Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means

Emla cream is designed for local anesthesia of the skin and mucous membranes. The drug, according to the instructions for use, is used before depilation, injections, punctures from a vein and various types of pilling.

Chemical composition

The substances lidocaine and prilocaine are responsible for the function of analgesia in the composition, and the remaining ingredients are binders and auxiliary to enhance the anesthetic effect.

Ingredients of the composition (per 1 g):

  • 25 mg – prilocaine;
  • 25 mg – lidocaine;
  • 400 – 19 mg – macrogol;
  • 10 mg – carbopol;
  • 2 mg – caustic soda;
  • 8 mg is water.

Production form

White, soft cream of uniform consistency made in Switzerland, Emla is available in 3 versions:

  • a patch with 5% cream emulsion on a soft basis;
  • tubes 5 pcs. 5 g + 12 stickers that allow you to fix the dressing with “Emla” on the skin for 4-5 hours;
  • 30 g tube + 12 stickers for fixing. Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means

It is more convenient to buy sealed tubes of a cream that freezes pain, 5 g each. This is hygienic and economical, because one tube is enough to process 19’7 inch 2 of the body.

pharmachologic effect

The main ingredients are prilocaine and lidocaine – local anesthetics from the group of substituted amides. Anesthesia of the skin is provided after the drug enters its upper layers, because the cream is not absorbed deep into the bloodstream. When the brain stops receiving pain impulses, the time comes for cosmetic or hygiene procedures.

Sensitive skin can respond to cream. Visually, this is manifested by redness or pallor in the affected area. Redness is more often manifested in patients with atopic dermatitis, and means accelerated absorption of the drug through the skin. The duration of the skin reaction with accelerated absorption from 30 to 60 minutes Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means

Clinical studies have shown that in 90% of the subjects, an adhesive patch with Emla cream applied for an hour allows a painless injection of 3/32 inch under the skin, and the application lasts 120 minutes. provides comfortable penetration of the syringe needle by 4/32 – 5/32 inch.


How fast Emla works will depend not only on the amount of cream applied, but also on the thickness of the skin on different parts of the body.

For instance:

  • the thinnest – the genitals, the inside of the wrists, the eyelids;
  • average thickness – arms and legs, abdomen and back, buttocks;
  • thickened – feet and palms.

Earlier shaved skin loses sensitivity faster, since shaving exfoliates dead particles of the epithelium and does not prevent the cream from penetrating deeper.

Areas of use

  1. Intact skin areas. After spreading to 13’1 foot 2 of the body surface, 60 g of Emla preparation for the first 3 hours, the absorption level was 5% for prilocaine and 3% for lidocaine. Such data demonstrate a delayed absorption process. At the same dosage, the highest blood concentration of lidocaine was 0.12 mg / fluid ounce and prilocaine 0.07 mg / fluid ounce, and was reached 4 hours after exposure to the body. Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means
  2. The absorption of the drug depends on the nature of the ulcerative wounds on the legs. On extensive wounds, it occurs 2 times better than on protracted areas of the legs. After 5-10 g of Emla cream got on ulcerative wounds of the legs, the peak content of lidocaine (0.05-0.85 mg / fluid ounce) and prilocaine (0.02-0.07 mg / fluid ounce) in plasma is reached in 2 hours. During the systematic treatment of Emla wounds, the accumulation of decay products Clinical trials of lidocaine and prilocaine were not seen.
  3. Exposure to the mucous membranes of the genitals. The peak growth of lidocaine (0.18 mg / mg) and prilocaine (0.15 mg / fluid ounce) in plasma occurs half an hour after smearing 10 g of cream on the vaginal mucosa. The female genital organs are tender, so you can not overexpose the drug for more than 1 hour.

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Anesthetic is used by patients of different age groups: from birth to advanced years. The rules of use for children and adults vary in the amount of applied product and the duration of application.

