Jennifer Aniston. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, figure parameters, the appearance of the actress

Hollywood movie star Jennifer Aniston became famous after the release of the series Friends, a director and co-producer of films. Photos of the actress in a swimsuit are admired by fans who copy the slightest change in the appearance and style of the adored Rachel Green.

A Brief Biography of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born on February 11, 1969 in California (Sherman Oaks). The girl was the 2nd child in an acting family of 3 children. In 1978, the parents of little Jennifer decide to leave. Children stay with their mother.

Whenever possible, the girl tries to visit her father in Hollywood, a successful actor John Aniston, whose influence was ahead of the future fate of the future movie star. From the age of 11, the young talent has tried his hand at performances staged by teachers of the Steiner drama club, and in 1987 moved to New York, where he continued his education at the acting school.

Over the years of study, the future Hollywood star plays in plays on Broadway, while earning a living as a waitress, messenger, consultant in the field of network sales. Since the beginning of 90, Aniston has been participating in television series (Molloy, Cucamong Camp).

Jennifer Aniston. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, figure parameters, the appearance of the actress

In 1993, the leprechaun horror movie was presented to the general public, with Tori Reading performed by 24-year-old Jennifer.

In 1994, the actress tries herself in the role of Monica, the character of the comedy television series Friends, but during the first takes, the directors understand that her character is ideal for embodying the image of Rachel, a rich, slightly ridiculous girl. During the filming of 10 seasons of the telenovela (lasting about 10 years), little-known (at the time of the launch of the project) actors received worldwide recognition and love.

The naughty “princess” Rachel brought the actress:

  • statuette “Emmy” and 3 nominations;
  • nomination for the Golden Globe;
  • own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Rachel Green is the darling of millions of girls around the world. The manner of dressing, makeup and hairstyle that brought her to life, Jennifer Aniston are considered the standard style of the late 90’s. last century. The movie star is considered the “queen of comedies” who has played in more than 50 films along with such world stars as Cameron Diaz, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Jimmy Carrie, Vincent Cassel.

In 2006, the actress took her first steps in directing by filming the short film “Room 10” starring Robin Wright Penn. Jennifer’s personal life is less smooth than an acting career.

The movie star was married twice:

  • The 1st marriage was concluded with actor Brad Pete. The couple married in 2000 in Malibu and broke up 5 years after the ceremony through the fault of Angelina Jolie.
  • The second marriage, with actor Justin Theroux, was registered in 2021. For 3 years, the couple were considered an ideal couple, but in 2021 they announced their breakup.

In addition to marital, Jennifer was in a love relationship with actors John Mayer, Jared Butler, Vince Vaughn.


Jennifer Aniston (in a swimsuit, a movie star shows an amazing figure) has played in more than 50 films, has shown herself in directing and producing.

Jennifer Aniston. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, figure parameters, the appearance of the actress

The actress is the leading woman in:

  • Lepricone
  • Friends
  • Getting out;
  • Justice bern;
  • Prince of Dreams;
  • Office space;
  • Portrait of excellence;
  • Bounty hunter;
  • Elusive ideal;
  • Obnoxious bosses
  • Bruce Almighty;
  • Rumor has it …;
  • Marley and I;
  • Love management;
  • Thin pink line;
  • Love happens;
  • The price of treason;
  • To promise is not to marry;
  • New Year’s corporate party;
  • Steal my wife;
  • Passion for change;
  • Puff
  • Love happens;
  • Cake
  • Miss Trouble
  • Good girl.

Participated in the production of:

  • The Departed;
  • More than a friend;
  • Senator’s wives;
  • Love management;
  • Dumplings.

Appearance before plastic

Jennifer Aniston (in a movie star swimsuit strikes with an ideal body relief) is an icon of the style of modern Hollywood. In the image of a “good-natured girl” chosen for herself, the actress became a trendsetter who combined elements of classic with casual, military, and grunge in her outlets.

Jennifer Aniston. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, figure parameters, the appearance of the actress
Photo comparison of the appearance of Jennifer Aniston in his youth and now.

