Iontophoresis – what is it in cosmetology, with hyperhidrosis. The price of the procedure. Devices for the face at home, drugs

Iontophoresis is a popular hardware technique used in cosmetology to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, improve the condition and structure of the dermal layer. What kind of method is it, what features, technology, preparations and contraindications exist, you need to find out before the session.

What is iontophoresis

Iontophoresis in cosmetology is a procedure that is actively used to treat, solve various aesthetic problems. The main role in the processing process is played by pulses of galvanic current of low voltage acting on the middle and upper dermal layers.

A current pulse is supplied through the electrodes, acting on the epidermal membrane, increasing their permeability, as well as internal metabolic and regenerative processes.

The bioactive component in the galvanization process is various vitamin cocktails, solutions for nutrition and hydration, and medicinal-based medicinal compounds. Since the components in the process take an ionized form, their bioavailability increases, as a result of which a positive clinical effect is manifested.

The formation of charged ions with the “+” sign, falling into the middle layers of the dermis, creates a favorable environment for exposure to therapeutic components. Bioelements, depending on the active direction of the drug, getting into the tissue and cell structure, act therapeutically.

The technology is based on the principle of synthesis of negatively and positively charged ions. Positively charged anodes contribute to the deep dermal penetration of acidic compounds to improve microcirculation, relieve tension, normalize fat secretion, and narrow pores. The action of negatively charged electrodes facilitates the penetration of alkaline compositions into the membranes.

Iontophoresis - what is it in cosmetology, with hyperhidrosis. The price of the procedure. Devices for the face at home, drugs

Such cocktails can improve the structure of the dermis, increase the excitability of cells, increase secretion and open the pores. As a result of the synthesis of uncharged electrodes, deep stimulation from the inside occurs, lymphatic drainage, toxins are removed, the epidermis is cleaned of impurities, dead cells, metabolic and regenerative processes are activated.

Iontophoresis is actively used in complex programs for the rejuvenation and elimination of cellulite, in the complex treatment of increased sweating. You can also use the technology yourself by purchasing a device for home use, but subject to the correct use of medicinal solutions for iontophoresis.

Indications for the procedure

The technique is shown in the presence of the following problems:

  • the presence of small, deep, facial and age wrinkles;
  • acne, comedogenicity of the skin;
  • tendency to swelling, impaired lymph flow;
  • the need for hydration, dryness;
  • sagging, thinning of the epidermis;
  • signs of gravitational aging;
  • traces of hyperpigmentation;
  • violation of the secretion of sebum;
  • decreased activity of physiological processes in the skin;
  • loss of tone, elasticity;
  • unhealthy complexion;
  • the need to reduce the severity of the relief;
  • signs of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating);
  • cellulite I, II and III degree.

The influence of galvanic current in the synthesis with the nutrient components of the solution allows you to restore and improve the structure of tissues, saturate the cells with useful substances, deeply cleanse the skin and increase the flow of oxygen.


Despite the general positive effect of the current, there are a number of contraindications.

Sessions are not recommended for:

  • during pregnancy, lactation;
  • in case of a pacemaker installed;
  • in the presence of a metal prosthesis, implants;
  • after a lifting session with gold (platinum) threads;
  • in chronic cardiovascular diseases;
  • with blood diseases, weak coagulability;
  • the presence of various kinds of tumors, autoimmune diseases;
  • with infectious and viral diseases in the active stage;
  • at elevated body temperature;
  • in the presence of open wounds at the treatment sites;
  • intolerance of technology using currents.

Operating principle

Iontophoresis is a technique in which the epidermis and dermis are exposed to a bipolar galvanic current. The technology is used to improve the condition of the dermis, eliminate cellulite, as well as the treatment of hyperhidrosis.

