Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth

For eyelashes to be long, look beautiful and well-groomed, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. To achieve an effective result, you can use inexpensive means for eyelash growth, bought in a pharmacy.

Causes of Eyelash Loss

  1. Using low-quality cosmetics for makeup and its removal. In the composition of cheap products may contain substances leading to the death of the hair bulb.
  2. Vitamin deficiency. An unbalanced diet leads to a shortage in the body of substances responsible for hair growth.
  3. Allergy to cosmetics: possible individual intolerance to mascara components, creams for the skin around the eyes and cosmetics for removing makeup.
  4. Hormonal changes: pregnancy, thyroid disease, menopause.
  5. Regular lack of make-up removal and violation of its rules.
  6. Taking medications. When using antifungal agents, drugs that lower cholesterol, eyelash loss is observed as side effects.
  7. Chemotherapy. Cancer treatment leads to hair loss.
  8. Regular curling eyelashes: causing injury to the root of the eyelashes. Using the procedure more than 1 time per week leads to hair loss.
  9. Eyelash extensions. The glue used during the procedure harms natural eyelashes, especially if it is of poor quality.
  10. Stress. During intense experience, the muscle surrounding the hair follicle contracts sharply and damages the bulb. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth
  11. Infectious diseases of the eyelids: conjunctivitis, blepharitis.

What affects eyelash growth

  1. Genetic predisposition. Heredity determines the length, density and color of eyelashes.
  2. Proper nutrition: inclusion in the menu of fruits and vegetables, sea fish.
  3. Age. The process of hair growth slows with increasing age of a person.
  4. The emotional state of a person. Severe stresses lead to a deterioration in the general condition, and also adversely affect hair growth, including eyelashes.
  5. Ecological situation. Adverse conditions (polluted air, low-quality water) negatively affect the eyelashes, reducing the flow of substances necessary for the growth and development of the hair follicle.
  6. Sun exposure. The sun can be beneficial and harmful: the production of vitamin D has a positive effect on the growth and strengthening of eyelashes, and the abuse of sunbathing leads to hair becoming brittle. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth
  7. Use of tools to stimulate eyelash growth.

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Types of Eyelash Growth Products

Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies, depending on the composition, are divided into 2 groups:

Hormonal Non-hormonal
They contain prostaglandin – the main hormone-like active substance present in all human tissues and organs. It stimulates blood circulation in the bulbs, positively affects the growth of eyelashes, awakens sleeping follicles, due to which the number of eyelashes increases, the hair becomes saturated in color. For hormonal agents, a quick effect is characteristic (2-3 weeks after the start of use). They contain plant substances, vitamins, oils and amino acids that positively affect eyelash growth. They are safer in comparison with hormonal ones and have fewer contraindications and side effects, but are not so effective. Visible result appears later: not earlier than 1 month of use.

Types of funds:

  • butter;
  • serum;
  • biogel;
  • balm;
  • solution;
  • emulsion;
  • air conditioning;
  • activator;
  • mask;
  • compress
  • infusion;
  • hormonal drops for the eyes.

Non-hormonal drugs in pharmacies

The main components of non-hormonal drugs are natural components: oils, plant extracts and vitamins. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth

Their action is to start the active phase of eyelash growth, as a result of which the hair becomes longer and darker.


  • contain natural substances;
  • are safe;
  • no strict application patterns;
  • applied 1-2 times a day;
  • minimum contraindications;
  • lack of a quick effect: the first results appear after 1.5-2 months of use.
  • suitable for sensitive skin;
  • prolonged use is possible;
  • sold over the counter.

Contraindications for use:

  • individual reaction to the components of the drug;
  • exacerbation of inflammatory eye diseases.

Hormone for eyelash growth

Hormonal drugs allow you to get a quick visible effect due to growth activators. Due to the specific composition, the hair growth cycle is extended, so eyelashes fall out less often. The preparations additionally include herbal components, which allow moisturizing and strengthening the structure of eyelashes.


  • quick visible effect;
  • strict use according to the instructions;
  • a sufficient number of side effects: itching, burning, skin discoloration at the site of application;
  • an impressive list of contraindications;
  • not recommended for a long time;
  • Some drugs are sold only by prescription from an ophthalmologist.


