Sugaring Arabia. Reviews of cosmetologists about the paste. Learning how to do depilation

Shugaring hair removal is convenient and effective. But the latter largely depends on the quality of the paste used, as well as skin care products after and before the procedure. The products of the company Arabia proved to be the best, as evidenced by the positive reviews.

Assortment of products Arabia

Arabia produces high quality products according to a number of characteristics. Products are divided into two lines: professional, intended for salons, and home, which can be used by beginners who are just starting their professional path in the business of shugaring, as well as people who have not been trained. The first is called Arabia Professional, and the series for home use is Start Epil.

Both lines can be used when using several techniques of shugaring: manual, using a spatula, mixed and bandage.

The paste is sold in two packaging options: cartridge and can. The first is a “roller” that rolls the paste over the desired area of the skin. The volume of the cartridge is 5,07 fluid ounce. The volume of paste in the jar is 25,36 fluid ounce, and you need to manually collect the paste for depilation.

The composition of the paste Arabia

The composition of pastes from this company does not differ in variety: glucose (natural carbohydrate), fructose (sugar contained in honey) and purified water. The difference is only in the density of the paste. Sugaring Arabia. Reviews of cosmetologists about the paste. Learning how to do depilation

Soft pastes are suitable for beginners, since when working with them the pain is less intense, but at the same time they melt quickly.

Medium density pastes are best used to remove hair from large areas. They are also used for mixing with soft paste in the formation of “sticks”. This happens when the paste has melted or the master “pulled” it not enough sharply.

Thick pastes are suitable for both masters and beginners to process individual parts of the body. The procedure carried out with their help is most painful, but there is practically no “sticking”, in addition, pastes melt longer. The company is constantly conducting new experiments to develop a paste that is more convenient to use and with a composition that is beneficial to the skin.

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Advantages of Pastes Arabia

Pastes of Arabia products consist of completely natural products, therefore they do not cause allergies. Using them is simple and convenient. This is confirmed not only by reviews of customers and masters of beauty salons, but also by tests in scientific centers, during which the quality of products manufactured by Arabia is tested.

The entire range meets international standards, has quality certificates.

The disadvantages of pastes Arabia

There are very few flaws in pastes.

Of the main ones, the following can be distinguished:

  1. The price of products is not overpriced, but not all girls can afford to use the products. Sometimes it’s more profitable to go to a shugaring session than to buy pasta, which will not always be convenient to use.
  2. Despite the minimum number of procedures indicated on the company’s website for which this or that packaging of pasta is enough, buyers complain that it ends much faster if it is not used extremely economically.


Soft caramel

Soft mix. Optimally suitable for skin that is prone to irritation, as well as for removing the gun. The paste easily melts and flows, so the procedure should be carried out in a room with a low temperature, and the master should work with gloves. Sugaring Arabia. Reviews of cosmetologists about the paste. Learning how to do depilation

“Soft” in the line of home use, “Honey” and “Natural” from a professional line are suitable for this characteristic.

Medium softness

With a paste of medium softness it can already work at room temperature. The paste copes with thin, soft hair and medium hair, as well as hard hair in sensitive areas of the skin. Before use, the paste must already be heated.

Of home-made products, this is Medium paste. In the series for experienced craftsmen – paste “Tropical”.

Both soft and medium

The sugar mixture, which combines both of the above types of pasta, is produced under the name “Universal” in the home series and “Easy” with “Easy and Soft” in the professional.

Sugaring Arabia. Reviews of cosmetologists about the paste. Learning how to do depilation
According to reviews, arabia light paste for shugaring was suitable for epilation of problem and sensitive areas

This paste is very flexible, easily takes the desired shape and is convenient to use on problem areas (bikinis, knees, elbows, hips).

Hard paste

Pasta with a very solid density. It can be used in almost any environment. Before use, it must be well heated.

It is used for depilation of problematic, stiff, red hair.

In the Start Epil line, a “Dense” paste corresponds to such a mixture. For her there is no option in the form of a cartridge.

In the professional line 3 pastes are presented:

  1. “Vanilla Cream”.
  2. “Natural.”
  3. “Tropical.” Sugaring Arabia. Reviews of cosmetologists about the paste. Learning how to do depilation

The last two have a similar name with soft counterparts, so when buying, you need to pay attention to the packaging.

Professional Line Arabia

Pasta Name

Paste working temperature

Shugaring zones in which it is applied

Recommended Technique

Ultra soft Indoor (20-25 degrees). Legs, back and stomach, forearms and shoulders. Bandage. Extremely easy-to-use paste, developed for cosmetologists who have solid experience and who have
special methods of quick shugaring. It is easy to apply. As a result, the client will not complain of pain, no irritation forms on the skin.
Light and soft Normal (27 degrees). All zones. Manual. Soft paste.

