Breast lipofilling. Reviews of patients, surgeons, price increase, photo before and after

Asymmetry of forms, sagging, insufficient size, lack of elasticity – all this forces women to look for ways to improve their breast condition. Breast lipofilling has replaced the implant placement procedure and, according to doctors, is positioned as a safer method.

What is breast lipolifting

An alternative to implants is breast lipofilling, in which the patient’s own fat is used as a filler from parts of the body where its amount exceeds the norm – buttocks, thighs, abdomen.

Correction may be necessary in the following cases:

  • congenital features;
  • natural muscle weakness;
  • desire to change the size and shape of the chest;
  • loss of elasticity as a result of injuries or past illnesses.

For a radical breast augmentation, this method is not suitable, since lipofilling involves the use of a small amount of fat. This is due to the characteristics of the implantation of the biomaterial. This method will increase the size of the mammary glands by 1-1.5 size. Breast lipofilling. Reviews of patients, surgeons, price increase, photo before and after

The procedure itself cannot be attributed to new developments, but it gained popularity quite recently. Thanks to the invention and the use of modern high-quality equipment, autologous transplantation with own fat cells occurs with a high degree of survival.

Pros of the method

The issue of acquiring ideal fit forms without surgical intervention worries many women whose breasts have lost shape as a result of prolonged feeding, wearing the wrong underwear, or for other reasons.

The advantages of this method include:

  1. Using lipofilling, breast shape correction is most effective, creating a form ideally suited to a particular woman. The filling of voids occurs evenly, which cannot be said when using implants.
  2. Lipid filler avoids sudden transitions in the area of the mammary glands.
  3. Adipose tissue has a high degree of survival, so this procedure guarantees a long-lasting effect.
  4. Short recovery period.
  5. The absence of problems of material rejection and the occurrence of allergic reactions.
  6. Lack of scars and scars. The movement of refined fat is carried out using the thinnest needles that do not leave marks on the body. This method helps to avoid swelling. Breast lipofilling. Reviews of patients, surgeons, price increase, photo before and after
  7. Correction of several areas of the body – the one from which fat will be pumped out, and the chest, which will become more magnificent.
  8. Reasonably priced procedure. The implantation of foreign implants requires more impressive financial costs.

Breast lipofilling, reviews of which are mostly positive, can also give naturalness when installing implants and correct the rough appearance of the silicone bust.

This technique is often used after surgical methods, when the patient is not fully satisfied with the contours of the chest and the sharp transition from the mammary gland to the chest.

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Cons lipolifting

Lipolifting has negative sides:

  1. An invasive route of administration implies possible bruising after the procedure.
  2. For 1 procedure, the breast can be increased by 1-1.5 sizes. If there is a desire for a radical increase in the volume of the mammary glands, then this method will not be entirely suitable.
  3. With weight loss, the breast will decrease to its previous size. Lipolifting involves maintaining approximately the same weight for long-term preservation of the result. Therefore, in the presence of extra pounds, it is recommended to start to acquire the treasured forms of the body, and then proceed to breast correction.

Rejection of introduced fat cells may occur – a rare occurrence, but it should not be ruled out. Additional lipolifting procedures may be required.

Indications for lipofilling of the mammary glands

The lipofilling procedure is recommended for women in the following cases:

  1. The desire to correct the asymmetry of the forms of the mammary glands. Most often, such a need arises after prolonged breastfeeding with only one breast or with unsuccessful results of operations to change the size of the mammary glands. The unnatural appearance of implanted implants is a frequent complication of mammoplasty. It is possible to add naturalness to the shape of the breast with the help of a natural fat filler. Breast lipofilling. Reviews of patients, surgeons, price increase, photo before and after
  2. Improving the shape and structure of the chest. Laxity, lack of splendor and density require filling voids to give the mammary glands a seductive elastic appearance.
  3. Change in shape after cancer surgery. The fat filler will naturally look on the woman’s body.
  4. Reluctance to use artificial implants to increase breast size. Not every woman wants to experience the difficulties of postoperative intervention in her body. Breast lipofilling will allow to give the necessary volumes by invasive methods, which do not require a long rehabilitation period and significant restrictions.
  5. Correction of irregularities and scars that may occur as a result of operations or injuries.

Breast lipofilling is able to form an ideal breast shape without surgery.

Feedback on this technique allows us to argue about its safety and the minimum possible risks of unsuccessful intervention.


All contraindications that indicate the impossibility of a breast lipofilling procedure can be divided into absolute and relative.

The absolute ones include:

  • oncological diseases;
  • the presence of infectious diseases in the area of exposure;
  • diabetes;
  • heart disease and acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Relative contraindications allow for non-surgical intervention in the period after getting rid of them:

  • period of breastfeeding. Breast lipofilling. Reviews of patients, surgeons, price increase, photo before and after
  • menstruation.
  • lack of sufficient body fat in the donor area. To fill the mammary glands, preliminary pumping of fat in places where its content is in excess will be required. With an excessively thin physique, this is not possible.
  • period of pregnancy.

When the body’s work is established, and the state of health will correspond to normal indicators, you can return to the question of lipofilling again.

Preparation for surgery

e preparatory period before the operation is quite important and allows you to identify possible hidden contraindications.

To do this, the doctor will prescribe the passage of mandatory examinations:

  • general blood analysis;
  • blood test for biochemical parameters;
  • chest x-ray;
  • Ultrasound of the breast, mammography;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • detection of HIV, syphilis and hepatitis.

After the examination is carried out and the date of the operation is set, recommendations should be followed that will avoid undesirable consequences.

