Split training – what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men

Human beauty is largely determined by the harmonious development of the main muscle groups of the body, which leads to the burning of excess body fat. The following are split exercise workouts. This technique is designed to achieve optimal results in the construction of proportionally developed muscles.

The essence of splits

Translated from English, the word split means – splitting, splitting into parts. The term “split training” refers to a special system for organizing the training process, in which exercises for certain muscle groups are done once in a weekly training cycle.

Thus, a particular muscle group is seriously loaded during one lesson, another at the next training session, and the muscles involved in the first lesson rest. Such a system allows you to work out the muscles more intensively and give them more time for growth and recovery.

Split workouts are used by experienced athletes who during one lesson cannot load all muscle groups well.

Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men

Beginning bodybuilders should not immediately begin to engage in a split technique. Athletes who take a long break in training, and beginners, muscles develop and grow faster when using training programs to work out the muscles of the whole body in one training session (full body program).

Only after the adaptation of the muscles of the body to the loads, in order to increase the effectiveness of training, should the intensity and volume of effects on muscle groups be increased using the split technique.

The traditional triple split system involves the division of body muscles into 3 groups:

  • Deltoid muscle, back muscles, triceps and abs.
  • Biceps, pectoral muscles, shoulders, abs.
  • Leg muscles, abdominal muscles.

Split training allows the worked out muscle group to rest for 7 days , during which time the muscles are restored and growing, such a system increases the efficiency of the training process. Researches of scientists have shown that after one intense impact on the muscle, the process of its adaptation to loads and growth is launched.

Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men

Muscles grow within 14 days. Therefore, if an athlete loads all the muscles of the body in one session, he does not allow them to fully recover, thereby reducing the effectiveness of classes and inhibiting the process of muscle growth.

Training frequency

Musculature does not grow in the classroom while working out the muscles, but after them, in the period when they recover and rest. Therefore, when developing a split training program, it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of time to rest and restore the loaded muscles of the body.

Athletes train at least 2 times a week to maintain their existing physical fitness. Practice and medical studies have shown that for the effective development and strengthening of muscles, it is necessary to exercise in the gym 3-4 times a week.

Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men

Experts recommend determining the frequency of the load on a particular muscle group in accordance with the goal and the body’s ability to recover.


  • When striving for the goal – the development of muscle strength, the selected muscle group is intensively loaded from 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Effective growth of muscle mass is achieved when working out one muscle group 1-2 times a week.
  • Ensuring the development of muscle relief is provided by one strength training per week, the maximum emphasis on the remaining classes is on aerobic training.

The number of repetitions and approaches

Split training (what it is, and how many repetitions you need to do when doing the exercises, described below) ensures the effective development of the muscles of the human body. The muscles of the human body adapt to the loads, to further stimulate growth, it is necessary to increase the weight of the shells used.

Depending on the goals of the athlete, various training schemes are used, they determine the number of repetitions of exercises in the approaches (sets) and the number of sets.

For instance:

  • To increase muscle strength, 1 to 5 repetitions with maximum weights should be done.
    Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men
  • For faster development of muscle mass, exercises are performed with 6 to 10 repetitions. The weight of the working shells is chosen so that the last repetitions are performed at the limit of opportunity.
  • To ensure a clearer muscle relief, bodybuilders do 11 reps or more. The weight of weights is selected 20-30% less than the worker. Performing exercises with a large number of repetitions increases muscle endurance and strengthens the athlete’s cardiovascular system.

The number of approaches can be determined from a simple rule, you should perform as many sets as you need to complete 25 repetitions for one muscle group. If an athlete in the same set does 10 repetitions, then you need to perform 3 approaches.

Increasing the number of repetitions reduces the number of approaches and vice versa. Experts do not recommend performing more than 50 repetitions per muscle group.

Rest between exercises

Split training (what it is and how much time you need to spend on rest between the approaches discussed in the program) allows loaded muscles to recover and grow faster. When working with large weights, the athlete does a small number of repetitions, using fast muscle fibers.

Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men

They are the strongest in the muscle, but they quickly get tired and take a long time to recover. Therefore, between sets for the development of strength, you need to take longer breaks. Exercises with small weights involve slow muscle fibers, which are responsible for endurance. They recover much faster than strong fast muscles and do not need much time to relax.

Recommended time for muscle recovery by specialists:

Number of repetitions Duration of rest, min
1-3 3-5
4-7 2-3
8-12 1-2
More than 13 1

How to increase the load

First you need to determine the working weight when performing exercises for a specific muscle group. For this, a warm-up approach with a low weight should be carried out. Then choose the weight of the projectile, during the exercise with which, a person will be able to do 8 repetitions and the last repetition will be done at the limit of strength, with muscle failure.

For beginners, the first weeks you need to do exercises with low weight, practicing the correct technique for their implementation. The perfect technique will help to avoid injuries in the future and quickly build muscle.

The first set is done with weights, the weight of which is 50% of the worker and with a large number of repetitions (15-20), this approach will ensure the heating of tissues and ligaments and saturate the muscles with blood.

After several weeks of training, the athlete will be able to do with the working weight no longer than 8 repetitions, but 12. Then you should increase the weight of the weights by 10%, and continue training.

Training Nutrition

Split training (what it is and how to eat properly during training, is explained below) ensures the separation of loads on certain muscle groups during the training week.

Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men

The main points that must be taken into account when creating the menu for an athlete seeking to gain muscle mass:

  • To accelerate the metabolism and maintain a high level of beneficial elements in the blood, it is necessary to organize a 5-6 single meal. With 3 meals a day, beneficial substances will accumulate in adipose tissue, and due to the high-calorie menu it will be impossible to get them from there.
  • 70% of all food consumed should be high-calorie, the volume of vegetables and fruits on the menu should not be more than 30%. Fiber contained in them activates intestinal motility and does not allow the digestion of high-calorie foods.
  • Minimize or stop eating fast carbohydrates (sweets, pastries) and animal fats. It is allowed to eat a little sweet right after exercise.
  • You should strive to prevent the appearance of thirst, drink 6 – 8 pint of clean water per day.
  • The last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime. In the evening, you should eat easily digestible food rich in protein (fish, legumes, eggs, chicken meat).
  • 2 hours before playing sports, you need to eat food containing slow carbohydrates and protein. Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men
  • After intense physical exertion, the human body is ready to absorb a large amount of food. The resulting nutrients are used to restore muscle and replenish energy reserves. This process is called the “protein-carbohydrate window”.

Due to the fact that the human body seeks to maintain the stability of all internal processes (homeostasis), for muscle growth it is sometimes required to increase the rate of calories consumed per day by 50%.

Method for determining the amount of food required to increase muscle volume:

  • Once a week, it is necessary to increase the calorie intake, at the end of the week to carry out control weighing. The normal increase in muscle mass for 7 days should be 1 -2 pounds, if body weight increases at a slower pace, you should increase the calorie intake.
  • If the weekly increase is more than 800 g, you should reduce the calorie intake, otherwise excessive deposition of adipose tissue will begin.
  • Once every 6 months, reduce the calorie intake, switching to a diet for the manifestation of relief, after reaching a fat level of 10% of body weight, again begin to gain muscle mass.

A set of exercises in the gym for girls and women

Before performing strength exercises, you need to do a warm-up. This takes 5-7 minutes. Walking on a treadmill or pedaling an exercise bike. Then pass the joint workout by turning your arms, legs, head, hips.

Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men

In the first lesson of the weekly training cycle, the main muscles of the legs, buttocks and press are worked out:

  • To do Plie squats with a barbell with a wide spread of legs.
  • Perform lunges with weights in the hands.
  • Do romanian deadlift. At the bottom of the slope, the weighting materials must not touch the floor.
  • Work out the calf muscles, climbing on socks with dumbbells in hand or on the simulator.
  • On the horizontal bar, hanging on his hands and not swaying, perform leg lifts.
  • Lying on an inclined sports bench, do body twisting.
  • Hold the horizontal “Bar” on straight arms for 0.5-2 minutes.

