Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women

Shoulder exercises with a barbell and dumbbells that are performed in the gym or at home will help to accentuate the development of the shoulder girdle (especially true for men) and make progress in other exercises, as shoulders are involved in many training complexes.

How to organize workouts at home

The hall provides additional motivation and is more convenient for classes, but with well-organized training at home it is quite possible to get an identical effect and even better results.

Of the benefits of home training, it should be noted:

  • lack of cash costs to pay for the gym and the road;
  • comfortable atmosphere;
  • convenient conditions, such as a personal shower, the ability to choose music;
  • the opportunity to start training when you want and it is also easy to get back to business;
  • additional convenience for introverts who do not like to be in public places.

At home, you need to correctly organize the space and schedule:

  • make a training zone. In the best case scenario, a small part of the room should be organized, which is specially adapted for training. There are spacious, comfortable surfaces. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women
  • purchase of equipment . Expensive equipment is not always required. You can make your own gym at minimal cost.
  • creating a schedule. It’s convenient to train at home, as you can start the lesson when you are in a good mood, but systematicity is required in any case. You need to plan a schedule for the week, to paint the estimated progress, the number of exercises performed for a certain period.

For home training, a thorough study of the technique of performing exercises and the safety of work is especially relevant.

Due to the lack of an instructor and safety net, you need to regularly monitor the correct execution of movements.

Features of training in the gym

If the exercises on the shoulders with dumbbells are performed in the gym, there is additional motivation and the opportunity to get valuable advice, learn from the experience. However, in the hall you can train incorrectly.

Independent training in the gym is based on 3 basic rules:

  • technique – you need to know how to work with each simulator, not to take excessive weights;
  • program – you can’t train randomly, you need to have a program for every training. It is necessary to develop a schedule for a long period of classes, distributing emphasis on different muscle groups, not forgetting about days of rest; Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women
  • motivation – it is necessary to distinguish an excessive load from a situation where you do not want to engage in it, you should motivate yourself in order to constantly develop.

Shoulder exercises with dumbbells in the gym should be included in the framework of the selected program, and not when you want. We should not forget about the systematic training and self-motivation.

List of effective basic shoulder exercises

Basic exercises are the basis of training and are used in each individual training. They make muscles grow and strengthen the body.

Barbell lift

This is a pushing, basic exercise for the muscles of the shoulder girdle. It is used to build strength and mass in the shoulder area. Execution options – sitting or standing. Often used as the first or second exercise on the day of shoulder training. Beginners are advised to perform under the guidance of an instructor.

Execution technique

  1. You must choose the right weight and sit on the bench. If you decide to perform the exercise from the stand, you need to take a position with slightly bent legs, a tense back and stomach. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women
  2. The bar is taken with a grip wider than the shoulders and the bar is placed on the chest.
  3. Gently deflect the body back to be able to lift weight without bending the neck.
  4. They squeeze the stomach and lower back and lift the weight up. When the top point is reached, they hold the weight for half a second and slowly and in a controlled way return to their original position without relaxing the muscles.

Common   mistakes

In this type of exercise, it is very important to avoid groin, because of the uncomfortable position, the shoulders are easily damaged:

  1. Incomplete amplitude – you need to perform the full amplitude exercise, starting from the bottom point, where the weight almost touches the chest to the highest point, without closing the elbows, so as not to overload the joints. This will give maximum results.
  2. Wrist position. If your wrists do not lie correctly, there is a risk of injury. The position of the wrist should be even, the bones of the forearm should be located almost under the neck, not bending forward or backward. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women
  3. Neck too narrow or wide. The grip should be wider than the shoulders and slightly narrower than the elbows.
  4. Crooked movement. The movement should be directed straight up and down, otherwise the joints are subjected to unnecessary pressure. There is also a risk of losing weight due to loss of balance.
  5. Wrong body posture – the body should be straight with a slight deviation (in the upper part) back so that the weight can freely move up. If the exercise is performed while sitting, the waist and abdomen should be tight and straight all the time.


  1. Preheat joints before starting exercise.
  2. Select the weight with which the full range of exercise is available.
  3. Use the services of a fitness instructor so that he can report possible injuries and mistakes.

Chin bar pull

Lifting to the chin is an exercise that loads the shoulders, trapezium and part of the back muscles. It is used to increase the strength and mass of these muscles. Often used on training days for shoulders or back as one of the main exercises.

Way of execution

The bar should be at the palm of your hand. The palms are about 7’9 inch apart. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women

They get up evenly, raise the bar to the chin along the front of the body and release to the starting position

Common   mistakes

Excessive weight is the most common mistake in this exercise. It seems that you can lift more weight, but th
e process of muscle load is performed illiterate. In addition, there is a risk of injury to the joints.

Excessive movements and shaking – you need to monitor the slow and controlled movement without unnecessary vibrations in the body. You should stand upright, not bending over or swaying in the back or other parts of the body. Exercise should be performed only by hands with simultaneous bending at the elbow and shoulder joints.