The principle of electroplating for the face is as follows:

  • The method involves the use of two differently charged electrodes (“+” and “-“).
  • An active or positive electrode has a therapeutic effect directly on the skin.
  • A passive or negative electrode closes an electrical circuit. It is wrapped with a damp cloth lining, attached to the body or given into the patient’s hand.
  • Thanks to the created field, ions are driven into motion, as a result, the attraction of negatively and positively charged particles occurs.
  • The created ionic asymmetry acts therapeutically on the vital activity of cells, the tissue structure of the dermis. The physiological activity of metabolism and renewal is increasing.
Iontophoresis - what is it in cosmetology, with hyperhidrosis. The price of the procedure. Devices for the face at home, drugs
Iontophoresis in cosmetology is a procedure that can improve the condition of the skin and cope with various skin diseases.

With excessive sweating, the armpits, palms, feet, head and other parts of the body iontophoresis helps in 85-90% of cases. The exception is cases of generalized sweating. Despite the fact that the method has been used for more than a decade, the principle of influence has not been fully studied.

The main impact theories are as follows:

  1. Under the action of the field created by the discharged electrodes, the gland functions are disrupted, and the secretion activity decreases.
  2. With iontophoresis, the epidermis is cleansed with the death of epidermal cells, which clog the ducts of the sweat glands.

The principle of electroplating is actively used not only in salon conditions, but also for home use. Independent procedures require careful preparation and knowledge about the use of certain medical solutions.

The choice of equipment for home iontophoresis

Iontophoresis in cosmetology is a universal technique that allows independent use at home. When choosing a device, it is necessary to give preference to compact units with the simplest and most understandable functionality.

The most popular devices for home use:

  1. Gezatone M910 beauty lifting – the device is inexpensive, compact, with a set of basic functions based on
    galvanic currents. The device is designed to provide lymphatic drainage, cell cleansing and galvanotherapy, enhancing the effect of solutions applied to the epidermis.
    Iontophoresis - what is it in cosmetology, with hyperhidrosis. The price of the procedure. Devices for the face at home, drugs
  2. Gezatone m 775 galvanic beauty. The functional unit carries out vibration by currents, processing by infrared rays for home detox programs, cleansing, lifting, normalization of hydrobalance.
  3. Gezatone beauty Iris M708. The device is equipped with several nozzles with the possibility of application in separate areas, effectively fights wrinkles, helps to increase tone and elasticity. The function of readolysis is supplemented by the action of microcurrents and electroplating, which allows you to act on aesthetic problems in a complex.
  4. The device is SWI-STO II (III). Affordable and efficient unit. The main function is physiotherapy and non-invasive treatment of local hyperhidrosis, acting on the activity of sweat gland secretion.
    Iontophoresis - what is it in cosmetology, with hyperhidrosis. The price of the procedure. Devices for the face at home, drugs
  5. Nevoton AK201. Budget device for home iontophoresis, myoelectrostimulation. Equipped with nozzles, it has wide functionality, due to which it helps to cure hyperhidrosis, fight signs of aging, swelling, the appearance of spider veins and melasma (increased pigmentation).

The device for cosmetic iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is actively used in cosmetology as an independent procedure or in complex programs. Beauticians confirm that this is one of the most effective way to solve many aesthetic problems. The essence of the technique consists in the simultaneous use of therapeutic solutions and exposure to the skin with galvanic currents.

This tandem provides increased membrane penetration and deep penetration of nutrients. When choosing a device for cosmetic iontophoresis, some indicators must be taken into account.

For instance:

  • device performance;
  • functional;
  • power range;
  • comfort and ease of use;
  • availability of certificates and reputation of the manufacturer.

As a rule, devices for aesthetic galvanization have a current intensity range of up to 5 mA. Equally important equipment, which in addition to generating currents device includes a set of electrodes. For ease of use in hard-to-reach areas, they can have a spherical, conical, oval shape. Iontophoresis - what is it in cosmetology, with hyperhidrosis. The price of the procedure. Devices for the face at home, drugs

The market of devices for performing iontophoresis in salons or at home is constantly being supplemented with new products with extensive functionality in different price categories. You can buy equipment of both imported and domestic production.

Before purchasing the unit, it is important to study the manufacturer’s reputation, reviews, and consult with a qualified physiotherapist or cosmetologist for effectiveness and safety.

