Girls with a perfect figure 90-60-90. How to make a flat stomach and thin waist

Girls can create an ideal figure for themselves, regardless of the natural data and physiological characteristics of the body. To have a toned body, it is necessary not only to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, but also to regularly perform a set of basic physical activities.

Going in for sports every day, it will be possible not only to form the desired forms, but also to strengthen the general state of health of the body.

The essence and basic principles of exercises

Girls with a perfect figure should not only know the essence of the process of maintaining their shape, but also understand the principles of performing exercises that can help them in this. The essence of daily physical activity is to constantly maintain the speed of metabolic processes, as well as lymph flow and blood flow.

The absence of congestion in the body contributes not only to the qualitative absorption of nutrients, but also to the elimination of toxins and toxins that affect the formation of body fat. Proper training aimed at creating the perfect figure, regardless of the conditions in which it is performed, implies that the girl complies with the basic principles.

Girls with a perfect figure 90-60-90. How to make a flat stomach and thin waistBasic principles:

  1. To start the lesson from the warm-up (the warming complex prepares the muscles and joints for further exercise and sets the pace of metabolism).
  2. Finish the workout with a hitch (the final stage of the lesson usually includes a set of stretching exercises “clogged” during muscle training. Performing a hitch minimizes the likelihood of pain in the body during the post-workout period).
  3. Gradually increase the load (the human body adapts quickly enough to external circumstances, including physical activity. That is why after 4-5 weeks of regular training, professional fitness trainers recommend changing exercises to avoid getting used to and reducing the effectiveness of sports).
  4. Combine different types of loads within the framework of one training (cardio and strength loads should be present in each complex).

Indications for use

Moderate physical activity is recommended for people of all ages. Sport not only helps to keep muscles in good shape, but also trains the cardiovascular system and increases endurance.

It is recommended to girls who have a number of features of a figure, state of health or lifestyle to turn to a fitness trainer to draw up an individual training program, with which you can make your figure perfect.

Girls with a perfect figure 90-60-90. How to make a flat stomach and thin waist
One of the first steps to creating the perfect figure will be the help of a professional trainer who will help the girl draw up an individual training program in the gym and monitor the correctness of its implementation

These are the following features:

  • tendency to overweight;
  • a sharp decrease in overall performance;
  • excessive fatigue;
  • periodic discomfort in the heart (usually the cause of tingling is a lack of oxygen circulating in the cardiovascular system);
  • shortness of breath (occurring even with a short load);
  • dizziness (not associated with serious pathological processes within the body);
  • tendency to disruption of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • sedentary work and inactive lifestyle;
  • pain in the back;
  • violation of posture;
  • sleep disturbances;
  • distraction;
  • psycho-emotional instability;
  • baseless excessive nervous excitability;
  • chronic diseases in remission (diseases should not be restrictions on sports).


Girls with an ideal figure to maintain their shape should make up a set of exercises, only making sure that they do not have a number of contraindications to sports.

Among the circumstances requiring particularly careful selection of the load, note:

  • fever;
  • progressive diseases accompanied by purulent processes;
  • complex pathologies of the cardiovascular system (the observing doctor notifies the girl about the possibility of playing sports with a specific disease);
  • tendency to bleeding;
  • diseases of a neurotic nature (require adjustment of the base load);
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • pathology of the circulatory system;
  • metabolic disturbances (when drawing up a training program, consultation with a nutritionist is required, able to give recommendations on nutrition that helps restore the normal state of the body);
  • thyroid disease; Girls with a perfect figure 90-60-90. How to make a flat stomach and thin waist
  • flu;
  • pneumonia (until complete recovery);
  • diseases of the organs of vision (physical activity is possible only under the supervision of a professional fitness trainer);
  • umbilical or inguinal hernia (the severity of the ban on sports is discussed with a surgeon who has an idea about the health status of a particular girl).

Useful Tips

In order for sports activities to be most effective, the girl should familiarize herself with useful recommendations related to increasing the effectiveness of her regular training.

Fitness trainers advise novice athletes:

  1. During classes, control your pulse (depending on the goal, the pulse range varies. For example, for weight loss, the frequency of strokes should not exceed 120 per minute, and with an increase in body relief – 140 beats per minute).
  2. Consume enough fluid during training (ignoring this recommendation can lead to dehydration). Girls with a perfect figure 90-60-90. How to make a flat stomach and thin waist
  3. Give your body a sufficient amount of time to recover both during the day and at night (you should sleep at least 8-9 hours a day).
  4. Set yourself mini-goals (for example, complete 4 sets of 20 squats, instead of the usual 3 sets. Performing seemingly insignificant tasks at a subconscious level encourages a woman to continue playing sports, giving her confidence in her own success).
  5. Praise yourself for “forced” workouts that you had to do “by force” (praise should not go against the right way of life. As an encouragement, you can choose shopping or taking a relaxing bath with essential oils after class).
  6. If sports activities will take place at home, you should purchase the basic sports equipment (dumbbells, weights, barbells, gymnastics mat, fitball, etc.) in advance or find analogues (for example, instead of dumbbells, you can use 0,3 gallon bottles filled with water) .

