Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices

The most popular and effective cosmetology procedures for eliminating excess fat are now considered injections for weight loss. Slimming injections in the stomach are effective and are safer in comparison with surgery to remove fat.

This is confirmed by numerous patient reviews. Moreover, the cost of the procedures is quite affordable.

How do slimming injections work

Adipose tissue in the body accumulates as a result of malfunctioning of organs and systems. In the process of life, 2 successive stages occur . In the first, substances obtained with food are synthesized. And on the second they break up.

If something goes wrong on one of them, fatty tissue accumulates. As a result, fat is deposited in different places.

Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices
The action of injections for weight loss is the breakdown of fat cells.

Beauty injections trigger the breakdown of such deposits in the body . This occurs under the influence of enzymes contained in the composition. Accumulated cells sequentially decompose to the state of fatty acids.

Subsequently, the body is freed from them itself. To prevent adipose tissue from returning, the substance in the injection includes special stimulants that activate the elimination of fatty acids.

The advantages and disadvantages of injections

Injections for weight loss in the stomach are different in cost, reviews about them are also different.

But still they have advantages over other options for cosmetic weight loss:

  • in a fairly short time they solve the problem of not only excess body fat, but also cellulite;
  • metabolism accelerates;
  • stretch marks are aligned;
  • the patient’s well-being improves, and his performance improves.
Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices
The procedure for injections for weight loss has its pros and cons. Therefore, before carrying it out, one should weigh the pros and cons.

Moreover, this procedure has not only advantages, but also disadvantages:

  • swelling may appear on the skin;
  • bruising may occur at the point where the needle enters the skin;
  • during the injection, vascular damage is possible, resulting in hematomas;
  • Depending on individual intolerance, various types of allergies can be observed.

Experts recommend carefully weighing the pros and cons of injections, as well as attend a preliminary consultation.

Types of injections for burning fat in the abdomen

In modern cosmetology, 3 types of drugs for weight loss injections are used:

  1. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). The main area of application of this drug is the treatment of infertility. But cosmetology revealed its ability to burn body fat. The main condition is to follow a low-calorie diet during therapy. The advantage of such injections is that at the same time as fat loss, muscle mass does not go away.
  2. Vitamin B12. Beauticians prescribe these injections when a vitamin deficiency is observed in the body. The consequence is a decrease in efficiency, a slowdown in metabolism. Injections of B12 accelerate metabolism and shorten the elimination period of decay products. The intake of this vitamin in the body causes a charge of vivacity and a surge of energy.
  3. Lipotropics. So called natural substances that contribute to the regulation of metabolism.
Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices
Chorionic gonadotropin is actively used for weight loss, while muscle mass does not go away.

In addition to these procedures, there is another kind – mesotherapy . It is an injection for weight loss in the stomach. We will indicate the cost of injections below, and patient reviews inspire confidence in this procedure.

Lipolytic injections for weight loss (Aqualix)


Lipoliptics, which include Aqualix, is an injection composition that helps in the fight against fat. In its structure, it is a gel-like material . Due to this, it diverges well in the corrected zone.

The undoubted positive quality of Aqualix is that it practically does not give side effects.

Moreover, he gives the desired result rather quickly.

The action of Aqualix is that it promotes the dissolution of the membrane of the fat cell and all its contents come out with the components of the injection.

Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices
Aqualix is used to combat fat only in certain areas.

The drug helps to establish the activity of the human lymphatic system, contributes to the drainage process. Hence the quick effect.


Aqualix is not a drug that is intended for weight loss in the broad sense. He only fights fat in certain areas . This procedure is best suited for those who have normal weight and only need correction of a particular zone.

It is best if the layer of fat that needs to be removed is more than one and a half inch. In this case, the risk of damage to nearby tissues by a bile salt is reduced.

It is also important that at a time you can use a maximum of 1,35 fluid ounce, which is 5 bottles.

This is enough to fight fat in the most problematic areas of the body. In women, this is the abdomen and hips.

Injections by Aqualix are practically not felt . The only uncomfortable sensation that can occur is a slight swelling and slight redness, as well as a slight burning sensation immediately after the injection. Swelling will pass in 1-3 days. In some cases, there may be slight numbness or, conversely, increased sensitivity. You need to come to terms with this for a week or two.

Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices
A maximum of 1,35 fluid ounce of the drug can be used at a time.

The specific number of injections is determined by a specialist cosmetologist , it’s all individually. On average, 3 procedures are done with a break of 3 weeks. The fact is that before the new procedure, the entire composition with the previous one should leave the body.


The price of the procedure varies from how much the drug is required at a time. The price of one bottle starts with $ 68 . If you need 5 bottles at a time, then you will have to lay out from 20000.

Body Slimming Mesotherapy


Mesotherapy is a procedure that is widespread in various fields of medicine. But she occupies a special place in cosmetology. With its help carry out the correction of individual parts of the body.

