How to pump biceps to a girl with and without dumbbells, push-ups at home

The girl can pump biceps both in the gym and at home. The process of transformation will differ only in the speed of obtaining a qualitative result. In the first case, with regular training in a specially equipped place, it will be possible to strengthen the upper limbs in a shorter time than with a similar physical exertion at home.

Knowing the contraindications and the basic principles of home training for the hands will help the athlete avoid injuries, as well as greatly increase the effectiveness of the exercises she performs.

The essence and basic principles

How to pump biceps at home, and to increase the strength and endurance of the hands is possible only if you understand the essence and basic principles of training of this type. Biceps is a biceps muscle, the main function of which is to support the arm at the time of flexion in the elbow joint.

It is this feature that determines the essence of physical activity aimed at transforming the upper extremities: biceps exercises should imply the need to overcome resistance when changing the position of the arm, where weighting (dumbbells, weights, barbells or home-made sports equipment, such as a bottle, acts as such resistance) filled with water).

How to pump biceps to a girl with and without dumbbells, push-ups at home

Understanding the basic principles of building training, the goal of which is to work out the upper limbs, the athlete will even be able to competently compose physical activity at home.

For instance:

  • the muscles of the arms are constructed in such a way that when a person performs the exercise, all of her tissues are loaded. Given that narrow-minded muscle development is impossible, to effectively strengthen the biceps, it is necessary to increase the total effort on the corresponding muscle groups;
  • when building a workout on your hands, it is important to consider that the increase in muscle mass occurs evenly. The specifics of increasing the number of muscles is determined by the genetic characteristics of a particular athlete, which cannot be influenced from the outside;
  • To quickly achieve the result, qualified fitness trainers recommend competently increasing the load within the same exercise. The search for alternative loads that should prevent stagnation of the development of biceps, modern experts consider to be futile.

The selection of the working weight and the change in the rhythm of the training should take place under the control of a personal fitness trainer who has an idea of the general health status of a particular athlete, as well as understanding the specifics of the training. Even if a girl prefers to study at home, the program of her training should be drawn up by a professional.

This will help minimize the risk of injury and double the effectiveness of the training. It is possible to pump biceps with the help of improvised weights. Studying in a specially equipped room, the athlete will have the opportunity to work not only with her own body weight or free weights, but also pump her hands in simulators.

The combination of diverse exercises will give a visible result twice as fast as training at home. It is believed that you can work out biceps anywhere – both at home and in the gym. The only thing that athletes need to get a visible result is a correctly designed training program.

How to pump biceps to a girl with and without dumbbells, push-ups at home

Subject to the correct selection of the working weight of the weights, as well as in the case of arranging the exercises in the proper order, the first visible result when doing exercises at home will be noticeable after 1.5 – 2 months, and when training in the hall – after 3-4 weeks.

Indications for use

Hands need training for people of all ages, regardless of their gender. Exercises for pumping biceps are part of any strength training, as a person can acquire a sports form only with the same development of the upper and lower body.

Other hidden reasons why it is extremely important to give physical exercise to your hands regularly are:

  • the ability to rapidly increase the load as a whole (if the hands are sturdy enough, then for other exercises involving weighting, for example, when pumping the back, it will be possible to use large weights. If there is a pumped bicep, it will be easy to hold sports equipment for the athlete in his hands, which will provide him narrowly focused study of a specific muscle group);
  • maintaining a general appearance (for men, developed biceps is considered a sign of brutality and masculinity; for girls, the tightened muscles of the hands prevent gradual sagging of the skin or a sharp loss of skin tone due to age-related or hormonal changes in the body. In addition, only strengthening the upper and lower body equally , an athlete, regardless of his gender, will be able to achieve a beautiful fit body);
    How to pump biceps to a girl with and without dumbbells, push-ups at home
  • confidence in the performance of household chores (the muscles of the hands, in particular the biceps, are involved in the daily routine. Regardless of their age, gender, and also the main activity, a person will feel more confident in life, having enough strength and endurance of the upper limbs );
  • the ability to protect themselves in case of emergency (in men, pumped biceps, which is a sign of strength, will initially become a deterrent sign for a person who intends to start a fight; and a woman, having sufficiently developed upper limbs, can, if necessary, give a worthy rebuff by pushing or hitting the attacker to buy time to escape or call others to help).

