage of atraumatic cleansing is the absence of direct mechanical and physical effects on the skin of the face. That allows you to do normal activities immediately after the procedure.

The advantage of the procedure is:

  • quick visual transformation of the face ;
  • lack of age restrictions for the use of atraumatic peeling;
  • painlessness of the procedure , even with very sensitive skin, only lungs, quickly passing, tingling are possible;
  • the minimum number of contraindications for the use of atraumatic facial cleansing;
  • safety of atraumatic exfoliation , the procedure cannot provoke inflammation or cause infection;
  • the efficiency of cleaning hard to reach areas in the folds of the wings of the nose;
  • improving lymph movement , increasing blood supply to the tissues and cells of the epidermis;
  • atraumatic facial cleansing triggers metabolic processes , which activates the production of collagen, which in turn triggers wellness processes in the epidermis;
  • removal of keratinized particles from the epidermis , simplification of skin respiration, saturation of it with nutrients and oxygen;
  • wrinkle smoothing ;
  • improving complexion , smoothing the skin, eliminating shallow pigmentation;
  • removal of black spots , smoothing marks and spots from acne;
  • the absence of procedural traces and mechanical damage to the skin;
  • increase skin tone , saturation with nutrition and moisture;
  • the effectiveness of cleaning and narrowing the pores.

What is atraumatic facial cleansing

The delicacy and softness of the effect on the skin is both a great advantage and a disadvantage of atraumatic peeling. The procedure cannot effectively clean out the deep layers of the epidermis.

Disadvantages of atraumatic peeling:

  • lack of a great result with neglected and heavily soiled skin;
  • possible allergic reaction to fruit acids used in cleaning;
  • the need for repeated repetition of the procedure;
  • exposure to fruit acids may contribute to exacerbation of dermatological diseases.

Atraumatic peeling is not suitable for skin cleansing with pronounced acne. It can not help in the fight against a large number of deep comedones.

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Indications for cleaning

Atraumatic facial cleansing is a universal procedure, and that is so, first of all, confirms the possibility of using with any type of skin. An integrated approach allows you to use the method when it is impossible or low efficiency of other types of facial cleansing.

Beauticians recommend resorting to atraumatic peeling in the following cases:

  • skin contamination;
  • pore enlargement;
  • poor elasticity of the skin;
  • dryness, withering of the skin;
  • increased fat content;
  • poor, unhealthy complexion;
  • uneven relief of the skin.

For combined and oily skin, the procedure is applied once a month. Dry and normal skin type will be enough to clean 1 time in 3 months.

Stages of the procedure

Before the procedure, the beautician examines the skin of the patient. Identifies existing problems, plans the stages of their elimination.

For atraumatic cleaning, a whole range of specially developed cosmetics is used. They are applied in the established and strictly defined order.

What is atraumatic facial cleansing

Stages of atraumatic peeling:

  1. Facial skin cleansing , removal of makeup, grease, dust particles.
  2. Application of a cosmetic product containing fruit acid. Superimposed mask contributes to the effective expansion of pores, dissolution and rejection of dead cells and keratinized particles of the epidermis.
  3. Chemical peeling with products with a high concentration of acids . When applied, the beautician makes a gentle massage, contributing to a deeper penetration of the glycolic acid solution. The cosmetic product further opens the pores, warms the skin.
  4. The next stage of the procedure consists of enzymatic peeling . The final dissolution and purification of pores, intensive, deep hydration of the epidermis occurs.
  5. After pilling, the cosmetologist applies moisturizing wipes to the face for several minutes . After removing them, wipes the skin with an anti-inflammatory solution.
  6. At the final stage, a soothing mask is applied to the skin of the face . Tightens pores and relieves skin irritation.

Cosmetic compositions begin to exert their effects immediately after application and continue to work for several more days. All this time, pore cleansing continues, sebaceous plugs are removed. The face takes on a fresh and healthy appearance.

Manufacturers of cosmetics do not forget to constantly delight the fair sex with effective skin care products. Much attention is also paid to the development and production of new, effective facial cleansing complexes.

Atraumatic cleaning Holyland

Experts unanimously argue that it is with the HolyLand complex of drugs that the highest quality atraumatic facial cleansing is carried out . That this is true, you can see by reading a huge number of excellent reviews on the products of the Israeli company.

HolyLand cosmetics effectively removes dirt, cleans pores and sebaceous gl

It can be applied on any type of skin.