Main complex

Regular (at least 3-4 times a week) performance of basic exercises aimed at working out the muscles of the whole b
ody and getting rid of excess body fat in the abdomen and waist will help girls to achieve an ideal figure.

Girls with a perfect figure 90-60-90. How to make a flat stomach and thin waist

Exercise Load technique
Alternately lifting the hips while jumping (cardio workout)
  1. Arrange vertically; hands to fix on the waist; put your legs as close as possible; straighten the case; extend your neck.
  2. After jumping, raise the right limb forward, forming an angle of 90 degrees in the knee. The foot must be torn off the floor as high as possible.
  3. Without stopping, put the right limb in its original position (PI), simultaneously changing it to the left.
  4. Alternately bend and raise the right and left limbs for the time provided by the occupation scheme. Exercise is performed at a moderate pace.
“Bicycle riding”
  1. Set horizontally; press the lower back to the support; upper limbs put behind the head; lift the lower limbs from the floor, bend at the knees and fix the ankle until a parallel is reached in relation to the floor.
  2. At the same time as you exhale, stretch your right limb, lowering it to the floor as much as possible. The left leg at this moment remains motionless.
  3. After 4-5 seconds, swap the limbs (extend the left, return the right to its original position).
  4. Alternately, at a fast pace, stretch the legs, controlling that at the moment they are at the bottom point, they are maximally lowered to the support.
Side bar
  1. Settled horizontally, lying on the side of the body. Lean the body on the right arm bent at the elbow.
  2. Lift the body above the supporting surface and distribute its mass between 2 reference points: the bent right upper limb, fixed on the elbow joint, and the right foot. Without changing the space between the hips and the floor, stay in the rack for the time indicated in the class schedule.
  3. Slowly return to the original position. Roll over to the opposite side. Repeat step 2, lying on the other side of the body.
Seated body rotation
  1. Settle on the floor; bend the lower limbs in the knee joints and fix in front of you; straighten the case; bend the upper limbs in the elbow joints and press to the chest area; raise the chin.
  2. Raise the lower limbs as high as possible above the floor, while leaving the upper parts of the body in the same position.
  3. Slowly turn the torso to the right, straining only the oblique muscles of the peritoneum. Without fixing the body in this position, turn the body to the left.
  4. After completing the required number of approaches, return to the original position.
Horizontal bar
  1. Lie on the floor face down; palms to be placed in the chest area, putting their backs on the floor; look down.
  2. Tear off the body from the supporting surface, distributing its mass evenly between the hands and feet, standing on toes.
  3. At the time of standing, the muscles of the whole body must be maximally strained; deflection in the lower back should not be; draw the stomach as tight as possible.
Leg lift with weighting
  1. Take a horizontal position of the body; press the lower back to the floor (if the lumbar does not fit snugly on the support, you can put a small weight on the lower abdomen, for example, a stack of books); place your hands behind your head; legs extended; hold a dumbbell or its counterpart between your feet (for example, a bottle filled with water).
  2. On the exhale, raise the lower limbs without bending them at the same time. Having reached an angle of 90 degrees between the legs and the supporting surface, it is recommended to change the direction of movement, starting to slowly return the legs to the FE.
  3. Without pausing to rest, repeat the lifting of the lower extremities the required number of times.
Sumo Squats
  1. Take a vertical position of the body; fix one weighting agent in the hands; feet to set aside from each other to the maximum distance, taking the socks in opposite directions; straighten your back; chest forward slightly.
  2. Without changing the position of the upper body, bend the lower limbs at the knees and bring the buttocks closer to the floor until a parallel is reached between the back of the thigh and the support.
  3. Stay at the bottom point for 2-3 seconds.
  4. Slowly return to the PI and, without pausing to rest, repeat the squats as many times as necessary.
Classic twist option on the press
  1. Take a horizontal position; lower back as much as possible pressed to the floor; bend the legs at the knees and place the feet at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders; place your hands behind your head.
  2. On exhalation, tear off the upper part of the torso from the floor (to the shoulder blades) and “pull” it upward due to tension in the muscles of the abdomen. The neck at this moment should be as relaxed as possible.
  3. Without fixing the position obtained, slowly return to the IP. Repeat step 2 as many times as necessary.
“Cobra” (exercise for stretching the muscles of the abdomen)
  1. Lie on the floor face down; put the brushes with the back to the floor, placing them in the chest area.
  2. As you exhale, tear your chest off the floor and, trying to get your buttocks with your head, bend your back in the lumbar back.
  3. Having felt the maximum stretching of the muscles of the abdominal, slowly, on exhalation, return to PI.

