Cracks in the fingers – reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments

To successfully deal with cracks in the fingers, it is necessary to identify the causes and choose the right treatment, because this phenomenon is very painful, causing not only discomfort, but also significant limitations that affect the fine motor skills of the hands. A photo of diseased skin can help get specialist advice online.

If Causes of Eczema or Psoriasis

Issues such as cracks in the fingers, causes and treatment, photos of affected skin are relevant for a wide mass of readers. The provocateurs of the disease state can be the environmental situation, heredity, the use of household chemicals, failures in the body itself. The most common diagnoses of dermatitis are eczema and psoriasis.

Cracks in the fingers - reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments

Symptoms of these skin diseases are somewhat similar:

  • Peeling of the skin.
  • Dryness.
  • Loss of elasticity and cracking.
  • Itching, redness of the skin.
  • In some cases, thickening of the epidermis and fever.

The differences are in appearance: a rash in the form of small vesicles that burst pretty quickly – the initial manifestation of eczema; small round pustules, plaques with scales, and then with a glossy surface – psoriasis. To alleviate the condition, doctors recommend starting treatment with cleaning the body of toxins and stabilizing the psychological background.

Exposure to household chemicals

The use of chemicals in the home or in production, whether it is dyes, glue, home cleaning products or specific substances, can provoke skin allergic manifestations. Most often, inflammation of the skin of the fingers occurs during hand washing, washing dishes with liquids with a concentration of surfactants, surface treatment using chlorine-based products.

Cracks in the fingers - reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments

The longer the direct contact of the skin with such irritants was, the stronger the reaction will be , the elasticity of the skin will disappear, cracks will form in more tender areas. It is possible to localize the development of dermatitis by eliminating their direct effect on the skin and using both hand protection products (gloves, special creams), and drug treatment.

Incorrect or inadequate hand care

Uncomfortable air temperatures (frost or heat), hard water, improperly selected hand cream, violation of hygiene standards are factors that can lead to dry skin on the fingers and, in the absence of proper care, be aggravated by cracks and their infection.

Especially susceptible to adverse factors are the folds in the phalanx. Cracks in the fingers - reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments

Unpleasant consequences can occur with improper hand washing. Dermatologists advise you to carefully select the soap, taking into account the type of skin, and always wipe your hands dry. Simply shaking off excess water can lead to dry skin.

In order to prevent and alleviate the condition, experts recommend periodically using fatty creams from healing agents – Bepanten, Pantheol-D, and in the case of deep cracks – Solcoseryl.

Contact dermatitis

There are 2 forms of contact dermatitis: acute and chronic.

It is provoked by the following factors:

  • Unprotected contact of the skin of the fingers with substances such as acid, alkaline media, gasoline.
  • Allergens in chlorine products, detergents, paints, some types of soaps, and even hand care products.
  • Radiation or radiation exposure, leading to damage to the skin.
  • The influence of substances associated with professional activities of a person (hairdresser, chemist, doctor).

Upon contact with the skin, they first cause a response from the body (redness, slight itching), which passes relatively quickly. With repeated and longer exposure, the disease acquires a chronic form with inflammation of the skin, local edema, itching, the formation of weeping areas and cracks. Cracks in the fingers - reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments

Photos of cracks in the fingers will help at first to navigate the causes and treatment of this disease. Further, a consultation with a dermatologist is necessary.

Fungal diseases

A big problem for a person can create fungal diseases – candidiasis or dermatophia. The reasons for their appearance can be infection from an already sick person, low immunity, improper use of antibiotics and the frequent use of antibacterial, disinfectants, mechanical thinning of the skin and, as a result, weakening of the protective barrier of the epidermis.

Candidiasis is manifested by redness, diaper rash, fissures, in more advanced cases – thickening with severe itching. It occurs in the interdigital space in women who have constant contact with household chemicals, hard water and other means that reduce the skin’s resistance to various infections.

Cracks in the fingers - reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments

Dermatophytosis can affect not only the area of the hands, but also the feet. In addition to rashes in the form of vesicles and itching, the disease manifests itself in keratinization of the palm and finger folds, ulcerations and cracks on the sides of the phalanges. The duration of the disease is calculated as a few weeks, and several years.

Mycoses are effectively treated in a medical manner after tests are carried out and a specific variety of the fungus is determined. Most often, Fluconazole, Candide, Nizoral are prescribed.

Vitamin deficiency

A lack of vitamins (hypovitaminosis, vitamin deficiency) are prerequisites for the occurrence of skin diseases:

  • Vitamin A deficiency – thinning of the epidermis, a large degree of vulnerability. The picture may improve when taking fish oil.
  • The disadvantage of B12 is a metabolic disorder in the skin layers, loss of elasticity, as a result – the appearance of cracks in the places of finger flexion.
  • Nicotinic acid deficiency is an indirect effect on the skin condition due to gastrointestinal tract and nervous system dysfunction. Poor supply of skin layers with blood leads to a violation of its functions.
  • Insufficient amount of vitamin D – dryness, peeling, bursting places in areas of skin tension are possible.

