Anti-cellulite massage at home. Performance technique for the abdomen, hips and buttocks, reviews, effectiveness, before and after photos

Cellulite is an obstacle to a perfect figure. Anti-cellulite massage helps to overcome this deficiency. The effectiveness and outcome of the procedure is determined by the technique, number of sessions and quality of influence.

The benefits of anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is aimed at:

  • cellulite prevention;
  • elimination of the manifestation of cellulite;
  • removal of fat deposits in problem areas;
  • reproduction of cell metabolism;
  • restoration of the digestive tract.


Among the contraindications:

  1. Infections of various ethnogenesis with fever. Massage provokes an increase in body temperature.
  2. Dermatological diseases with rashes of a different nature, including allergic and purulent. Massage injures the skin, which leads to their increase.
  3. Low blood coagulation and loss of vascular wall elasticity. This is observed with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, etc. The vessels feel an additional load during the procedure, as the blood rushes to the massed areas.
  4. Mental abnormalities . Exposure to nerve endings generates an inadequate response.
  5. Pregnancy. Anti-cellulite massage tone the uterus. This adversely affects the preservation of the fetus. Anti-cellulite massage at home. Performance technique for the abdomen, hips and buttocks, reviews, effectiveness, before and after photos
  6. Lactation . Massage impairs milk quality and may stop production.

Also, anti-cellulite massage is contraindicated in:

  • heart disease
  • oncology;
  • hypertension
  • skin diseases.

The procedure is not performed when:

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • violations of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system.

What results can be achieved with anti-cellulite massage

Efficiency is demonstrated by the qualitative and systematic performance of anti-cellulite massage sessions.

As a result:

  • hemodynamics amplifies;
  • cells are updated due to an increase in their nutrition;
  • the intercellular space is cleared, which leads to a decrease in cellulite;
  • fluid is removed from the body, and swelling is removed;
  • muscles are strengthened and toned;
  • the skin becomes elastic;
  • gland stimulation improves skin condition; Anti-cellulite massage at home. Performance technique for the abdomen, hips and buttocks, reviews, effectiveness, before and after photos
  • immunity is enhanced.

How often can I do anti-cellulite massage

The number of massage sessions depends on the condition of the skin and the accumulation of body fat, the reaction of the body to mechanical stress during the procedure.  On average, specialists recommend 7-10 sessions to maintain skin tone. To reduce the manifestations of cellulite – 15. Fewer procedures do not achieve results.

Massage is carried out 3 times a week. Daily treatments are useless. They will not accelerate the processes of exchange and toning. However, breaks of 2 days are unacceptable, leading to a decrease in the effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage. The results of the procedures appear 2 weeks after the completion of the course. This is due to individual physiology and metabolic rate.

One-time sessions of 2-3 weeks support the achieved effect. The course of anti-cellulite massage is repeated once every 6 months.

Important! The procedure is not performed in the abdomen with heavy periods. This increases bleeding.

How to prepare for an anti-cellulite massage procedure

Preparatory procedures begin 2 weeks before the course. Preparation begins with cleansing the body.

To do this, exclude:

  • cigarettes;
  • strong tea and coffee; Anti-cellulite massage at home. Performance technique for the abdomen, hips and buttocks, reviews, effectiveness, before and after photos
  • alcohol;
  • sweetener and artificial colors;
  • meat and sausages;
  • milk.

Include in menu:

  • fish
  • fruits;
  • salads seasoned with vegetable oil;
  • freshly squeezed juices;
  • walnuts.

5-6 days before the sessions, the menu should contain:

  • vegetables;
  • lean meat;
  • fish;
  • skim cheese;
  • fruits;
  • freshly squeezed juices.

Drink at least 0,5 gallon of still mineral water per day. Increase physical activity. Baths with sea salt and scrubs will prepare the skin. It is useful to cleanse the skin before the procedures and during the course.

