Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology – a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviews

With age, the body naturally aging. One of the reasons for this process is a metabolic disorder in the body and a deterioration of microcirculation in the blood vessels.

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviews

The aging of the epidermis is accompanied by a change in the color of the facial tissue, the appearance of pigmentation, wrinkles in the eye and nose, and an increase in the depth of the nasolabial folds. The microcurrent therapy hardware procedure solves these problems by rejuvenating a person’s face.

Cosmetic method of microcurrent therapy

The procedure is considered a common technique that successfully copes with skin imperfections.

The secret of microcurrent effects is based on the painless action of current charges on the facial tissue with a voltage of no higher than 14 volts for a slight reduction in the muscles of the face. This method affects the subcutaneous tissue, muscles, and blood vessels.

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviews

There are
2 directions in electrotherapy:

  • MENS (Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation – microcurrent neuromuscular electrical stimulation), which copes well with pain and acts on the neuromuscular structure of the epidermis;
  • TENS  (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – Transdermal Electrical Stimulation of Nerves), acts on the nervous tissue and represents a narrowly targeted therapy mechanism aimed at analgesia.

The microcurrent procedure has different directions, the most famous of which are:

  • microionophoresis;
  • microcurrent lifting;
  • reprogramming of facial muscles;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • disincrustation.

To remove puffiness, lymphatic drainage is used. With disincrustation, the skin of the face is cleansed at all levels, helping the sebaceous gland to push out excess secretions and further close narrow pores on sensitive skin.

To restore the tone of facial muscles and exercise their nutrition, reprogramming of facial muscles is used.

The most commonly used type of microcurrents is mesotherapy, which helps to rejuvenate the skin, allowing you to remove swelling, make the scars and pores of the face less visible. This procedure is also known as biostimulation.

Why do microcurrent facial massage

The purpose of microcurrent massage of the skin is the effect on fibroblasts. Their stimulation activates and improves skin elasticity, increases metabolism in cells.

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviews

This simple and effective method contributes to the rapid renewal of skin cells, enriching it with oxygen, saturating the subcutaneous tissue with minerals and trace elements, which allow you to heal and rejuvenate the appearance.

During the session, toxins and other negative substances are also removed from the facial tissue. With electrical impulses to the skin, an increase in the number of cells and the restoration of damaged ones occurs.

The result of this process is muscle and nervous activity, leading to the alignment of facial tissue, the disappearance of wrinkles and wrinkles, smoothing irregularities and tightening the facial contour.

Electrotherapy also has a significant effect on acne and seborrhea.
Another advantage of the procedure is that the nervous tissue does not develop addiction to microcurrent stimulation.

How long does the procedure takeIs it painful to do

Visible changes are visible after a full treatment course with periodic repetition in 8-12 sessions.  The duration of one therapy depends on the problem that the patient has addressed.

One session lasts about half an hour. Upon completion of the process, a moisturizing cream matched to the patient’s skin type is applied to places treated with current.

Current cosmetology is painless, only very weak vibration can be felt. In the process of exposure, conductive electrodes are used, which, when passing through the tissues, cause a feeling of slight tingling. The method is convenient in the absence of a rehabilitation period, allowing you to maintain the effect of the procedure for a long time.

Scheme of the procedure

Before starting the procedure, all jewelry should be removed from the body. The patient is placed on the couch, having previously completely degreased and cleaned the epidermis.

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviews

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviews

Depending on the problem and what task is being solved, the cosmetologist selects the necessary intensity in working with electrodes. The places of contact with the electrodes are lubricated with a specific gel to enhance the action of electric currents, after which exposure to current pulses occurs. Usually the process starts from the frontal part. A session can be conducted in 2 ways.

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviews
Scheme of the microcurrent procedure for the face

The first method involves the cosmetologist performing specific movements on the surface of the epidermis with electrodes. This method consists of 3 stages.

Stage 1 – Microcurrent Normalization

Processing of the problem area occurs along massage lines with currents from 40-140 mA. Derma is enriched with the necessary elements, begins to produce enzymes and protein compounds.

Stage 2 – Microcurrent lymphatic drainage

Drainage consists in stimulating the epidermis by alternately pinching and relaxing the muscles. The epidermis is treated with a current of 80 to 300 mA. This helps to remove decay products from cells, both the middle and the surface. The electrodes move along the outflow lines of the lymph.

Stage 3 – Microcurrent lifting

This is the final part of electrotherapy, allows you to regulate the effects of metabolism. It is used to calm strained fibers and normalize cellular activity.

The second method of microcurrent therapy is characterized by massage movements of the specialist’s hands, which are dressed in special gloves, with electrodes connected to them. Another of the electrodes, the patient must hold in his hands.

After special cleansing, thermal masks are applied to the skin. A film is applied on top of the mask to increase the strength of microcurrents. Microcurrents can
be mobile when the cosmetologist drives them on top of the skin or attached to various parts of the face.

