Tyndall effect in cosmetology under the eyes, on the skin of the lips. When it is observed how to remove

In cosmetology, such a side effect as the Tyndall effect is very common. If you follow the basic rules and recommendations, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of its manifestation.

What is the Tyndall effect in cosmetology

If the dermal filler is introduced too superficially, hyaluronic acid may be visible through the skin. A similar situation occurs when the beautician incorrectly calculated the amount of the substance. In the latter case, the excess volume of hyaluronic acid can be translucent, forming the effect of leaking hematomas under the skin.

Both situations in aesthetic medicine are called the Tyndall effect. This side effect can occur immediately or several days after the intervention. The most prone to occurrence of this effect is people with thin skin and older women. With age, the skin of a person becomes thinner, therefore, a beautician should always take into account the age of the patient.

The nasolacrimal groove is the most affected area. The Tyndall effect is almost impossible to mask with decorative cosmetics, because the skin is very dark and swollen. This side effect spoils the appearance of girls who turn to a specialist in order to improve the skin condition or facial contour.

Tyndall effect in cosmetology under the eyes, on the skin of the lips. When it is observed how to remove

Turning to a beautician, you must familiarize yourself with the reviews about his work. Otherwise, an unpredictable result may occur. Most often, the Tyndall effect is manifested due to the inexperience of the master or poor-quality materials that are used during injections.

Without the intervention of a specialist, the excess volume of the filler will disperse for about 2-12 months – it all depends on the severity of the side effect and the individual characteristics of the body.

Causes of the Tyndall effect pathology

The Tyndall effect in cosmetology usually occurs in 4 cases:

  • The specialist introduced the filler too superficially, because of which it can be visible through the skin.
  • An incorrect volume of hyaluronic acid was introduced, so excess fluid forms a dark outflow.
  • The use of low-quality drug.
  • Non-compliance with the rules of care after the procedure.

Contour plastic helps to look younger, so these side effects bring a lot of inconvenience. Darkening and swelling can occur immediately or during the day. An experienced cosmetologist observes the patient after injecting hyaluronic acid for about 1 hour and appoints a second dose after 2 days to make sure the procedure is good.

The sooner a specialist observes the manifestation of the Tyndall effect, the easier it is to eliminate it. Only an experienced doctor will be able to correctly calculate the depth of injection, as well as the volume of filler. In an area where the skin is especially thin, the specialist should control the depth of input of cosmetics.

Before the procedure, the doctor should study all factors that may affect the result:

  • Skin condition.
  • Face contour.
  • Medications taken by the patient.
  • Allergic reactions to drugs.
  • Diseases
  • Age.

Given all the individual characteristics of the client, as well as using the correct filler input method, the cosmetologist will be able to avoid the occurrence of various complications. The patient is required to strictly comply with all the recommendations of the doctor.

Signs of pathology

The Tyndall effect in cosmetology can be determined independently by studying the signs of pathology. During the procedure or a few days after it, at the injection site, the patient may develop tubercles with a dark blue liquid. Visually, they resemble hematomas.

Tyndall effect in cosmetology under the eyes, on the skin of the lips. When it is observed how to remove

In aesthetic terms, this effect creates many inconveniences. Moreover, if you do not deal with this side effect, it can last about 1 year. There are cases when the Tyndall effect did not pass on its own for about 2-5 years.

Some patients note that in addition to visual inconvenience, they experience the following symptoms:

  • Nausea.
  • Weakness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Low pressure.

But usually these symptoms disappear within a day. According to experts, this is most likely due to the poor tolerance of the drug. Subcutaneous tubercles at the injection site of hyaluronic acid have a black and blue tint. It is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as the first signs of the manifestation of the Tyndall effect are noticed.

Most often, this side effect occurs in those places where the skin is especially thin, for example, under the eyes or the area of the nasolacrimal groove.

This is due to the fact that in these areas of the skin there is practically no subcutaneous fat and capillaries are closely located. With age, elastic fibers break down, resulting in thinning of the skin. The older the patient, the higher the likelihood of side effects.

On the lips

Recently, an increasing number of girls are turning to beauticians to increase lip size. Some guys also follow this fashion. To make the lip volume larger, the doctor injects hyaluronic acid with a needle.

Tyndall effect in cosmetology under the eyes, on the skin of the lips. When it is observed how to remove

If immediately after the injection or after some time, puffiness, asymmetry of the face begins to appear, and the lips in some places become blue-black or gray, then these signs indicate the manifestation of the Tyndall effect. This side effect on the lips can be accompanied by painful sensations and bring inconvenience during meals.