Lotions and creams to increase the effectiveness of massage

Lotions and creams are used for targeted exposure and additional comfort during the procedure.

Using cosmetic procedures without massage eliminates cellulite in the first stage: the orange peel is noticeable only when the skin is squeezed.

In the subsequent stages, cosmetics supplement massage in the fight for smooth, supple skin.

Anti-cellulite massage at home. Performance technique for the abdomen, hips and buttocks, reviews, effectiveness, before and after photos
Anti-cellulite massage at home, effective with oils or lotions.

The main components of anti-cellulite products:

  • peptides – amino acids break down fats, affect skin elasticity;
  • bisphosphonates – activate the metabolism in the epidermis;
  • vitamins – fill the skin with nutrients;
  • oils – perform a drainage function, smooth and tone the skin;
  • algae – cleanse toxins and toxins, reduce the orange peel;
  • caffeine – accelerates metabolism, tones the skin;
  • extracts of plants (horse chestnut, red pepper, etc.) – act on the fatty layer, fill the skin with additional nutrition and toning.

Cream for anti-cellulite massage of the French company “Bioderm” has established itself among specialists. The action of the cream is aimed at correcting the figure in the shortest possible time. The composition includes components that saturate the skin with nutrients, remove toxins and toxins.

There are creams for any type of skin and for a problem type. Shiseido cream-gel belongs to the second type. The active ingredients are caffeine, European bug and essence of hawthorn. These ingredients actively influence deep cellulite, quickly smooth out the skin. Not applicable on the upper half of the body. Anti-cellulite massage at home. Performance technique for the abdomen, hips and buttocks, reviews, effectiveness, before and after photos

Sisley Paris Phyto-Svelt Global Cream aims to combat cellulite , increase skin elasticity and reduce volume. In addition, it has a drainage effect and reduces the number of fat cells. The composition includes the essence of bitter orange and caffeine, which affect fat cells. As a result, the skin receives additional tone and becomes elastic.

Manual massage: performance features

Manual massage is an ambulance in the fight against cellulite.

Sent to zones:

  • back;
  • stomach;
  • chest;
  • pelvis;
  • hips. Anti-cellulite massage at home. Performance technique for the abdomen, hips and buttocks, reviews, effectiveness, before and after photos

Zones alternate on different days. The duration of the course is 15-20 procedures.


  • ease of implementation: done in the cabin and at home;
  • affects local foci;
  • carried out in the initial stages of varicose veins;
  • during the procedure, the pressure depth is controlled;
  • accompanied by weak combat sensations;
  • the use of oils and cosmetics enhances the effectiveness of the procedures.

Cons: high price, personal and professional qualities of a specialist.

Technique for performing manual anti-cellulite massage of hands, feet, hips and abdomen

Massage methods:

  1. Stroking. Weak touch of the fingers to the body. It is carried out at the beginning and at the end of the procedure. The method is aimed at accelerating blood circulation.
  2. Trituration. Stronger pressing of spread fingers. The direction of movement is the displacement of the skin down to the nearest departments. Reception stimulates a decrease in fat, skin toning, and fluid withdrawal. The legs are massaged from the bottom up, the hips in circular motions. Another way: to connect the thumbs and little fingers of both hands on the ankle. Without opening your fingers, move your hands to your buttocks.
  3. Crushing. Strokes with increased pressure for a deep penetration of the therapeutic effect.
  4. Pat. Punches or fists with different efforts. Reception is aimed at toning the muscles and reducing cellulite.
  5. Vibration. It is performed by the edge of the palm.
  6. Pressure. Allocate superficial and deep. Superficial pressure softens the upper layers of the skin. Deep is aimed at kneading large areas of cellulite. Hard jamming of the skin leads to an increase in blood circulation and vascular tone.