Possessing a warm, earthy appearance, Jennifer prefers dark and pastel colors, light make-up, promoting maximum naturalness.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle – hit 90’s. last century. Her Rachel Green introduced fashion to highlight asymmetric strands stretched out with an iron. Like her heroine, the actress is well versed in fashion trends, preferring to choose from trending clothes that are most suitable for her in style and style.

The main task of the actress is to emphasize her magnificent figure, created with the help of yoga, strength sports training, and a strict dietary restriction. In everyday life, a movie star prefers to mix casual, grunge, military, sports styles. Favorite colors – a combination of dark and warm pastel shades.

For walks, business meetings, Jennifer puts on:

  • jeans;
  • T-shirts, t-shirts, sweaters;
  • classic jackets;
  • short coats;
  • leather jackets.

On the red carpet, Aniston is the epitome of elegance. Sheath dresses, deep necklines, high cuts give the image of a star femininity and sexuality, without creating an effect of vulgarity.

Jennifer Aniston. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, figure parameters, the appearance of the actress

Appearance Jennifer:

Height 5’4 foot
Weight 121 -130 pounds
Eye color Gray green
Hair Golden blond
Body type Hourglass – 92-66-95 (chest-waist-hips)
Shoe size 7 US, which corresponds to 37.5 EU
Chest 35’4 inch (3rd bust size – 75V)
Type of appearance Greek, woman summer

Interesting Details About Jennifer Aniston

Interesting facts about Jennifer Aniston:

  • The actress is Greek by birth. Her parents emigrated to the United States from the island of Crete.
  • By nature, a star is prone to fullness. A luxurious figure helps her maintain proper nutrition, yoga, sports training with low weight.
  • In 2002, the star tried herself as the personal trainer of actor Matthew Perry (helping him lose weight).
  • Jennifer hates air travel.
  • The fame for the actress brought the role of the awkward and funny rich girl Rachel Green in the television series Friends. The style she created was imitated by a huge number of women, and Jennifer herself is considered the founder of the fashionable hit of the late 90s – Rachel’s hairstyle.
  • Aniston is a recognized comedian.
  • In 2002, the drama film “The Good Girl” was released, introducing the film star to an unfamiliar audience.
  • Aniston met her first husband Brad Pete on a blind date. The couple got married in 2000 in the Maldives and for 5 years was considered a model “family unit” of Hollywood. The marriage collapsed due to the betrayal of Pete with Angelina Jolie.
  • Aniston often gets the role of waitresses (“Friends”, “And here is Polly”, “Office Space”). This circumstance is probably due to the fact that before climbing to the top of fame, the actress had to work as a waitress, courier, telephone consultant for network sales.
  • In 2004 and 2021 Jennifer Aniston was named by People Magazine as the “Most Beautiful Woman on the Planet.”
  • The star’s best friend is Courtney Cox, who performed Monica Geller in the television series Friends.
  • The movie star hardly speaks to her mother. At both weddings, Jennifer was attended only by the father of the bride, with whom the actress has a very warm relationship.

Nose surgery

Jennifer Aniston in her television interview admitted to conducting 2 rhinoplasty operations (in 1998, 2008). According to the actress, the basis for the procedure was the curvature of the nasal septum, which interfered with proper breathing.

Jennifer Aniston. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, figure parameters, the appearance of the actress

Having carefully studied the early photographs of the actress, it is clear that rhinoplasty was performed not only for medical reasons. In earlier pictures, the actress is captured with a wider nose with a small hump (evidence of Greek origin).

As a result of the intervention, the surgeon:

  • removed the broad back and hump of the nose;
  • eliminated the asymmetry;
  • narrowed the tip.

Perhaps the 1st operation was unsuccessful, as a result of which the nasal septum was injured, which led to subsequent difficulties with the implementation of the respiratory process. During the 2nd operation, the surgeon eliminated the shortcomings, creating a beautiful shape that emphasizes the personality of the actress. Carrying out a similar operation in USA will cost from $ 2040 – $ 2720.

Other plastic surgeries

Jennifer Aniston was photographed in a swimsuit repeatedly. Images from different years hint at the surgical changes necessary to model the relief of the figure and preserve youthful skin.

