Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photos

“Crazy Drying” is a popular weight loss program for those who have decided to radically change their lives and normalize body weight. Recommendations on the preparation of a daily menu and tasks for physical activity for every day will help to find the desired shape and not torment yourself with thoughts about drawing up a weight loss plan.

Crazy Drying Concept

The project of Vasily Smolny “Crazy Drying” is aimed at losing weight. Since 2021, more than 20 seasons have been held for 5 weeks, 4 of which are training, and healthy nutrition is observed, and one week is devoted to summing up the results of the competition and voting for the participant who has achieved the best result.

In just 21 seasons, more than 200000 people have already taken part in Crazy Drying.

The meaning of the project is to teach people to eat right, following the rules of healthy lifestyle, and adhere to an active healthy lifestyle. In addition to gaining new eating habits and physical activity, valuable prizes for the best results become an incentive for participants.

Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photos
Crazy drying, involving the completion of tasks for every day, is a popular project that is gaining momentum.

The rules and tasks for all participants are the same, regardless of gender. “Crazy Drying” (tasks for every day and recommendations for proper nutrition are received by each player) – a project designed to spread the principles of healthy lifestyle. Participants are helped to calculate the daily intake of kilocalories and the ratio of BJU depending on gender, age and lifestyle.

In addition to daily tasks, on Saturday it is necessary to carry out the flight task, which is recorded on video and posted in your personal account by participants. On Sunday, you can arrange a cheat and use one forbidden product.

What you need to know before crazy drying

Before you pay for participation in the Crazy Drying project, you should prepare:

  1. If you have health problems, consult a doctor.
  2. You should study the technique of each exercise in advance to avoid injury.
  3. To be able to claim valuable prizes, you need to make high-quality photos of “before” and “after”.

Diet principles

“Crazy drying” (tasks for every day will require a certain amount of strength and energy) requires observing the basic principles of proper balanced nutrition.

These include:

  • in addition to food restrictions, you need to increase the number of meals up to 5 or more times a day, reducing portions; Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photos
  • Do not exceed the total daily calorie intake;
  • observe the proportions of the BZHU;
  • you should prepare meals in advance so as not to break if the feeling of hunger comes suddenly and there is no way to have a meal with permitted foods;
  • adhere to the drinking regimen ( 4 – 6 pint of water daily).

For each participant, the caloric value of the daily diet and the proportion of BJU are calculated. Tips for creating a daily full menu will help even vegetarians find the right diet.

Allowed and forbidden products during mad drying

The main food subject to the rules of the project should be protein foods and foods – sources of slow carbohydrates. Exclude the need for fast carbohydrates during the project. Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photos

Allowed Products
Protein Products Milk, dairy and sour-milk products, meat and poultry of low-fat varieties (veal, chicken breast, turkey, rabbit), fish, liver, seafood, eggs (chicken, quail) nuts.
Vegetables You can eat a large number of a wide variety of vegetables, with the exception of potatoes, to reduce for a while vegetables containing a large amount of sugar (carrots, pumpkin, beets). All varieties of cabbage and salads, herbs, cucumbers and peppers should become the basis of a healthy diet for the project period.
Sources of Slow Carbohydrates To get slow carbohydrates, the menu should include a variety of cereals in small quantities (buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, lentils), bran (bread) and legumes. You can also eat small portions of pasta and bread from durum wheat or wholemeal.
Fruits Apples and some citrus fruits.
Soy sauce is allowed as a salad dressing.
Prohibited Products
Flour products Cotton products from white flour.
Fast carbohydrates Sugar, confectionery, products from fast food cafes.
Fruits That Have A High Glycemic Index Grapes, bananas.
All store sauces

Contraindications to the diet

The organizers of the project do not require certificates of health and do not weed out participants according to physical indications, but the person who is losing weight should evaluate his abilities and take into account the existing problems.

You can not follow a diet recommended to reduce fat mass in the presence of the following problems:

  • chronic diseases;
  • diabetes, regardless of type;
  • diseases of the kidneys, liver and gal
    l bladder;
  • hypoglycemia;
  • gastrointestinal diseases; Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photos
  • period of pregnancy.

Women who are breastfeeding should first consult with a pediatrician and find out how the change in nutrition will affect the health and development of the baby and the composition of breast milk. On the official website of the project, breastfeeding is not considered a contraindication to participation in the game.

Sample drying menu for girls for two weeks

The project does not provide a strict menu indicating the dishes and products that should be consumed on a given day. Each participant chooses how best to organize their meals. You can only give an approximate daily diet, which consists of 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks – lunch, afternoon snack and second dinner.

Serving sizes and volumes of dishes do not change, for example, if 6,76 fluid ounce of kefir is indicated, then the next day you can drink the same volume.