Eye Therapy

Hardware electric current is also used forever.

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviews

Over the years, the elasticity of the skin decreases, since the blood stagnates in the capillaries, disrupting the nutrition of the cells. In a skin that is losing its elasticity, the process of “sliding” is slowly beginning. There is a displacement of the soft tissue of this area. With age aging, the eyelids stretch. The main thing is to take measures at the first sign of withering of the skin, so as not to allow it to deform.

In this case, microcurrent therapy can come to the rescue, which can be compared with deep and calm sleep for 10-12 hours.
The effect of light lifting is noticeable immediately after the first procedure of microcurrent therapy. But to get a better result, you need to take a course from 6 to 10 procedures, which includes 1 session 1-2 times in 7 days.

Microcurrents for the eyelids – what does it give

By smoothing the face, they help reduce the age signs of the eyelids.

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviews

Microcurrents tighten and smooth deformations and sagging eyelids.

Microcurrents from edema (bags) under the eyes

Bags under the eyes arise from the fact that there is a violation of the metabolic process. As a result, the muscles lose their activity, which helps for the elasticity of the epidermis.

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviews

The current procedure restores and normalizes blood circulation, reduces swelling and smoothes fine wrinkles, allowing the person to find a healthy appearance.

Microcurrents for rejuvenation, facelift

After 40 years, when the oval of the face is gradually changing, doctors and cosmetologists advise using microcurrents for lifting. They strengthen the epidermis, resume collagen production in it, tighten the oval of the face and restore its elasticity.

The effect of microcurrents restores the tone of muscle fibers, improve blood circulation, stimulate lymph, removes excess fluid. The use of microcurrents is often combined with serums and masks.

As a result, the skin becomes freshened with a blush and a tightened facial oval.

Appointment to the procedure

The lifting procedure allows you to heal and rejuvenate your face at the cellular level.

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviewsOne of the important differences is the absence of negative consequences.

Results after lifting:

  • The regeneration of epidermal cells is enhanced.
  • Protein synthesis is restored.
  • The activity of sweat and sebaceous glands increases.
  • Pores and acne are reduced.
  • The epidermis is toned.
  • Microcurrents for the face align the oval of the face.
  • Dark circles of the lower eyelids decrease.
  • With microcurrents, the appearance of wrinkles is prevented.


Before deciding to apply microcurrent therapy, a number of contraindications must be taken into account, which include:

  1. Pregnancy.
  2. Oncological diseases.
  3. Inflammatory diseases of the skin.
  4. Violation of the heart.
  5. The presence of a pacemaker in the body.
  6. Varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.
  7. Nervous diseases, including epilepsy and cerebral palsy.
  8. The presence of metal structures in the body.
  9. Metal crowns on the teeth.

Efficiency, reviews of cosmetologists

Doctor of the highest category, cosmetologist-dermatologist, clinic DoctorPlastic, Karpova Larisa Sergeevna:

“Microcurrents are an effective therapy. We use them as rehabilitation, after the operation as lymphatic drainage, to remove the swelling, as this procedure gives great results. Many clients, having gathered information from the Internet, expect from us within one session unattainable results without knowing that we need to undergo a whole course of physiotherapy. ”

Plastic surgeon of the clinic “Clinics-Elast”, Kot Mikhail Viktorovich:

“Microcurrent stimulation helps to synthesize collagen and elastin, eliminating excess fluid in the skin. “I see on my patients that this procedure is essentially the most effective of all cosmetic rejuvenation products for face rejuvenation, of course, except for plastic surgery.”

How many sessions are needed to see the effect

The doctor first identifies the problem, and then prescribes treatment. The result is often noticeable immediately after current stimulation . The microcurrent apparatus has a wide selection of different operating modes. This allows for a current penetration depth.

How often can i do

1 course of the microcurrent procedure is designed for 8-12 times. They are repeated every 3 days. The effectiveness of the result should be periodically fixed once every several months.

The cost of the procedure for the face

The cost depends on the following reasons:

  • the high cost of the apparatus used;
  • prestige of the clinic;
  • parts of the face where correction is needed;
  • from the method and mode of processing microcurrents.

If only eyelid adjustment is needed, then pricing policy can drop by two.
The cost of 1 session in New York ranges between $ 6 – $ 41. When paying for 8-12 procedures, clinics make a discount of 20-30%.

Microcurrents for the face: the result, before and after

By analyzing photographs before and after microcurrent therapy, as well as patient reviews available on the network, the effectiveness of microcurrent effects becomes apparent.

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviews

Microcurrents for the face in cosmetology - a hardware therapy procedure. Price, reviewsThe processes of recovery of epidermal cells are improved, there is an increase in blood circulation and lymph movement. Activation of cells allows them to increase their division, contributing to the process of skin regeneration.

Microcurrent videos for the face

What are microcurrents for the face:

Microcurrent facial massage:

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