The second day of classes is devoted to biceps and back muscles:

  • Apply pull-ups on the crossbar. With a lack of strength to do pull-ups on the Graviton simulator.
  • Do traction of the upper block behind the head.
  • Make a rod pull to the stomach.
  • Perform alternate dumbbell pulls to the belt.
  • To do an exercise “hyperextension”.
  • Bend arms with weights, straining biceps.

Exercise 3 days of training will allow you to develop pectoral muscles, triceps and shoulder muscles:

  • Perform push-ups from the floor with your arms wide apart. If, with an emphasis on the toes of the feet, it is impossible to squeeze out, then you should lean on your knees.
    Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men
  • To do a weight bench lying on a sports bench.
  • Perform breeding dumbbells to the side, lying on a bench.
  • Lifting dumbbells up from a standing position.
  • Dilute weights to the side from a standing position.
  • Perform back push-ups, resting on a sports bench.
  • Do on the block simulator extension of the arms at the elbows, straining triceps.

At the end of each workout, you must perform a hitch. To do this, do stretching exercises and 5 minutes. be like a treadmill. Before performing exercises with the trainer, you need to work out the correct technique of movements, which will not allow you to get injured and effectively load the right muscles.

Women and girls should measure the phase of the menstrual cycle with exercise. At the end of the cycle, do not overload the body with intense, physical activities.

The program of classes 2 times a week for girls at home

List of exercises for working out the muscles of the upper half of the human body. First lesson. Exercises are done 10-15 times, 3 sets:

  • First, you need to warm up the joints (swinging your arms, legs, twisting the body).
    Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men
  • Perform classic push-ups from the floor (arms shoulder width apart). If you can’t do the exercise with the emphasis on the toes of your feet, rest your knees on the floor.
  • Do
    back push-ups, resting your palms on the chair.
  • Apply lifting arms to the sides with weights, raise arms to the level of the shoulder girdle.
  • Lying on the floor surface, perform twisting of the upper part of the body, do not tear off the lower back from the floor plane.
  • Make a bar, resting your elbows on the floor, keep 0.5-2 minutes.
  • Apply stretching exercises to the main muscles of the body.

The list of exercises for working out the muscles of the lower body. The second lesson.

Exercises to perform 10-15 times in 3 sets:

  • Perform a thorough warm-up and warm up the muscles.
  • Make the body lean forward, hands tend to touch the floor.
  • Squat, legs wide apart, feet deployed.
  • Make classic squats (set legs shoulder-width apart, feet parallel to each other).
    Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men
  • Apply lunges with the foot forward, first with the left foot, then with the right. Make 2 sets 12 times.
  • Perform swinging legs sideways.
  • Make the curl of the lower part of the body lying on the floor, hold the stop with your hands behind your head and fix the upper part of the body.
  • Jumping rope 10 min.
  • Make a stretch.

The program of classes 3 times a week at home

List of exercises for pumping the muscles of the whole body. The third training day.

Exercises to perform 10-12 times, 3 sets:

  • Jump rope 12 min.
  • Make a deadlift on one leg, then on the other leg.
  • Lie on the floor surface with your back and make a gluteal bridge.
  • To produce a French bench press with weights.
  • Sit on a chair, alternately bend your arms with weighting, training biceps.
  • Run the side bar on each side alternately.
  • Do oblique twisting, working out the press.
  • Apply stretching exercises for major muscle groups.

The program of classes 4 times a week at home

List of exercises for the fourth lesson, do 3 sets of 10-15 times:

  • Warm up the muscles and carefully work out the joints.
  • Apply exercise “Burpy”, do 2 sets of 5-10 times.
  • Lying belly on the floor to do “Boat”.
    Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men
  • Do the exercise “Climber”.
  • Standing on all fours, take the left leg up, then the right.
  • Perform top twisting.
  • Stretch the main muscle groups.

