Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

Epilation – a procedure for removing unwanted hair, with which the skin can be made smooth and beautiful. You can get rid of excess vegetation with wax and at home, saving on trips to the beauty salon. The main thing is to know how to do it right.

What is waxing

Waxing (waxing) – hair removal for cosmetic purposes on any part of the body. The procedure is performed using various types of wax. A heated wax mass is applied to the skin, which, after hardening, is removed along with the hairs adhering to it. The effect of the procedure is temporary.

New hair appears instead of removed hair usually within 6 weeks, sometimes their growth can be noticed after a week. Waxing at home will not get rid of excess hair forever, but a regular procedure will make the hair softer and thinner, less noticeable.

Over time, the hair follicle weakens, which can even lead to the cessation of the growth of new hairs. The effectiveness of waxing can be increased by using hair growth inhibitors – agents that slow down the division and maturation of hair follicle cells.

Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

Usually they are available in the form of creams or lotions, which include plant extracts with the desired effect. The application of such a tool after hair removal will significantly increase the interval between procedures.

The advantage of home waxing is its accessibility and convenience: waxing products are often sold in sets with all the necessary accessories and are relatively inexpensive.

In one session, you can process a large area of the body. However, there is a significant drawback: the method is rather painful. In addition, it is difficult to independently carry out the procedure on some parts of the body.

Types of wax, their pros and cons

Wax is available in jars, in granules, cartridges, in the form of strips. The choice of form depends on personal preferences and on the zone of the intended impact. Leg depilation requires a lot of material, so you will need to print a jar of wax. But to remove the “antennae” above the upper lip, a few wax granules are enough.

The composition of the wax mass usually includes natural wood resins, beeswax, vitamin and caring supplements. There are waxes on sale for different types of skin: normal, dry or sensitive. The components included in their composition during the procedure improve the condition of the skin, nourishing it, moisturizing and softening.

Depending on the temperature of use, waxes are:

  • hot
  • warm
  • cold.

Each type of wax has its pros and cons, each is appropriate in a particular situation. Hot wax is the most versatile. With it, it is easy to remove stiff thick hair. Before applying to the surface of the body, the composition is heated to a temperature specified by the manufacturer ( 116,6 – 131°F). Wax mass steams the skin, thereby preparing it for hair removal.

Liquid wax, dipping into each hair follicle, provides easier hair removal. The procedure becomes less painful and traumatic, so hot waxing is used for sensitive areas in the bikini and armpits. Hot wax is available in cans, granules, plates and briquettes.

The procedure has a significant drawback: too hot wax causes a tissue burn. Warm wax has an average melting point of 95 – 104°F. It is used to remove vegetation on the stomach, arms and legs. Most often produced in cartridges (cartridges) with a replaceable roller nozzle, sometimes in banks. Wax is heated in a tank with hot water or wax.

Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face
Waxing saves time on procedures up to once a month.

Wax is plastic; vinyl and rubber are usually present in its composition. It cools more slowly than hot wax, so the skin takes longer to steam. It is removed using special strips. There are waxes which, solidifying on the skin, form a film. After cooling the mass, it is easy to remove it simply by hand, without using strips or other devices.

Such wax is often called film wax. Warm wax is often chosen for home depilation. It is safe: the working temperature exceeds the body temperature by only 1-2 degrees, which is unlikely to cause a burn. At the same time, wax is quite effective. Roller applicator makes manipulation more convenient.

In addition, warm compositions are more economical: due to slow solidification and ductility, the solution can be applied in a thinner layer. Cold wax is suitable for areas with thin and sparse hairs, for example, for vellus hair on the face, on the fingers and toes. Available in special proxied strips.

Wax does not require special devices for heating: it can be heated in hands.

Wax strips are indispensable when there is no way to carry out a full hair removal. Finished strips have different sizes for different parts of the body. However, this method is not suitable for sensitive areas of the skin, as without the preliminary steaming of the skin increases the invasiveness of the procedure.

By the method of removing the composition from the skin, two types of wax are distinguished:

  • strip, Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face
  • stripless.

In the first case, a thin layer of wax is applied to the body; impose a strip of fabric or paper on top, smoothing it with pressure to better adhere the paper to the wax, and the wax to the skin. Then, with a sharp movement, the strip is torn off in the opposite direction to the hair growth. In order not to injure the skin, try to do it parallel to the surface of the skin.