Preparations for iontophoresis

Iontophoresis in cosmetology is a technique that acts in a complex way, deeply affecting the dermal layers. To solve various aesthetic problems, special compositions are applied to the surface in the form of gels, ampoules, water-soluble cocktails. All cocktails are polarized, marked with the “+”, “-“ sign.

It is necessary to apply them with the action of electrodes, depending on the polarity. The most active action is water-soluble compounds. If insoluble agents are used, a solution of dimethyl sulfoxide, a weak ethyl alcohol, is used.

Iontophoresis - what is it in cosmetology, with hyperhidrosis. The price of the procedure. Devices for the face at home, drugs

The most effective elements applicable in iontophoresis therapy are presented in the table:

Ions or input particles Active drug substance Polarity Action focus
Lidase Lidase + Facilitates the passage of fluid in the interstitial space, smooths scars, eliminates fibrous tissue changes
Vitamin C Ascorbic acid radicals Activates the synthesis of collagen, collagen, strengthens blood vessels and capillaries
Niacin (PP) Nicotinic acid radical It has a vasodilating effect, enhances regeneration processes, increases the permeability of capillary walls
Salicylic acid Sodium salicylate It is used to treat seborrhea, has a keratolytic and antiseptic effect.
Caffeine Caffeine Sodium Benzoate It activates the processes of lipolysis, is used to treat cellulite and obesity, including in the chin area
Pentoxifyline Trental + It has a vasodilating effect, promotes lipolysis and lymphatic drainage, is used in rejuvenation, cellulite treatment and striae elimination programs.
Aloe Aloe extract (juice) +/- It is used in the treatment of rosacea and rosacea, has an antiseptic and tonic effect, helps to reduce wrinkles and strengthen turgor
Zinc Zinc sulfate + It contributes to the normalization of the sebaceous glands, is used to treat skin diseases, acne, rosacea, has a wound healing property
Extracts of estuary mud FiBS, humisol, peloidin +/- It has a biogenic stimulating property
Sulfur Sodium thiosulfate, ichthyol Strengthens the barrier function, helps to reduce the production of sebum, is used in the treatment of seborrhea, acne
Collalysin Collalysin + Proteolytic drug, eliminates keloid changes, strengthens turgor,
Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid radical Binds water molecules, restores hydro balance, tones and deeply moisturizes
Vitamin E Tocopherol acetate + Vitamin “beauty”, rejuvenates, deeply nourishes, restores tissue elasticity
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin + Restores smoothness, freshness of the skin, healthy complexion. Helps to update the epidermis, eliminate wrinkles, provides regeneration of cells and tissues
Vitami B1 Thiamine + Reduces the inflammatory reaction of the skin, is used in the treatment of neurodermatitis, slows down the process of skin aging

Iontophoresis - what is it in cosmetology, with hyperhidrosis. The price of the procedure. Devices for the face at home, drugs

To enhance the therapeutic or cosmetic effect for iontophoresis, cocktails are made.

There are a number of rules for combining active substances:

  • Medicines are used on a water or salt basis. It is strictly forbidden to use solutions based on fat or alcohol emulsions.
  • The solvents used in the formulations must be identical. It is better to conduct courses with single-component compounds, alternating with regular periodicities of the procedure.
  • The concentration of an individual component in cocktails should not exceed 10%.
  • For the manufacture of solutions using unipolar ions.
  • For the galvanization of complex organic compounds with amphoteric properties, the use of buffer solvents is recommended; it can be replaced with distilled water, acidified with the essence of 5-10% hydrochloric acid.

Iontophoresis is recommended as monotherapy using one active substance, but the use of a correctly formulated cocktail of useful substances can significantly improve the aesthetic and therapeutic result.

Technique of conducting iontophoresis of the face at home

Ions with the nutritional components of a cocktail under the influence of galvanic can penetrate the structure of the dermis to a depth of 4/32 – 6/32 inch. Regular sessions contribute to the accumulation of nutrients, the activation of internal physiological processes.