The peculiarity is that before the start of the procedure there is no need to warm it up. Plastic, practically does not bring pain when applied. It is similar in properties to Ultramyagka, but it melts and spreads much longer.

Easy Normal (27-28 degrees). All zones. Manual. Medium density paste that needs to be heated before use. Recommended for use by masters who know their job and hone the skill.
Honey 37 degrees. All zones. Bandage. Soft paste. Due to its properties, it can be used on the legs and back, as the consumption is extremely small. Available in a special cartridge. Suitable for 10/32 – 13/32 inch hair. It only removes hair and keratinized skin, therefore, after application, skin elasticity is not lost.
Vanilla cream 37-40 degrees. All zones. Manual. Thick paste for short hairs 3/32 – 6/32 inch long. It is used in hot rooms with high humidity. Suitable for clients who have sweat glands working intensively.
Natural 37 degrees. All zones. Manual. Soft paste suitable for complex hair. Not applicable in warm, unventilated rooms. It does not adversely affect the skin. Recommended for highly skilled workers.
Tropical 37-40 degrees. All zones. Manual. One of the most popular pastes of medium density. Removes hair 3/32 – 6/32 inch long. With each new shugaring procedure, the hair is lightened and thinned, therefore it grows longer and is removed with less unpleasant sensations.

Home line Arabia

Sugaring with Arabia products can be done at home. To do this, the company produces a special line called Start Epil, which includes 4 main pastes for shugaring. Reviews from customers of this line are almost all positive. Sugaring Arabia. Reviews of cosmetologists about the paste. Learning how to do depilation

The paste is made in 3 different weight cans: 200 g, 400 g and 750 g. You can buy a cartridge.

Pasta Name Paste working temperature Shugaring zones in which it is applied Recommended Technique Description
Universal Normal (27 degrees). Legs (up to the knee and hips), hands. Manual. Sugar paste, which is between “Soft” and “Medium” in density. Very plastic and soft, easily removes hair of any stiffness. The paste does not require heating and can be used at room temperature. The diameter of the hair decreases with each removal procedure by 2 times.

Professional pasta is produced under the same name, so when buying, it is necessary to clarify the series of goods.

Soft 37 degrees. All zones. Manual. Extremely soft paste, used mainly for mixing with denser pastes, in order to obtain a mixture convenient for temperature conditions. It is used for all types of hair, including a “gun” on the face.

The mixture does not remove the skin and does not cause redness, acts very gently and gently. After application, the hair becomes weaker, so every time the procedure is required less and less.

Average 37 degrees. All zones. Manual. A good paste for those who use shugaring as a method of depilation for the first time. It does not spread at room temperature, but is soft enough to take the required shape.
Dense 37 degrees. All zones. Manual. Thick paste, which is ideal for coarse hair, but can also be used for soft vegetation. It is also used for mixing with soft pastes to increase the working temperature.

How much does pasta cost

Products from the home use line cost from $ 10 – $ 18. depending on the package.

Arabia Professional is represented by banks of 750 g, which cost from $ 16. up to $ 20. The price largely depends on the density of the paste.

Such prices are due to the high quality characteristics of the paste, so the craftsmen using the paste are satisfied with the price to quality ratio.

How to choose the right paste

When choosing a paste, you must be careful. There are often cases when the buyer inadvertently acquired something completely different from what he wanted. On each bank it is written in which case this paste is used.

From the criteria we can distinguish:

  • work technique used;
  • paste application technique;
  • temperature of the room in which the procedure is performed;
  • client’s skin type, master’s hands. The warmer – the denser the paste;
  • zone on which shugaring is carried out. This information is indicated on the bank;
  • hair stiffness. The softer the softer the paste.

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Shugaring Techniques

Most often, 3 main methods of shugaring are used. This is what the masters teach, as soon as he begins to comprehend the basics. Sugaring Arabia. Reviews of cosmetologists about the paste. Learning how to do depilationSome techniques can be mastered even without special training or by going through a seminar or webinar.

Manual Shugaring Technique

It is carried out by hands. For hygiene purposes and so that the paste does not melt so quickly, gloves are worn. The hair length in this case should be sufficient so that the paste can capture it. Sugaring Arabia. Reviews of cosmetologists about the paste. Learning how to do depilation

First, they take a little pasta from the can and roll it in their hands, as if shaking their fingers off the flour. The next step is to determine which way the hair grows, and roll a layer of paste several inch long against growth.

Then, with a sharp movement from the elbow, the paste breaks off the skin. For anesthesia and patient convenience, stretch a portion of the skin with a few fingers.

Bandage Shugaring Technique

This technique requires a lot of paste. Moreover, not only paste is used, but also a strip of fabric or a napkin. The Arabia company sells special strips for similar equipment.