In the second case, a very hot wax mass is applied to the skin in liquid form. When the wax cools, it hardens. Strip-free wax with encapsulated hairs is easy to remove with your hands. This method is less painful and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

How to choose a wax and prepare it for the procedure

In order for the skin to look smooth and healthy as a result of the hair removal procedure, it is important to choose and prepare the wax correctly. Different types of wax are chosen for different parts of the body. So, for sensitive skin of the bikini zone with hard and thick hairs, only hot wax is suitable. Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

Other types of wax will not cope with the task, and the procedure will be too painful. For the treatment of eyebrows or cannon hair on the face, it is better to choose a warm cartridge wax with a narrow roller or wax in granules.

To remove the “antennae” above the upper lip, strips with cold wax are perfect.

Warm film wax produced in granules is convenient for the depilation of uneven surfaces, such as axillary cavities.

It is plastic and easily takes the form of the treated area.

Waxing at home with arms, legs or back will be more comfortable if you use warm strip wax, which is usually available in cartridges.

So, the heating temperature is determined by what part of the body will be processed by it.

Hot and warm wax

Hot wax is a solid mass, before applying to the skin requires melting. Usually, canned wax acquires an elastic structure at a temperature of about 39,2 – 44,6°F. Wax in briquettes has a higher melting point.

Wax heated to the desired state is applied with a spatula to the skin, a bandage strip is applied on top, waiting for
the material to solidify and sharply torn off. Specific figures: the temperature to which the mass and pour time need to be adjusted are indicated by the manufacturer. Warm wax is heated to body temperature.

For example, wax in cartridges is applied to the skin after it reaches a temperature of 96,8 – 102,2°F. Granules are ready for use when heated to 37,4 – 46,4°F. A paper strip is applied to the wax, which is then torn off with the hairs adhering to the composition. Film wax does not require striping; he is removed using his hands.

To heat hot or warm wax, use a professional wax. If not, the composition is heated in a water bath. It is enough to place cartridge wax in a container with warm water. To control the temperature of the heated composition, you need a thermometer. Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

Voskoplavs have a temperature sensor. Wax heated to a temperature lower than recommended has poor adhesive properties (does not adhere well to the skin) and is difficult to apply. Overheated wax will cause a burn.

Cold wax

Waxing is done with the help of strips, on which the wax composition has already been applied. This method is suitable for “traveling” conditions and does not require special preparations: the composition does not need to be heated. Finished strips are sold at the store. Before using them, you just need to usd them in your hands a little, then stick them to the right place and tear off along with the hairs.

Cold wax is suitable only for a gentle gun on the face and patches of skin with sparse hair; he will not cope with denser vegetation. At home, when there is an opportunity and enough time, it is better to use warm wax for high-quality hair removal.

The advantage of proxied strips is that they are not able to cause a burn. However, as a rule, the strip has to be glued to the same place more than once, since the first time all the hairs are not removed. It causes skin irritation.

Contraindications to the procedure

Waxing at home can lead to undesirable results, if you do not take into account existing contraindications. When waxing, the skin is exposed to temperature, its upper layer is cut off – with a number of diseases, these factors can provoke complications.

Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

For example, with varicose veins and vascular nets on the face, heating of skin tissues is prohibited, and with diabetes, poor healing can lead to septic damage. The composition of the wax mass may be substances that cause allergies in some people.

Reasons why the procedure should not be carried out:

  • taking certain medications: anticoagulants, prednisone and other steroid drugs;
  • chronic skin diseases: psoriasis, eczema;
  • oncological diseases;
  • severe diabetes mellitus;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • rosacea (pink acne on the face) and rosacea (persistent expansion of blood vessels on the skin of the face, vascular network);
  • moles and warts and on the treated areas of the skin;
  • acne and other inflammatory skin diseases;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin;
  • a history of blisters that occur on the skin with an increase in body temperature (waxing can trigger a new outbreak);

Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

  • recent cosmetic or reconstructive surgery;
  • recent laser treatment of skin diseases or chemical peeling.

Pregnancy is not a strict contraindication for the procedure, but hormonal changes occurring in the woman’s body and a possible decrease in the pain threshold should be taken into account.