Basic training program for men to gain muscle mass in the gym

Split training (what it is and what exercises to use to train muscles for quick muscle mass gain) will help the trainer figure it out) allows you to quickly recover the muscles loaded during training.

All workouts should begin with a warm-up and end with a hitch, preferably at the end of the workout, do stretching exercises of the main muscle groups. The power unit is performed in 3 sets and 8-12 reps. The correct technique for performing exercises must be worked out with small weights under the supervision of a trainer.

The first lesson of the weekly training cycle:

  • Perform traction movement of the barbell with weighting devices in an inclination.
  • Make a pull up.
    Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men
  • Make a pulling movement with the straight hands of the handle of the upper block down.
  • Exercising the biceps in a standing position using the bar of a bar with weights.
  • In a sitting position on a sports bench, lifting dumbbells to load the biceps.
  • Twisting the top of the body on a horizontal bench.

Second training:

  • Do classic barbell squats.
  • Perform leg presses on the simulator.
  • Perform leg flexion and extension on the simulator.
  • To do a lift up of weights from the pectoral muscles while sitting in Smith’s machine tool.
  • Perform hand swings with weights to the sides.
  • Perform a tilt swing of the arms with dumbbells up through the sides.
  • Make lower body twists.

The program on the third day of training:

  • To produce a classic bench press of the bar of the chest muscles with weights, lying with your back on a sports bench.
  • Make a wiring of hands with weighting agents, lying with your back on a training bench.
  • Perform mixing of the hands on the upper blocks (crossovers).
  • To do the lifting of the barbell with weights, lying with the back surface on a horizontal bench, keep your hands with a narrow grip.
    Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men
  • Work out the triceps, extending the arms in the elbow joints on the upper block.

Home Workout Program for Men: Two Day Split

List of exercises for the effective development of the muscles of the upper half of the body:

  • Warm up muscles and ligaments.
  • Do push-ups from the floor plane, arms wide apart.
  • Feet set on a chair, perform push-ups.
  • Use your hands to pull the case to the horizontal bar, grabbing the crossbar with a wide grip with your tassels.
  • Perform the pulling movement of the kettlebell to the belt with your hand, in an inclination, resting on the surface of the hand and the knee in the bench.
  • Raise weights by moving arms up while sitting on a chair.
  • Sequentially bend the elbows of the arms with weights, sitting.
  • Do the exercise “French bench press”, for weights use dumbbells.
  • Twist the top of the case.
  • Hitch and stretch the main muscle groups.

The list of exercises for the qualitative development of the muscles of the lower half of the human body:

  • Make warm-up movements.
  • Perform classic squats with dumbbells in the hands.
  • Perform Plie squats with weights.
    Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men
  • Make lunges with your foot forward, hold dumbbells in your hands.
  • Apply exercise “Boat”.
  • To lift the body up, standing on toes.
  • Twist the lower part of the body while holding the upper part pressed against the floor surface.
  • Stretch the worked out muscles.

Program for men at home: a 3-day split

The list of effective exercises for 3 training days:

  • Do the Burpy jump squats.
  • Sit on a chair, raise arms with weights from the shoulders up.
  • Raise arms with weights to the sides of the body, raise arms to shoulder level.
  • Perform movement by raising arms with dumbbells in front of you, to shoulder level.
  • Perform reverse push-ups, hands rest on the chair.
  • Make a straight bar, resting on the palms of the hands, stand 1-5 minutes.
  • To do oblique twisting, working
    out the press

Program for men at home: 4-day split

List of exercises for 4 training days:

  • Warm up.
  • Dumbbell pull in the slope.
    Split training - what is it, a program for gaining muscle mass for girls and men
  • Shrugs with dumbbells, delta is being worked out.
  • A pull of weights on straight legs.
  • Reverse twisting.
  • Run the side bar on each side alternately.
  • Stretching.

From the above exercises, it becomes clear what a split training is and how to carry it out correctly. This technique allows you to get explosive muscle growth and provide sufficient time for recovery and muscle relaxation.

Split Workout Video for Men and Women

The program of split workouts for the gym:

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