Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table

In pursuit of a perfect figure, some girls choose sports exercises for the press. When there is not enough finances or time for classes in the gym, you can exercise at home – the result will be the same, the main thing is to gather your will into a fist and not relax.

How to download the press

So that from exercises for the press at home, girls can benefit and positive emotions, it is important to correctly plan classes. If you have never had to go in for sports, you need to learn the technique of exercises and choose the most comfortable ones for yourself.

Because the physiology of each person is completely different:

  1. You need to abandon the exercises after meals, it is better to wait at least 40 minutes. Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table
  2. Before you download the press, you need to do a warm-up. To warm up the muscles, you can add a cardio load in the form of running, dancing and jumping.
  3. During training, it is important to monitor your breathing, as well as the technique of performing certain exercises.
  4. As you exhale, you should strain your muscles as much as possible. Exhalation is done when it is as difficult as possible – in the process of lifting the back from the floor, in the process of pulling the knees to the chest.

Workmanship should also be high.

Each exercise has its own rules of execution, you need to follow them, otherwise the result cannot be achieved:

  1. During the execution of direct twisting, hands must be brought behind the head and fasten the fingers into the lock. The elbows should be pulled apart, this needs to be controlled. If they suddenly begin to close together, you need to separate them again. The chin should look up, not cling to the chest. When the tailbone with legs raised off the floor, you need to do this as carefully as possible, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the spine.
  2. Work on the press involves constantly drawing in the abdomen during exercise.
  3. For a good result, it is best to do exercises daily, increasing the number of repetitions.
  4. You can start with 15 twists, then daily increase their number by 5. Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table
  5. You should do from 4 different variations of exercises to work out both straight and oblique muscle groups.

It is better to devote at least 60 minutes to full classes: 25 minutes for warm-up and cardio, 20 minutes for squats and other exercises while standing on your feet, and the remaining 15 minutes for lying exercises. Of these, at least 10 minutes should be given to the press. At the end of a workout, it is important to stretch.


Not every person is allowed to do press exercises, this also needs to be taken into account.

You can not pump abs in cases when:

  • the woman has lowered internal organs;
  • diagnosed uterine bend;
  • not much time has passed since the operation;
  • there is a hernia in any part of the body;
  • malignant organ tumors are present in the pelvis;
  • period of critical days;
  • less than 3 months after delivery; Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table
  • less than 6 months after cesarean section.

Effective exercises on the upper abdominal muscles

Abdominal exercises for girls at home include twisting that affects the upper muscles. It is recommended to perform them at least 20 times in 2 sets. If you stop at the highest point for a few seconds, you can feel how the muscles are “burning”. This enhances the effectiveness of the exercise.

Exercise number 1:

  1. Lie belly up.
  2. Keep your hands behind your head and fasten your fingers with a lock, put your legs, bending at the knee joints, at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders.
  3. Tighten the press and raise the upper body, bringing it closer to the knees.
  4. After 4 seconds, slowly descend.

The basic rules for performing the exercise:

  • The elbows should be turned to the sides, they can not be brought together.
  • The chin should be kept straight without leaning it against the chest.
  • The feet should be firmly on the floor.
  • Breathing should be in rhythm with exercises, on the rise – exhale, on hold – inhale, when lowering – exhale again.

Exercise number 2:

  1. Lie belly up.
  2. Bend the right leg at the knee and place the foot on the floor. Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table
  3. Hands down, relax.
  4. Raise the pelvis with the left foot. It should be extended parallel to the floor.
  5. Relax the pelvis by lowering it down.
  6. Repeat the same with the change of legs 25 times.

The basic rules for performing the exercise:

  • It is forbidden to make sudden movements, the exercise should be performed smoothly.
  • The leg, which is on weight, should not be above or below the whole body, it should be its continuation.
  • You can not allow bends in the lower back, you need to keep your back straight.
  • For a greater load when lowering the pelvis, you can not put it on the floor, you must leave it on its weight.

Exercise number 3:

  1. You must sit on a solid horizontal surface.
  2. Hands should be placed on two sides, lean on them.
  3. The legs bend and place the feet in parallel, spread them a little wider than the width of the shoulders.
  4. Raise the ass to parallel with the floor.
  5. Lower the pelvis.
  6. Repeat the exercise at a fast pace at least 20 times.

Basic rules for implementation:

  • For a greater load, you can put your feet on your heels, then not only the press will be involved, but also the muscles of the legs, as well as the gluteal muscles.
  • The pelvis must be raised exactly to the parallel with the floor, not higher and not lower.
  • The feet should be parallel to each other, they can not be deployed.