Indications for adults

Emla (instructions for use is attached to each package) is used for pain relief:

  • before injections and injections: intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous;
  • before laser exposure during hair removal; Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means
  • before surgical removal of benign skin tumors: hemangiomas, papillomas, moles, lipomas;
  • before the introduction of a venous blood sampling catheter;
  • during surgeries on the mucous genital organs of the superficial type;
  • before the introduction of strong anesthesia;
  • for trophic ulcer wounds before the procedure for cleaning suppurations, fibrin and dead fibers.

Application for children

Emla cream is allowed for children from birth, if you need to freeze the skin before injections, take blood for analysis or introduce more serious anesthetics. Instructions for use: 1 g per 3’9 inch 2 is smeared on the desired area of the skin and covered with cellophane.

Age group difference:

Age group Application area (maximum) Emla Holding Time
0-3 months 3’9 inch 2 (1 g) no more than 1 h
3-12 months 7’9 inch 2 (2 g) 1 hour
1-6 years old 3’3 foot 2 (10 g) from 1 to 5 hours
6-12 years old 6’6 foot 2 (20 g) from 1 to 5 hours

If the child
is diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, the duration of exposure to the anesthetic is reduced to 30 minutes, since absorption in such children occurs 2 times faster.


Emla, the instructions for use of which are given below, has a number of contraindications:

  1. Hypersensitivity or intolerance to anesthetic substances.
  2. Violations of the integrity of the skin at the places of application of the cream (scratches or herpes).
  3. Simultaneous administration by children from 0 to 3 months. any other medications.
  4. Prematurity of infants (birth before 38 weeks).
  5. Methemoglobinemia – an increase in oxidized hemoglobin in the blood and oxygen starvation of tissues.
  6. Emla is not banned during pregnancy, but research on this topic is not yet complete. It is known that the drug does not adversely affect the baby in the womb and does not complicate the birth process.
  7. If a nursing woman uses the cream, then lidocaine and prilocaine are absorbed into milk only in therapeutic volumes that are not harmful to the child’s body.
  8. Emla (instructions for use clearly prescribes) is used by pregnant women only with the permission of the gynecologist. He will study the features of the condition of the pregnant woman, and find out the existing risks for the expectant mother.
    Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means
    Instructions for the use of Eml cream prohibits applying it around the eyes
  9. Developers do not recommend spreading the cream on the eyelids and mouth.
  10. It is not recommended that the cream get into the ear, so you can not use it to freeze ear pains.
  11. You can not affect the area of the anus and genitals in children.

The tool must be tested, previously smearing it on the bend of the elbow. Leave on for 30 minutes and evaluate the result. With redness and prolonged swelling, it is better to refuse to use the cream on other parts of the body.

Side effects

Side effects with freezing pain with Emla appear with a low frequency of 1 in 1000 patients.

There are:

  • skin reaction (on the treated area): most often – redness and swelling; less often – scratching and tingling after spreading; extremely rarely (mainly in children with exceeding the duration of the application) – point hemorrhages.
  • system reactions: extremely rare – pediatric methemoglobinemia, allergy with anaphylactic shock.
  • in children after a single use, an increase in methemoglobin was observed, which returned to normal after 13 hours. Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means

There are known examples of inflammation of the cornea after the cream enters the mucous membrane of the eye. The action of the cream does not affect the state of consciousness, therefore, does not interfere with driving a car and other vehicles. If you find the symptoms described in yourself, you must immediately remove the remnants of the cream and go to the therapist.