Instructions for conducting an iontophoresis session:

  1. Before the session, all metal (gold, silver) jewelry must be removed.
  2. Perform a preliminary deep cleansing. This can be accomplished with alcohol-containing agents or disincrustation – galvanic anaphoresis. This will help increase the penetration of membranes, making the epidermis more loose and susceptible to the introduction of substances of the composition.
  3. A gauze dressing dipped in a weak soda solution is applied to the skin. For 20 minutes a negatively charged electrode acts on the. After that, for 2-5 minutes, the zone is treated with an electrode with a charge of “+”.
    Iontophoresis - what is it in cosmetology, with hyperhidrosis. The price of the procedure. Devices for the face at home, drugs
  4. After disincrustation, a nutritious cocktail is applied to the treated areas, using an electrode roller (with the corresponding indicator “+” or “-“), the zones are processed completely over the entire area. A passive electrode with a protective fabric pad is held in hand.
  5. After the session, treat the areas with moisturizing gels or tonics.

Fabric pads are applied to the electrodes to prevent the development of a chemical burn. During processing, a slight tingling sensation may be felt.

If the burning sensation is painful, you must stop the session.


Iontophoresis in cosmetology is a procedure related to the category of effective and safe non-invasive techniques. The method has virtually no negative side effects, subject to the technology of the procedure. It can be used both in the salon and at home.

The results of processing problem areas with electrodes charged with a galvanic current are noticeable after the first session. The skin is smoothed, it becomes more elastic, moisturized, its structure improves, small wrinkles and traces of hyperpigmentation are eliminated. For greater effectiveness and prolongation of aesthetic and therapeutic results, it is recommended to take a course of 10-15 procedures.

For preventive purposes, it is necessary to carry out maintenance sessions 1-2 times a month.

The device for the treatment of hyperhidrosis

The method of iontophoresis has proven effective in the treatment and prevention of hyperhidrosis. For salon or home treatment of excessive sweating of the hands, armpits, head and other zones, various devices are used.

For instance:

  1. One of the easiest to operate is the ANTIPE (Ionto-Mini XL). It is compact, with simple electronic control, acts on problem areas with a direct current pulse through an aqueous medium. The output of galvanic current is adjustable in the range from 0 to 20 mA.
    Iontophoresis - what is it in cosmetology, with hyperhidrosis. The price of the procedure. Devices for the face at home, drugs
  2. Another popular and effective, but more expensive device – Hidrex PSP1000 made in Germany, is often used for salon procedures.
  3. The Idromed i2M unit is compact, convenient, you can take with you to work and on business trips.

All devices for the treatment of hyperhidrosis have a drying, moisture-neutralizing effect, act locally on each zone.

Iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis at home

Special preparation for the iontophoresis session for hyperhidrosis is not required, but it is recommended to exclude the use of chemically active drugs in 1-2 days.

The procedure follows the standard algorithm:

  1. Before the session, all metal jewelry must be removed. Open wounds, scratches, treat with petroleum jelly.
  2. Put your hands and feet into the water baths. Pulses of galvanic current will pass through water, additionally saturated with medicinal compositions.
    Iontophoresis - what is it in cosmetology, with hyperhidrosis. The price of the procedure. Devices for the face at home, drugs
  3. If the armpit area is processed, use special pads. It is believed that such a technique is less effective.
  4. The duration of the session is not more than 30 minutes. During the current treatment, a slight tingling sensation can be felt.
  5. After the procedure, it is recommended to apply moisturizers to the skin to prevent excessive dryness.

The recommended course of treatment for excessive sweating by iontophoresis is 5-10 procedures. The intensity of the course and the frequency of the procedures are recommended by a physiotherapist after assessing the condition of the skin and the degree of hyperhidrosis. The standard procedure is 10 minutes each. daily as an intensive therapy, to fix the result, a 10-minute session once a week is enough.

In prophylactic measures, iontophoresis is recommended to be performed once every 2-3 weeks.

Iontophoresis in cosmetology, as well as for the treatment and prevention of hyperhidrosis, is permissible to carry out independently. Reviews indicate that this is one of the most effective non-invasive methods for solving aesthetic problems, and the instrument market is constantly replenished with new modifications.

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