Breakfast Dinner  Dinner Snacking
Day 1 hard boiled egg

Hercules on the water – 200 g

Steamed or boiled meat (veal)


Cabbage salad (from white and / or red cabbage)

Boiled breast

Any vegetable

Cheese – 20 g

Grapefruit / Boiled egg whites with leaf lettuce / Natural yogurt – 6,76 fluid ounce
Day 2 Cottage cheese, to which you add a little greens – 50 g
Omelet from 2 eggs or proteins, can be yogurt with 100 g of shrimp (pre-cooked)
Boiled brown rice

Breast with soy sauce


Bean Funchoza

Vegetable Salad

Natural yogurt / Cottage cheese mixed with herbs / Low-fat kefir 6,76 fluid ounce
Day 3 Shredded apple and grapefruit mixed with yogurt

Eggs (poached) – 2 pcs.

Vegetable broth

Steam cod

Sea kale

Boiled Breast

Green salad with cucumber


Cottage cheese / Salad of greens and boiled egg whites / Low-fat kefir
Day 4 Hard boiled egg – 2 pcs.

Hercules on the water

Paul Citrus

Baked salmon with cheese

Fish broth

Bean stew with sour cream

Cucumber tomato

Apple / Omelet from 2 eggs, can be on kefir
Seaweed / Unsweetened yogurt
Day 5 Permitted Fruit Salad – 150 g

Kefir omelet – 150 g

White rice

Breast in the oven with soy sauce

Celery and Cucumber Salad

Arugula Salad

Fried cod without oil

Natural yogurt / Cottage cheese and greens / Low-fat kefir
 Day 6 Boiled egg

Hercules on the water

Boiled beef with beans (chilli)

Vegetable salad

Boiled Breast


Cottage cheese and yogurt / Grapefruit / Any green salad /
Day 7 Poached egg – 2 pcs.


Cauliflower stew with mushrooms and cheese

Boiled breast

Celery Salad with Cucumber

Stuffed squid

Sea kale


Low-fat kefir / Boiled eggs 2 pcs / Cottage cheese
Day 8 Buckwheat porridge

Poached egg – 2 pcs.

Boiled breast

Coleslaw (white and / or red)

Steam fish

Any green salad


Low Fat Kefir / Apple / Cottage Cheese and Greens
Day 9 Hercules on the water

Fruit with natural yogurt – 150 g

Steamed Meatballs



Boiled Breast

Cabbage salad

Unsweetened yogurt / Boiled eggs – 2 pcs / low-fat kefir
Day 10 Boiled or poached eggs – 2 pcs.

100 g boiled shrimp

Curd mixed with greens

Baked salmon

Vegetable Salad

Braised zucchini


Grapefruit / Cottage Cheese and Greens / Unsweetened Yogurt
Day 11 Omelet from 2 proteins, can be on kefir – 150 g

Half grapefruit

Kefir baked breast

Radish and Cabbage Salad

Veal cutlet

Any greens salad

Unsweetened yogurt / Any vegetables – cucumbers, tomato / Cottage cheese and greens
Day 12 Hercules on the water

Boiled egg – 1 pc.

Boiled breast

Brown rice

Fish fried without oil


Apple / Salad of allowed vegetables with herbs / Unsweetened yogurt
Day 13 Boiled or poached eggs – 2 pcs.

Fruit with natural yogurt

Cabbage salad

Steamed fish

Chicken Pilaf


Grapefruit / low-fat kefir / Cottage cheese and greens
Day 14 Hercules on the water

An Apple

Veal cutlets

Sea kale

Boiled chicken breast



Low-fat kefir / Kefir omelet – 150 g / Cottage cheese and greens

Rules for training at Crazy Dryer

Training must be performed daily. All exercises are performed without special sports equipment, only sports shoes and a rug will be needed so as not to slip on the floor. Each training takes 30-50 minutes and does not require a visit to the gym. Therefore, the program is suitable for the busiest participants and girls with young children.

“Crazy Drying” – tasks for each day here are a circular training session consisting of several exercises of 2-4 circles (approach) with a break for a rest of 1 minute. To achieve the result, you need to master the correct execution technique, which can be viewed on the video on the network or on the game’s website.

In addition to training, a special task is given for every day, which can be completed within 24 hours. It can be 700 squats or 200 burpies.

First week exercises

“Crazy Drying” (tasks for each day can be the same or change daily) in the first week gives participants the opportunity to perform one set of exercises for 4 approaches for 4 days each with a break of 1 minute.

Exercise List:

  • the rise of the body (sitapa) 15 times;
  • burpee – 3;
  • Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photospushups (or push-ups) – 10;
  • hyperextension – 15 times;
  • burpee – 4;
  • Squats (gorizhopy) – 20;
  • bar – 60 seconds;
  • Burpee – 5.

