Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews

Modern ultrasonic massage lifting is an effective technique for rejuvenating the skin due to the deep, penetrating effect on the treated areas of the body. Testimonials from patients and cosmetologists indicate that hardware technology is an effective and safer alternative to surgical intervention, which allows you to return your skin to a toned and fresh look.

A feature of the method is the ultrasonic effect on the inner layers of the epidermis, which allows to achieve a stable effective rejuvenation for a long time. Before choosing this type of cosmetic procedure, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the sessions, as well as a number of indications and contraindications.

The essence of the SMAS lifting procedure

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting (patient reviews can be seen below) is a modern hardware method of deep lifting. The level of exposure is the epidermis, subcutaneous fat layer, as well as deep subcutaneous structures.

The action takes place at the level of the muscle-aponeurotic complex, namely SMAS – a layer of elastin-collagen fibers, which acts as a skeleton for soft facial tissues. Under the negative gravitational effect, aging occurs with a change in structure, stretching of the subcutaneous fibers, and a decrease in the tone of the facial muscles.

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews

The oval of the face loses its clarity, wrinkles and ptosis of soft tissues appear. The essence of the technique is the use of a special apparatus, which at a given depth heats the ultrasound waves in the point directions of collagen and elastin fibers, damaging old tissues.

As a result of damage, a powerful start of natural regeneration processes in the epidermis layers occurs, microcirculation and lymph flow are normalized, protein synthesis in cells is activated, accelerating metabolism.

The depth can be adjusted by the cosmetologist, in especially advanced stages, processing may be required simultaneously in several layers of the epidermis and muscles. Such a deep complex effect allows you to achieve a noticeable and lasting anti-aging effect of lifting without surgical intervention.

There are no non-operational analogues to the smas method; it has a number of advantages:

  • The ability to provide a lifting effect at several levels, including SMAS, subcutaneous fat layer, as well as deep dermal layers.
  • The depth of the hardware effect may vary depending on the initial condition of the skin and the structural features of a particular problem area.
  • High efficiency and painlessness of the method, the ability to carry out procedures at any time of the year.
  • Lack of long-term rehabilitation with the exception of the appearance of scars, scars.
  • External and internal rejuvenation with a cumulative effect, which can continue for several months after the procedure.

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews

For a faster and more visible result, massage therapy can be used in combination with other methods of rejuvenation. You can combine the technique with a complex of botulinum toxin therapy, biorevitalization, deep diamond grinding or contour plastics fillers. It is also permissible to combine this method of rejuvenation with blepharoplasty, liposuction and endoscopic plastic surgery.

Indications and contraindications

The SMAS lifting procedure is one of the most effective and safe methods of non-surgical lifting.

The technique is applied in the following cases:

  • with pronounced omission of the muscular-aponeurotic complex of the face;
  • in violation of the contours, the lost clarity of the oval and the appearance of a second chin;
  • in case of sagging eyelids with drooping outer corners of the eyes;
  • with the formation of deep nasolacrimal grooves, nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks;
  • in case of loss of tone, elasticity;
  • with sagging, the appearance of a network of fine wrinkles;
  • when lowering the corners of the mouth;
  • as an effective preventive therapy against the occurrence of ptosis.

Oil-lifting is indicated for women after 40-45 years. It is at this age that negative changes occur, characterized by a loss of elasticity and tone of muscle tissue. For younger patients, cosmetologists recommend more gentle methods of rejuvenation. Despite the simplicity and safety, the technique has a number of contraindications.

It is not recommended to carry out the procedure of massage rejuvenation in case of:

  • tendency to scarring;
  • the presence of malignant tumors;
  • disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular system, the presence of a pacemaker;
  • endocrine disorders, with diabetes mellitus in the decompensation stage;
  • blood diseases, coagulation disorders;
    Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews
    Ultrasonic lubricant lifting is not recommended for poor blood coagulation.
  • intense manifestations of acne and acne;
  • neuropsychiatric disorders, epilepsy;
  • the presence of a pustular rash, foci of inflammation in the treated areas;
  • diseases of scleroderma, lupus;
  • the presence of any acute infections in the body.
  • the presence of herpetic infection in the active stage;
  • exacerbations of any chronic disease.

