Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program

Sagging belly and sides are considered the most urgent problem for women. To remove them using various methods. You need to work hard, eat right and use the simplest exercises. Following the rules and instructions, you can independently return to the form in a couple of weeks.

Rules for training at home

It is impossible to remove the abdomen and sides (simple exercises in this case may be more effective than power loads).

There are some of the most important rules that you must follow to restore your previous form:

  1. The first rule applies to cardiological training . To get rid of the sides and find a slim figure, you need to adhere to aerobic exercise. Without it, no result can be achieved. Cardiological training must be performed regularly up to 4 times during the week. If classes are held on an exercise bike, treadmill, ellipse, you need to use a device for measuring heart rate. In the fat burning area, it is important to keep the pulse rate normal. Also keep the interval, doing first at an average pace, then at a high pace and repeat again.
    Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program
  2. The second rule relates to proper nutrition . It is necessary to adhere to the correct diet together with fitness. If there are no restrictions on food, then losing weight will become impossible. There is 1 formula that states that you need to spend more energy than you consume. Together with cardiological training, you can quickly achieve your desired goal and get rid of your sides and abdomen. On the day of classes you can’t eat 1 hour before meals, also after 3 hours. It is not recommended to eat food after 19 hours. It is necessary to observe separate nutrition, which includes the restriction of flour products, meat and potatoes, whole milk. Sour-milk products, olive oil and all that is useful are welcome. Drink more than 0,3 gallon of mineral still water throughout the day.
  3. The third rule is functional exercises . In addition to separate food and cardiological exercises, a power load is also needed. To burn body fat, it is recommended to diversify fitness with functional exercises. The method helps to fight with the stomach and sides.

It is necessary to pay attention to the strength exercise “Planck”, thanks to it the largest area of corset muscles is involved. That is why this exercise is considered very useful.

There are different options for the implementation of the “Planck”, they must be performed sequentially:

  • full bar on outstretched arms (1 min);
    Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program
  • elbow strap (30 sec);
  • elbows with raised legs (30 sec);
  • side strip (30 sec);
  • full bar on straightened arms (30 sec);
  • strap on the elbow joints (1 min).

Fat burning exercises

You can remove the sides and stomach (simple exercises will help to overcome the problem faster) on your own in a couple of weeks. To get the desired results, fat burning workouts need to be done in a day.

Set of exercises №1

Physical exercises are aimed at quickly eliminating wrinkles, excess weight, and sagging from the abdomen:

  1. Put your hands on the back of your head while lying on your back, bend your lower extremities, feet should be shoulder width apart, and connect your knees. On the exhale, raise the body and touch your nose to the knees. On inhalation, lower the body down. Beginners need to do this up to 10 times. For those who have more physical abilities, you can perform the exercise up to 20 times or more.
  2. Lying on the back of the hands with palms down, place them under the gluteal muscles, stretch the legs forward and perform “scissors”, while raising the heels no more than 5’9 inch, pushing your shoulders to the floor. Repeat session 3 sets of 10 times.
  3. Lying on one side with one hand to hold the head, the other hand to place on the floor in front of the stomach. Lift both legs, the higher the better, then gradually return to the previous position. Repeat this 10 times, do the same on the other side.
    Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program
  4. In a lying position, straighten your legs, put your hands near your hips. On the exhale, raise the pelvis up and linger for 20-30 seconds, while simultaneously drawing in the abdominal muscles. On inhalation, return to the initial position. Perform this in 2 sets of 10 times.

Set of exercises №2

Classes aimed at eliminating problems in the area of the sides:

  1. In a standing position, position the legs slightly wider than the shoulders, while bending slightly. Place the hands in the form of a lock behind your head. Body slightly forward. Perform tilts to the left, then to the right. Make it 3 sets of 10 times.
  2. Lie on the floor, put your hands behind your head and scrape them with a lock. Put the heel of the left foot on the right knee, raise the body, while touching the elbow of the left hand to the right foot. Then take a previous position and change legs.
  3. In the supine position, bend the knees, raise the body with arms extended forward, at the same time the shoulder blades should be torn off the floor.
  4. Lie on your back, bend your knees and place it closer to the gluteal muscles, put your hands right next to the body. To twist. Shoulders should be pressed to the floor, knees alternately lower down.

Strength exercises

Training is recommended to start with simple exercises, but the simplest one-piece exercise using minimal weights. Strength physical exercises are recommended to be applied no more than 3 times during the week. Duration of classes is not recommended to exceed more than 1 hour.

Extension of the lower extremities in the simulator

First you need to correctly set the position of the back of the simulator and the distance to the stops for the lower extremities so that the starting position is correct. The legs should be in contact with the roller on the simulator ankle. The front edge of the chair should be under the knees.

