The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

According to statistics, the worst people in the world, most often, are female. Modern society dictates its ideals of beauty and many girls try to conform to them, no matter what.

The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

They exhaust the body with various diets, work wear and tear, ignoring the rules of a healthy lifestyle, which leads to exhaustion and incredible physical fatigue. Such a life eventually leads to anorexia, a popular disease of young girls.

The worst people are women

The worst people on the planet are women, and this happens for such reasons:

  • in pursuit of beauty, the female part of the population tortures itself with diets, and after their termination they can continue to lose weight;
  • self-doubt makes you think about how much harm this or that product will bring, because of this, women do not buy goodies, and make their diet limited;
  • the inability to wear your favorite things gives rise to a desire to lose weight;
  • to improve the personal life of the girl become skinny;
  • if there are health problems, then women set a goal to reduce weight.

The worst person ever – Lucia Zarate

The worst person in the world according to the Guinness book of achievements is Lucia Zarate. She was born on January 2, 1863 in Mexico and had a disease such as pituitary dwarfism (liliputia). At 17, her height was 16’9 inch, and her body weight was 5 pounds. The maiden looked like a doll. At the age of 12, Lucia got to the exhibition, where she became famous and after that she began working in the circus. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

Here she was supposed to intensively rehearse and practice, which gave positive results in the form of earning $ 20 per hour. Over time, the Mexican managed to gain 13 pounds, but the waist remained about 5’9 inch. Physical flaws helped Sarate to live in abundance.

Material well-being would continue to increase if the incident did not occur. Lucia was on a train that was stuck in the mountains. Among the many passengers who died due to hypothermia, there was a famous Mexican.

The thinnest women in the world

Many representatives of the weak half of humanity are obsessed with the fight against excess body weight and do not even dare to think of a bun or hot dog. They purposefully lose weight, thereby torturing their body. But there are women who are prone to rare diseases, causing emaciation and preventing them from living a full life. Each of them has its own story.

The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

Lizzy Velazquez is an American writer, blogger and speaker

Currently, the title of “leanest man” belongs to the American Lizzy Velazquez. At 22, she is 5’2 foot tall and weighs only 62 pounds. The reason for such a mismatch of the parameters was a rare disease – the progyroid neonatal syndrome, which is characterized by the fact that fat accumulations are not stored in the body.

The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo
Lizzy Velazquez is considered the thinnest woman in the world.

Even in the maternity hospital, doctors told parents that the baby weighs a little more than a pounds, and she will not live long. But contrary to all forecasts, the girl is full of strength, energy and optimism. All other members of the family have absolutely normal figures.

One of the inconveniences that the American is experiencing is a constant meal. Lizzy needs to be eaten every 15 minutes. Her diet consists of high-calorie foods (pastry, hamburgers). Every day, Ms. Velazquez takes about 8000 kcal. But this does not contribute to weight gain, but only supports vitality.

Lizzy does not despair, publishes her books and speaks for people with physical disabilities.

Valeria Levitina – the worst woman of our time, a former Muscovite

The worst person in the world comes from USA – Valery Levitin . As a child, mother controlled her daughter’s weight, and weighed it almost daily, because the female half of their family was inclined to be overweight. At a young age, she emigrated with her parents to the United States and won the local beauty contest. After this event, it was decided to reduce body weight. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

The girl became addicted to diets and led her body to exhaustion. So by the age of 25, with a height of 5’7 foot, she weighed 82 pounds. Currently, Valeria weighs 53 pounds and her body hardly accepts food, while the taste of food is not felt. She hardly moves, spends a lot of time at home.

A American woman lives in Monaco, where a warm climate has a beneficial effect on her health. She managed to restore eating behavior, but gaining weight does not work out yet. A woman consumes a certain amount of food and takes caffeine in large quantities so as not to faint from low blood pressure.

Maria and Katie Campbell – sisters who did not want to get fat

The twin sisters Maria and Katie Campbell weigh 84 pounds each. They were born in the UK in 1981. At age 12, when the first signs of growing up appeared, they agreed among themselves that they would do everything possible so as not to get fat. The twins exhausted themselves with strict diets, secretly gave their food to dogs and considered the calorie content of food. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

This led to the fact that doctors diagnosed anorexia. They were sent separately for treatment, but even there the sisters cut their servings. After returning, Katie and Maria began to live separately with their parents. Currently, women have major health problems and severe anorexia. Although the twins received a medical education, they cannot defeat the disease.