It follows:

  • taking drugs that affect blood coagulation, cancel 14 days before the date of the procedure;
  • refuse to drink alcohol 10 days before surgery;
  • stop smoking as early as possible; Breast lipofilling. Reviews of patients, surgeons, price increase, photo before and after
  • in connection with general anesthesia on the day of lipofilling, you should not eat food and liquid before surgery.

You should consult your doctor about taking any medications in the preoperative period.

Stages of lipolifting

Breast lipofilling, reviews of satisfied patients about which amaze with their results, lasts 1-2 hours.

During this time, the doctor performs several stages of the operation:

  1. Getting filler. To fill the places in the mammary glands, it is necessary to obtain material from the patient’s own fat. After selecting the area of the body that will be the donor, a small hole is made in the skin. Its diameter does not exceed 6/32 inch. Using a special vacuum apparatus, liposuction of subcutaneous fat occurs. The biomaterial immediately enters an insulated airtight container. Breast lipofilling. Reviews of patients, surgeons, price increase, photo before and after
  2. Cleansing the fatty filler. The resulting material in the form of subcutaneous fat is subjected to filtration, cleavage in a special centrifuge and washing. The autogyros required for administration will be separated from the impurity of blood with unnecessary parts of the tissue.
  3. After preparing the drive, the breasts are simultaneously filled with the same amount of fat. The doctor will do this proportionally and evenly. To hold the biomaterial, a band-aid is glued to the puncture sites.

Fat is introduced around the gland and between the muscles in the subcutaneous areas. The responsibility of the doctor lies rather high, since it is impossible to inject the converted fat directly into the gland. During the procedure, you can use local or general anesthesia.

Recovery period after breast augmentation

Changing the shape of the breast is less traumatic and does not lead to the formation of scars and wounds.

The conditional rehabilitation period is 2 weeks, during which it is recommended:

  1. Taking antibacterial drugs to exclude the possibility of inflammation.
  2. Avoid injury to the chest.
  3. Avoid contact sports.
  4. Avoid excessive thermal procedures – prolonged exposure to the sun, visits to the sauna, baths, solarium.

It will already be possible to evaluate the result of the procedure on day 5, and the entire period of cell resorption ends within 6 months.

After that, you can evaluate the result.

Possible complications

The procedure for breast lipofilling is not a dangerous surgical procedure, but some complications may occur.

The inexperience of a specialist can lead to negative consequences:

  • the chosen technique may not be suitable, so the fat may not be distributed evenly. Such a phenomenon will lead to a noticeable asymmetry;
  • the formation of fibrous nodules can occur with the introduction of a large amount of fat;
  • infection during the period of invasive procedures. Compliance with sanitation is a very important criterion for any operation.

Breast lipofilling, reviews of which confirm the effectiveness of the technique, minimizes unpleasant postoperative sensations, but does not completely exclude them. Possible pain is often caused by anesthesia and the appearance of small hematomas at the sites of introduction of fat cells. Painful sensations pass on their own within 7-10 days.

How many sizes can you increase breast after lipolifting

The results of the procedure may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the patient. The effect will depend on the ability to take root of one’s own fat cells, some of which are absorbed during the rehabilitation period.

Predicted changes are usually large – a significant increase in the bust should not be expected. It is possible to maximize the volume of the mammary glands with the help of lipofilling by 1-1.5 sizes in 1 procedure.

Is correction necessary in the future

The probability of rejection of your own fat cells by the body is quite small and is only 5%. Of the total amount of fat transferred to the chest, at least 60% will remain. None of the doctors will be able to determine in advance how much transferred excipient is absorbed by the body.

In the case of complete rejection, a second operation is allowed in the absence of contraindications. You can also adjust the size of the breast if you wish, if you want to increase the size of the glands not by 1, but by 2-3 sizes. Breast lipofilling. Reviews of patients, surgeons, price increase, photo before and after

It is possible to evaluate the effect of the procedure after 5-6 months, after which you can repeat the procedure. Doctors claim to be highly effective after several breast lipofilling procedures.

Lipolifting price in New York, Los Angeles,

The cost of the procedure will depend on several factors:

  • level and rating of the clinic;
  • doctor’s experience;
  • the availability of high-tech equipment;
  • location – in large cities, the cost is usually more expensive.

The approximate cost of breast lipofilling procedures can be found in the table:

New York
Minimum price Maximum price
$ 1224 $ 4080
Los Angeles
$ 952 $ 2040
$ 816 $ 1224

This operation implies the presence of a highly qualified doctor, so you should not choose a clinic only depending on the price. Work experience and the level of the clinic are the most significant indicators for achieving good results of the operation.

Positive and negative reviews of patients, surgeons

Breast lipofilling (customer reviews made the procedure popular) has become a godsend for women who want to adjust breast parameters without surgery.

Most doctors recommend this procedure instead of silicone implantation for many reasons:

  • preservation of the naturalness of forms;
  • low percentage of complications;
  • the need to implant foreign materials completely disappears.

Leading plastic surgeons agree on the use of lipofilling. Using modern equipment and the latest techniques allows doctors to achieve high results in the survival rate of adipose tissue. Clients are often satisfied with the results without surgical correction of the breast. Breast lipofilling. Reviews of patients, surgeons, price increase, photo before and after

Many people observe the absence of a difficult recovery period and are happy with the rapid increase in the size and correction of the shape of the breast. Negative reviews are rare. More often they are left by patients who, for whatever reason, could not achieve the desired effect due to the individual characteristics of the body.

Patients noted an increase in size immediately after the procedure, but over the next 2-3 months, their breast size returned to their previous size.

Due to the considerable cost of breast lipofilling, many of the girls refused to re-correct, not noticing satisfactory results. Reviews about breast lipofilling are different, but most are positive. Changing the shape, tightening, splendor of the breast without surgery is what distinguishes the minimally invasive method from other types of plastics.

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