Massaging problem areas:

  1. Belly, hips, buttocks. Massage is done with a fist in the forward and reverse direction to warm the skin to redness.
  2. Lower section. The area is massaged with a light pressure with the fingers of the hands clasped together. Movements are performed in a circle.
  3. Hips, belly. The procedure is carried out by energetic tweaks of large areas of the skin from the bottom up.
  4. Hips, buttocks, belly. The zone is kneaded by a triangle from the thumb and forefinger from top to bottom.

They are not massaged: the area above the pubis, the lymph nodes of the groin, hips and under the knees. Honey massage is a type of manual massage. Honey affects the smoothness and tightness of the skin. In addition, honey is a healing and drainage agent.

Honey massage is performed with a fresh heated product with aromatic oil of anti-cellulite action. Such oils include orange, lemon, lavender.

Before starting the massage, warm the skin with a glove or scrub in the shower. Place honey on the dried area, massaging gently until completely absorbed. Massage is performed by pressure with a sharp separation. When glued, honey creates a vacuum. This gives an additional anti-cellulite effect.

This type of massage causes pain. The first sessions are carried out carefully. It is important not to injure the skin and leave bruises. After the procedure, cleanse the skin and use anti-cellulite cream.

Cupping massage: performance features

Cupping massage is the most popular procedure in the treatment of cellulite. A feature of the procedure is the vacuum pressure. Blood circulation in problem areas is enhanced with a silicone, plastic or glass jar. In this way, intoxication of fat cells under the skin is improved.

The results of a can of anti-cellulite massage:

  • removal of puffiness;
  • contouring the body;
  • skin toning;
  • reduction of stretch marks.

The benefits of can massage:

  • low cost;
  • few sessions per course;
  • sell at home.

Advantages of doing home:

  • can be done according to one’s own will and possibilities
  • independent control of the duration of the procedure;
  • saving money.


  • increased varicose veins;
  • the occurrence of hematomas;
  • increased muscle pain;
  • the appearance of seizures;
  • the formation of spider veins.

For massage at home, it is preferable to opt for silicone jars. They differ in durability and duration of use. The flexibility of silicone cans provides pressure control during the procedure.

Important! Massage is not performed in areas near the lymph nodes: under the knees, on the inside of the thigh, chest, etc.

Technique of performing can anti-cellulite massage of hands, legs, thighs and abdomen

Massage is carried out in stages. First you need to clean the skin with a scrub, washcloth or brush with bristles. This improves blood flow to the integument.

Preparation of the composition of essential oils:

  • citrus – affects the subcutaneous fat, restores the skin and increases its elasticity;
  • juniper – provides the removal of toxins and drainage;
  • geranium – levels the dermis and makes it elastic;
  • cypress – nourishes the skin with oxygen.

To prepare the composition, add the essential composition and vitamin E to the base oil. Almond, peach, olive, etc. are considered to be the base oil. Essential oils cause allergic reactions, are not recommended for people with reduced immunity. Cosmetics with anti-cellulite effect replace essential oils during massage.

The procedure:

  • apply the composition for massage to cleansed skin and warm it up for several minutes with your hands;
  • squeeze a silicone jar at the base to create a vacuum;
  • after suction to the skin, move the jar to problem areas;
  • do massage for 30 minutes;
  • at the end of the procedure, remove the jar by pressing on the skin.

Patting and tingling soothe the skin. After the procedur
e, wash off the oil with tonic or micellar water.

Massage rules:

  1. Hip massage is performed from knee to hip. The jar is moved in a zigzag, in a circle or in the forward direction.
  2. You can not massage the lumbosacral and spine.
  3. In the abdomen, move the jar clockwise.

The effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage complements the result of a wrap with blue clay and orange oil. The problem area with this mixture is wrapped in polyethylene for 30 minutes.

Hardware massage: performance features

Anti-cellulite massage, the effectiveness and result of which is noticeable after the first sessions, is performed by special devices. Unlike manual massage, the hardware one acts deeper on the fat under the skin and provides enhanced drainage. Anti-cellulite massage at home. Performance technique for the abdomen, hips and buttocks, reviews, effectiveness, before and after photos


  • deep impact on problem areas;
  • process automation;
  • lack of human factor;
  • the procedure is painless;
  • the duration of the therapeutic effect;
  • individual approach.