Strength and endurance of the hands develops in parallel with giving relief to the upper limbs. Therefore, practicing exercises aimed exclusively at achieving one specific result is impractical.


How to pump biceps at home, it is advisable to find out together with a qualified fitness trainer practicing exercises with their own weight or improvised weights. The specialist, in addition to drawing up a program of classes, will give recommendations on adjusting the lifestyle, as well as indicate which loads are permissible for a particular person.

Like other types of physical activity, exercises for working out the biceps have a number of absolute and relative contraindications.

Categorically, this type of training is prohibited for people who have:

  • benign and malignant neoplasms (sport helps accelerate lymph and blood flow in the body, which will inevitably lead to “nourishment” of the existing tumor. This can serve as an impetus for the rapid progression of the disease and the general deterioration of the athlete’s condition);
  • protrusions and hernias in the lumbar and thoracic spine (physical activity can lead to displacement of the vertebrae or pinching of the nerve endings);
  • degenerative injuries of the elbow and shoulder joints (when performing biceps pumping exercises, a person with such pathologies will experience acute pain. This discomfort cannot be eliminated with painkillers and ointments with a warming effect. Dispersion of attention between the pain experienced and compliance with the exercise technique will lead to a significant decrease in the effectiveness of training).
    How to pump biceps to a girl with and without dumbbells, push-ups at home

Among the relative contraindications can be identified:

  • minor injuries to the hands or spinal column (for example, sprains or bruises);
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • chronic diseases that are in the acute stage (regardless of whether the pathology is directly related to the specifics of the training practiced by the athlete);
  • fever;
  • SARS, ARI or influenza;
  • infectious diseases;
  • pregnancy (the weight of the sports equipment should be selected exclusively by a professional).

After eliminating the relative contraindications, it is not recommended to immediately begin to perform biceps exercises.

Qualified fitness trainers recommend waiting an extra 1-2 weeks. Otherwise, a hasty start of training can lead to a relapse or provoke an athlete to get injured due to temporary weakness and vulnerability of the body.

Useful Tips

How to pump up biceps at home, and to consolidate the result for the longest possible time is possible only with the help of the recommendations of qualified fitness trainers practicing training with improvised weights and own body weight.

It is important to do the following:

  • Before starting active work on the transformation of the biceps of the upper extremities, it is extremely important to think over a strategy (given that the biceps and nearby muscle groups of the hands are prone to quick recovery after strength training, it is recommended to perform exercises to give them relief, at least 2 times a week);
  • in working out biceps, pay attention not only to the growth of its peak (the maximum size is predetermined by genetics), but also to brachialis located under the biceps of the shoulder (this will provide the platform for the biceps itself, making its upper point visually higher than it actually is);
    How to pump biceps to a girl with and without dumbbells, push-ups at home
  • when performing biceps exercises, regularly change the position of the elbows (diverse training will not only provide a more even distribution of the load, but also prevent the occurrence of fatigue or muscle overtraining syndrome);
  • in the shortest possible time, to achieve a result in the transformation of the biceps is possible only with regular performance of supersets (exercises for biceps-triceps, continuously and sequentially performed by groups, with a stop only after completing one set);
  • adjust the diet (it is not necessary to adhere to a sports diet, it is important to consume a balanced diet, most of which should be protein products. This will not only help accelerate the process of increasing muscle mass, but also prevent muscle loss due to increased strength training, regardless of the conditions, in which it is held);
  • review their habits (for the effective transformation of your body, it is important to provide him with all the conditions for a comfortable existence: minimize the number of stressful situations, give proper amount of sleep, take care of your skin condition, examine your health in time with doctors even if there are actually no specific complaints, and so on) .

Main complex

How to pump up biceps at home, and to minimize the risk of injury during exercise is possible only by observing the technique of performing exercises.