The essence of the procedure is that an injection is made to lose weight in the stomach: a mixture of nutritious and medicinal ingredients is injected under the skin . Mesotherapy is often used to avoid sagging skin after losing weight, as well as an anti-cellulite measure. The procedure is quite effective, there are a lot of positive reviews about it, but the price is high.


During mesotherapy, a mixture of the selected substances is injected subcutaneously with a thin needle. Their composition depends on what the procedure is aimed at . In any case, the nature of the action is local.

Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices
To obtain a positive result from mesotherapy, the injection sites should be correctly identified.

Microtrauma that occurs on the subcutaneous layer during injection causes activation of metabolic processes, as well as blood circulation in a certain area. As a result, excessive subcutaneous fat deposits are destroyed , lymphatic drainage improves, and the elasticity of the skin increases.

Mesotherapy is used for the abdomen and buttocks. These are the places from which fat leaves last. A puncture is made to a depth of about one and a half inch . Since the injection is painful, local anesthesia is sometimes given.


For one session of mesotherapy will have to pay from $ 41 – $ 68. Sometimes the price may be higher depending on the cost of the drugs. Considering that on average 10-15 sessions are needed, its full cost can range from $ 408 – $ 816 .

Ozone Therapy for Weight Loss


Ozone therapy is the saturation of tissues and blood with oxygen . A feature of oxygen is that each molecule consists of 3 atoms. The procedure has been used in cosmetology for a long time, but for weight loss it has been used only recently.


For ozone therapy, an ozone mixture of oxygen and ozone is used . It is injected subcutaneously with thin needles mounted on thin hoses, from which ozone enters.

Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices
For ozone therapy, a mixture of oxygen and ozone is used, which is dosed through thin hoses mounted on needles.

A strictly dosed amount of the mixture comes from each needle, which is then evenly distributed throughout the tissues.

For the best effect, experts recommend a massage course. Such injections for weight loss in the stomach are effective, positive reviews.


The cost of one session is on average $ 16 – $ 20 . The price of the full course will depend on which zone the procedure is aimed at and how many sessions will be required. In total, they may require up to 20.

The first 4-5 procedures are aimed specifically at the destruction of body fat, the following are needed to consolidate the result and tighten the skin.

Injection liposuction dermastabilon and ozone therapy


This type of procedure refers to plastic surgery and consists of injections of special drugs that help to defeat fat deposits that cannot be removed with sports or diets.

The introduced substance (ozone) leads to the decomposition of fat cells and their further transformation into an emulsion. The latter is then neutralized by the liver and exits.


Dermastabilon is carried out in several stages. At the first stage , drugs are used to expand the vessels . The second is the introduction of silicon cocktails, which help soften the jumpers and contribute to a better effect of drugs in the next stage of weight loss.

Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices
The result after injection liposuction is already visible at the end of one course.

It begins after several sessions, when the fat is already starting to go. This is done so that sagging skin does not form.


The price of this procedure can vary greatly depending on how many sessions are required. On average, the cost of liposuction in one zone is from $ 41 – $ 68. Nevertheless, sometimes a figure of $ 95 – $ 109 is also found. It usually takes up to 4-5 treatments .

Nitrogen injections from belly fat


In cosmetology, nitrogen is used for erosion on the mucous membrane and skin , removal of warts and, of course, for weight loss. Moreover, liquid nitrogen helps not only reduce volumes, but also increase immunity.


Enter nitrogen with a special syringe in problem areas. So the body becomes frosty.

Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices
Liquid nitrogen is used to eliminate warts and damage to the mucosa, as well as to lose weight in the abdomen.

After that, cryomassage is done . As a result, subcutaneous fat breaks down, cellulite and stretch marks disappear.


The price of one procedure is $ 27 – $ 41 . The minimum course is 5 sessions.

Testosterone injections for weight loss


The formation of subcutaneous fat occurs due to many reasons, including due to a drop in testosterone levels. This is typical for women over 40.


Before the introduction of the drug, it must be heated . This is because testosterone is viscous and the injection is painful.

Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices
Before performing an injection of testosterone, the ampoule must be heated.

A thin needle is inserted subcutaneously.


One package of the drug costs from $ 5,44.

Homeopathic Injection in the Abdomen for Weight Loss


Injections using homeopathic medicines are very convenient for use at home. They usually contain artichoke extract.

Injections for weight loss in the stomach. Injections of ozone, lipolytics, Aqualix, reviews, prices
The composition of homeopathic injections for weight loss includes artichoke extract, which accelerates the process of splitting of fat cells in the abdomen.

These injections contribute to the destruction of lipid tissue. Remains of it with the help of lymph flow are removed from the body.


The drug is injected subcutaneously into the stomach with a thin syringe . First you need to mix with water.


The cost of homeopathic medicines for weight loss is low. Of course, there are also expensive products, but the minimum price is only $ 0,68.

Interesting videos about how injections for weight loss in the stomach are made, their cost, reviews

In this video clip you can find out what mesotherapy is and how it is carried out:

How do abdominal weight loss injections work on the body Watch the video:



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