To get rid of thinness, it is first necessary to normalize the nutrition process, experts say.

The worst models

Any fashion model should differ in small forms that meet the standards of world catwalks. But often, too thin girls show clothes that look unnatural.

Isabelle Carot – French model, starred in the advertisement “No Anorexia”

The worst person in the world is a girl from France, whose name is Isabelle Carot. She was born in September 1982. The cause of a serious form of anorexia nervosa was family circumstances. Mother Isabelle was afraid of loneliness and that her daughter would grow up and leave her. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

She did not allow the teenag
er to walk on, and the child cut off communication with the outside world and began to restrain himself in food, which gave impetus to the development of exhaustion. The girl was aware of the mistakes made.

In 2007, a well-known Italian photographer created a photo shoot “No Anorexia”, the purpose of which was to appeal to riveting public attention to anorexia issues and help people suffering from this disease. In the photographs, Isabelle was taken naked.

During this period, the weight of the model was 62 pounds, and height 5’3 foot. At a conscious age, Caro wanted to restore her health and gain some weight, but she did not succeed. In 2010, the girl died in the hospital, where she was diagnosed with SARS.

Twiggy – The Worst Supermodel – 60s Legend

The parameters of the 60s model were 80-55-80, body weight was 88 pounds, and height 5’5 foot. Her career began with filming in advertising, and a year later the British publisher called the model “Face of the Year.” Her face was depicted everywhere, from clothing to packages in which these things were placed. The lean physique of Twiggy was inherited from her father. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

Over time, the girl opened her boutique in central London. Then she recorded her own music album and starred in a movie. Currently, he maintains a healthy image and philosophically treats all life circumstances.

Ioana Spangenberg – model with a waist 19’7 inch

Ioana Spangenberg is of Romanian origin and resembles an hourglass with her figure. Her waist volume is 19’7 inch, height 5’5 foot, and weight 84 pounds. The model claims that it does not suffer from anorexia, consumes healthy food, including high-calorie and fatty foods. Romanian tried to gain body weight, because in the homeland of thinness means poverty, and in this case it is not easy to find a soul mate. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

In 2006, Joana met a man named Jan, got married and currently lives in Germany. The husband wanted his wife to work in the modeling business and posted her pictures on the Internet, where representatives of modeling agencies drew attention to him. Designers admire the unusual figure, because it is ideal to sew clothes on it. The parameters of Ioana are 80-50-80.

The reason for such a low body weight could not be determined. But it is known for certain that in childhood, the Romanian was a girl with normal weight, and began to lose weight in the transition period. According to Ioana, her stomach is too small, and in case of overeating, she becomes ill.

Anna Carolina Reston – Brazilian model, fan of the Tomatoes and Apples diet

The worst person in the world of Brazilian origin is Anna Carolina Reston. After winning the local beauty contest, she began working with leading fashion houses as a fashion model. In 2004, during a casting in China, someone noticed that the model was complete and it would have been worth it to lose some weight. After that, Anna began to adhere to a diet consisting of tomatoes and apples. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

In October 2006 the girl weighed 88 pounds, despite the fact that her height was 5’6 foot.

The Brazilian held the final shootings for the Armani catalog. At this time, she felt unwell and was sent back to Brazil. After a couple of days, the model arrived at the clinic with kidney failure, then there were difficulties with breathing and inflammation started. Her condition worsened, and Anna died in the hospital at the age of 21.

Her death gave an impetus to the fact that international movements began to monitor the health status of models entering the catwalk.

Kate Moss is an icon of style, a trendsetter on thinness

Kate Moss was addicted to drugs for fear of gaining weight. From this addiction, the model was treated in an Arizona clinic. The addiction almost cost the career girl. In childhood, Kate was tall and had a small body weight. At that time, she had more liveliness than when taking drugs. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

Kate’s options are far from ideal. With a height of 5’6 foot, a native of Great Britain weighs only 106 pounds. Body volumes are 87- 23’2 – 35 inch. Despite the depleted appearance, the model looks active and fresh.

Kate Moss’s diet consists in removing toxins from the body.

Here, the amount of calorie intake is drastically reduced, excess fats are removed and harmful substances that accumulate during malnutrition are eliminated. In addition to the diet, the girl set herself a regime of physical activity: 4p. 1-1.5 hours a week. Currently, Ms. Moss has exceeded 40, and her figure is as slender and toned.