Special task:

  • day 1 –stool (against the wall), stand the maximum amount of time, 20 sets;
  • day 2 – 12 minutes of the bar in several approaches;
  • day 3 – 15 sets of push-ups for the maximum number of repetitions;
  • day 4 – 20 sets of burpee, increasing the number of repetitions from 1 to 20 in each set;
  • Day 5 – 600-1000 climbers.

How to do the exercises correctly:

  1. Sitap. From a supine position with legs bent at the knees, spaced apart, with arms straight behind your head, perform body raises. Having risen with the help of a sharp swing of the arms, lower them (arms) so that they touch the floor in front of you or your feet.
  2. Burpee – these are two exercises in one, first you need to push yourself off the floor by touching it with your chest, then bounce, clapping your hands above your head.
  3. Push -up is push-ups from the floor surface.
  4. Hyperextension. From the supine position, raise the upper body with slightly bent at the elbows and arms spread apart. The deflection in the lower back should be maximum, palms do not touch the floor. At the same time, the legs are slightly apart.
  5. Gorizopy or squats – are performed with a straightened back, when lowering the pelvis down, you need to ensure that your knees do not go beyond the level of the feet.
  6. Plank – a static exercise from an emphasis lying, it is necessary to lean at the same time on elbows. The legs, buttocks and torso are on the same line. Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photos
  7. High chair. Squat, pressing the upper body tightly against the wall, arms straight outstretched along the body, legs bent at the knees at a right angle, stay in this position.
  8. Rock climber. From a supine position, leaning on arms extended in front of you, in turn pull up to the elbows legs bent at the knees.

The mission to take off is to jump at least 9 burpies in 90 seconds. The task must be removed on video and posted in your account on the game’s website.

Exercises for the second week

Crazy Drying: tasks for every day in the second week of the project are represented by two workouts, one of which is recorded on video. You can run it and carry out exercises for Julia Smolny.

The thinner himself chooses which workout he will perform.

Number of repetitions Number of approaches
Day 1 1
  • jumping (or jumping jack);
  • side bar;
  • burpee (for advanced – with a turn);
  • lunges on the diagonal;
  • burpee (for advanced);
  • Squats with arms wound behind the head;
  • pushap (for advanced – with arms wide apart);
  • jumping
  • the rise of the body (it is possible with weighting);
  • running leaning on straightened arms.
to 30 sec
10 each foot
1040 sec
  • buttock lift, or gluteus bridge (you can rely on one leg, a break of 30 seconds).
20 4
Day 2 1
  • push-ups with worms;
  • star;
  • static asterisk;
  • a chair against the wall.
15 sec.
60 sec.
  • squat (with a knee lift);
  • lunges;
  • plank (or Superman plank);
  • Jack in the high bar.
15 each foot
60 sec
  • climbers or climbers obliquely;
  • buttock lift;
  • torso rises (oblique);
  • air squats.
20 each foot
Day 3 1
  • jumping
  • push up;
  • squat;
  • lunges;
  • lunges back.
Tabata 20/10 (20 sec exercise, 10 rest) 3
  • strap
Tabata 40/20 4
  • hyperextension;
  • buttock lift.
  • rock climber;
  • jacks in the bar.
Day 4 1 You need to complete 50 laps in 50 minutes. One minute is given for one exercise, and the time allotted to the end of this minute after completing the task is allotted for rest. 20 10
  • buttock lift;
  • lunges.
4 each foot
  • pushups;
  • back push-ups on triceps;
  • Squats (hands behind the head).
  • superman bar;
  • jack on the high bar.
20 sec
  • burpee
8 10
  • jumping
  • climbers.
10 each foot
  • jumping
  • sitap.
Day 5 1
  •  side press;
  • sitap.
5 each way
  • leg raises lying;
  • Squats or squats with legs wide apart;
  • burpee;
  • strap;
  • dog pushing heel;
  • burpee;
  • static boat;
  • back push-ups for triceps.

30 sec
for 15
30 sec

3 • climbers. tabata 20 \ 10 5

The special task for each day is different, constantly complicated: Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photos

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
In 20 minutes, complete the bar for a total of 10 minutes Push out and jump jumping jack in a minute. In 1 minute, push out 10 times, the remaining time to perform jumps, in the second – 9 push-ups and jumps and so on up to 3 push-ups. You can choose a task from several options:
  • 80 burpees;
  • 100 push-ups simple or reverse;
  • 100 air squats;
  • 150 torso lifts.
Two special missions to choose from:
  • 30 push-ups with worms (after each 10 push-ups 40 seconds of the bar);
  • 30 push-ups with a worm (after every 10 one minute to perform a new exercise – running in a handstand, climbers and jacks).
A special task is traction with a straight leg (ladder from 12 to 5) or Bulgarian attacks.