Exercise number 4:

  1. You should lie on your stomach.
  2. Then you need to stretch your arms and legs.
  3. Lift them, stretching the spine and abs. Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table
  4. Then lower.

Basic rules for implementation:

  • No need to try to raise your arms and legs high, you need to stretch.
  • Together with the hands, you can also raise the upper body, then the load will go not only on the press, but also on the muscles of the back.

Oblique training

Exercises for the press for girls at home will be most effective if you perform them according to the rules. There are a number of exercises to work out oblique muscles.

Standing exercises:

  1. They stand on their feet, push them apart shoulder width apart, slightly bending at the knee joints.
  2. The torso is held straight, hands are raised behind the head so that the elbows look to the sides.
  3. They pull and strain the stomach, the pelvis is slightly forward, the buttocks are strained.
  4. Make tilts left and right, without moving your hips. The lower part should be completely motionless. Only the upper part moves, starting above the hips.

Technique of execution:

  1. They make a tilt to the right, then return to their original position, then make a tilt to the left and return again. Perform 20 repetitions to the right and 20 to the left.
  2. Continue the exercise with slopes in both directions without stopping in the middle. Do 20 repetitions to the right, 20 to the left. Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table
  3. The right hand is put on the belt, the left hand is raised up and brought up over the head to the right. Do 2 tilts to the right. Change hands and repeat the other way. Repeat without stopping, changing hands alternately – 2 times to the right, 2 times to the left. Perform 20 repetitions in both directions.

Basic rules for doing exercises:

  • Hips should not be moved, they should be fixed in one place.
  • The knees should always be bent.
  • Buttocks and abs should always be tensed.
  • The head should move with the body, you can not tilt it in different directions separately from the body.

Lying exercise:

  1. Lie belly up.
  2. Bring the legs apart from each other at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders, put them by bending them at the knees.
  3. Relax your hands, put them along the body, slightly divert them to the sides.
  4. Lift the upper body from the floor to a height to the bottom of the shoulder blades.
  5. Do bends to the right and left, with your hands reach for the heels. 20 repetitions one way and the other.

Basic rules for doing exercises:

  • It is important to ensure that the exercise is comfortable to do, the neck should not strain. If she strains, then you need to relax her.
  • The lower body should be fixed. Only the part where the press bends moves.

Lower Press Exercises

Exercises for the press for girls at home can be made up for different muscle groups, all of them need to be worked out in a complex, so you can achieve an attractive abdomen.

Lying exercises:

  1. Lie on your back.
  2. Put your hands under your buttocks.
  3. Raise your legs 90 degrees from the floor, if possible straighten.
  4. To lift the hips up, slightly lifting the tailbone.
  5. Lower your hips to the floor. Repeat exercise 25 times. Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table

Continuation of the exercise:

  1. Remain in the same position, hands under the buttocks.
  2. Leave one leg up, lower the second parallel to the floor, but do not put on the floor, keep it in the air.
  3. Change the position of the legs so that at first the right one appears at the top, and the left one at the bottom, then the left one at the top, and the right one at the bottom. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Continuation of the exercise:

  1. Without changing position, you need to stretch both legs forward, parallel to the floor, to keep them awning.
  2. Then one leg is attracted to it, bending it at the knee, then the other leg, then both legs. Alternately change the position of the legs for 30 times.

How to achieve dice

  1. In order for a girl to achieve cubes at home, you need to do exercises for different groups of abs muscles.
  2. The last meal before training should be 120 minutes after training, and also no later than 120 minutes before bedtime.
  3. It is important to do a good workout before starting work on the press to warm up the muscles. To do this, you can make several jumps, gymnastic or dance exercises, or go jogging.
  4. Each press exercise should be often repeated at least 15 times in 4 sets. All loads need to be increased gradually, otherwise pain can be achieved.
  5. The muscles of the press are not limited to cubes, it is only a surface layer, and under it there are other layers. Since the press is directly related to the muscles of the cortex, which provide continuous operation of the hips, pelvis and spine, to achieve beautiful cubes on a flat stomach, you need to pump all the components of the cortex. The cortex includes the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, hips and shoulders.
    Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table
    Exercises for the press for girls at home should be supported by good nutrition in order to achieve cubes
  6. Do not ignore food. You need to give up sweet and fatty foods, as well as fast food. You can eat a lot of vegetables and protein foods. Servings should be small, and meals should be frequent, at least 4 times a day. Do not forget about water – you need to drink at least 0,5 gallon per day.