What is atraumatic facial cleansing

Means included in the complex of drugs:

  1. DoubleActionSoap , effectively softens and disinfects the epidermis. It has a cleansing, calming, relaxing effect.
  2. Fruit Acid Composition AlphaComplex . Great cleanser. It has a high degree of security.
  3. A-NOX Face Lotion – bactericidal lotion . Effectively warms the skin. Promotes activation of blood circulation in tissues.
  4. Cosmetic A-NOX Solution . Reveals pores. Dissolves accumulations in comedones, fat in the sebaceous ducts. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, fights against pathogenic microorganisms.
  5. Aseptic masks with disinfecting, soothing and absorbing properties.
  6. Moisturizer A-of NOX Hydratant Cream . Helps to restore the protective layer of the skin, disturbed by cleaning.

Holyland Atraumatic Facial Cleansing is suitable for working with different types of skin integuments. The drugs are universal and allow you to locally treat individual areas of the skin.

Exfoliating Peeling Kit

Atraumatic exfoliant peeling prepared on a natural basis is one of the best cosmetics for deep cleansing of the skin. The peeling kit is capable of removing the dead cells to the surface to completely clean the epidermis. Launch metabolic processes in cells, stimulate their growth and renewal.

What is atraumatic facial cleansing

The complex includes multi-stage tools:

  • glycolim 1 – qualitatively cleansing surface contamination of the skin;
  • lotion with a deep exfoliating effect;
  • effective cleansing mousse;
  • tonic lotion;
  • cream mask, moisturizing and restoring the lipid barrier.

Along with great efficiency, the complex is famous for its simplicity and ease of use.

Skin cleansing with Brightening

Beauticians consider TonyMoly from South Korea to be a good skin cleanser at home. A remedy appropriate for atraumatic cleaning according to the achieved effect – FloriaBrightening perfectly cleanses, renews the epidermis. It starts the regeneration of cells, significantly improves complexion.

What is atraumatic facial cleansing

Application guarantees smooth, even, clean skin . The fermented lotus extract included in the composition soothes the deep layers of the epidermis and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Atraumatic peeling Mirra

Atraumatic peeling Mirra, consisting of two products, guarantees a deep and effective skin cleansing. Without causing irritation, it contributes to the rapid renewal of the upper layer of the epidermis.

What is atraumatic facial cleansing

The kit includes tools:

  1. Mousse cleansing – expands pores, draws pollution to the surface of the skin.
  2. Exfoliating lotion – removes contamination, exfoliates keratinized particles and dead cells, helping to restore the upper layer of the epidermis.

After the procedure, the skin must be moistened with a soothing gel, balm or cream.

How to clean at home

Every woman knows everything about her skin. It’s not at all necessary to visit a beauty salon every time, so that effective atraumatic facial cleansing improves the appearance.

That this is easily and easily carried out at home is well known to many women who have long and successfully practiced peeling at home.

At the same time, the procedure algorithm corresponds to salon cleaning:

  1. Cleansing the face with lotion.
  2. Gentle peeling with fruit acids . You can also use a light scrub.
  3. Pore opening by steaming . During the procedure, it is effective to use decoctions of chamomile, wormwood or rosemary.
  4. Homage , skin cleansing, removal of black spots.
  5. Moisturizing the skin with a nourishing cosmetic product.

One has only to try and understand that it is quite simple to become a worthy master for your own face and maintain your skin in perfect condition.


Facial skin, having undergone a peeling procedure, requires timely and special care. Disturbed by the effect of cleansing agents, the skin requires the early restoration of its protective properties.

What is atraumatic facial cleansing

The cosmetologist who did the procedure in the salon, based on the type and condition of the skin, will advise the necessary moisturizing, softening and restoring balms and creams.

Fulfilling the requirements of a specialist will not only allow to consolidate the result, but also extend its time.

Within a few days after the procedure, it is prohibited:

  • to use cosmetics;
  • visit saunas, pools;
  • stay in the sun, frost, strong wind for a long time;
  • carry out other facial cleansing.


Atraumatic facial cleansing is a universal procedure, and that this is true, confirms the almost complete absence of contraindications.

Exceptions are allergic reactions to cosmetics used in the procedure and skin diseases that give complications with any peeling.

The procedure cannot be performed with:

  • burns on the skin;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • pregnancy
  • keloid scars;
  • individual intolerance and allergic skin reactions to fruit acids;
  • psoriasis
  • dermatitis;
  • eczema
  • open scratches, pustules and wounds on the skin.

If there is any doubt about the possibility of using atraumatic peeling, you should visit a cosmetologist and get a detailed consultation. Also to avoid many unpleasant consequences will help an allergy test done by a cosmetologist immediately before the procedure.

The cost of the procedure in the beauty salon

The price of the procedure may vary, depen
ding on the level of the salon and the demand for the master. On average, traumatic facial cleansing costs $ 16.

Atraumatic facial cleansing: video

How is atraumatic cleansing of the face of HOLY LAND Watch the video clip:

How to conduct atraumatic facial cleansing at home Find out in the video:


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