The procedure is not carried out during pregnancy and lactation. A strict contraindication to the use of the technique of massage lifting is also the presence of metal implants in the field of hardware processing, except for pins and dental crowns.

Possible complications

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting is a safe and effective procedure, as evidenced by the positive feedback from patients.

In rare cases, the following negative reactions may develop after a session:

  • Erytherma, edema, redness of the skin as a result of intense exposure to ultrasonic pulses.
  • Discomfort due to intentional injury to old tissues.
  • Decreased sensitivity, partial numbness of the treated areas.
  • The development of necrosis, the formation of keloid scars.
  • The appearance of hematomas.
  • Hair loss in the treatment area.
  • Deformation, asymmetry of the face.
  • The appearance of traces of hyperpigmentation.
  • Sensation of nausea, dizziness.

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews

All mild side effects disappear within a week after the session. In case of more serious negative violations, as well as an increase in temperature, the appearance of painful sensations, it is necessary to immediately contact a specialist.

Suspender zones

An effective method of skin tightening and rejuvenation is used in the following areas:

  • in the upper part of the face – in the gallon areas of the eyebrows, in the periorbital;
  • in the middle part of the face – in the cheeks, cheekbones, nose bridge, nasolabial zone;
  • in the lower part of the face – in the area around the lips, chin area, lower jaw area;
  • in the cervical , including the submental;
  • in the neckline .

In addition to the facial areas, the device can be used for problem areas of the body in order to strengthen tone and reduce body fat:

  • on the stomach and sides;
  • on legs to eliminate the effect of the breeches;
  • on hands above the elbow area;
  • on the back to remove fat “rollers”;
  • on the buttocks and hips to reduce volume.

The lifting technique works in a complex way, solving several aesthetic problems at once, qualitatively improving the internal structures and appearance of the epidermis in various parts of the face and body.

Devices for SMAS-lifting

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting, the reviews for which are mostly positive, is a hardware method of rejuvenation with the strengthening of the internal epidermal structures. For the non-surgical tightening, several types of devices are used that generate focused ultrasound of high intensity.

To date, there are several types of devices, the main high-performance developments used in aesthetic cosmetology include several.

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews


  • Altera.
  • HIFU.
  • Doublo.

Each of the presented devices is certified, passed tests for effectiveness and safety, has its own characteristics and advantages, which the patient needs to know about before going through a massage lifting session.


An innovative, effective and most popular apparatus in the domestic cosmetology market. It is equipped with an ultrasound scanner and a patented imaging system. This allows you to evaluate the condition of problem areas from the inside, during the procedure and choose to control the optimal exposure depth.

The main advantage of this device is the ability to pass to a depth of 6/32 inch, reaching the muscle-aponeurotic layer.

Altera can be used for patients with anatomical features (thin skin) who are contraindicated in thermage. The essence of the procedure is focused exposure to ultrasonic pulses. Due to point thermocoagulation, tissues below and above the beam focus remain intact. Practice shows that the result obtained with the Alter apparatus lasts longer.


The analog device is made in China. HIFU PRO 5 is universal, it can be applied to all facial areas and problem areas of the body. It is equipped with one main manipulator and 5 additional nozzles for high-quality visualization and therapeutic effect. Thanks to the built-in scanner, a specialist can during a session examine in detail the structure of tissues, controlling the depth of processing.

A feature is the possibility of exposure from the hypodermal and dermal layers, as well as at the level of SMAS – the muscle-aponeurotic layer. The device works precisely, heating old fabrics and without damaging areas around the treatment area.

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews

This indicates the safety of the device and the absence of negative side effects after the session. A stable aesthetic effect with the HIFU can be maintained for 1-2 years.


