The best mineral powders for problematic and dry skin. Prices and reviews

Mineral powder is a tool for fixing makeup. The rating of the best cosmetics will help in choosing a manufacturer of products at an affordable price. High-quality powder is suitable for problem skin and does not cause inflammation.

Differences and advantages of mineral powder in comparison with usual

For the first time, mineral powder was used in clinics of aesthetic medicine. She accelerated skin regeneration after injuries. Now it fixes makeup and evens out the tone of the face without harming the skin.

The best mineral powders for problematic and dry skin. Prices and reviews
Mineral powder. Rating of the best brands and products

Ordinary powder consists of chemical compounds and natural components. Mineral powder (the rating of the best brands is determined by the composition, it must be natural) is created from minerals crushed into flour. Such components do not clog pores, do not cause allergies.

The main advantages:

  • the composition includes mineral stones, pearls, mica;
  • it does not clog pores, does not irritate turgor;
  • possesses water-repellent property;
  • stored for a long time, the mineral medium does not condone the formation of bacteria and fungi;
  • copper and zinc kill bacteria;
  • silicon regulates the production of sebum;
  • kaolin and perlite absorb excess oily sheen;
  • titanium dioxide protects against the negative effects of sunlight, absorbs ultraviolet light;
  • calcium relieves irritation and redness;
  • The composition includes volcanic rocks, thermal water, crystals, which are specially grown in chemical laboratories;
  • oils allow the product to be easily applied and not crumble;
  • plant components that nourish the cells of the epidermis;
  • vitamins protect the face from sun exposure, exhaust gases, restore the upper layers of the epidermis;
  • acids, even out tone, eliminate defects;
  • the composition effectively fixes makeup, hides problems.

The best mineral powders for problematic and dry skin. Prices and reviews

Despite all the advantages, the product is a decorative cosmetics. It can not be left overnight or used as a remedy. It can be a solution for girls with problem skin during its treatment. Easily hides flaws, does not clog pores as a foundation.

Loose powder is designed for daily makeup. Components have a restorative and therapeutic effect.

The difference between mineral and mineral-containing powder

Both formulations contain minerals. However, mineral-containing products include harmful chemical compounds. If “minerals” is written on cosmetics, this does not mean that the whole composition is natural.

Mineral makeup is entirely composed of natural ingredients. Its cost will be several times higher than the cost of an ordinary one. It cannot be cheap, because even reflective particles and pigment are created from expensive natural elements such as pearls, mica, mineral stones.

Mineral Powder Classification

Mineral powders, the ratings of which are presented later in the article, are produced by many manufacturers.

The best of them add only natural ingredients to the composition. Products are classified by texture: creamy, friable, compact, baked powders.

Cream powder

It is suitable for dry and aging skin. The texture of the product resembles a dense cream. Cream-powder with minerals does not leave a feeling of film or stickiness on the integument. It masks imperfections, redness, age spots, pimples or circles under the eyes. It does not creep on the face during the day. Among the advantages can be identified economical consumption and a pleasant texture.

Friable look

Loose product can fix makeup, even out the tone a little. The texture does not block acne or serious problems. As a basis, a tonal agent is used. It lacks perfumes, dyes and preservatives. Particles of natural minerals do not react with the cells of the epidermis. As a result – the absence of irritation and redness.

Compact view

Compact powder designed for daily makeup. It fits easily in your bag. With a couple of movements, you can correct the make-up during the day. It is applied with a sponge.

The best mineral powders for problematic and dry skin. Prices and reviews

Compact powder with minerals will be more correctly called mineralized, it consists of technical and moisturizing components. Technical components allow you to give it a final look and make it ductile. Nursing components adjust it to oily, dry or combination skin type.

Baked look

The baked product has a dense texture with a moist or creamy finish. It is applied by brush or sponge. In production, liquid and solid elements are simultaneously baked at a temperature of 42,8 – 32°F. When used, liquid elements are heated by the warmth of the fingers and again restore their properties (give shine).