  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • acute course of eyelid diseases;
  • allergy to the components of the drug;
  • herpes virus;
  • hypotension;
    Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth
    Hormonal products for eyelash growth from a pharmacy are contraindicated for hypotension
  • diabetes.

Active ingredients in pharmaceutical preparations

Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies, depending on the type, have a different composition:

Components of hormonal drugs:

  • prostaglandin;
  • latanoprost;
  • minoxidil;
  • additional substances.

The main components of non-hormonal drugs:

  • peptides;
  • amino acids;
  • glucosamine;
  • taurine;
  • vitamins (A, E, B);
  • essential oils
  • plant extracts (chamomile, nettle, calendula);
  • minerals
  • beeswax.

Castor oil

Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies are budgetary and easily accessible. These drugs include castor oil, which allows you to restore eyelashes and make them beautiful. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth

Its composition includes saturated fatty acids, which are important for the body, and vitamins A and E. It does not give active hair growth, so the length of the eyelashes laid down by nature will not increase. For external use, it has no contraindications.

Effect of oil on eyelashes:

  1. Awakening of sleeping bulbs, resulting in increased volume.
  2. Strengthening and moisturizing the hair: eyelashes become less brittle, cease to fall out rapidly.
  3. Increased resistance to adverse conditions: sun, frost.
  4. Antibacterial effect: protection against infection, treatment of blepharitis.
  5. Restoring the protective functions of eyelashes from mechanical influences: the hair is held tight.
  6. The appearance of saturated color and healthy shine in faded lifeless hair.

Application Features:

  1. It is applied on eyelids ideally cleared of a make-up.
  2. A small amount of warmed oil is applied with a mascara brush or cotton swab from the middle of the eyelash to the end.
  3. Caution is very important: in case of contact with eyes, it can cause swelling.
  4. The procedure is carried out 1.5-2 hours before a night’s sleep.
  5. Requires removal after 0.5 – 1 h after application.
  6. Necessarily morning wash with warm water.
  7. The effect is manifested with constant use for at least a month.
  8. The course of eyelash restoration involves the use of oil 3 times a week, 2-3 months in a row. Then rest for the eyes for 3 months.
  9. The oil should be stored at room temperature.

Burr oil

Burdock oil is valued for its rich composition that positively affects eyelash growth.

  • vitamins A, B, C;
  • mineral salts: phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, manganese, iron;
  • fatty acids: oleic, linoleic, stearic;
  • inulin. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth

Effect of oil on eyelashes:

  1. Restoring vitamin balance in the hair follicles, strengthening them.
  2. Improving the nutrition of the skin of the eyelids and hair follicles by enhancing blood microcirculation.
  3. Return to eyelashes natural shine.
  4. Giving elasticity, strength and smoothness to eyelash hair by restoring its structure.
  5. Moisturizing the eyelashes and skin of the eyelids, thereby removing brittleness.
  6. Fighting hair loss in excess of the norm, due to the improvement of the metabolism in the tissues of the periosteum nests.
  7. The increase in eyelash volume.
  8. Reducing the likelihood of bacterial eye damage.
  9. Removal of toxins from the cells that slow down hair growth.

The use of burdock oil rarely causes an allergic reaction. To exclude the likelihood of this problem, preliminary application of the elbow to the bend is recommended with monitoring the condition of this skin area during the day.

Application Features:

  1. The oil has a liquid consistency, so the application should be especially accurate and thorough.
  2. To enhance the effect, it is recommended that the liquid be heated to 30 degrees.
  3. It gives the best effect in the form of a mask in combination with castor oil and vitamin A.
  4. Application is possible with a cosmetic brush (brush from a previously used mascara), a cotton swab or a cotton pad.
  5. Recommended for use in the eyelashes, starting from the middle to the end, avoiding the roots.
  6. The first application is desirable for a short time (5-7 minutes).
  7. The duration of the procedure is 40 minutes. – 1.5 hours. The course is 1-2 months of daily use, then a break of 3-4 weeks.
  8. Application of oil is recommended 1.5-2 hours before bedtime.
  9. After the procedure expires, it is necessary to remove excess funds with a dry disk.