The principle of operation of the apparatus for instant non-surgical lifting Doublo is based on high-energy focused generation of ultrasound. This allows impulses to pass through all layers, strengthening the structure, but without damaging them. The device is used for all facial areas, as well as for breakdown areas of the inner surface of the hands, hips.

A unique function of the device is the “mirror”. After processing one half of the face, the patient can visually see visible changes on the monitor and evaluate the results already during the massage-lifting session.

The action of the manipula is gentle, after the procedure there are no scars, scars and other traces of exposure. The effect with the Doublo apparatus is growing for 2-3 months, the achieved aesthetic result remains for 1-1.5 years.

How is the SMAS lifting procedure

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting (reviews of cosmetologists and patients are presented below) takes place in several stages.

Standard parameters of the procedure are presented in the table:

Cost of procedures From $ 544 – $ 2040.
Number of sessions From one
Type of procedure Non-invasive hardware
Session duration 40 to 90 minutes
Soreness during treatment Low
The availability of rehabilitation Missing
Exposure depth 2/32 – 6/32 inch

Stages of carrying out massage lifting:

  1. Preparatory . The skin is pre-cleaned of impurities in 30 minutes. prior to the session, they are treated with a local anesthetic or intravenous anesthesia is administered. After that, the site is disinfected with chlorhexidine and line marking is performed with a medical marker for processing with an ultrasonic transducer.
    Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews
  2. Lift . The area is smeared with a neutral gel that conducts ultrasound. The specialist processes one half of the face, neck, and decollete, and then, after evaluating the result on the monitor, the session ends with the processing of the symmetrical part.
  3. Completion . After ultrasonic treatment of problem areas, a soothing cream is applied to the skin to relieve redness and swelling.

During the procedure, the patient may feel warmth, slight tingling caused by ultrasonic pulses. If painful sensations appear, it is necessary to inform a specialist in order to reduce the power of exposure. There are several methods of massage lifting, each of which has distinctive features and indications.

Classic method

This technique is one of the most traumatic, it is a full-fledged operation with long-term rehabilitation after the
procedure. Its main advantage is that the result can be maintained for 10-15 years.

Stages of carrying out:

  1. The patient is given anesthesia by inhalation or by the intravenous route.
  2. Surgical accesses in the area of the auricles are incised for correction.
  3. Stratification of the skin is performed with excision of the excess soft and skin tissue, fixing sections of the clamps and fixing tissue in position.
  4. After correction, stitches are placed, drainage is installed and a tight bandage is applied.

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews

Duration – from 2-3 hours. For the final recovery, the patient will need at least 1-2 months. The cost of such an operation is from $ 2040.

Endoscopic method

The technique is similar to the classical correction method, but more sparing. The procedure is indicated in the presence of moderate age-related changes with a slight sagging of the skin. The stages of the procedure are similar to the basic lifting technique, the main difference is the execution of punctures in the parotid, the diameter of the puncture is not more than 0. 2 – 0’4 inch.

During the operation, endoscopic equipment with a micro-video camera is used for full control over the correction process.

The advantages of this method are less traumatic in comparison with the classical method of tightening, the absence of postoperative sutures and a significant reduction in the rehabilitation period. The inability to excise the skin and tissues during the procedure somewhat limits the use of the endoscopic lifting method.


The non-surgical method is carried out due to the impact on the problem areas of ultrasonic pulses, point directed by the transducer. Depth is determined by the type of nozzle individually selected by the beautician after assessing damage to internal tissues and skin integuments.

This method allows you to activate the work of fibroblasts, which causes the processes of natural neocollagenesis. A new mesh-cell framework is formed, which creates a lasting lifting effect.

The procedure takes place in several stages:

  1. The cosmetologist identifies problem areas, cleans and disinfects the skin.
  2. A local anesthetic is applied.
  3. With a medical marker, marking is made for point exposure by a transducer.
  4. The nozzle-manipulator is carried out along certain lines with the supply of point ultrasonic pulses to a depth of 2/32 – 6/32 inch.
    Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews
  5. After the session, the skin is cleaned of the remnants of the gel, a soothing cream or mask is applied.