For girls, the most effective loads in transforming the muscles of the hands are:

Biceps Exercise Execution algorithm
Front weight lift
  1. Stand up straight; with both hands to take a dumbbell or improvised weighting compound of working weight; legs set shoulder width apart; the spine in the thoracic bend slightly forward.
  2. Simultaneously with the exhalation through the mouth, raise your hands in front of you, bringing the weight to the chest level. Elbows at the time of movement of the upper limbs should be directed down. The body remains motionless.
  3. Lock the position for 3-5 seconds.
  4. Slowly, simultaneously with the inhalation through the nose, lower the sports equipment to its original position.
  5. Without stopping, repeat the exercise as many times as necessary.
Push-ups from the floor with a gradual change in the original rack
  1. Lie on the floor, belly down. Palms rest on the floor and put them in the chest. Clasp your legs, straighten and put on your fingertips.
  2. Tear off the body from the supporting surface.
  3. Bend your arms, touch the floor with your chest, and then return to its original position. Repeat as many times as necessary.
  4. Spread your arms at a distance greater than the shoulder width of 3’9 inch.
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 3.
  6. Put your hands as close to each other as possible, connecting your index fingers and thumbs together.
  7. Perform steps 2 to 3 of the required number of repetitions.
Pulling the weights to the shoulders
  1. Stand up straight; fix dumbbells or weighting agents in your hands, placing them so that the little fingers closed in the fists of the hands are closer to the floor, compared with the other fingers.
  2. On the exhale, squeeze the biceps of the left hand, and then pull the weight to the shoulder. The right hand remains in its original position.
  3. Return the left limb to its original position.
  4. Repeat steps 2 – 3, replacing the left hand with the right and vice versa.

When using weighting agents of large weight in pumping biceps, it is recommended to use special elastic bandages and ribbons that minimize the risk of sprains in the arms and forearms.

Result fixing

In the absence of measures to consolidate the achieved result in the study of the upper limbs, the size and shape of the biceps acquired during the strength training at home will disappear within the first month of inactivity of the athlete.

To prevent this from happening, qualified fitness trainers recommend:

  • continue to exercise at least 3 times a week, while making the exercises more multidirectional (it is not recommended to perform biceps exercises, ignoring other muscle groups. Such tactics can cause the biceps to begin to decrease due to excessive damage to muscle fibers without the possibility of them recovery);
  • adhere to the principles of proper nutrition (minimize the consumption of junk food; focus on protein products that can speed up the process of repairing muscle fibers damaged during strength training);
    How to pump biceps to a girl with and without dumbbells, push-ups at home
    How to build biceps One of the important principles is proper nutrition.
  • comply with the drinking regime (a sufficient amount of fluid consumed by an athlete during and after t
    raining at home, maintains an optimal metabolic rate, responsible for burning excess subcutaneous fat, as well as supplying the body with oxygen);
  • take measurements of targeted zones at least 1 time in 2 weeks (by timely revealing that the actual size of the biceps is reduced, the girl will be able to adjust the training program so as to slow down the process of returning to the initial parameters. When conducting regular measurements, it is important to take the same body position every time , fixing the numerical indicators of the girth of the hand when it is in two positions: lowered down and extended to the side);
  • do not change the working weight of the weights (otherwise, exercises that will be performed with a new weight will affect the state of the muscles, stimulating them to specific changes: decrease or increase, depending on the mass of the projectile used).

When to expect training results

The rate of increase in muscle mass varies depending on a number of factors:

  • the actual body type of the athlete;
  • compliance with the rules of a gradual increase in load;
  • general health (in particular, hormonal levels and the presence of current age-related changes in the body);
  • the availability of conditions for the full recovery of the body after strength training;
  • the age of the person;
  • the correctness of the preparation of the lesson plan;
  • moral readiness for the fact that in the struggle for an ideal body it will be necessary to exert a large number of forces;
  • compliance by the athlete with the recommended exercise technique;
  • the presence of diverse loads in the framework of one lesson;
  • compliance with the training frequency (strength training is not recommended to be practiced more often 2-3 times a week. Otherwise, the volume of muscle mass will rapidly decrease).

How to pump biceps to a girl with and without dumbbells, push-ups at home

Subject to all the rules and recommendations, a visible result from the home study of the biceps can be expected after a month and a half.

To pump up biceps at home as well as to maintain the achieved result is quite realistic, but only subject to an integrated approach to training, lifestyle and diet. It is important not only to follow the recommendations related to the implementation of specific exercises, but also to revise your eating habits and lifestyle.

Otherwise, classes at home aimed at toning the biceps will, at best, maintain the athlete’s current form, and change her body for the better.

Video on how to pump up your arms

How to pump biceps at home:

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