Means for the growth of eyelashes in pharmacies in the form of serums combine therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Compared to oils, the preparation is less dense in its consistency, but it starts to act much faster and is safer. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth

It is characterized by rapid penetration into the hair follicle, which provokes activation and awakening of the bulbs, as well as an improvement in the structure of the eyelash. The composition of the vitamins and minerals, plant extracts, and may also be chemical components.

Classification of sera by the effect on eyelashes:

  1. Nutritious. Fill the voids in the hair that arose due to eyelash extensions or curls, give smoothness, a beautiful natural bend.
  2. Therapeutic. They are used as prescribed by doctors in advanced cases.
  3. Firming, stimulating growth. Recommended for eyelashes, which need to add volume, as well as to protect them from negative environmental factors.

Features and method of application:

  1. Be sure to have instructions.
  2. Can be used immediately before applying makeup as a basis for mascara.
  3. Many drugs have pigments, that is, color eyelashes.
  4. The use of serum helps to increase hair length.
  5. They have a complex effect: an increase in the growth phase with constant application, strengthening and densification of the structure of eyelashes.
  6. Apply daily 2 times a day to clean eyelashes: in the morning before applying cosmetics and in the evening after removing it.
  7. To achieve the result, the course use of the drug is necessary: month of application, 2 months break.
  8. Abrupt withdrawal of the application can lead to the opposite effect – a worsening of the condition. A gradual decrease in the amount of applied agent is recommended.

Popular remedies:

  • Eveline 3 in 1. According to reviews, the effect is obvious after 3 weeks of use. Contains only herbal ingredients that can help grow initially short eyelashes. The plus is the budget: the cost is within $ 4,08.
  • Dreamlash Eyelash Enhancer Serum for lashes by Includes bimatoprost, which stimulates hair growth and discoloration. Visible effect after a month of use. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth
  • “Renewal Lash Serum” from Restoring means after building, curling. Convenient applicator promotes high-quality uniform application along the entire length. Visible result after 4 weeks of use.
  • Eyelash Booster
    by Theiss Naturwaren GmbH. Intensive remedy with a vitamin composition for the care of eyelashes. It is applied once a day (morning or evening), it is instantly absorbed and immediately allows you to start makeup. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth
  • Natural FEG Eyelash Enhancer from a Chinese manufacturer promises results after a week of use. A feature of the tool is a warning about possible allergic reactions. The drug is intended to restore spoiled eyelash extensions.

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Thick transparent liquid comes with a special brush for application.

This is a comprehensive tool that allows you to solve a number of problems:

  • modeling the shape of eyelashes without applying mascara;
  • giving volume;
  • stimulation of hair growth;
  • strengthening eyelashes with increased loss;
  • giving shine to the hair structure;
  • recovery after aggressive action: biowaving, building, staining;
  • moisture retention of eyelashes;
  • food bulbs.

Application Features:

  • It is necessary to choose a gel labeled “hypoallergenic”;
  • The composition should be free of alcohol;
  • The presence of D-Panthenol or provitamin B5 is the advantage of the selected product. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth
  • There are gels with pigments that give a certain shade of eyelashes.
  • It can be used twice a day: before applying mascara and at bedtime.
  • It is undesirable to use during an exacerbation of eye diseases (conjunctivitis, blepharitis) and the presence of an allergy to the components of the agent.
  • Low expense: bought a bottle is enough for a long time.
  • Complete safety when used properly.

Popular remedies:

  1. “Otium Umique” by Estel. Gel repairing damaged hair. Moisturizes and adds volume to eyelashes, awakens sleeping bulbs.
  2. “The one” by Oriflame. Improves the appearance and structure of eyelashes, prolongs the life of the hair.
  3. “Rich Extra Lush” nourishes the hair from the inside, improves the appearance of the skin of the eyelids and smoothes fine wrinkles. Increases volume due to the awakening of sleeping hair. Contains only natural ingredients. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth
  4. Gel from Art-Visage. Restores tired hair, increases the density and length of eyelashes.


Vitamins are also included in eyelash growth products sold at drugstores. Based on the expected result, you need to choose one or another drug.