In what areas of the body can waxing be performed

With the help of wax, you can get rid of vegetation both on large and relatively flat surfaces: legs, arms, back and stomach, and in such difficult areas as the crotch and axillary hollows. Waxing is also appropriate when you need to correct eyebrows, remove the dark fluff above the upper lip and even tidy up the nostrils.

It is easy to process fingers and toes with the waxed strips. Waxing at home is not convenient in all cases. When removing hair from armpits and bikini areas, it is very difficult to apply the wax correctly, in one direction, and remove it in one motion. It is better to entrust this event to an experienced craftsman in the salon.

How to prepare for hair removal

The optimal length of hairs at which wax can firmly grasp them is 6/32 – 8/32 inch. In this case, the hair will be easily removed along with the root. Hair longer than 0’4 inch should be pre-cut. Before the procedure, you can not take sun baths, visit the bath. There are different opinions regarding the use of scrub before waxing.

On the one hand, scrubbing causes minor damage to the skin, which adversely affects its condition after the procedure. On the other hand, the scrub will free the surface of the skin from dead cells, and the wax mass will be able to capture the hairs at the very base. Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

People with a lowered pain threshold should take care of pain relief.

Shortly before the procedure, you can take a tablet of an analgesic (Nurofen, Sedalgin, Ibuprofen) inside. For local anesthesia, anesthetic creams are used. Typically, the active substance of such creams is lidocaine and prilocaine: they provide surface anesthesia of the skin.

To avoid skin irritation, cosmetologists recommend using special pre-depilation cosmetics to prepare the skin for the procedure. If the wax composition is used for the first time, it is necessary to test it for allergies in advance.

Waxing techniques at home, step by step instructions

General rules are as follows:

  • Since the wax hardens quickly, it should be applied to small areas.
  • Try to make as thin a layer as possible. A thick layer is difficult to remove.
  • Wax is applied in the direction of hair growth (with the exception of film wax).
  • Remove in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Tearing off the wax, you need to pull it at an acute angle, almost parallel to the surface of the skin. This should be done quickly, but smoothly.

Keep in mind: skill comes with practice.

Before the procedure, the skin must be treated with an antiseptic. To do this, just wipe it with an alcohol solution or cologne. This will avoid complications and improve the adhe
sion of wax and skin, as part of the sebum will be removed.

Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

Beauticians recommend using special pre-depilatory gels Aravia or Depiflax – they degrease and disinfect the skin, which facilitates the depilation process. Next, the depilated area must be treated with powder or baby powder. As a result, the wax will adhere to the hairs, and not to the skin.

Waxing with wax

To apply wax, you will need a spatula. To remove it – fabric or paper strips. It is better to purchase special depilation strips: they are made of materials that do not tear and do not stretch.

The actions are as follows :

  1. Heat the wax to its melting point.
  2. Having determined which way the hair grows on the depilated area, apply the composition in this direction with a spatula. To distribute the wax evenly, it should be carried out with a spatula several times.
  3. Apply a strip. Press it firmly to the surface. For better grip smooth out movements along the hair growth.
  4. Tear off the strip by pulling it against hair growth. To make the procedure less painful, the skin is held below the depilation zone.
  5. Remove the remaining mass with a cloth moistened with oil.

Cartridge Procedure

Wax is applied using a roller applicator. It is removed by strips.

Next :

  1. Place the cartridge in the wax and warm to the melting point. It usually takes up to half an hour.
  2. Spread the composition with the roller, adhering to the course of hair growth. The cultivated area should not be made too long. On the lower leg it is 3’9 – 4’7 inch, on an uneven surface, such as a knee – 0’8 – 1’2 inch.
  3. Apply paper. The edges of the strip should not protrude beyond the applied wax.
  4. With a sharp movement, remove the wax, holding the skin of the finger with the fingers of your free hand.
  5. Repeat for the remaining sections.
  6. Remove wax residues with a damp cloth moistened with oil.

Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

When treating the legs, it is better to start with the shins, then move higher. Depilation of hands begins from the area below the elbow. The principle is as follows: start treatment with areas with thicker and thicker hair. One cartridge is usually enough for several procedures to remove hair from the arms and legs.