Upon careful examination of the actress’s portfolio, experts note that the movie star spent:

  • Blepharoplasty. The procedure helped to eliminate bags and excess skin above the upper and lower eyelids. After the operation, the actress’s face acquired a younger and rested appearance (the price in USA is from $ 816).
  • Thread lifting , aimed at implanting into the chin area of the threads forming an artificial framework of collagen and elastin. The operation is an excellent protection against the occurrence of age-related ptosis (price from $ 816).
  • Injections of hyaluronic acid to increase the shape of the lips (cost $ 95).
  • Mammoplasty. After parting with Brad Pete, the frustrated actress changed her figure by inserting drop-shaped “B” size implants into the area of the mammary glands (price in the American Federation from $ 2720)
  • Liposuction. Jennifer Aniston has a tendency to be overweight and have strong weight fluctuations. For faster restoration of the figure (despite the denial of the procedure by the star itself), excess fat deposits were surgically removed from the thighs and abdomen, and cellulite was eliminated. The price of surgical services in USA ranges from $ 408 – $ 2448. depending on the treatment area.

Comparison before and after

Jennifer Aniston (in the swimsuit, the star took many pictures, offering fans to enjoy their luxurious forms) is very careful with the use of plastic surgery. The actions of specialists have improved the face and figure of the actress, adding splendor to the forms, while maintaining the natural personality of the star.

Rhinoplasty is done professionally and accurately. The correction corrected the flaws in the structure of the shape of the nose, giving grace to the new image. Blepharoplasty, thread lifting eliminated the initial age-related changes, allowing the 48-year-old actress to look 15 years younger. Mammoplasty gave the figure of Aniston a more piquant look, allowing you to create competition for Angelina Jolie.

The attitude of the actress to interventions

The actress has a negative attitude towards plastic surgery. According to Jennifer Aniston, the interventions made by her colleagues negatively affected their appearance, noticeably aging their face and making the image unnatural. The movie star loves to repeat that a person’s youth is inside, being preserved with the help of a lifestyle, a sense of humor and a desire to remain himself.

The negative attitude of the actress to surgical procedures arose after rhinoplasty interventions, accompanied by a long and difficult rehabilitation period.

How Aniston looks after himself

Jennifer Aniston has set the bar for Hollywood movie stars. The 48-year-old actress looks 15 years younger, preserving her figure and appearance with the help of cosmetic procedures, regular sports training. To stay young, according to the star, she will blink a large amount of water, a healthy sleep and her own sense of humor.

Jennifer Aniston. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, figure parameters, the appearance of the actress

Every month, to maintain skin condition, prevent the appearance of age-related changes, Aniston passes:

  • Peels with ana acids. Chemicals applied to the skin eliminate the dead skin, cleansing and renewing cells. The procedure helps to combat aging, maintain freshness. The price of a service in the American Federation is from $ 54.
  • Las
    er resurfacing of the face.
    During the procedure, the rays destroy the outer layers of the epidermis, triggering regenerative processes in the cells that contribute to the production of collagen and elastin (price from $ 95).
  • Ultrasound therapy to stimulate natural skin renewal. Through the applied gel, ultrasound waves are applied inside the epidermis, performing micromassage, accelerating the metabolism of cells, preventing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots (the cost of the procedure is from $ 163)

In addition to cosmetology, the actress daily practices in the gym, preferring:

  • Yoga
  • treadmill activities;
  • light weight exercise.

She visits a massage therapist several times a week, conducts spa treatments for face and hair care.

Jennifer Aniston tries to adhere to a strict diet consisting of protein foods with a complete exception:

  • sweets;
  • flour;
  • Pasta
  • foods containing simple carbohydrates.

For dessert, the actress consumes apples with almond milk. According to the actress, she drinks a large amount of water daily, tries to get enough sleep and enjoy every day she has lived.

Comedy Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston became famous for her role in the series Friends. Photos of the movie star on the red carpet and in a swimsuit show a gorgeous figure of a 48-year-old star, which the actress helps beauticians, trainers, beauty specialists, as well as her own sense of humor and desire to remain herself.

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