  • Vitamin A (retinol). Stimulates activation of slow growth. Restores tired, weakened eyelashes, gives them silkiness. Strengthens hair, reducing the process of hair loss.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol). Delivers beneficial elements and oxygen to the hair bulb, improving its nutrition. Moisturizes the skin of the eyelids, slowing down the aging process, protects the eyelashes from excessive sun exposure.
  • Vitamin Aevit complex containing vitamins A and E, using the best properties of each component, activates eyelash growth, provides nutrition and prevents hair loss in excess of the norm. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine). Growth stimulator, increases length and volume.
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Normalizes the respiratory processes of hair cells.
  • Vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid, nicotinamide). It enhances blood circulation and improves the quality of nutrition of the hair bulb, protects against dryness.
  • Vitamin B4 (Choline). Slows hair loss and strengthens its structure.
  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). Strengthens the hair follicle, makes the eyelash supple and shiny.
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). Heals minor skin lesions, has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. Eliminates brittle hair.
  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin). Gives hair silky and shiny, increases volume.
  • Vitamin B8 (Inositol). It activates the growth of hairs and strengthens their follicles.
  • Vitamin B9 (folic acid). Helps to cope with negative environmental factors: ultraviolet, sudden changes in temperature. Enhances local immunity.
  • Vitamin B10 (aminobenzoic acid). It is responsible for the preservation of the natural pigment of the hair, prevents early graying.
  • Vitamin B11 (Levocarnitine). It nourishes the subcutaneous glands and eliminates dryness.
  • Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). The growth activator, enhancing the nutrition of the bulb, provides an increase in the density and length of the eyelashes.
  • Vitamin D. Strengthening, elasticity and natural shine.
  • Vitamin K (phylloquinone). It is responsible for the water balance in the cells.
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Restores immunity, increases resistance to negative environmental factors. Regulates microcirculation of blood and nutrition of ciliary nests.

To restore, lengthen and give your eyelashes a chic look, you should choose 2-3 vitamins and use them for medicinal purposes. In pharmacies, vitamins are sold in the form of ampoules and oil capsules.


  • Capsules with the drug are more convenient to use, since they are thick compared to solutions in ampoules, they are convenient to apply.
  • It is possible to use both a separate drug and inside complex preparations (masks, creams, solutions).
  • To obtain the best effect, the external application of vitamins is recommended to be combined with the internal intake of vitamin complexes.
  • A prerequisite for the proportions indicated in the recipes: an excess of vitamins is harmful.
  • Before starting treatment, an allergy test is required. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth
  • The process of restoring eyelashes with vitamins is long.
  • The remedy should be on the eyelashes for
    15-20 minutes, then it must be removed using a dry cotton pad. It is forbidden to leave at night.
  • First use should not exceed 5 minutes. to avoid an allergic reaction.
  • Application is made from the middle of the hair towards the ends.
  • To obtain the result, a single application of the drug is recommended a day before bedtime.
  • It is important to avoid contact with eyes.

Ways of application:

  1. The use of pure vitamin. Gently applying squeezed liquid from the capsule to the eyelashes using a special cosmetic brush or cotton swab.
  2. Use as a mask: aloe juice, vitamin A and castor oil.
  3. A complex combination of vitamins: for example, A, E, C and B6 in equal quantities.

Application effect

In the case of use according to the prescription or instructions attached to the drug, any remedy will show its effectiveness. The eyelashes respond most quickly to the use of hormonal drugs, but they have an impressive number of contraindications and side effects. Means for eyelash growth in pharmacies: oils, serums, biogel. How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth

Natural oils and vitamins are safer, but less effective. Serums and gels do not always have a natural composition, but show the result after a relatively short period of time. The objective of the funds is to improve the appearance of eyelashes, restore health, prevent brittleness and loss.

Using inexpensive means for eyelash growth from a pharmacy, you can achieve almost the same effect as with eyelash extensions, but without injuring your hair. Properly selected drugs will help to solve problems such as profuse eyelash loss and their slow growth.

Author: Yasinetskaya Natalya

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Video about eyelash growth products in pharmacies

The best budget funds for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows:

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