The fingerboard is too far from the body – the fingerboard must be close to the body, otherwise other auxiliary muscles will be involved, and most of the load will go to the joints, not the muscles. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women

Incomplete amplitude. An incomplete amplitude is often found in beginners who take too much weight, not realizing that they will not be able to get the most out of this exercise.


If the load on the shoulders and trapeze is not felt, you need to check the technique of the exercise. Weight may be excessive. If there are problems with the elbows and shoulders, care must be taken when performing the exercise.

Exercise poses a serious danger to the shoulder joints!

Isolated shoulder exercises

These shoulder exercises are performed with dumbbells, a bar, or a special crossover simulator, which is in the gym. They load only the shoulders and are used for a more detailed study of this muscle group.

Raising hands in front of you

This is an isolated exercise that loads the muscles of the shoulder and, in particular, the front bundles. When the dumbbells are lifted, the front shoulder heads are loaded, and when using the bar, the muscles of the upper chest are also loaded. Exercise is recommended for intermediate and advanced athletes, beginners should perform it under the guidance of a fitness instructor.

Execution method

Dumbbells are held by the handle, arms spread a little wider than the shoulders. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women

Straighten the body, tighten the waist and abdomen. Controlling the movement, raise the weight to shoulder level and return to their original position. Without relaxing the muscles, repeat the exercise.

Common mistakes

Incomplete amplitude – execution not to the top. It is necessary to perform a complete movement, namely from the bottom point (without relaxation) to the position where straight arms will be along the ground. It is better to take less weight, but to perform the exercise competently.

Raising the arm instead of the shoulders – the movement should be performed with practically motionless hands, the shoulders should be the only movable joints, and the elbows and wrists should not move during its execution, even if the elbows are slightly bent.


  1. Before performing this exercise, you should carefully stretch the shoulder joints.
  2. Choose the right weight that will work properly.
  3. Remain in a level position and avoid body movements.
  4. They focus on the muscles of the shoulder, do not strain other parts of the body: chest, arms, etc.

Side Dumbbell Breeding

An isolating exercise that focuses on the muscles of the shoulder. Exercise is used both to build strength and to gain muscle mass.

Execution method

Suitable weights are chosen, stand upright with a straight back, tight stomach and open shoulders, putting your hands in the starting position on the sides of the body. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women

Carefully bend the arms at the elbows and raise them in a controlled movement until they reach a right angle in the shoulders. Return the weight back to its original position.

Common   mistakes

U-turn of the hand – palms should cover the dumbbells and look down, not sideways or up. Exercise is performed with tension of the shoulder muscles without unnecessary movements.


It is necessary to correctly determine the load and monitor the correct execution of movements. If you have to make sharp or inconsistent movements, you need to reduce weight.

The shoulders are always warmed up before doing the exercise to prepare the joints and muscles for the upcoming workload.

Front Dumbbell Lifting

Lifting dumbbells while leaning forward more loads the heads of the muscles of the shoulder. The exercise also covers part of the back and trapezium. Often during exercise, the position of the body is distorted. To avoid this, you need to straighten the chest and shoulders and include in the movement the back of the shoulder. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women

Exercise is recommended for both beginners and advanced, but beginners should carefully monitor the implementation of instructions. Exercise can be performed either standing or sitting on a chair or bench.

Execution method

They take dumbbells of the required weight, bend their knees and arms at the elbows, lean forward, the waist is in a straight position, the stomach is tight. Hands are placed palms down, rise on the sides, the emphasis falls only on the shoulders. Hands reach shoulder level and are again transferred to the starting point, without relaxing the shoulders.

Common   mistakes

In this exercise, the hands are often relaxed below and approximately 1/3 of the movements are performed without any load. But this method of execution relieves the load from the muscles, reduces the amplitude and therefore does not allow to get the maximum benefit from the exercise

Incomplete amplitude . The full amplitude implies movement from the bottom to the height when the shoulders, forearms and elbows are on the same plane. When performing full amplitude, muscles are much better loaded.

Help with movement. You need to move only in the shoulders, this is an exercise for the shoulder girdle. If you perform additional movements, such as movement in the elbows or hands, there is a risk of injury and reduce the burden on the shoulder. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women

A curved back – a straight back and a slightly tightened abdomen – is a very important rule when performing such exercises. Keep your back straight to avoid injuries in this area.


The movement should be performed slowly, controlling the amplitude, not allowing the muscles to relax in the lower position. Choose the optimal weight.

Sitting dumbbell bench press

Dumbbell presses are one of the most important and most commonly used exercises for developing shoulder muscles.

This type of exercise is used to increa
se mass, strength, and functionality.

Execution technique

The bench should be adjusted so that the back is at an angle of about 80 degrees (slightly tilted). It is convenient to perform this exercise, it allows you to not load extra muscle. The seat, on the contrary, should be raised to avoid slipping during training. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women

Choose the weight corresponding to the exercise, putting it on your knees and lifting it to its original position. They tuck their back and stomach to keep the body upright, straighten their shoulders a little and inhale the air. It should be exhaled by about 20% when they lift the dumbbells to the position of the elbows at 90 degrees, then raise their hands to extension.