As a warm-up, you can also perform:

  • inclines (to increase the load, it is recommended to hold dumbbells or their improvised analogues in the hands at the time of inclinations, which increase muscle resistance when lifting the body from a lower point);
  • turns (with caution should be performed by people with diseases of the spine);
  • rotation by the knee joints (bend the legs, position the hands on the knees, perform rotational movements of the knee, periodically changing the direction of movement);
  • jumping on the spot;
  • Squats at a fast pace without weighting.

Girls with a perfect figure 90-60-90. How to make a flat stomach and thin waistFor a hitch, you can use:

  • rotation of the hands at a slow pace;
  • stretching the body to the side (it is recommended to perform from a sitting position);
  • “Ball” (lie down on the floor; bend your legs at the
    knees and press to yourselves; grasp the lower limbs with your hands);
  • “Bridge” (to bend the back in the lumbar and thoracic, evenly distributing the body weight between the feet and hands).

Result fixing

Girls with a perfect figure should be able not only to create the body of their dreams, but also to save the result for the longest possible time.

You can fix the result by following the basic recommendations of fitness trainers and nutritionists:

  • adhere to the principles of proper nutrition;
  • walk at least 10000 steps every day;
  • devote sufficient time to sleep and general recovery of the body;
  • consult with a therapist about the possibility of taking vitamin-mineral supplements that help to provide the body with a sufficient amount of useful substances;
  • consume a sufficient amount of fluid every day (the optimal amount of fluid is calculated by the formula: 1,01 fluid ounce * 2 pounds of the actual body weight of the girl);
  • do not skip meals (during the day, regardless of its schedule, breakfast, lunch and dinner should be present);
  • avoid stressful situations (if getting into such circumstances is unavoidable, it is recommended that after that help your psyche be restored by “pampering” yourself with something desirable, for example, going shopping or meeting with a girlfriend).

Girls with a perfect figure 90-60-90. How to make a flat stomach and thin waistKeeping fit for a long time for a girl will be possible only with a comfortable physical and emotional component.

Opinions of trainers and girls

In the vast majority of cases, girls with a perfect figure regularly do colossal work on their bodies, which allows them to further share their experiences with others. By providing basic information correctly, they become motivators that encourage others to change themselves for the better, despite the difficulties encountered on the path of transformation.

1. Olesya Stepanova, fitness trainer

Olesya considers individual training with an instructor in the gym to be the most effective training for shaping an ideal female body.

During such classes, the professional controls the correctness of the exercises, which not only increases the effectiveness of training, but also minimizes the risk of injuries to the athlete, most of which arise due to non-compliance with the technique.

In addition, an individual approach guarantees the compliance of the compiled classes with the girl’s current physical form, as well as safety for her health.

2. Daria Mishina, prefers group training

Daria, from her own experience, is sure that group training gives the best result in transforming women’s “problem zones” (stomach and sides). Visiting active sports with other girls, including her friends, she feels an additional incentive to make every effort to build the perfect figure.

A feature of the classes attended by Daria is that the trainer forms the program so that the active (power) part and stretching (stretching exercises) alternate in it. Due to this, athletes note a significant reduction in the amount of subcutaneous fat, an increase in endurance, as well as the absence of pain after exercise.

3. Marina Ryabina, engaged at home

Marina, while on maternity leave, has the opportunity to train only at home. Despite the lack of a wide variety of sports equipment, Marina succeeded in 6 months. regular exercises to achieve the formation of a flat abdomen, thin waist and tightened buttocks.

The basis of building her training programs is the principle of circular training. Performing basic exercises at a fast pace, Marina not only sees external changes in her figure, but also an improvement in her general condition (sleep becomes calmer, the nervous system is more balanced, there is no excessive fatigue, and so on).

When to expect an effect

Subject to the correct approach to building a training system, as well as observing the principles of proper nutrition, the girl will be able to get closer to ideal forms in 3-5 months (it is important if the initial weight does not exceed the permissible one, taking into account the height and age of a particular person).

Girls with a perfect figure 90-60-90. How to make a flat stomach and thin waistThis period is considered the most comfortable for the body, getting rid of excess fat: it does not experience stress, and the girl herself feels psychologically balanced and calm. A transformation that occurs in a shorter period of time can lead to serious undermining of the athlete’s health, as well as a loss of interest on her part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

An ideal figure, despite the subjective perception of this term by each girl, requires tremendous work on herself and training willpower.

So that the transformation process does not harm the health of a woman, specialists (a fitness trainer and a nutritionist) should draw up a training program, as well as paint a diet for her.

If it is not possible to use the services of a professional, the process of obtaining the desired form should be organized taking into account the above information.

Video set of exercises to create the perfect figure

How to make a figure perfect: a set of exercises:

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