Instructions for use cream Emla

Emla (instructions for use stage by stage describes the process) anesthetizes according to this scheme:

  1. The contents of Eml’s tube are squeezed onto the mucous membrane or onto the desired area of the body. The printed tube is designed for single use. Leftovers must be discarded immediately.
  2. To insert a needle of a syringe or catheter, 1/2 tube of 5 g is smeared with a generous layer at the site of the future injection, covered with a bandage and left for a period of 1 to 2 hours.
  3. Removal of warts – 1.5-2 g is smeared on the problem area and left for 1-3 hours.
  4. Skin flap fence in a hospital setting – 1.5-2 g of cream is applied, the area is covered with a bandage and left for 2-5 hours.
  5. Anesthesia of ulcerative wounds of the lower extremities – a dose of 1 time – 2-8 g, depending on the size of the lesion. It is necessary to smear with a thick layer, but not more than 10 g at a time. Leaves to freeze for 30 minutes. If the ulcers are prolonged, this does not allow the cream to penetrate quickly. Emla should be left for an hour. Wounds should be cleaned mechanically in a maximum of 10-15 minutes after wiping off the residues of Eml. Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means
  6. Men apply 1 g of Emla to the genitals per 3’9 inch 2 and leave for 15 minutes. Women apply 1-2 g to the painful area, and leave to act for a period of 30 minutes. up to 1 hour
  7. If the composition gets into the eyes, immediately rinse them with warm running water, lie down, and wait for the sensitivity to normalize for 1-1.5 hours.
  8. If after smearing the cream on the skin, redness and burning appear, the area is washed with warm water, and the application is stopped until the redness subsides.

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How to apply anesthetic cream before depilation of the bikini zone, armpits

Emla freezing cream is widely used for home hair removal.

It is applied in compliance with the following rules:

  1. Before depilation, the entire bikini area is washed and dried. Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means
  2. The cap from the bottle is unscrewed. On the reverse side, the integrity of the protective membrane is violated.
  3. A small amount of cream mass (1 g. – 3. 2 inch path on the skin) is squeezed out and smeared with a bold layer completely on the armpits or along the edge of the underwear. It is important that there are no visible skin areas, otherwise the laser pain will be felt in those places.
  4. The occlusive sticker is opened, the soft part is separated from the adhesive film.
  5. The sticky film is glued on top of the oiled area. This enhances the effectiveness and speed of the cream.
  6. After 1 hour, the application is removed, and traces of the cream are removed.
  7. The effect of Eml will already be felt, so you can start hair removal.
  8. The procedure should be carried out as soon as possible after wiping off the remnants of Emla, since after 1 hour the effect will be restored.

Each person has a different sensitivi
ty to pain. The exposure time of the sticker on the skin individually. It may take 30 minutes or an hour to lose skin sensitivity.


An overdose and accumulation of toxic decay products of anesthetics from the drug Emla in the body is unlikely if the dosage and application methods are observed.

  1. Symptoms indicating an increase in toxins in the body: overexcitation of the central nervous system, and in especially severe cases – inhibition of the myocardium and central nervous system.
  2. Increased sweating, headache, visual impairment, lowering blood pressure and arrhythmia may occur.

Due to the delayed absorption of the main components of the composition after therapy, the patient is constantly monitored. After 3-4 hours, the condition returns to normal.


The use of Emla cream increases the risk of methemoglobin in people taking antimicrobials in parallel.

  1. The use of Emla freezing cream in increased doses causes an adaptive effect – a cumulative increase in action from all drugs. It is dangerous if the patient takes structurally similar drugs, for example, tocainide, since the cumulative effect can cause exceeding the permissible doses of the drugs.
  2. Combinations with class III antiarrhythmic drugs and local anesthetics are used carefully, since no clinical studies have been conducted on their compatibility.
  3. Beta-blockers, cimetidine and other drugs that reduce the effectiveness of lidocaine, potentially contribute to an increase in its concentration in blood plasma with prolonged co-administration. Short-term interactions have a cumulative effect. Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means
  4. Prilocaine with concomitant use of methemoglobin-inducing drugs such as nitrofurantoin, sulfanilamide, phenobarbital and phenytoin enhances the analgesic effect on humans, which threatens dizziness, headache and general weakness.

If you need parallel use of Eml and other drugs, you should definitely consult a therapist.

Terms of sale, storage

The shelf life of the cream is 3 years from the date indicated on the package. Using an expired drug is strictly prohibited, since it no longer has a freezing effect, and can cause allergies or a rash on the body.