Where to start exercises for legs and buttocks at home

To start working on the muscles of the legs and buttocks, you need to study which muscles are important for the formation of a beautiful figure and further focus on improving them.

The main muscles are:

  1. The gluteus maximus muscle.
  2. Quadriceps (quadriceps).
  3. Hip biceps (biceps muscle).
  4. Calf muscle.

fore you start training, you need to conduct a quality workout so that the muscles are warmed up, the joints are stretched, and the respiratory system is ready for the upcoming loads.


Exercise number 1:

  1. The legs are placed just above the width of the shoulders, the feet should be parallel to each other.
  2. Hands down.
  3. Make your back straight.
  4. They sit down, pulling the buttocks back and straining them. It is important to ensure that the knees do not extend beyond the toes of the feet during the squat. Squat is done to such a depth that the upper part of the legs becomes parallel to the floor. Between the upper and lower parts of the legs should be an angle of 90 degrees.
  5. At the time of the squat, the arms are pulled forward in front of you, parallel to the floor.
  6. When lifting, the legs are not fully unbent, the hips lean forward slightly, squeezing the buttocks.
  7. Do 20 repetitions. Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table

Exercise number 2:

  1. Legs set much wider than shoulders, feet spread apart.
  2. Hands can be placed behind the head, or can be placed on the belt.
  3. Keeping your back straight, do a squat, straining your buttocks and slightly giving them forward.
  4. When lifting, the legs are not fully straightened.
  5. Do 20 repetitions.

30-day squat table

30 day exercises in the form of squats are guaranteed to tighten the gluteus and thigh muscles.

Thanks to such loads, you can get rid of cellulite, normalize blood circulation, gain stamina and health. Squats do not need special equipment or a large amount of space.

Standard Squat Program:

Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table

A girl with a height of 5’4 foot, weighing 132 pounds, 5-minute squats can get rid of 44 kcal. The more weight, the more calories burned. If you complicate the exercise, doing it on 1 leg or with weight, the result will be even better.


Thanks to lunges, you can form elastic buttocks and strong leg muscles:

  1. Stand up straight, aligning the legs across the width of the pelvis, feet parallel to each other.
  2. The back is straightened.
  3. Head straight, look ahead.
  4. Shoulders straighten, hands need to be fixed on a belt.
  5. Perform a wide step in front of you with your right foot, keeping the body perpendicular to the floor surface.
  6. The walking leg is bent at the knee so that the thigh is parallel to the floor, and the angle between the thigh and calf is 90 degrees.
  7. The hind leg is bent so that the calf is parallel to the floor and the thigh is perpendicular to the floor surface.
  8. The knee should not touch the floor, but should be as close to it as possible.
  9. Take the starting position and repeat the exercise, changing legs.
  10. Repeat the exercise at least 20 times with each leg. Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table

Lunges are allowed to be done in different directions. In each case, different muscles will work. The number of repetitions is the same.


Using the swings, you can tighten the inner, outer and back surfaces of the thigh, as well as the gluteus maximus muscle:

  1. Get up, connect the legs to each other, socks and heels should also be brought together.
  2. Hands put on the belt.
  3. Raise one leg back, while straining the buttocks. Exercises for the press, legs, buttocks for girls at home. Training program, table
  4. Do 30 repetitions, change the leg and perform the exercise another 30 times.

Such an exercise can be done back, forward and to the side . In all cases, different muscle groups are involved.


With the help of lifts on the socks, it is possible to form an elegant calf muscle and the back surface of the thigh.

  1. They put their legs next to each other, socks and heels of the legs are combined with each other.
  2. Rise on socks and fall down.
  3. Repeat the exercise at least 50 times.

You can do this exercise both on two legs, and on one.


Jumping is most often used to warm up, before starting a strength training. Thanks to them, the muscles warm up well, the body is prepared for future loads, and fat is burned by sweating.

  1. The legs are fixed across the width of the shoulders, the feet should be equally straight.
  2. Hands are fixed on the belt.
  3. They are kicked off the floor surface and make low jumps at least 35-40 times.

During the exercise, you can bend one leg and jump on the second. On two legs it is allowed to turn 180 or 360 degrees around you, either in one direction or the other. You can jump back and forth-right-left, thus adding variety to the exercise.

If desired, each girl can regularly perform effective exercises for the press at home. It only takes desire and willpower, so as not to abandon classes ahead of time.

And in order to learn how to do the training correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with the technique of implementation, and then the results will be impressive.

Video on the easy way to pump up the press

How to pump up the press correctly:

Flat stomach in 2 weeks:

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