Sometimes swelling goes away after a few days without the intervention of doctors.

This is due to the high sensitivity of the skin of the lips. Usually subcutaneous tubercles are oval. Decorative cosmetics cannot completely hide the manifestations, even if you use matte lipstick. When the Tyndall effect occurs in the lips, it usually disappears in 2 months.

Some girls expect a side effect to disappear on their own. But you can contact a specialist so that he removes the excess filler using hyaluronidase in an accelerated way. At the first symptoms, it is necessary in any case to consult a doctor so that the infection does not spread in the tissues, which can lead to necrosis.

Under the eyes

Hyaluronic acid is often administered under the eyes to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve skin condition.
  • Get rid of wrinkles.
  • Increase skin firmness.
  • Remove darkening under the eyes.

The last reason is the most popular. But the skin in this area is very thin. Because of this, when hyaluronic acid is introduced into this place, the likelihood of any side effects is the highest. The skin is very sensitive, therefore, half an hour before the procedure, the beautician introduces an anesthetic.

Next, the area under the eyes is treated with an antiseptic. The injection is administered according to a special scheme for the eye area, in order to avoid errors. The place of entry is sealed with a special patch so that infections do not penetrate.

Tyndall effect in cosmetology under the eyes, on the skin of the lips. When it is observed how to remove

To prevent various complications, it is recommended to apply ice to the gel injection area, this will also help reduce swelling. Within 2-7 days, swelling most often occurs. But to determine its nature, you need to visit a specialist in aesthetic medicine after 1-2 days.

In the area of nasolabial folds

Many girls after 30 years are beginning to worry about pronounced nasolabial folds. In addition to age, this is influenced by the quality of skin care, lifestyle and heredity. Recently, more and more women are turning to a cosmetologist to improve the appearance of the nasolabial folds. Most often, the adjustment is made using hyaluronic acid.

It fills the wrinkles, and the result is visible after 1 procedure. But after 6-9 months, the injection must be repeated in order to maintain the effect. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia because this area is very sensitive. Incorrect administration of the drug can cause various side effects, for example, the Tyndall effect.

Usually dark blue or gray hematomas appear in the upper third of the nasolabial folds, because this area is characterized by intense blood supply.

The capillaries are very close to the surface of the skin, and subcutaneous fat is very small. If herpes infections periodically occur on the skin, doctors recommend taking a course of antiviral drugs in advance.

Tyndall effect in cosmetology under the eyes, on the skin of the lips. When it is observed how to remove

Also, after the introduction of fillers, it is recommended to extend the course by about 2 weeks. Beauticians advise using sunscreens to increase the effect of hyaluronic acid, and also eliminate the risk of side effects.

How to avoid the Tyndall effect

The Tyndall effect in cosmetology is a very common side effect. But with the correct filler input technique, it can be avoided. It is recommended to introduce hyaluronic acid as deep as possible, as far as the technique allows. If the fluid is injected into the area of the nasolacrimal groove, the use of a cannula will help to eliminate the occurrence of a side effect.

It will also reduce the risk of vascular complications. The second cause of the Tyndall effect is the wrong volume of fluid. The filler always rises after the injection. If you introduce too much hyaluronic acid, a convex hematoma can form.

Therefore, experienced cosmetologists work with a small amount of filler, namely approximately 0 – 0 fluid ounce. It is not always possible to control all the factors yourself, so you need to contact the master with extensive experience. It is also recommended to study in advance reviews about the clinic and specialist.

If the cosmetologist uses a poor-quality or too dense liquid that does not spread correctly in the injection area, then most likely, side effects cannot be avoided.

Tyndall effect in cosmetology under the eyes, on the skin of the lips. When it is observed how to remove
The Tyndall effect in cosmetology has recently gained great momentum. But this pathology is subject to treatment.

If a doctor works with quality drugs, accordingly, his services will be expensive. But aesthetic medicine is an area in which there is a high probability of various side effects, so when you contact a qualified cosmetologist, you should remember about the cost of the procedures.

After injections, the client is required to comply with all the doctor’s recommendations, otherwise even a quality procedure can result in complications.

Drug treatment

Superficial administration of hyaluronic acid can cause the Tyndall effect, which is expressed in small hematomas at the injection site of a gray-blue color. This is especially noticeable in daylight. In this case, there are 2 solutions. Each of them has its pros and cons.

Treatment methods



Natural fluid resorption
  • Free way to treat.
  • A safe way, since it does not require the introduction of additional drugs.
It is also necessary to consult a doctor so that he monitors the condition of the skin. If you do not control the condition, tissue necrosis may develop.
  • The fastest way to get rid of side effects.
  • An experienced doctor using high-quality drugs will be able to carry out the procedure almost painlessly and relatively safely.
  • A fairly expensive method of treatment, which also involves injection.
  • If the skin is sensitive, repeated administration of drugs can cause discomfort.