This method is used both for the correction of visible age-related changes, and as a preventive measure to strengthen the internal tissues and the muscular-aponeurotic complex.

SMAS lifting with Doublo

The most gentle type of massage lifting is with the Doublo. It does not require prior anesthesia, after the session there are no negative side effects, a short rehabilitation period.

Features of the procedure on this unit:

  • The system is characterized by a high degree of security;
  • the manipulator acts pointwise on all layers of SMAS;
  • provides a lasting effect, growing within 2-3 months after 1 procedure;
  • the session takes no more than 90 minutes, depending on the degree of the problem and the processing area.

Ultrasonic energy, unlike laser or light, has no chromium dependence, which leads to the use for any skin color without the risk of burns.

The procedure follows the following algorithm:

  1. Beautician is marking the face.
  2. Gel is applied for the best conduct of ultrasonic pulses.
  3. When pointing the manipula along the line, the skin seems to be “stitched” by the wave, creating the effect of a deep tightening.

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews

The marking allows you to visually control the operation of the maniple, it is in this place that natural tension is provided. Perpendicular to the lines, the covers rise, since the SMAS is reduced. According to patients, the procedure on the Doublo device is more comfortable, with less sensitivity and a more pronounced aesthetic result.

In most patients, the lifting effect is noticeable immediately after the session. A more pronounced aesthetic effect appears after 2-4 months. This time is necessary for synthesizing your own new collagen. The result after a single exposure to focused ultrasound can persist for 1.5-2 years.

SMAS lifting effect

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting, reviews of which show high efficiency, is an innovative development in the industry of hardware cosmetology. This technology allows for a comprehensive rejuvenation without surgery. This expands the possibilities, allowing people to undergo the procedure to whom plastic surgery is contraindicated for various reasons.

The mix technique allows you to achieve the following effects:

  • excess skin, fat deposits in the cheekbones, chin are eliminated;
  • there is a lifting of the tissues of the cheeks, the area of the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes and lips are lifted;
  • the formation of a clear oval;
  • small and deep wrinkles are eliminated;
  • the skin is smoothed, comes in tone, becomes more elastic.

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews

The immediate effect of a tightening after 1 procedure is ensured by a decrease in SMAS volumes with its movement up after a point heat exposure. Collagen fibers are compressed and contracted, due to which a stable and instant rejuvenation effect is achieved.

Rehabilitation after SMAS lifting

The method is characterized by a short recovery period, which is one of its main advantages. Subject to all the rules of the technology after the session, there are no pain and discomfort. Slight redness and swelling may occur in the treated area, which will disappear within 2-4 hours.

During the rehabilitation period, it is recommended to observe a number of rules:

  1. Within 7-14 days, refuse to visit the sauna, pool, bathhouse, any thermal procedures.
  2. Exclude intense physical exertion, sunbathing for 2-4 weeks.
  3. Refuse deep skin cleansing, scrubbing, peeling.
  4. Do not apply decorative cosmetics to the treated areas until the skin is completely restored.
  5. If the classical or endoscopic method was used, it is not recommended to wash with water before removing the seams.

For accel
erated recovery, it is recommended to abandon alcohol and smoking, to exclude the use of aspirin-containing drugs. Before entering open air, a protective agent with a factor of SPF30-40 must be applied to the treated areas.

Ultrasonic lubricant lifting. What it is. Photos before and after tightening, reviews

Effective ultrasonic massage lifting is an advanced technology in the aesthetic cosmetology industry. Testimonials and photos of patients indicate that the method really works. In order for the result to last longer and the rehabilitation to go smoothly, the doctor is required to know the anatomy and experience in applying advanced technologies.

Video about ultrasonic smas lifting

An alternative to blepharoplasty and SMAS lifting is the Ultraformer device (HIFU technology):

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