In a baked powder, beneficial components are better preserved, for example, vegetable oils, vitamins, minerals, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

How to choose mineral powder Main criteria

Before buying cosmetic products, you need to determine the best product. This can be done according to several criteria: composition, manufacturer, skin type and the desired result.

Deal with the composition

Some manufacturers neglect customer confidence and use harmful ingredients. Natural cosmetics consists of 95% natural ingredients. If in the composition of talc, iron oxide, titanium dioxide is in the first positions, this is an unnatural cosmetics.

The best mineral powders for problematic and dry skin. Prices and reviews

Harmful components:

  • talc – absorbs fat and moisture, eliminates shine, clogs pores and is a mutagen;
  • bismuth oxychloride – used as a filler, it can become an allergen or provoke the development of pimples;
  • synthetic dyes clog pores;
  • fragrances irritate the mucous membrane, cause allergies;
  • preservatives extend shelf life, but cause allergies.

Useful components:

  • zinc oxide protects against ultraviolet rays;
  • titanium dioxide traps moisture on the skin, creates the effect of a foundation;
  • boron nitride creates the effect of reflective particles;
  • iron oxide is a natural pigment;
  • aluminosilicates make the epidermis velvety and smooth.

Determine skin type

To choose cosmetics, it is important to correctly determine the type of skin. An easy way to test with a matting napkin. In all areas of the face spend a napkin.
If oily spots remain on it, then the type is mixed or oily; if it is dry, it is dry.


It is quite rare. It has a smooth texture, no pronounced pores. Water and fat balance are normal. It responds well to new cosmetics. Acne is rarely poured on such an epidermis, bruises quickly pass, elasticity returns easily.


Mixed, with signs of dry and oily type. It occurs most often.

The best mineral powders for problematic and dry skin. Prices and reviews

Usually a greasy sheen appears on the T-zone and chin, and dry skin remains on the cheeks and under the eyes. The epidermis is actively responding to new cosmetics, it can be allergic and even dry.

Powder for normal or combination type

Owners of a combined or normal type should stay on a compact powder with minerals. She gently corrects flaws and gives the face a matte texture. Suitable for those who do not need to hide a strong rash, but only need to remove the oily sheen.


It has closely spaced capillaries, due to which there is redness and blush on the face. Gentle turgor needs frequent nutrition and hydration. Prone to peeling. It has increased sensitivity. Aging begins earlier than the rest. Quickly responds to climate change.

Powder for dry skin

Problem dry skin with acne is better to choose cream texture. They smooth out irregularities. A dry, crumbly product, on the other hand, strongly highlighted disadvantages.


The pores are enlarged. A grayish complexion. Unhealthy shine caused by the active work of the sebaceous glands. Comedones may appear.

The best mineral powders for problematic and dry skin. Prices and reviews

This type has advantages: the skin feels good in the cold and aging slower.

Powder for oily skin

Mineral powder (the rating of the best products for problem skin is presented later in the article) will remove excess shine. It will not irritate the epidermis, once again causing greasy shine and redness. Oily skin rarely perceives the usual creamy texture.

Top Mineral Powder Manufacturers

Mineral cosmetics can be selected to your taste, earnings and skin type. The list contains reputable manufacturers.

Mary kay

Loose powder Mary Kay is a mass market product. More than 90% of the composition is occupied by crushed minerals. It does not have fragrances, does not cause allergies. The product has been clinically tested for allergic reactions.

Dimethicone is a caring component. Controls the production of sebum, evens out the tone.


Mineral Powder SPF 30 sunscreen is a luxury product. Antioxidants restore the balance of the epidermis, preventing it from drying out or becoming greasy.

The best mineral powders for problematic and dry skin. Prices and reviews

Squalene and hyaluronate nourish turgor. Talcum smooths texture. Compact powder not only has a unique composition, but also protects the epidermis from ultraviolet radiation.