Types of massage:

  1. Vacuum or pneumatic massage. It is highly effective at the level of liposuction. It is performed by the device in the form of a compressor with alternating change of high and low air pressure.
  2. Massage LPG – a vacuum massage method, performed by computerized kneading of adipose tissue under the skin. The device has a special camera – a manipulator with rollers that rotate in different directions. The manipulator folds the skin in the problem area, followed by smoothing. This provides a targeted effect of massage with an increase in skin elasticity and restoration of blood circulation.
  3. Anti-cellulite massage, the effectiveness and result of which depends on the frequency of vibrations generated by a special device – a vibro-massager. Sometimes in the apparatus vibrational actions are combined with thermal ones.
  4. Hydromassage. Massage is carried out by water jets, which are under pressure. Anti-cellulite massage at home. Performance technique for the abdomen, hips and buttocks, reviews, effectiveness, before and after photos
  5. Pressotherapy During the procedure, the client is placed in a special suit that directs air under different pressures into the massaged areas.
  6. Ultrasonic massage. Ultrasound increases body temperature and affects fat burning.

Technique for performing hardware anti-cellulite massage of hands, feet, hips and abdomen

Stages of hips massage:

  1. Applying oil to the problem area.
  2. Performing stroking actions to warm up.
  3. Connecting rollers that perform longitudinal actions in the area above the knee.
  4. The study of the lateral part of the hips and the riding breeches in the direction from the bottom-up in circular motions. Due to the large amount of fat in this area, maximum absorption force is used.
  5. Massage the front of the thigh. It is performed lying on your back.
  6. The procedure is complemented by a wrap.

Stages of foot massage:

  1. Application of oil.
  2. Connecting the nozzle and performing movements from bottom to top along the calf to the knee. Reverse movements cannot be performed.
  3. Skipping the area under the knee and continuing to the buttocks.
  4. Massage the front of the leg except for the lower leg. The device moves in a circle.
  5. The procedure ends with light strokes.

Techniques for holding hands and abdomen massage are similar to the previous ones. The specialist guides the device in a straight line and in a circle. Zigzag shapes are added to these movements. The duration of the procedure in all areas is 20 minutes.

Which method is suitable for women and men, pregnant, lactating mothers

Cellulite is found in both sexes. In men, it occurs in 10 cases out of 100, in women in 90 cases.

This is due to the specifics of the structure:

  • in women, collagen fibers are arranged in parallel, in men – crosswise;
  • women’s skin is more elastic than men’s skin.

The method of anti-cellulite massage does not depend on gender, but on the stage of cellulite.

Pregnant and lactating women are allowed to use manual anti-cellulite massage, which is performed in a lightweight form. Hardware procedures are strictly prohibited. Manual massage complement honey.

Safe means are scrub and body wraps. These methods nourish the skin with trace elements, tone and improve its condition. It is important to use non-toxic cosmetics and natural peels. Anti-cellulite creams are not acceptable.

Tips from experts: a comprehensive fight against cellulite

Cellulite is not only affected by overweight people. This disease is a sign of metabolic disorders in the tissues, varicose veins, etc.

The complex for the fight against cellulite includes:

  • anti-cellulite massage, the effectiveness and result of which prevails over other methods;
  • nutrition – a varied diet of fiber foods without salt, sugar, E additives;
  • the use of cosmetics – lotions, sprays, creams;
  • physical exercises – a combination of cardio training with power for an hour;
  • wraps.

The funds are aimed at enhancing cell metabolism and increasing skin elasticity. They enhance the effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage, the result of which depends on the chosen technique.

Video about how to lose weight and massage cellulite using massage

Anti-cellulite thigh massage:

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