At home, Emla is stored in a dry, shaded place at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees, but also not in the freezer. It is important to limit children’s access to the place of storage of the pain medication.

Emla’s analogs

Analogues of the cream are used if there are restrictions on the use of the original product:

  1. “Aurubin” is a budget substitute for Emla, which is sold in the form of ointment for external use. The combination of prednisolone, lidocaine and dexpanthenol anesthetizes and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Used to prevent pain. Contraindications will be fungal infection, the 1st trimester of pregnancy, the age of the child up to a year, allergies and diseases of an ophthalmic nature. The price is $ 5 – $ 5. Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means
  2. Versatis is a high-quality analog in the form of a patch. The main component in the composition is lidocaine. It provides local pain relief at the site of application. It is used to relieve pain, eliminate various types of myositis, in the presence of neuralgic diseases. It is not allowed to apply the Versatis patch at an early or advanced age, with wounds on the skin and receiving similar anesthetics. Price $ 16 – $ 18.
  3. Kamistad is an anesthetic of combined action. It combines lidocaine and chamomile color, which guarantees an antimicrobial and analgesic effect. “Kamistad” is prescribed to relieve acute toothache. Contraindications will be: impaired renal and hepatic function, heart failure, pregnancy and lactation. The cost of $ 3 – $ 3.
  4. Lidocaine is the closest in the way of action on the body to Emla cream. It is made in the form of a gel for local freezing. You can not use the gel for allergies, pregnancy, lactation, heart disease and adolescents until adulthood. The cost in the pharmacy is $ 5 – $ 5.
  5. “Naropin” – is implemented as an injection solution. It is used to freeze during surgical interventions and to eliminate acute pain. It is not recommended for use in case of hypersensitivity to ropivacaine, pregnancy, breastfeeding, serious heart diseases, or taking other anesthetics. You can buy Naropin for $ 21 – $ 22. Emla. Instructions for use, composition, how to apply before epilation of the bikini zone. Analogs of means

A general practitioner will help you choose a safe analogue as a replacement for the original Emla drug.

Where can I buy cream

Manufacturer Resypharm Karlskog AB supplies Eml’s anesthetic cream to pharmacy chains around the world where the drug is available over-the-counter. You can buy a cheaper product in trusted online stores.

The price of cream in New York, Los Angeles,

The cost of Emla cream depends on the country of the supplier, the prestige of the pharmacy network and the volume of the tube.

City Price for 5 pcs / 5 g + 12 stickers (in usd)
New York 1600-1700
Los Angeles 2000-2300
Philadelphia 1800-1900
Los Angeles 1700-1800
Atlanta 1800-1900
San Francisco 1700-1800
Las Vegas 1700-1900

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Reviews of women about the cream

The responses of women about Emla cream are of a different nature. 95% of users are satisfied with the analgesic effect, and 5% say an insufficient result. Dermatologists confirm the positive effect of the drug, but recall the strict observance of the dosage and the timing of keeping the application on the skin.

Emla cream provides painless laser hair removal. There is no need to take pills. Applying the product for 1 hour allows you to depilate even the zone of a deep bikini.

The product is suitable for sensitive skin. It is used both before pilling and for freezing before the shugaring procedure.

The cream is used for hygienic treatment of ulcerative lesions. At the same time, surface anesthesia does not interfere with the normal process of wound healing. With Emla, pigmented nevi (brown spots on the body) are removed. According to reviews, it is impossible to withstand their elimination without emollation.

According to the described instructions for use, Emla, with the right dosage and application, provides anesthesia of the desired skin area for 2-3 hours. At this time, peeling, shugaring, injections and blood sampling are carried out painlessly. A trusted manufacturer and positive feedback from patients allow you to have no doubt about the quality of the cream.

Emla Cream Video

How is Emla cream used for local anesthesia before cosmetic procedures:

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