Bare Minerals Escentuals ORIGINAL SPF 15 – powder from the Luxury category. It contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mineral components, bismuth oxychloride. The powder lasts up to 8 hours. It has a light texture and does not roll during the day.

L’oreal paris

Alliance Perfect compact powder, L’Oreal Paris – a product from the mass market. Caprilyl glycol obtained from coconuts soothes sore skin, absorbs excess shine. Talc creates a smooth and velvety surface. Covers the skin with an even, light layer, does not clog pores. It has an airy texture. Keeps dull for 8-10 hours.


The compact powder Dermablend Covermatte, SPF 25, for normal to oily skin by Vichy, is a luxury product. Zinc gluconate regulates the production of sebum. Salicylic acid and vitamin E normalize color. It hides imperfections, keeps dull for 10-12 hours. Severe imperfections are covered by an additional layer.


Shiseido Pureness Matifying Compact Foundation Oil Free SPF 15 is an elite product. The composition includes a group of minerals and talc, only natural plant extracts, there are no essential oils.

The best mineral powders for problematic and dry skin. Prices and reviews

The product protects against ultraviolet radiation. It can be used without a tonal basis. Has a hiding texture.

Essence Pure Skin

The compact antibacterial inexpensive Essence Pure skin powder contains zinc, parabens, talc. Products are not aimed at masking blackheads, but at fighting them. It has a light consistency. To hide the flaws it is better to use a tonal basis.


Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre – luxury powder. It contains silica, talc, reflective particles. She has a fine grinding. Perfectly hides light flaws. It is invisible on the face. It has an airy consistency.

Rating of the best samples of mineral powder for problematic, dry skin, budget category and luxury

Problem and dry skin most often needs opaque cosmetic products. Manufacturers took care of different types of skin and different price categories.

The best mineral powders for problematic and dry skin. Prices and reviews

Title Skin type Category Price (r) SPF Description


For troubled Suite


3500 20 Composed of green tea extract, antioxidants. There are no talc and parabens that clog pores. Recommended in the presence of redness, acne.


For troubled Suite 2500 15 No parabens. It is hypoallergenic, suitable for girls with rashes and redness.
CLARINS For troubled Suite 2800 15 Recommended for acne and redness. Creates a radiance effect.
Pupa Like a Doll SPF 15 For dry and combination Mass market 650 15 Light texture. It creates the effect of genuine leather, “without makeup.”
AVON Powder Foundation Calming Effects Ivory For dry Mass market 450




The composition includes titanium dioxide, mica, silicon dioxide. Gives shine. Suitable for fixing makeup.
ELF High Definition (HD) Powder For dry and problematic Mass market 500 15 Matts and creates the effect of a matte finish. Does not dry. Removes oily sheen.

Application of mineral powder and make-up remover

Mineral powder (the rating of the best is based on consumer reviews) not only evens tone, strengthens makeup, but also heals the integument. When applying cream powder, the use of foundation is optional.

The best mineral powders for problematic and dry skin. Prices and reviews

Step-by-step application of cosmetics and make-up remover:

  1. Pre-treat the face with a scrub.
  2. Make a mask to restore a healthy shade and nourish the skin.
  3. Moisturize your face with cream.
  4. While the cream is not absorbed, cosmetics can not be applied. Absorption is completed after 15 minutes.
  5. Loose powder is applied in a thin layer with a large fluffy brush.
  6. The tool is distributed throughout the face.
  7. Pay special attention to the nose, the area between the eyebrows and forehead.
  8. A compact or cream product is applied with a sponge, a thin layer. In this case, the shortcomings and the T-zone can be blocked 2 times.
  9. At the end of the day, persistent cosmetics are best washed off with hydrophilic oil.
  10. Wash with foam or gel.

The rating of the best mineral powders should help determine the products that will suit any type of skin. It is important to use cosmetics that will not cause harm, but will correct deficiencies and highlight advantages.

Video on how to make mineral powder at home

How to make powder with your own hands:

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