The hair length should be at least 5/32 – 6/32 inch, because otherwise the paste will not grasp the hair loosely.

First, the paste is applied according to the same principle as in the manual technique. But then the prepared strip is firmly applied to the caramel and pressed with a smoothing motion. After it has adhered sufficiently to the paste, the fabric is pulled up with a sharp movement.

In order to avoid the formation of bruises and bruises, the masters recommend pressing the skin with your fingers.

Shugaring spatula technique

To apply and remove the paste, use a spatula. So the fingers do not touch the skin and paste, so the master’s hands get tired less, and the mixture melts less. Sugaring Arabia. Reviews of cosmetologists about the paste. Learning how to do depilation

The paste is applied to the spatula with a thin layer, after which it is applied to the skin area. After a few seconds, a jerk occurs, and the hair remains on the caramel. You can also apply paste with a spatula, and then apply, as in the technology of bandage technology, a cloth.

Italian glaze

This technique is already used by professionals. It requires the ability to quickly apply paste and make jerks. The technique was invented to speed up work and reduce the amount of material used.

First of all, a thin layer of paste is applied to the treated area. It is better to use a soft paste, as it is more “obedient”. Then, with a dense lump of caramel, the whole paste is removed in the same way as with the manual technique.

Beautician tips for performing shugaring

Sugaring Arabia (reviews of this company show that the company really knows what it is producing) means skin care before the session, as well as after it. Compliance with the technique greatly facilitates the removal of unwanted hair for both the master and the client.

It is imperative to start the procedure with degreasing the skin and cleansing it of dirt. Typically, the client should wash before visiting the salon, but if this does not happen, the treated area of the skin should be treated with a damp alcohol wipe. For the face, bikini and armpits, a gel with plant extracts (chamomile, aloe vera, mint, birch) is additionally used.

If there are ingrown hairs that fit snugly to the skin, you need to treat them with a scrub or a special gel, as a result, the hair will rise. Sugaring Arabia. Reviews of cosmetologists about the paste. Learning how to do depilation

The sweat produced by the sebaceous glands over the entire surface of the body is absorbed into the paste, which is why it is consumed more intensively. To avoid this, it is necessary to degrease the skin with talcum powder, which absorbs moisture. Masters use talcum powder with menthol, which will soothe the skin and relieve irritation.

The paste remaining after the procedure will stick to the client’s clothes, therefore the skin should be cleaned of sugar. It dissolves in water like a carbohydrate, so experienced craftsmen use mineralized water with additives to cleanse it.

After the procedure, it is necessary to restore the skin, moisturize it and remove redness. Vitamin E, nutritious oils and painkillers mousses can help with this. The client is usually advised to treat the skin a few days after the procedure with a scrub or hard washcloth.

What else does Arabia produce for shugaring

Sugaring Arabia. Reviews of cosmetologists about the paste. Learning how to do depilation

Shugaring Arabia (positive feedback about the company), namely, paste for shugaring, is not the only option for the company’s products.

Arabia also produces skin care products:

  1. “Talc without perfumes.” It absorbs excess moisture and also creates a protective layer on the skin.
  2. “Sugar scrub.” Improves the condition of the skin, nourishes it, removes dead cells.
  3. “Cream to slow hair growth.” Recommended for those who are predisposed to
    increased hairiness.
  4. “Lotion against ingrown hair . Reduces skin inflammation and prevents hair from growing into the skin.
  5. “Talc with Menthol . Not only provides sweat absorption, but also has an anesthetic effect.
  6. “Milk to restore the skin.” Moisturizes the epidermis and enriches it with essential vitamins.

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Reviews of doctors, cosmetologists positive and negative

Sugaring Arabia, reviews on the use of paste are presented below, has earned both positive and negative comments from clients, cosmetologists, doctors. Pastes always match the description – there are absolutely no complaints about this item. But you have to apply several pastes at once, so you need to buy pastas in bulk.

Shugaring masters claim that they don’t see a big difference between using the home line and visiting the salon (unless the time for the first option takes longer). The home line is easier to use, but it is simply not profitable for the master to use it, since he is used to a more convenient, quick paste.

Buyers complain that pastes have the same name. For example, there is a “Natural” very dense and “Natural” soft. But if for a professional line such a mistake is not entirely critical, then two identical pastes, called the “Universal”, are misleading. One of them is included in the series for specialists, and the second in the home series.

The professional line pleases with variety, as you can always mix several pastes to get the perfect composition, if the client has a special case with skin or vegetation.

Shugaring with products from the company Arabia is convenient and effective. The reviews of doctors, cosmetologists and depilation masters leave no doubt about the quality of the products.

Video about paste for Shugarin Arabia

Shugaring paste Aravia Professional:

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