Jamie King – from a heroin model to a successful actress

Jamie King showed great promise in the modeling business, until she started a relationship with photographer David Sorrenti. Her thinness was needed by a drug-dependent Italian to take heroin-filled photographs. David soon died, and the girl became addicted to drugs, alcohol and acquired anorexia. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

She managed to get out of these serious troubles, become an actress, the face of the cosmetics company Revlon and successfully marry. At the peak of a modeling career with an increase of 5’7 foot, her weight was 126 pounds, and the remaining parameters were 87- 25’2 – 34’3 inch.

Veruschka von Lendorf – supermodel and countess

The worst person in the world of noble birth is Veruschka von Lendorf. Born in Germany in 1939. Father was executed for treason, and his children were in a concentration camp. At 18, the girl began to work as a model in America. But the activities overseas did not bring success, and Vera returned to Munich, where she took part in the film “Magnification” and gained worldwide popularity. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

Whether the model had ano
rexia, there is no reliable data. Having a high height ( 6’1 foot) and 43 feet size, the girl looked excessively thin. When a documentary about Verushka’s life came out, she admitted that she was well-fed in her childhood, but at the beginning of her career she used only eggs so as not to get fat. Countess von Lendorf is currently participating in fashion shows and promotions.

Hila Elmaliah was a famous and successful model of Israel. In 21 g, the girl developed anorexia, with which she fought for 13 long years. She died on the day she turned 34 years old, having 60 pounds of weight with a height of 5’5 foot. After her death, a worldwide movement was organized, the purpose of which was to change the concepts of beauty and stimulate models not to bring themselves to exhaustion.

Luisel and Eliana Ramos – the tragedy of sisters, Uruguayan models

Elina, known on the world catwalks as El, began her professional career at the age of 16, following her sister Luisel. They worked for the best Uruguayan modeling agencies. Luisel stopped eating 3 days before the show, eating only lettuce and diet cola. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo

At one of the shows, the girl felt unwell, and went to the dressing room, where she died of heart failure in a couple of minutes. Having grown 5’7 foot, the model weighed only 88 pounds. In this regard, a decision was made not to allow fashion models with a body mass index of less than 18 to be shown. Next year, history took a new turn.

From anorexia, her younger sister Elina Ramos died, also limiting herself to high-grade food in order to maintain her “0” size. Its norms mean parameters of 80- 22’8 – 33’9 inch. The girl was found dead in her own apartment. The official version of death is a heart attack, but from reliable sources it became known that exhaustion was a plausible diagnosis.

Nicole Richie – a scandalous star, a victim of anorexia

American star Nicole Ricci denies eating difficulties. The girl in her youthful years had magnificent forms ( 165 pounds), but when she got on television, she began to quickly lose weight. At this time, Nicole weighed 86 pounds with a growth of 5’2 foot, which indicates anorexia. After some time, the actress gave birth to a daughter, which helped to cope with a terrible diagnosis and achieve a body weight of 119 pounds.

Celebrities Who Have Anorexia

Famous representatives of the weak half of humanity who have anorexia:

  1. Victoria Beckham. After a careless remark by the producer that she should get rid of excess body fat, she went on a strict diet. She consumed only fruits and greens. And this caused polycystic ovaries and brought some problems with bearing children. With a height of 5’3 foot, she weighed 99 pounds. Now Victoria eats normally, but pays attention to the energy value of food. The worst man in the world is a woman. Anorexic girls, models, celebrities. Photo
  2. Angelina Jolie is a fan of legumes, but currently only uses some grains and seeds. With a height of 5’5 foot, its weight ranges from 77 -99 pounds, which is a critical indicator. The reason for the thinness was nervous stress, and the fact that she was completely immersed in the upbringing of her 6 children, forgetting about herself.
  3. One of the Olsen Mary-Kate sisters began anorexia due to psychoemotional stress. This was served by a busy schedule, universal popularity, and separation from my sister (the twins began to live separately). She was treated in a specialized clinic. The actress is 5’2 foot tall and weighs 108 pounds.
  4. Paris Hilton after breaking up with a guy began to follow a strict diet. She managed to lose weight to 99 pounds, which is a critical value with her growth of 5’7 foot. After that, Paris recovered a little.

The worst person does not differ in good health and ideal forms. You should really assess the state of your body, and for any deviations in the direction of decreasing or increasing weight, you should reconsider your lifestyle and diet. There are many skinny people in the world, but whatever the cause of anorexia, this should be fought.

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