Ichthyosis and Reiter’s Syndrome

Keratinization, loss of elasticity, the transformation of epidermis into scaly-like formations that can crack even with little effort – symptoms of ichthyosis, a disease transmitted at the genetic level or acquired during life (symptomatic, disk-like). Exacerbation occurs in the cold season. Cracks in the fingers - reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments

Treatment is aimed at alleviating the patient’s condition – moisturizing ointments, retinoids, immunostimulating drugs, ultraviolet radiation, the appointment of vitamin complexes.

Reiter’s syndrome is another disease that, along with its main symptoms (damage to the joints, urogenital system, mucous membranes), is also manifested by skin problems:

  • spots on the inner surface of the fingers and palms,
  • thickening of individual areas, keratinization,
  • risk of cracking of the affected surface.

The provocateur of this condition is inflammatory processes in the intestine associated with dysentery, salmonellosis, chlamydia. Treatment is designed to restore the digestive tract and fight parasites.

Thyroid dysfunction

One of the most life-determining glands of man is the thyroid. Even its partial dysfunction leads to a malfunction of the whole organism, including a deterioration of the skin condition during hypothyroidism (a decrease in the production of hormones by this organ). Slowing the metabolism disrupts the nutrition of the skin, which becomes swollen, dry and brittle, especially on the palms and fingers.

Cracks in the fingers - reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments
One of the causes of cracks in the fingers is problems with the thyroid gland, respectively, treatment varies depending on the underlying cause.

Such problems will exist until the amount of hormones in the blood is stabilized during the treatment prescribed by the endocrinologist. As a local effect on the affected skin, moisturizers with a complex of vitamins D, A, B 12 , pantheol products should be used .


The presence of diabetes in a person leads to a violation of the blood supply, the accumulation of toxins, which cannot but affect the condition of the skin. High glucose upsets the metabolism and leads to partial dysfunction of the sebaceous and sweat glands, and skin elasticity decreases.

Lack of the necessary moisture and nutrition leads to the dehydration of the epidermis, its cracking, long healing ulcers of a trophic nature.

Symptoms such as thickening of the nail plates, icteric shade of the skin, and coarsening of some areas are also observed.

Diseases of the epidermis in diabetes mellitus are divided into primary (depend on metabolic disorders and changes in blood vessels), secondary (infection with fungi, bacteria), others (allergic reaction to medications). The treatment is carried out comprehensively with topical application of moisturizing and nourishing creams.

Sjogren’s syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome (or Dry Syndrome) is a systemic disease of the body. Inhibited work of almost all the glands of external secretion is observed: sweat, salivary, lacrimal.

Inadequate skin hydration can cause dryness and cracking. The disease is not completely cured, therefore its skin manifestations are facilitated by local treatment with ointments recommended by dermatologists and fatty creams.

Treatment of cracks with folk remedies

With the problem of cracks in the fingers, determining their causes and treatment, without photos and reference books, only based on the experience of generations, traditional medicine copes well.

Cedar oil

Cedar oil is an excellent means of healing cracks. It is used as an ointment, applied to problem areas several times a day until complete recovery, or as an oil lotion. In the latter case, linen napkins are impregnated with warm oil, which are applied to the affected areas.


The procedure is carried out only on clean skin for half an hour. Excess oil is removed by blotting or just warm water with gentle hand detergents (soap, milk).

Ointment with lemon and honey

From cracks, as a healing and antimicrobial, ointment is effective, the main ingredients of which are 1 tablespoon. lemon and 2 tablespoons honey. To them add 1 yolk and 50 grams of linseed oil. The components mix well – the ointment is ready. It is recommended to use this tool several times a day. The shelf life of the ointment is no more than a day.

Milk glycerin solution

The tool is easy to make at home, and it serves to heal cracks on the fingers. It is necessary to take an incomplete glass of warm water and the same amount of milk, mix, drip 6 drops of glycerin into the mixture and put 2 tablespoons of corn starch. Mix everything well. A bath for the fingers with the resulting solution is done for 10 minutes.

Therapeutic baths with olive oil

Baths with olive oil are used as a means of increasing firmness, softness and elasticity of the skin. Take warm olive oil and dip fingers into it for about 15 minutes. The procedure is carried out 2 times a week.

To increase the turgor and softness of the epidermis, 15-minute baths of olive oil and milk ( 1,69 fluid ounce each) can be used.

Sour cream with egg yolk

As a nourishing cream, you can use a remedy from cups of sour cream (preferably homemade), 1 yolk and not more than 2 tablespoon. lemon juice:

  • The resulting composition is applied to a piece of bandage and applied to the affected area.
  • If the interdigital areas are problematic, then thin cotton-soaked gloves may be used with cream.
  • Next, the hands are wrapped with polyethylene and a towel.
  • After a quarter of an hour, the rest of the cream is removed from the hands with a damp cloth.