Film Wax Technique

Wax is removed by hand, without the help of strips. For application, you need a spatula.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Melt the wax in wax or in a water bath. Check the temperature of the finished mass by hand so as not to get a burn.
  2. Apply mass to the desired area. In this case, hair growth is not taken into account, but the composition is applied towards yourself. To increase grip, press with a spatula on the skin should be intense. Distributing the wax mass, it is necessary to form a small protrusion so that the film on it slightly lags behind the skin surface. Material is pulled for it to remove it.
  3. Wait for the mass to freeze (usually 5-12 seconds). Wax, like dough: when the wax is “ready”, it does not stick to your fingers.
  4. Grabbing the film with your hand, remove the mass with a sharp movement from yourself. In this case, pull the skin towards you.
  5. Repeat the procedure in another area.

Armpit hair is removed with a single application.

Cold Wax Depilation

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Rinse the site of the proposed depilation with cool water, dry with a towel.
  2. Put a wax strip between your palms and knead it slightly. So the wax layer will become elastic.
  3. Divide the strip into two halves. Each of them has its own sticky layer.
  4. Put a strip of sticky surface on the skin, smooth in the direction of hair growth.
  5. After a few seconds, tear off the strip, holding the skin at the point of removal.

Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

Very often, after treatment with cold wax, hairs remain on the skin. In such cases, you have to repeat the procedure.

Skin Care after Waxing

After depilation, the skin needs to be treated with a product that will remove wax residues, disinfect, moisturize and soothe it. It can be a special spray, lotion, cosmetic cream or lotion. To slow down the growth of new hair, immediately after the procedure, special products are applied to the skin, which are available in the form of sprays, creams and mousses.

Often they have a complex effect: in addition to affecting the hair follicle and the hair shaft, the products protect the skin from irritation and hyperemia. To avoid ingrown hairs, abrasive or exfoliating dead skin should be used.

Through uncleaned skin, it will be difficult for new hairs to break through to the surface.

Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

The skin is covered with tubercles, because the hairs curl under it, and will become rough. Regular scrubbing will solve the problem of ingrown hairs. After the procedure, you should not sunbathe, go to the sauna or bath for several days.

Overview of the best tools for waxing, prices

Good wax provides maximum effect and does not cause discomfort. In addition to its direct purpose – hair removal – the wax mass should have skin-care properties. In addition to beauty salons, it is convenient to purchase such products in specialized online stores selling hair cosmetics.

There you can read detailed product specifications and recommendations on the use of a particular composition. One of the most popular brands for several years remain Depiflax, Italwax and Depileve. The table makes it possible to compare the characteristics and prices of some of the most popular waxes.

Title Characteristic Weight The brand Manufacturer Price
“Azulen” Hot wax in granules


Easily removes stiff, thick, thick hair in the armpit and bikini area. Captures short hairs. 2 pounds Italwax White line


$ 16.
Top formula coral

Hot wax in granules (film)


Suitable for delicate skin and fair-skinned people.

Hypoallergenic, no natural resins.

750 g Italwax White line


$ 17.
Depileve Intimate Wax Can


Waxing of intimate areas. 800 g Depileve PHYTOLAB SL, Spain $ 15.
Wax hot, pink (squared) Removes short hairs ( 4/32 inch) 2 pounds Depilflax  IGRO $ 14.
Wax hot “Scarlet” A microwave can be used for heating. 100 g IRISK China $ 3,26

Wax strips for depilation, Aloe

Contain aloe vera extract. The shape of the strips is suitable for treating the face. 12 pcs Shary Country South Korea $ 3,06
Crystal Ocean Wax at Perron Rigot Cirepil Cristal Ocean Banks Transparent, gel. Suitable for all skin types. 800 g Perron rigot France $ 26.

Waxing at home: legs, deep bikini, armpits, on the face

A beginner in hair removal can purchase a kit that includes everything you need. For example, the Italwax brand wax depilation cartridge kit includes two types of wax: Azulene and White Chocolate, wax wax and strips for removing formulations. The cost of the set is about $ 12,24.

Waxing is done by millions of girls and women who want to have smooth skin and look perfect.

It is not difficult to master the necessary skills to cope with this procedure yourself and do it at home, forgetting about trips to expensive beauty salons.

Home Hair Removal Video

How to do wax depilation at home:

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