The back should fit snugly to the back of the simulator chair, while the natural deflection of the spine should be preserved.
Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program

During training, you need to smoothly extend your knees. In the starting position, inhale, and when exhaling, straighten the lower limbs to a horizontal position. Return to the previous position.

Lower limb flexion in the simulator

First you need to correctly set the position of the back and the distance to the stops. The front edge of the chair should be located under the knees so that the axis of rotation of the rotary area of the simulator is combined with the direction of rotation of the knee. From above you need to fix the hips with a roller over the knees.

In the initial position, inhale, then exhale to smoothly bend the knees. Return to the previous position very carefully, controlling the burden.

Keeping hands apart on the simulator

You need to sit in the simulator and grasp the handles,
the elbows should be slightly bent, the seat should be adjusted so that they are parallel to the ground. During classes, the back of the simulator must not be torn off. Inhale in the starting position and exhale to bring your hands in front of your face. Quietly return to the previous position.
Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program

Workout can be supplemented with vertical thrust on the simulator and thrust to the chest.

What exercises should be done to remove the stomach and sides

Simple exercises, provided daily physical exercises, will help remove excess fat in the abdomen and sides. However, you should not refuse additional exercises, with the help of which you can act on body fat in problem areas. It is preferable to engage in aerobic exercise.

It is thanks to them that you can burn fat, and not add muscle tissue at the same time:

  1. Running , which is recommended for all weather conditions on, as well as at home on a treadmill. This is the most optimal method of burning fat, which is included in the program of physical activity for weight loss.
  2. An exercise bike is considered an ideal assistant for those who want to get rid of the abdomen and sides. If possible, it is best to purchase a real bike.
  3. The stepper is a very convenient simulator, thanks to which it is possible to optimally organize the physical load on problem areas. The price is not very expensive, it does not take up much space in the room.
    Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program

In the absence of sports equipment, you can use other methods, but less effective, to get rid of the sides and abdomen of the house.


  1. Hula – hoop (known since childhood), effectively affects the abdomen and waist. It is massage with a convex side. If you do it every day for up to 40 minutes, follow a low-calorie diet, the results will not be long in coming.
  2. Exercise to strengthen the press is considered an important physical exercise. Lying on the floor to raise the torso with straight legs. You can complicate your workout by bending your knees. Due to the complexity, the physical effect expands to a large group of muscles.
  3. Respiratory gymnastics is considered a justifiable method of physical impact if performed every day. Due to the correct performance of gymnastics, you can effectively work out the abdominal muscles, while still enriching the whole organism with oxygen. Useful in this case will be abdominal breathing with a diaphragm, but not chest breathing.

There is another effective activity that helps get rid of the abdomen. It is performed lying on a hard surface. It is necessary to raise vertically straight legs. Then complicate the training, together with the legs to raise the pelvis. Thanks to this exercise, the load on the lower abdomen will increase.

Exercise plank

This is a very effective exercise. During this pose there is a strong tension of all muscles. The longer it stands, the more effective the load. It can be done independently at home to eliminate the stomach and sides. This exercise is done while lying down. You need to stand on your elbows, and place your legs on your toes.

Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program

The back is straight, no need to lift the pelvis high. So you need to stand for at least 30 seconds or 50 seconds to start. Repeat the bar 4 or 5 times during the day.

Rope jumping

Effective jumping rope at home will help to remove the sides and stomach (simple exercises in this case can be more effective than power loads). It is necessary to jump several times during the day. Expected results can be seen after a week. With the help of the rope you can not only lose weight, but also have fun.

You need to jump on the rope correctly:

  • elbows should be almost pressed to the body;
  • the back should be straight;
  • twist the rope with the wrists;
  • coordinate the body in one pose;
  • jump and land on toes, do not touch the entire foot to the floor;
  • you can not jump high;
  • watch your breath.
    Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program
    Thanks to jumping rope, you can remove the sides and stomach. The more often you do this exercise, the faster the result.

Classes with a rope can be supplemented with other exercises in favor of the abdomen and waist:

  • in a sitting position, straighten your legs, with a folded rope, reach your legs;
  • stand upright, put the folded rope in your hands, lift it up and bend over;
  • sit on a hard surface, put your left foot forward, fold the rope 4 times and rest against it with the other foot, lean back and pull your right knee toward you (the press must be tense).


Previously, they thought that for a slim and sexy tummy, it was necessary to pump up the press. However, this is not at all true. You can use a more perfect action for this purpose. You need to lie on the mat, put your hands behind your head, bend your legs at the knees, and rest your feet on the floor.

Then lift the body, perform twisting in the abdomen and once again slightly lift. Return to starting position. So repeat up to 35 times in 4 sets.

Side twisting

Lateral twists come in different variations.

Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program

The most versatile version is considered to be lying down:

  1. Lying on a hard surface you need to bend your knees and take them to the side. The right hand is removed behind the back of the head, and the left hand needs to be bent and put on its side on the right side. In this way, one can feel the activity of the oblique muscles.
  2. When exhaling, it is necessary to tighten the lateral muscles and twist the body, while the shoulders should be raised up. It is necessary to concentrate on the shoulders and on the oblique muscles. When moving to the left side, you need to raise the shoulder by at least 0’8 inch. The oblique muscles must be tensed all the time. Do not strain your neck and bring your chin to your chest.
  3. When inhaling, you need to return to the previous position.

This exercise, in addition to other twists, must be performed many times, while the exercise is not worth the burden. You can perform 3 sets of 25 times in each direction.

Leg lift exercise

Do the exercise slowly. To start practicing with the easiest option, with raising legs in turn. In the supine position, you need to firmly press the lower back to the floor, put your hands behind the head. When raising the leg, an acute angle forms, it must be held and slowly lowered down. Also repeat with the other leg.

The middle version of the exercise is performed with both legs. In a lying position on a mat or rug, you need to connect your legs and press your lower back. The head in this case does not need to be raised. Raise your legs slowly, hold your position and slowly return to your previous position. Make a repeat.

The heaviest option with gain. When it is performed, a load with a certain weight is suspended on the lower limbs. Legs need to be raised and held for a few seconds. Then, when the legs fall, do not touch the floor. Do it in 3 sets 30 times.
Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program

With regular classes, the body gets used to the loads.

This exercise will not give any results if it is performed separately. Must be combined with other exercises to strengthen the abs. Exercise is performed gradually. For beginners, it will be enough to start with 1-2 approaches 10 times.

When the body becomes a habit, it will be possible to increase the load. In order to improve the overall muscle load, you need to conduct classes every day. The first 2 days to strengthen the press with a number of approaches. The rest 5 days you need to train to maintain activity.


There are many variations of the bike exercise. However, to execute it correctly you need to start with the basic easy option. Exercise begins slowly from 3 to 7 seconds for each pull of the elbow and knee. You need to perform 10-12 repetitions per 1 approach. On each side 5-6 times. In total, you need to do 3 or 4 approaches. Between them rest for 40 seconds.

Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program

During classes, monitor breathing . Exhale – pull the elbow to the knee, inhale – straighten. If during exercise you feel a burning sensation in the abdomen, then the exercise “bicycle” is performed correctly. If you feel discomfort in the back and neck, then it’s wrong.

Other exercises

You can remove the sides and abdomen (simple exercises in this case will help to cope with the problem faster) at home with additional exercises.

These exercises are not ordinary, but effective to eliminate problem areas:

  • you must regularly engage in a hoop for 1 hour;
  • perform shallow squats and bends;
  • jump rope for 5-30 minutes every day;
  • apply plucked or water massage to enhance the effect.

First, the body is heated, then fat burning manipulations are performed. After training, it is advisable to apply option 2. Due to the strong jet of water, you can massage in the abdomen and sides.

Training program for a week. Daily Exercise Complexes

You can remove the stomach and achieve a slim figure thanks to interval exercises.

Remove the sides and stomach. Simple exercises for women for a week. Training program

The training program, which is schematized for 2-3 weeks, is described in the table:

Day of the week Exercises
Monday Cardiological training using a jump rope or step platform. Perform 35 minutes, 3 sets of 8-16 times. Twisting with arms extended forward. You can complicate the workout, place your hands behind the back of your head.
Tuesday Cardiological training on for 1 hour. Go for a run in the park or ride a bike. After classes, twist the hula – hoop for 10 minutes in different directions.
Wednesday Cardiological training with a jump rope or step platform for 35 minutes. You can exercise on the wheel – trimmer along with hyperextension on the bench to strengthen the press.
Thursday Cardiological training on for 1 hour. Run through the park or ride a bicycle, but do not repeat what happened on Tuesday. After class, use the hula – hoop.
Friday You can apply what happened on Monday.
Saturday You can just walk around with a quick step in the fresh air. Then work out with a hoop.
Sunday After a simple warm-up, do stretching exercises.

Before you engage in the program, you must first perform a warm-up for 5 minutes and end with a stretch, and so every day. The set of exercises can be modified 1 time within 2-3 weeks. For this, it is necessary to use different types of cardiac loads and change exercises to strengthen the abdomen.

Such exercises will help not only to remove the stomach and sides, but also improve health for many years. Thanks to simple exercises and regular training, you can reduce the risk of developing certain diseases, such as heart and oncology.

Video about exercises that remove the stomach and sides

How to make a flat stomach and remove the sides:

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