Treatment is carried out once a day.

Milk and potato compress

Turn a few small boiled potatoes into mashed potatoes, add 4 tablespoon. milk. When the mass has cooled slightly, it should be applied to the affected areas and wrapped with polyethylene. After 30 minutes, the product can be washed off, dry your hands thoroughly and apply a nourishing cream.

Mask of banana, sea buckthorn oil and honey

For nutrition and wound healing, a mask of 1/3 banana is used, 1 tablespoon each. warm honey and sea buckthorn oil. The ingredients are well mixed and applied to the skin for 15-20 minutes. It is not recommended to store the product for a long time, it is better to use all in one procedure. You can apply the mask every other day.

Flaxseed hand bath

To restore the skin of the hands with an “enveloping effect”, a decoction of flax seeds 3-4 tablespoons is useful. raw materials and half a gallon of water. In a liquid cooled to a warm temperature, hands drop for 15-20 minutes.

The procedure is recommended to be done in the evening, a total of 10 times.

You can also use the recipe with the addition of chamomile broth (1: 1) to this broth. The conditions for the procedure are the same. After taking the bath, it is recommended to use a light moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Propolis Ointment

Propolis is an effective natural substance produced by bees and used by them as an adhesive with antibiotic properties. To get the ointment, you need to mix 10 g of bee glue and 50-60 g of petroleum jelly, let the composition boil for 8-10 minutes.

Cracks in the fingers - reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments

The resulting product, filtered through cheesecloth, is ready for use. Ointment is applied to problem areas for 15-20 minutes 1-2 times a day.

Drug treatment

The inhabitant can get an idea of the variety of skin manifestations on the hands by reading photos of lesions and cracks in the fingers, the causes and treatment of which are of a different nature. In any case, certain medications can act as a means of prevention and emergency care.

Vishnevsky ointment

Vishnevsky ointment is one of the most famous and inexpensive means used for burn surfaces, festering wounds and cracks. Consists of birch tar, castor oil and xeroform. It has a very unpleasant odor, but effectively acts as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing agent.

Cracks in the fingers - reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments

It is used in the form of applying dressings 1 time in two days or as a simple ointment applied to problem areas several times a day, depending on the degree of skin damage.

If you are hypersensitive to one of the components, an allergic reaction is possible , then treatment with Vishnevsky ointment must be stopped. Before and after using liniment, the skin must be treated with salicylic alcohol or other cleansing agent.

“Green Pharmacy” with chamomile extract

The manufacturer is positioning Green Pharmacy with chamomile extract as a sticker to combat dry lips. This lipstick is an effective tool for the prevention and control of small cracks in the fingers, as well as a compact, convenient to use because of its shape.

The sticker contains a moisturizing complex and ultraviolet filters. Thanks to this combination, the skin is protected from adverse effects in frost and heat. It is used as needed or for prophylaxis several times a day.

Cream “Dawn” with floraizin

The action of the cream is aimed at the rapid healing of abrasions and cracks by activating local metabolic processes, increasing turgor, elasticity. The film created by the cream prevents the evaporation of moisture.

Cracks in the fingers - reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments

The main component of Zorka is phloralisin, which contains a complex of bioactive constituents responsible for the synthesis of collagen, acting as antioxidants that increase the protective properties of the epithelium and epidermis.

The cream is applied to clean skin with a uniform, non-thick layer and lasts until completely absorbed. It is not recommended for persons with oily skin type, as it can provoke a blockage of pores and impair the ability of the surface to breathe.

“Sulfacrylate” with deep cracks

The glue was created for sealing and gluing various tissues of a living organism, including deep cracks in the fingers, regardless of the reasons and further treatment.

Cracks in the fingers - reasons, photo. Treatment at home with folk remedies, therapeutic ointments

Photos of skin lesions treated with this agent help to understand its full effectiveness – the edges of the cracks are firmly grasped by sulfacrylate, the resulting film prevents pathogens from entering the wounds, and reduces the risk of damage growth, infection and inflammation.

In everyday life, glue is convenient as a first aid for the formation and healing of deep cracks or as a protective agent for areas susceptible to local adverse effects.

Prevention is the key to success

It seems to many that cracks in the fingers are a small problem to think about its causes and treatment. Photos of the affected skin are perceived simply as something unpleasant. However, a running disease can carry a lot of threats, up to the loss of a finger, and inconvenience, up to a decrease in working capacity.

In this regard, dermatologists advise to prevent timely occurrence of cracks in the hands to prevent negative consequences.

Do not be lazy to use gloves when working with household chemicals. You must always have in your arsenal several creams for various purposes: moisturizing, healing, nourishing, protective, and also know 2-3 recipes for skin restoration. Doctors recommend monitoring the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, not to slag the body.

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