With natural resorption, the treatment time depends on many factors. For example, from the injection site. Usually, the drug dissolves faster on the lips, but the area under the eyes has very thin skin, so the time of complete disappearance can reach 2 years.

Tyndall effect in cosmetology under the eyes, on the skin of the lips. When it is observed how to remove

The more popular way is medication. To get rid of the signs of the Tyndall effect, hyaluronidase is usually administered.

Features of hyaluronidase correction

The Tyndall effect can be corrected in various ways, but the most popular method in cosmetology is the introduction of hyaluronidase. Moreover, it does not matter at what interval the second drug is administered. Even if you apply hyaluronidase a few years after an overdose of hyaluronic acid, in about 3 days all signs of the Tyndall effect will disappear.

In aesthetic medicine, there are cases when the enzyme helped get rid of complications that appeared more than 5 years ago. Much depends on the type of fluid injected. Some types of hyaluronic acid are less sensitive to hyaluronidase, so it may take longer to resolve the symptoms.

During correction, a prerequisite for all patients is to undergo a procedure for checking the reaction to the introduction of the enzyme.

The specialist must conduct an intradermal test. This liquid must be mixed with saline before microinjection. Beauticians have been using hyaluronidase for many years, because it is harmless and helps to get rid of side effects in a very short time. This drug also helps reduce the risk of skin necrosis.

Tyndall effect in cosmetology under the eyes, on the skin of the lips. When it is observed how to remove

After administration of the enzyme, the doctor should observe the patient for about an hour to rule out possible complications after treatment. After correction, hyaluronic acid may be reintroduced no earlier than 15 days later. But if the cosmetologist again incorrectly administers the drug, complications can be even more difficult, and re-treatment will take a longer time.

How long does the Tyndall effect last

The Tyndall effect in cosmetology is a side effect that can occur with improper administration of hyaluronic acid. The effect will pass with the complete resorption of the gel, or with the introduction of the enzyme hyaluronidase.

The time of complete resorption of hyaluronic acid depends on many factors :

  • The amount of drug administered.
  • Depth of input.
  • Individual skin features.
  • Compliance with the recommendations of the doctor by the patient.
  • The area of administration of hyaluronic acid.

As practice shows, usually the signs of the Tyndall effect disappear on their own after 1-2 months, but sometimes it lasts for several years. There are cases when puffiness and blue skin color did not pass within 5-6 years. But with prolonged post-traumatic tissue edema, blood supply may be disrupted, which will lead to tissue necrosis and the development of infections.

Tyndall Effect Consequences and Predictions

If the first signs of the Tyndall effect are manifested, you should immediately consult a doctor. Even if a decision has been made, do not administer resorption preparations, but wait for an independent disappearance. A cosmetologist must monitor the condition of the skin, because there is a likelihood of developing serious complications.

In place of hematomas, blood circulation is disturbed, as a result of which necrosis of the skin can occur – a process that means the death of part of the tissue. This is a rather rare side effect, but very dangerous.

Tyndall effect in cosmetology under the eyes, on the skin of the lips. When it is observed how to remove

Also, one of the reasons for the development of necrosis is the ingress of various bacteria and viruses into the injection area.

Treatment depends on at what stage of the development of the complication the patient went to the doctor. The specialist’s task is to stop the development of infections or to remove dead cells using surgical intervention. The second option is rarely used, namely only in very severe cases.

Therefore, the sooner the patient goes to the doctor, the more likely it is to cure all side effects without surgery. If the complications are not very serious, the doctor prescribes antibacterial and vascular drugs to restore skin health. The consequences of the Tyndall effect depend not only on the doctor, but also on the patient.

He must follow all the recommendations of a cosmetologist:

  • Do not take medicines that thin the blood (such as antidepressants).
  • Do not use cosmetics, so as not to cause allergies.
  • Protect your skin from sun exposure.
  • Eliminate alcohol and harmful foods.
  • Do not go to baths and saunas.

With the correct actions of the doctor and observing all the rules by the patient, the development of the effects of the Tyndall effect can be stopped in a short time. Modern cosmetology offers many methods that help preserve the beauty and health of the skin.

Unfortunately, with the wrong actions of a doctor or other factors, various side effects can occur, for example, the Tyndall effect. Now aesthetic medicine offers many methods of struggle, which in a short time will help get rid of the negative effects of cosmetology.

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