How to do the exercises correctly:

  1. Jumping jack – a jump, during which you need to spread your legs a little to the sides and slam over your head.
  2. Side plank. Turning on its side from a lying position, lean on one straight arm, while the body should lie on one straight line without deflection. Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photos
  3. Burpy with a turn. The first part of the exercise is push-ups, in which you need to touch the floor with your chest, the second part is a cotton jump and a 180 ° turn at the same time.
  4. Diagonal lunges. From a standing position, sit on one leg, while taking the other to the side. The knee of a bent leg should not extend beyond the level of the edge of the foot.
  5. Running in handstand. Leaning on outstretched arms, quickly pull the legs to the elbows in turn, without reaching them.
  6. Gluteus bridge. From a supine position with arms extended along the body and pressed to the floor and legs bent at the knees (feet a little further from the knees), tear the hips and pelvis off the floor and raise as high as possible, squeeze the buttocks at the highest point.
  7. Squat with a knee lift is performed, as well as a simple squat, when you straighten your legs, one of them, bent at the knee, rises up to the opposite arm.
  8. Lunges are performed forward, the knee must not go beyond the level of the foot.
  9. Jack in the high bar. Standing in a bar with straightened arms (high bar), place your legs apart, together, then jump your legs to yourself and back.
  10. The Superman bar is executed, leaning on one hand, the second is stretched forward above itself. Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photos
  11. Push-ups with a worm . From a standing position, bend in the lower back and, fingering, move to the upper bar, push out, then step over with your hands, return to the starting position.
  12. Asterisk, static asterisk. From a supine position with arms above your head, reach alternately with one hand towards the opposite leg. In a static asterisk, tear off arms and legs from the floor and hold out for such a certain period of time.
  13. Climbers diagonally. Exercise is similar to climbers, but here the legs alternately stretch to the elbows of the opposite hands.
  14. Air-squats. Performed as simple squats, but when lifting you need to make a jump up.
  15. Lunges are back. From a standing position, perform lunges alternately with each foot back, bending the leg that remains in place.
  16. Reverse push-ups on triceps. Put a chair behind and lean on it with your hands, bend your legs, as if sitting on a chair. Move down and up with your hands so that when lowering, the angle at the elbow is 90 °.
  17. Side press. From a lying position with legs bent at the knees, tear off the head and shoulders from the floor. Reach out to the feet one by one with your hands torn off the floor – left and right.
  18. Raising legs while lying down. From a lying position, raise straightened legs up to maximum height, applying force from the side of the lower press.
  19. Doggy pushing heel. Standing on all fours, raise your legs alternately upward at an angle of 45 degrees or more. Make movements up and down, straining the gluteal muscles and trying to push out the heel.
  20. Static boat. Lying on his stomach, raise his legs and arms extended forward, bending his lower back. Linger in that posi
    tion. Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photos
  21. Traction with a straight leg. From a standing position, lower yourself to the floor with your hands, while raising one straight leg. Legs and back should be on the same parallel during the exercise.
  22. Bulgarian lunges. Bulgarian attacks are carried out, taking one leg back and putting it on a chair, and the second, bending at the knee, as if making a lunge on it.

The task for day 6 is to jump at least 11 byrs in 90 seconds, completing 1 jump more than the last time.

Sports Nutrition at Crazy Drying

“Crazy Drying” is not a project for professional athletes, so in the conditions of the game there is no mention of the mandatory use or prohibition of sports nutrition. Receiving tasks and recommendations for nutrition for every day, the participant receives the norm of necessary nutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) that need to be consumed on this day.

Sometimes a person simply cannot gain the norm of protein at the expense of food, then sportpit in the form of whey protein comes to the rescue. Half of the protein can be obtained from such a source. You need to take protein in several doses, usually one hour before training and one hour after. Crazy drying. Tasks for every day, 1, 2 week, training program for women, nutrition, diet. Reviews and photos

To increase energy metabolism in the muscles, some trainers may recommend taking creatine. The substance is safe and will help speed up the process of burning fat.


Over the 3 years the game has existed, she has gained many followers who regularly take part in new seasons. Some participants are so excited that without becoming a winner for the first time, they try to go through the season again and reach the final.

There are also negative reviews about participating in the game. Some of them are related to the fact that the participant was unable to get into the final vote, while having visible achievements. Some complain about the intensity of training and a large load on the body.

Most of the former participants respond positively about the game and their results, share photos before and after losing weight, advise friends to take part.

Crazy drying accustoms to new habits, endurance tasks every day help people overcome themselves and achieve their goals. Even without winning the main prize, the participant has already received a valuable gift in the form of willpower and a new healthy body.

Crazy Drying Video

About crazy drying training:

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