Lowering your elbows should be avoided too low. A few degrees below shoulder level is the best option. If you continue, there is a risk of damage to the shoulder joints and tendons.

Common   mistakes

Often beginners try so hard that they simply increase their weight and risk injury. You need to choose a weight that, on the one hand, loads, but, on the other hand, does not give a feeling of pain. A common mistake is to perform an amplitude of only 1/2 or even 1/3 of the extension and then lower the elbows slightly below the horizontal position.


If pain is felt, reduce weight and monitor the correct movement. If the shoulder is involved, too much weight is used and triceps are loaded.

Exercise should be done with caution, choosing the optimal weight of the dumbbell.

Arnold Bench Press

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in addition to many materials for training and exercises, also developed a unique shoulder press – Arnold’s bench press. Exercise is multifaceted and great for increasing shoulder mass and endurance, stabilizing the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Way of execution

  1. They take dumbbells and sit in a comfortable position on a bench with a 90-degree back.
  2. They lift dumbbells in front of the chest with their palms towards themselves. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women
  3. They turn the brushes, raise their hands and smoothly continue to move up.
  4. As a result, the dumbbells are connected by other sides (opposite to those in contact with the chest) above the head.
  5. As soon as the upper point is reached, they return to the lower one in a smooth and controlled movement identical to the lifting one, only in the opposite direction.

Common mistakes

  • here the execution technique is more important. Do not gain weight due to weight. Exercise due to the additional amplitude of motion does not allow large weights;
  • the exercise should be performed with controlled movements and especially carefully, since it loads the shoulder joints, otherwise the likelihood of injury is very high;
  • separation of movements – a hybrid exercise means that it is a mixture of two or more movements that are usually separated, so the exercise should be mixed, not divided. When the hands are in front of the chest, you do not need to drag them to the sides and up from there to perform standard ones.


  • the elbows should be held together with each other at the starting point to avoid unnecessary stress on the joints;
  • people with an injury or shoulder pain are advised to perform the exercise with caution or simply replace the load with another exercise.

Muscle group exercises

Shoulder exercises with dumbbells or barbell in the gym can load 3 different bundles into which the deltoid muscle is divided:

  • front – is located in front and is used to raise a hand in front of you; Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women
  • medium – needed so that the hand rises to the side;
  • back – is used to bring the arm back.

In many hybrid exercises (such as Arnold’s bench press), these bundles are used in a complex manner, and in everyday life, the shoulder most often works completely, the bundles complement each other. Therefore, even in isolated exercises, such as lifting in front of you or on the sides, the remaining beams are involved, although the main emphasis is on the front and middle, respectively.

When the mechanics of muscle movement and work are approximately understood, it is easy to understand why what exercise is performed. When composing a training program, it is advisable to use movements that use the bundles in a complex manner, as well as make an equal number of movements to different muscle bundles.

Program for girls

For girls, the most common goal is relief and beautiful muscle contour. This program allows you to precisely improve the relief and aesthetic appearance of the shoulder girdle. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women

Such a training should be done – 2-3 times a week, and after 4-6 weeks a noticeable result will become apparent.

Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women
Exercise with dumbbells at home or in the gym promotes perfect muscle shape and contour

Some movements can be performed not with dumbbells, but on simulators. If classes are held in the hall, use a crossover.

Training Options for Men

Shoulder exercises with dumbbells and a barbell in the gym and at home, a universal program. Sometimes it is advisable to reduce the number of repetitions in a series by 2 in each, but add load. You need to look at the results and progress. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women

For men, the priority is muscle mass and strength.

Muscle training

To choose the optimal training program, you should be able to distinguish between exercises for different muscle bundles. Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women

How to train to build muscle

To build muscle, you need to follow simple tips:

  • make 6-7 repetitions in the set, sets – in 2-3 sets, in a series – in 5 sets;
  • increase the calorie content in the diet, the level is slightly higher than normal; Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders at home for men and women
  • perform basic exercises;
  • give the muscles time to recover.

From the above exercises, it is possible to assemble a training program. On rest days, supportive basic exercises like push-ups in various emphasis should be added.

How to train to reduce volume

With special exercises on the shoulders with dumbbells at home or in the gym, it is possible to make the muscles more prominent and lean.

To do this:

  • add cardio to regular workouts;
  • if possible, train in the morning on an empty stomach;
  • do workouts with a large number of repetitions, 17-20 in one set, 5 sets in a set;
  • use cyclic training, for example, perform isolated exercises in a row and do 3-5 cycles per training;
  • Do not neglect stretching muscles, thoroughly warming the fascia and training the joints.

It should also be noted the need to control the diet, as in order to add relief, you need to slightly reduce the amount of carbohydrates and calories. Performing exercises on the shoulders with dumbbells at home or in the gym, you can significantly develop the strength of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, gain muscle mass or, conversely, lose weight.

Dumbbell Shoulder Exercise Video

Technique for standing dumbbell bench press:

Shoulder exercises with dumbbells, Arnold bench press:

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